Herbal Anti-Inflammatory, Pain Reliever Ointment


Comfrey, Datura Innoxia, Jaborandi, Mistletoe and Rue with Bach Flowers according to individual need

4 oz – 100 Grams – Massage in twice a day

This ointment deals with stiffness, swelling and pain. It also repairs worn down tendon and cartilage, supports healing and protects it from further damage by supporting auto-immune correction.

For joint rehabilitation, it works best supported by an internal herbal medicine like the Rheumatoid Arthritis Herbal Medicine Program.


This one’s come out of a lot of experience with all sorts of pains in all sorts of people. My grandfather taught me that medicines should be built like those old buildings that don’t fall down with the newer ones when earthquakes strike. You first put in the one solid foundation, the one that must keep everything else together, and then arrange everything else around. In herbal medicine it means you choose the best possible main ingredient, the one you know WILL do the job. The others are chosen to lead up to it and buy time till the body reacts to it.

In this herbal ointment, Datura Innoxia is the foundation. The others are just as awesome in their own right, but phew – together they are just something else.

This ointment comes with a simple recommendation: Get at least 30 minutes of sunlight every day.

While I modify the recipe for each person, the ingredients in my Herbal Anti-Inflammatory Pain Killer Ointment usually are:
Comfrey, Pricklyburr Datura, Jaborandi, Mistletoe, and Rue with Bach Flowers according to individual need

Comfrey – Symphytum Officinale

Why Comfrey is in the Herbal Anti-Inflammatory and Pain Killer Ointment
Comfrey used to be called ‘Boneset’. It is an efficient healer of bone cells and injury and a pain reliever for tense and taut areas of the body. It works on a level I like to call ‘underground’ because it gets overactive cells to calm down, paving the way to nervous rest and thence to actual healing. Once most cells in the area calm down, swelling usually goes down, with it a good part of the ache surrounding the pain goes, and the mind feels a little clearer than before. Over time, all tissue in the area is nourished by Comfrey and might even get to being healthier than before.

Pricklyburr – Datura Innoxia

Why Datura Innoxia is in the Herbal Anti-Inflammatory and Pain Killer Ointment
Now for our foundation herb. There is no pain-killer like Datura. Datura Stramonium – a narcotic, psychoactive plant with excellent applications when highly diluted is the famous one in the family. Datura Innoxia however, is the version of Datura we find best for external use – the only way to use it without getting poisoned. It relieves pain almost immediately. You might find a bit of a sweat as the swelling goes down. The area feels heated up at first and then cooled, or the other way around. That is the temperature of the nerves balancing out.
The language Datura speaks with the cells of the body is one our minds do not understand, but it works. We call it our hostage negotiation specialist. You have a tough situation – no other pain killer is working, you can’t understand WHY. And then you send in the expert, Datura. There’s a little heat or cold or some sort of little drama and then, just like that, you discover you’ve spent hours without remembering the pain, or had a good night’s sleep after a long time.

Jaborandi – Pilocarpus Jaborandi

Why Jaborandi is in the Herbal Anti-Inflammatory and Pain Killer Ointment
Jaborandi is more of a stimulant than a relaxer. It relieves by pain by increasing lubrication in the area from the cells that are supposed to do it. While Datura is lessening the swelling and relaxing the nerve endings, Jaborandi makes sure the place doesn’t get too hot or dry or sluggish. Stiffness and soreness are addressed by Jaborandi very quickly and the resultant flexibility allows for some good circulation which promotes healing. Over a few weeks Jaborandi will change the habits of cells to start maintaining a proper balance of fluids. This means a gradual stop to the inflammation itself and hopefully very soon, you won’t need to use an ointment anymore.

Mistletoe – Viscum Album

Why Mistletoe is in the Herbal Anti-Inflammatory and Pain Killer Ointment
Gorgeous mistletoe, famously associated with kissing someone you didn’t dare kiss before, is in this ointment because it helps the release of heat from areas heat is stuck in, like nerve endings that are so hot they’re screaming pain. It rests the nerves, warms cold areas with its own vitality and supports the cells of the immune system in killing off infection instead of the body’s own cells.
Often, chronic inflammation is the result of the immune system’s cells not knowing when to stop, and Mistletoe teaches them that.
It is itself a plant that grows on other plants; a ‘parasite’ is what those who don’t get Mistletoe call it. Actually, it is like a friend, who comes when you need someone to come stay with you and eat in your kitchen with you and sleep under the same roof, but never behave like she owns the house too now, and doesn’t change her name to your family name just because she’s living with you happily. This ability to know what belongs and what doesn’t belong ultimately, and where to draw the line, is what Mistletoe teaches our cells when they’ve forgotten how to do it themselves.

Rue – Ruta Graveolens

Why Rue is in the Herbal Anti-Inflammatory and Pain Killer Ointment
Rue does two very needed things – 1) It stimulates the cells of the immune system and 2) It calms hysteria of the nerve endings. Now we have already got herbs which do that, so why Rue? It is because Rue specifically protects the cells of worn out and tired cartilage, tendon, muscle tissue and supports a balance of chemicals in these cells that greatly helps them receive nutrition to heal and begin to make new cells to replenish tissue. The creation of new healthy cells is critically important if we want to really resolve the problem, so that’s why Rue is in this ointment.

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