Herbal Treatments are easy to take and easy to give your pets.

It’s just drops in water or feed or directly in the mouth, twice or thrice a day. You wouldn’t believe the difference highly concentrated herbs taken consistently over 12 weeks can make to the body and psyche.

A lot of the herbs available today were either grown or processed without care for the effectiveness of the final product on living beings. Many herbal tonics on the market are combinations that don’t work, or by being unsuitable, simply don’t have a fighting chance of working for the person or animal who will ultimately take them. It is unfortunate but true that most sellers of herbal medicine don’t really care about you or your animals or even “world peace” and this shows in the quality of the herbal tonics.

Our herbal treatments are highly concentrated extracts of pure organic herbs. Every drop is a powerful conveyor of both physical nutrition that is often only to be found in plants, and plant energies – the Bach Flower Remedies that have been used by generations now to support emotional healing and resolution of deep set trauma.

To add to what already packs a powerful punch, is the fact that Robert McDowell, a herbalist with nearly 40 years of experience and an eye for picking out what the root problems are even before he’s told the whole story, is going to modify the recipe to be what you or your pet needs at this time to kick-start failing body functions and get things moving towards healing.

This is herbalism at it’s best.

Robert giving Maya the poodle her herbal medicine drops.

What people say about Herbal Treatments by Robert McDowell

As founding partner and herbalist at Bathurst Traditional Medicine Center, Robert McDowell prepared and shipped herbal treatments around the world for decades. Due to reorganization in his business concerns after 2011, the letters and emails of thousands of people who have been helped by Robert McDowell are not at our disposal to publish on this website.

The following however, are public screenshots found on the internet and give a quick glimpse of the power of herbal treatments in addressing some of the most troubling conditions we are facing these days.

How herbal treatment for navicular disease in a horse worked, how herbal medicine for founder in a pony brought about pain relief and weight gain:



Elsbeth Meier-Sam (who we follow on twitter) has good things to say about Robert’s famous cancer fighting Maritime Pine Bark Extract:


Back in 1998 Robert McDowell’s herbal treatment for osteosarcoma (bone cancer) made news when Jet, a Belgian Shepherd healed with it.


Herbal Treatments for osteosarcoma, tendon repair (in a dog with lameness after an accident) and chronic allergies all have helped.


The power of Robert McDowell’s herbal treatment made a big change for Sarah’s chronic recurring tonsilitis and ear infections.


How herbal treatment for lymphoma (cancer of the lymphatic system) in dogs, along with shifting to a raw BARF diet worked:


Robert McDowell is a trained medical/veterinary herbalist. He entered full-time herbal practice in 1985, treating his patients for a range of physiological, environmental and stress-related illnesses. Through his work he has helped herbal medicine gain mainstream acceptance. While his practice dealt initially with humans, in 1991, as a result of overwhelming requests, he expanded the practice to include animals.

Robert McDowell’s herbal treatment recipes have evolved over almost 4 decades and include Bach Flower remedies to support healing from the emotional conditions associated with various conditions.

These powerful recipes are further made effective as they are modified for each individual person or animal to suit their needs at the time.

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