Pictures of Herbs in Articles

Acorus Calamus – Sweetflag – Dorota
Arnica MontanaGertjan van Noord
Ash Tree – Fraxinus Excelsior – wllcutter
Bittermelon – Momordica Charantia – istolethetv
Buddleia – Butterfly Bush – Wildlife Terry
Buddleia – Butterfly Bush Purple Flowers – Nemo’s Great Uncle
Banyan Tree – Ficus Benghalensis – Tim Rawle
Black Willow – Salix Nigra – Melissa McMasters
Black Cohosh – Cimicifuga Racemosa – BobisTravelling
Blue Cohosh – Caulophyllum Thalictroides Wacky Badger
New Jersey Tea, Red Root – Ceanothus Americana – Andrey Zharkikh
Californian Lilac, Buckthorn – Ceanothus Thyrsiflorus – npdoty
Chasteberry– Agnus Castus –Diotime1
Cinchona – Cinchona Pubescens, Quinine – Forest and Kim Starr
Cypress – Cupresses Sempervirens – Gnawme
Cypress – Cupresses Sempervirens – M. Barrison
Datura InnoxiaMaja Dumat
Fenugreek Seed – Trigonella foenum-graecum – Zoyachubby
FigJennifer Rafieyan
Gotu Kola Bùi Thụy Đào Nguyên
Guava – Pisidium Guavaja – PumpkinSky
Hypericum – Hypericum perforatum – Dcrjsr
Ignatia– Strychnos Ignatii – Edward Steven
Indian Pipes ‘Ghost Plant – Monotropa Uniflora – Doug Mcgrady,
Indian Pipes – Monotropa Uniflora – Closeup – Tie Guy
Jambul – Syzygium Jambolanum Dinesh Valke
Kidney Beansperkumpulan lesman
Mandrake – Podophyllum peltatum – Dave Govoni
Mango Leaves – Mangifera Indica – Forest and Kim Starr
Meadowsweet – Filipendula Ulmaria – Amanda Slater
Mistletoe – Viscum album – Tony Alter
NarcissusMohammad Asadi
NutmegWendy Cutler
Oak Acorn – Quercus – Slashvee
Passionflower – Passiflora Incarnata – Linda MacPhee-Cobb
Papaya LeavesRob Bertholf
Phytolacca Gerhard Elsner
Pasque Flower – Anemone pulsatilla – Theo Crazzolara
Quis Qualis IndicaPren
Rue – Ruta graveolens – Amada44
Southernwood – Artimisia Abrotanum – Andrey Zharkikh
St. Ignatius Bean – Ignatia Amara – Edward Steven
Wild Feverfew – Parthenium Hysterophorus – Starr Environmental
Wormwood H. Zell
Wormwood (Leaves)Matt Lavin 
Wheat grass – Triticum aestivum – Ervins Strauhmanis
White Clover Head – Trifolium Repens – Hedera Baltica
White Clover Plant – Trifolium Repens – Andrey Zharkikh
Witch Hazel – Hamamelis Virginia Leimenide
Yellow Jasmine– Gelsemium Sempervirens – Justin Meissen
Yarrow – Achillea millefolium – Andrea Pokrzywinski Continue reading


Herbal Anti Inflammatory Healer for Horses

This herbal treatment relieves pain and inflammation in your horse's body. The herbs in this tonic do not swab and support any other herbal healing program your horse might be on. It can be of great help in emergencies and taken over time eases discomfort.

This herbal tonic also works for recovery from the side-effects of phenylbutazone (Bute).

St. John's Wort, Jaborandi, Gauva, Meadowsweet, Mistletoe, Passionflower and Bach Flowers Honeysuckle, Vine, Walnut and Rescue Remedy

8 oz - 226ml

8 oz - 226 ml

Usual Dosage: 10ml twice a day


Herbal Anti-Inflammatory in Dogs

This herbal treatment relieves all sorts of aches and pains a dog with inflammation in their body is experiencing. The herbal extracts are a natural alternative to medical pain-killers and relief pain & swelling in dogs with conditions like Rheumatism, Arthritis and Degenerative Joint Diseases without stressing the liver and the dog' body in general, and without the side-effects of conventional pharmaceutical pain medication.

Your dog's quality of life and overall vitality are greatly increased by this herbal treatment.

St. John's Wort, Jaborandi, Gauva, Meadowsweet, Mistletoe, Passionflower as well as the Bach Flower remedies Honeysuckle, Vine, Walnut and Rescue Remedy

4 oz - 113 ml

Usual Dosage: For tiny and small dogs: 5-10 drops twice a day For medium and large dogs: 10-20 drops twice a day


Anti-Inflammatory Healer for Cats

Herbal Medicine has a long tradition of treating widespread inflammation in the body, the sort of inflammation that is the cause of pain in conditions like Arthritis and Rheumatism. This herbal treatment aims to decrease the cat's dependence on pharmaceutical anti-inflammatory drugs and pain-killers with the useful and safe alternative of herbs which support the cat's body in returning to healthy balance.

St. John's Wort, Jaborandi, Gauva, Meadowsweet, Mistletoe, Passionflower as well as the Bach Flower remedies Honeysuckle, Vine, Walnut and Rescue Remedy

2 oz - 56 ml

Usual Dosage: 5 drops twice daily with a strong smelling food such as sardines.