Avnayt & Waltham’s Herbal Treatments are handmade for each individual on demand. The following are lists and descriptions of the herbs usually used to address specific conditions. These are modified for each individual to have the best possible effect.

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Humans and animals who are energetically depleted, devastated or imbalanced turn instinctively to plants for replenishment and healing. It’s something we’re born with, that is an inalienable part of our DNA.

When we get closer and closer to plants, we begin to become sensitive to their energetic presence, just as when we get very close to another human being or a pet, we can sense their presence and identify their unique energy characteristics even without seeing them physically.

Our family has, over generations, developed the ability to be very sensitive to plants and work with pure plant energy patterns for holistic healing, especially for recovery from trauma and shock, which I consider the main cause of all kinds of illnesses.

I practice a gentle effective way to resolve the emotional and energetic causes of chronic and acute illness.

In nature, living beings have all evolved together, the bug with the herb, the fly with the horse, the flower with the dog. When we introduce an energy that is in its own rhythm securely, it helps any other living being from the same energy field to remember their own rhythm.

This is the core of our healing philosophy. That the energy of a flower or herb or tree inspires healing by the power of the example of its being.

This healing is not just of the body but of the consciousness, our very being, which manifests our body as the process of life.

Herbal energies used in the right doses and combinations:

–> Bring up primal memory of one’s own nature.

This causes integration of the being as body, mind, heart and spirit all arise out of the first basic essence of us;
Makes us react subconsciously to the presence of familiar benevolent energies and remember our own primal life patterns, that we need to express our full potential.

–> Support awareness of environment and situation

Lies and misunderstandings about our actual situation, past present and future, keep our energy locked up or in loops. Exposure to an uncompromised, primal part of us makes us begin to see the truth about ourselves and our lives. This sets our energy free to move around and heal us.

–> Bring us into the moment and helps us face reality

Until we can face reality, and our problems, our energy cannot flow to heal them. When our energy is caught in the current of time and consequence, our healing and well being could go down on he priority list. Being aware of the truth in the moment helps us begin to choose where and how we invest our energies whether mental emotional spiritual physical or sexual.

The conventional use of herbs is often no more than a replacement of chemical medicine with herbs expecting that they too are inert energetically and have a predictable effect on the body.

The great power of living medicine is lost when we do that.

Understanding how plant energies and consciousness work with ours, has been the passion of my family for a long long time.

I use this inherited body of not just knowledge, but instinct, to design personalized treatment programs for people and pets. I also publish articles regularly, sharing my unique approach to using herbs for holistic healing..

Proven Traditional Herbal Treatment Recipes

Why herbal treatments are an effective alternative medicine for cancer

Herbs are powerful natural support for recovery from the shock, strain and fatigue a person with a cancer diagnosis generally has to face.

Herbal treatments will not burden your body, make you tired and drained or cause side-effects. You won’t need treatments to recover from the good things herbs do for you.

If the cancer is caused by or aggravated by an acute lack of mineral nutrition, herbs are natural concentrations of those minerals, and herbal extracts are even higher concentrates that can in a few drops deliver what it would’ve taken weeks and months to assimilate and absorb through the digestive system otherwise.

If the cancer is caused or being aggravated by exposure to toxins, poisons and the overwhelming burden of processing chemicals through the body, herbs have the ability to energize the body to support it in processing and throwing out the toxins.

Herbal extracts will also support weak and failing organs in return to normal function.Herbs have been used for these purposes since mankind was born and have evolved along with us the physical intelligence to deal with poisons.

If the cancer is spreading, herbal extracts, by energizing the whole body, can support the whole body in resisting the cancer.

Cancer is very often the result of long term trauma, blocked emotion and stress habits taking a toll on the body. Herbs being living beings themselves have natural intelligence in the form of hormones and subtle energies that are very like our own and which can stimulate the mental and emotional healing mechanisms we have in us.We have found that for recovery from cancer and staying cancer free, learning to change the way we react to stressful situations is very very VERY important.

Herbal Medicine for Cancer Recovery and Prevention
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Herbal Medicine for Cancer in Cats

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I have helped hundreds of people over the years, to become independent of prescription drugs and artificial stimulants to manage chronic conditions and recover from debilitating conditions.
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