Spin Breaker Herbs – Holistic Relief from Emotional and Energy Blocks

Dear Ed,

I wrote to you about herbs that demagnetize the body, so the body can regenerate itself instead of being stuck in the same patterns over and over.

Similar to those herbs, Ed, but working on a slightly different level, are what I call “Spin Breaker Herbs”.

There’s the magnetic field, Ed, formed by us as we do our daily routine in the physical place, our physical body, occupies. Demagnetizing the body with fresh air, changing the metabolism of the body, and demagnetizing influences such as herbs, all help. Continue reading


Anxiety Triggered Inflammation – 3 Decisive Ways to Break the Cycle

Dear Ed,

Recently, the majority of inflammatory conditions I’ve been noticing have been anxiety triggered.

People feel helpless, Ed, when told to “just calm down,” and “Stop being anxious.” Once you’re actually breaking out in inflammations and allergies, and putting on water weight (fluid retention), that’s already the body saying that anxiety that should be expressed is being suppressed.

Unfortunately, Ed, despite decades of an unofficial movement stressing that emotions should be released instead of held in, in everyday reality, people still are constrained and held back. Continue reading


Immune System Intelligence & Rehab. of Oxygen Absorption Function

Why taking immunity boosters all the time isn’t good; Immune system intelligence; One stop remedy for oxygen uptake rehabilitation; pictures of the blood and oxygen support extract I made today Continue reading


Holistic Lucid Dreaming; Datura & Brugmansia; Dissolving Conscious Brain resistance to the Subconscious

How to start lucid dreaming spontaneously without the energy drain and hormonal imbalance; Dissolving the conscious brain’s resistance to the subconscious brain; How upward facing Datura and downward facing Brugmansia help resolve identity crises to remove energy blocks.

Ed, lucid dreaming, or being aware in one’s sleep, with that, “I am dreaming this,” awareness, is something people seek out when they feel they’re unable to come to grips with something in their waking state, when they sense that there’s something happening in their dream state that they’d like to become mentally aware of. For example, a whole lot of people feel attacked or drained in the dream state and want to learn lucid dreaming to defend themselves.

And then there are many who sense the power of working with the subconscious brain and want to consciously use it.

I, who have a very active brain in my waking moments nearly always was thankful for a nice deep long thoughtless sleep, a break from the constant mental activity.

As a teenager and later I kept a dream diary after reading a book about dream interpretation. But it didn’t make the big impact in my life I thought it would and it did take up a lot of time every morning as soon as I woke up, to record the whole dream, so I eventually stopped.

However, the fact is, you cannot go very long experimenting with herbs without falling into lucid dreaming at some point or the other. And so it happened to me without me actually seeking it out consciously.

A person on an internet group asked about this yesterday and it was interesting – the responses. One guy said that putting Tiger Balm on his forehead aided lucid dreaming. I haven’t tried it so I don’t know about that. I do understand that stimulating the cells of an area, as Tiger Balm does could, over the forehead cause the brain to be active even as the body sleeps.

That thing there – keeping the brain active even as the body sleeps – so it registers in the conscious mind is one way to have lucid dreams.

On the other hand, having tried several herbs to do that, I can say with surety that it results in brain fatigue and fog in a few days. It also can mess with the body’s hormonal levels.

The sleeping brain does a whole lot of hormonal balance and glandular housekeeping and clean up work in the body. I treated several cases of swollen and enlarged pineal glands a few years ago caused by not allowing the conscious brain to rest enough. As I myself had an enlarged pineal gland in the late 2000s I know intimately the trouble it could cause.

There was this man, George, who’d been told he’d need surgery because his pineal gland was so enlarged. He contacted me in a panic because the last thing he wanted was brain surgery! He was only twenty two! Six months of herbs to support deep sleep (Spikenard, Snakeroot – Rauvolfia Serpentina for example) and focusing on getting deep sleep (turn the lights off or down at 6 pm, use a dimmer software on the computer) fixed the problem.

What was most interesting though, was how, after those six months, George emailed me from Chile! (He was from Michigan originally.) He told me that he had found a clarity about his path in life that he’d never experienced before – not even when lucid dreaming – through the months of deep sleep, and that he was now SPONTANEOUSLY having lucid dreams.

Unlike before, when he’d had a lot of crazy dreams he couldn’t understand, and dream trauma, he now was lucid for particular dreams only and able to follow up on them in waking reality. Needless to say his hormones were balanced like never before and his overall health had progressed from his being barely functional to being able to do mountain climbing.

That was what I’d experienced as well, and I believe now that the key to holistic lucid dreaming, is in first treating sleep trauma. This is done by:
1) Supporting the conscious brain in resting;
2) Repairing brain damage caused by repeat sleep trauma over the years and
3) Dissolving resistance to the subconscious brain help a huge deal

While I’ve mentioned the herbs for the these in this article: Traumatized Dream States and Sleep Trauma & Recovery with Herbs, I believe that it’s the third point –

dissolving resistance of the conscious brain to the subconscious brain – that’s what begins to make a person able to spontaneously have lucid dreams that are of true spiritual significance, which can truly heal the body and change our lives Continue reading


Herbs for Oxygenation; Breathing Distress, Fatigue, Kidney Rehab, Diabetes, Edema etc.

Absinthe is made from Wormwood  Picture Source

Letter to Ed about how cardiac stimulants like codeine and other opioids kill, and listing 7 herbs that help the blood carry oxygen better all around the body, for recovery from all the malarial “fever” symptoms like breathing distress; kidney disease, chronic fatigue and so on. 

Ed, I recently read with anguish a historical account of what can now only be called murder. A woman struggling to recover from the loss of a child, was found low in energy soon after. Bedridden out of sorrow more than any physical problem, however, she was given a physical treatment for ‘dropsy’ – which is basically the swelling or water retention that is common after childbirth when a woman is not able to get back into normal movement which oxygenates the body.

This is often accompanied by pain – the sort of full body pain usual when you have the flu, or the sort that’s called “fibromyalgia”, or migraines, or liver pain.

Just as is well documented now, the heart stimulating treatment – codeine (an opiod drug) – used over a long period resulted in kidney disease, diabetes and other organ function and finally led to death as the body was unable to take the assault of higher and higher doses of the stimulant drug.

Anything that artificially stimulates the heart IS HARMFUL in the long term. Such treatments are to be used in times of extreme emergency only.

Mild stimulants like coffee, or herbal teas are really as far as one should go when there’s a long term problem.


I apologize for the caps Ed, but I’m writing as my heart wishes. People DIE because of misusing stimulants.

These days there is a lot of awareness about the danger and damage – and death caused by opioid drugs. In 2017 a Public Health Emergency caused by massive misuse and abuse of prescription opioid drugs was declared in the USA and in 2018 a huge initiative to stop the abuse of opioid drugs was launched.

While opioids have been called out to some extent, there are other anti-inflammatory drugs – such as Ibuprofen – that are still being used where they shouldn’t be and causing serious kidney, pancreatic and other damage.

Too often Ed, in moments of desperation, we end up taking treatments that are damaging to the body – and unfortunately nearly all allopathic drugs are damaging when taken more than perhaps a day or two in times of emergencies. They’re violent Ed, there’s no other way to put it. They’re not recognized as natural by the body and are the equivalent of a knife cutting the body and taking something out. That procedure might have its uses sometimes, but on an everyday basis, that’s just murder.

What always wrenches my heart Ed, is how easy it is to recover from almost anything, with herbs – just normal herbs that are nowhere near as expensive as prescription drugs and most certainly won’t kill you or damage your organs. They take a little longer no doubt, the healing process isn’t very pretty or posh; But they work.

I have tried these herbs Ed, and I write about them because I know how powerful they are.

Cases of atony, or unresponsiveness of the system, breathing insufficiency, clamminess, Ed, of the palms, soles of the feet, chronic scarring – wounds and scars that take forever to heal, and a feeling of “thickness” or hardness of tissues here and there, PHOTOSENSITIVITY – or not being able to handle sunlight without crazy allergic reactions (a lot more than sunburn, or the tendency to get tanned real quick) – these are all signs of =&0=&.

Think unexplained unresponsiveness, lack of motivation, chronic fatigue, kidney disease, liver disease… any organ dysfunction.

In all these situations, the first thing to do is increase oxygen supply to the body.

Naturally fresh air, is SUPER important. But aside from fresh air, here’s what can help:

Herbs for Oxygenation of Tissues

1) Artimisia Absinthium or Wormwood

While this herb was used to make a most abrasive drink called “absinthe” historically (it didn’t have a very good reputation) taken as a medicine – as tea or tincture or in oil, this is one of the most amazing aids to oxygenation in the body.


No matter what the problem, supporting circulation, releasing knots in the nervous system is only going to help. I have it on my kitchen counter in a bottle of vinegar for any emergency.

A close relative – which works very much the same is Southernwood or Artimisia Abrotanum, native to the US.

When you take this herb, in a decent restrained dose, it’s just as good as any painkiller – believe it or not, it’s sometimes worked on the level of cannabis, and without the after-effects on the nervous frequency where the body has to come back down to normal frequency.

I have used it in pregnancy safely, with only good reports, and used it to aid natural birth in dogs.

Any time there’s clamping, clamming, coagulation of tissues, difficulty breathing for example, it’s a great first aid.

Just a very little is enough. You’re interacting with a living being of consciousness here. You just need to come in touch with the consciousness of Artimisia Absinthium.

2) Papaya Leaf

Now I know this is not something available that easy but I’m writing about it anyway, because who knows Ed, the world might change – it’s changing a lot. I ought to mention what works whether it’s available easy at the time of writing it or not.

Ed, papaya leaf is famous in the tropics – or used to be before the medical system choked out memory of home remedies – for healing the acute drop in blood platelets that’s been associated with malarial fever for nearly a century now.

It is my belief that before the bio-terrorism weapons of today – viruses and the like – mosquitoes unleashed early in the previous century were a form of bio-terrorism.

We have a whole lot of documentation of malaria-like diseases described in history, “mal-aria” meaning “BAD AIR” in Italian (ie. lack of oxygenation) but it was only around 1882 that the mosquito insect was identified as a carrier of the parasite that causes the range of symptoms associated with “BAD AIR”.

An interesting round up of the history of Malaria is here – published by Duke’s University. The page mentions how Chinese physicians were treating BAD AIR with surprise surprise WORMWOOD. But apparently, the World Health Organization believed that treatment to be “lost”, (how convenient is that, Ed?) and decided to use DDT worldwide in swamp areas, instead in “the fight against Malaria”. Another stunning display of brilliance and good intentions towards all mankind of course, funded by US taxpayer money.

We now have DDT resistant mosquitoes, the WHO still hasn’t “found” wormwood or papaya leaf – the South Asian traditional treatment for BAD AIR, and swamp life world over is threatened as the poisons unleashed through DDT have generational effects on the nervous systems of humans and animals worldwide.

But coming back to Papaya Leaf. Ed, in a situation where simply opening a window won’t help a person breathe deep, where it’s not a case of cramping of the lungs such as is common in asthma and bronchitis, where treatments given to kill infection are not helping the lungs return to their normal function, in those situations the extract of papaya leaf is powerful. It directly treats the blood, raising blood platelet levels quickly.

It’s a form of first aid I’ve depended on so much Ed, that it’s part of my Super Antioxidant Mix which I give as a tonic for every serious ailment I treat. Especially when there’s long term debilitation involved.

I believe there are some sellers out there who ship payapa leaf worldwide. But it would be just as easy to get some seeds off amazon or ebay – get the non-hybrid, organic type -you don’t want seedless papayas. They’re so easy to grow in a pot even. In a few months you’ll have some young leaves – don’t take all – just a small handful will do. You chop those up and put them into a bottle of say 500ml of vinegar. If you’ve got everclear or high alcohol rum or vodka, great. I prefer vinegar because I’m used to it and it’s the form I’ve used the most. Vinegar retains minerals which alcohol doesn’t. But alcohol has its medicinal effects on the lungs which can be helpful for breathing distress. In a few weeks you should an extract strong enough.

A few drops of this is powerful medicine to oxygenate the body.

3) Parthenium Grass

A plant classified as an invasive species is so powerful an oxygenator Ed, that I consider it THE winning ingredient of my melanoma skin cancer (spreading warts) treatment. It’s action is only rivaled by high THC cannabis oil or Bloodroot Salve – both of which are hard to come by or illegal in some countries.

In situations where there is tissue hardening (adhesions) where there is the build-up of scar tissue from repeat wounds, Parthenium Hysterophorus slowly causes the area to become open to proper blood circulation.

I have had it as a tea on an every day basis – about three pinches of the dried leaves in 2 cups of water – and found it relieving pain caused by sitting in one position for a long time – not to mention all the benefits of improved oxygenation.

It is excellent for those who are or have been bed-ridden, or who have to work at a desk job sitting long hours.

An indication of its suitability for someone is, they’re often claustrophobic.

4) Cinchona Tree Bark

Identified by South Americans to treat malarial fever and all other such maladies a long time ago, the extract of bark called ‘Quinine’ has been used for over a century for all kinds of fevers.

Whatever sort of fever was going around back in the day, quinine dealt with it all. It is available in most stores, sometimes called “China”.

I’ve found it especially useful for those who get overwhelmed by crowds. The condition where you feel like you just came to the city from the country and everything’s too noisy, to loud too overwhelming.

It is strengthening, for those recovering from strenuous energy situations such as surgery, pregnancy, childbirth, an accident, a personal tragedy and so on.

Ed, it’s high time personal life tragedies be treated on the same level as road accidents and surgeries.

5) Chanca Piedra – Phyllanthus Niruri

This one is so bitter, I think it’s even more bitter than Neem leaf. I’ve never succeeded in giving it to Gabriel. It’s so unbelievably bitter Ed. But there are those who need it.

Look how delicate and sweet it looks – growing wild in a crack under the wall here. Don’t believe its looks!

It’s called ‘stone breaker’ for a reason. It breaks down stones – gall stones, kidney stones… you name it.

Ed, I was around someone who had gall stones and had a gall attack where the stones block the gall duct. You don’t want you or anyone you know – friends or enemies – to be in that situation.

Once or twice a year, have some Chanca Piedra as a preventative – a pinch of the powder once a day for 3-4 weeks – just to clear out any build up.

It does this by oxygenating the body.

6) Pata De Vaca – Bauhinia

A famous kidney healer, its leaves are shaped like kidneys – or lungs. This one changes the smell of the body in a few days as it oxygenates the body and causes the release of blocked up “airs” everywhere.

It is pure strength for the kidneys and other organs as well. It’s very gentle in its working – nothing drastic. Just basic angelic support. It’s part of every kidney support treatment I make because it’s just that good for EVERYONE.

7) Acorus Calamus – Sweetflag

I’ve heard all kinds of different accounts about Acorus Calamus. I never really remember what others say about it though. I’ve even heard that it’s banned or going to be in the US.

What can I testify to, is the sheer oxygenation power of this herb simply by balancing body temperature. One of the biggest impediments to blood give-and-take between organs and tissues and blood vessels, is differences in temperature in different parts of the body.

Those who sing often – especially performers – know the value of warming their throats and chests up to sing properly in the early mornings. The quality of the voice depends on air coming up from the lungs not encountering cold pockets.

Acorus Calamus is famous supporter of speech and voice function because of how it helps normalize body temperature (among other strengths).

No matter which treatment you’re taking, a little Acorus Calamus will help the body come down to a common temperature making that treatment able to work.

It is also an aid to de-stressing as a lot of stress is because of erratic blood circulation caused by temperature differences between various parts of us.

8) Lantana

Lantana is a powerful agent of oxygenation. It has an article all to itself here: 

Lantana – Lungs-Liver-Sexual Blocks, Radiation Flu Recovery Continue reading


Traumatized Dream States and Sleep Trauma – Recovery with Herbs

When we’re sleeping, we’re vulnerable in many ways but protected too in many ways.

How we’re vulnerable, is because our conscious mind which remembers the boundaries we’ve set for our lives is then resting, so experiences we would not allow ourselves to have while “awake” get through and a lot of them are nasty.

How we’re protected is, while our conscious mind is resting, the deception and delusion about reality we hold while awake is put aside for the moment, and our subconscious mind which is vastly wiser than our conscious mind could ever be, being the repository of inherited racial and genetic memory, can deal with problems the conscious mind cannot.

Sometimes however this is not that pleasant in the moment, or pleasant to the conscious mind.

A classic example of this is sexual dreams that the person with their conscious mind does not want to entertain.

Now, many times the ’causes’ of disturbing dreams are external to the person. There are cases of direct dream invasion where dreams are telecast to a person, the topics of which have very little to do with their own personality or life or interests. Some people groups are especially targeted and there have been various reports in the past few centuries of dream invasions done as part of psychological experiments and the like.

However, all said and done, between the conscious mind and the subconscious mind, it is the subconscious mind that is the higher intellect and which is capable of dealing with any experience the person is having.

A big part of sleep trauma or dream state trauma is the conscious mind resisting the subconscious mind.

One example of this is when the subconscious mind behaves “like someone” the conscious mind does not believe itself to be. Our sense of identity is therefore threatened and the ensuing conflict results in trauma that lingers after we have woken up.

My Granddad used to say, “Every crisis is an identity crisis.”

That applies to dream state trauma a lot.

Just as life constantly engages us, giving us choices, provoking the assertion of our identity, so in the dream state.

However in the dream state, we might find ourselves trying something we might never in waking life, because in the waking state we might be scared or have constraints.

In the dream state, things can be so much more vivid as our child brain perceives a situation in ways our conscious mind has numbed out.

No matter what the causes of disturbing dreams they are always an opportunity to see the truth about something our spirit wants to see. Continue reading


Our Lord’s Wood, Maid’s Ruin – Southernwood or Artimisia Abrotanum


A major cause of nerve pain, neuropathy and some of the weirdest problems like damaged hearing, sudden temporary blindness, and various other sensory organ malfunction that do not seem to respond to the usual herbs that support brain function, can be helped by this wonder herb.

Southernwood, or Southern Wormwood or Artimisia Abrotanum, relieves the static electricity that keeps nerve endings clinging or resisting contact with the other nerve endings because of being in a state of suspended animation.

HOW it does this I do not know. But that it does it, I do know.

I’m writing this article because of this amazing ability of this herb that for me sets it apart from the other Artimisia plants – which are nothing but sheer magic. For example Artimisia Vulgaris or Mugwort is such a powerful nervine. World over there are people who take it to help with remembering dreams, recover from nervous draining, get strength to face an ordeal.

Artimisia Absinthium or Wormwood, from which the very popular but infamous drink absinthe is made, is a powerful medicine in its own right. I haven’t tried it myself – the drink ie. but I have made tincture out of the plant and found it having so many benefits that it is now permanently on my kitchen counter top. You know I cannot have ALL my herbs there, only a few of the ones I use all the time. My wormwood tincture in Apple Cider Vinegar is what I have a swig of at the first sign of any problem that I’m too busy in the moment to go find the exact remedy for just then.

That’s because you don’t always need a particular herb for a particular problem. All you need is a little support to get the body’s own self healing intelligence into action.

See, the subconscious brain – that I have found isn’t just located IN the brain but all over the body in the energy field, it has all the information we inherited from our ancestors, and wisdom beyond that which our conscious brain can carry or remember.

I don’t believe it’s quite possible for someone to have in their conscious brain ALL the information they could need in their life. So God made the subconscious brain. Not only do we have our own repository of inherited wisdom in us, we also have connections from their to all our soul group and the spirit of life of the entire universe.

If you think I’m spewing nonsense, you’re quite wrong. The ability of the subconscious brain to tap into what is called ‘scientifically’ ‘the universal brain’ has been well documented and only those who haven’t managed to get a glimpse of that, dismiss it.

However, you ask someone who survived something the doctors said they would not survive,  you ask someone who was disabled or disadvantaged and overcame that; who had to think outside the box to find solutions, and they’ll tell you:

Hell yeah, there is something beyond the conscious mind that I tapped into. Call it what you like.

For me, in my life, I have had to DEPEND on my subconscious brain as in the usual way of things I never had a chance.

I can tell you straight off, while there are methods like prayer and meditation to bring one in contact with their higher intelligence, herbs ARE angels, and you don’t have to sit in one position with your eyes closed to be helped by them.

There are several herbs that help the conscious brain connect up with the subconscious brain. Datura is one of my favorites as are Larkspur, Brugmansia, all the Lilies, Myrtle and Cannabis Sativa.

Each one deserves an article on it’s own but this one’s about one of my super super favorites right now, Artimisia Abrotanum or Southernwood. Not a very romantic name I know. You’d think they’d have found a romantic name for this pretty herb. But check out the names they have for it.

Being as perceptive and attuned to the universe as I am, especially after about 48 hours on the tincture of “Our Lord’s Wood, Maid’s Ruin” every 3 hours, I can confirm one more time that if ever a herb  relaxed the nerve endings in the body so they began to pass messages properly, and if ever a herb removed the static energy and ‘cloudiness’ that makes one unable to face their subconscious being, it’s this one.

Let me give you an historical example of how this angel works.

There was this guy from somewhere in the USA back in the day when most normal people crossed the pond in a boat. He was Irish and American and knew very little of other languages. Back then the US did not have the Spanish speaking population it has today and people couldn’t just go a place in their neighborhood and attend classes and learn a language of their choice.

So this man who had been speaking nothing but English all his life, found himself on a ship at a little port in Spain. No one thought there’d be call for him to do anything but enjoy the sights (and there were SIGHTS to be seen back then you know) and have some fun and get back on the ship.

But there was a problem, a big problem with the ship and it so happened that it fell upon our hero to go ashore immediately with two other ‘helps’ who both did not know anything but English, and purchase rope – the kind they used in ships, which is not available all that easily.

So there he was in this port, not knowing a word of Spanish and they had to go find rope – a specific kind of rope. It was seven in the evening and no one in the port was in the mood for work and very few were even sober.

At 8, they managed to find a half open half closed market. They had nothing but hell asking for directions to a place selling ropes. They had to do dumb charade stuff, imitating ropes, tying imaginary knots with their hands, pretending to be climbing up the sides of a ship with a rope and so on.

A small crowd gathered, who thought they were being funny to entertain them and began dropping coins into a little heap nearby.

And then, someone from a shop nearby came out and gave them a drink. He pointed to a shrub growing at the entrance of his shop to indicate the wine had been made from that plant. This plant was traditionally planted at entrances because of the fragrance it releases and its beautiful energy. They knew it as ‘Lad’s Love’. The Irish do recognize a plant that’ll make good liquor even if they don’t ever think about plants at any other time.

Feeling totally helpless, our hero and his sidekicks had the drink which was bitter as hell, which men seem to love.

A few minutes later, our hero had a moment of sublime revelation. He saw Mother Mary (remember he was Irish and Mother Mary always appears to drunk Irishmen, because she is who is with us in our time of need), AND Mother Mary chills out in Spain a lot, and he saw Mother Mary standing at the bell tower of the church that was about twenty meters up from them overlooking the little market.

Led by his vision, our hero managed to clamber up the slight incline to the church. he was cheered and followed by the crowd who thought something even funnier than the previous performance was going to ensue. (God, the days before cable tv.)

There he followed his vision to exactly where Mother Mary was standing and lo and behold he was in the bell tower, and lo and behold, what was hanging in front of him was a large thick rope, exactly what he and his side-kicks were looking for at that late hour so desperately.

He then managed to do more of the dumb charades thing, now using the rope for reference, and one thing led to another and the Spaniards figured out he wanted rope for his ship.

Now I’m not saying Mother Mary will appear to you if you get drunk on tincture or wine of “Our Lord’s Wood, Maid’s Ruin” but that it will open your perception and help you find a way in the maze of your life, at least show you the next stop. I think that can be expected without even being optimistic.

You have no idea (or maybe you do) of the sort of relief you can get from tension in the nerve endings – suddenly you can perceive so very much more.

You have to try it to believe it.

The next time you’re facing a rock wall and can’t seem to figure a way out, try a drop of tincture of Artimisia Abrotanum. You’ll see what I’m talking about.


Release Pain caused by Buried or Suppressed Memory – Herbs & an Exercise

A huge amount of actual pain, soreness, even ‘deadness’ pain is what they call psychosomatic ie. pain without a physical cause at the root of it. Once you’ve treated it with herbs for let’s say – muscle soreness (Arnica, Comfrey), nerve pain, inflamation (St. John’s Wort, White Willow) and so on, and nothing’s worked really to get rid of the pain fully, it means the pain, while it might have a physical component, could be being held in place by something emotional or energetic.

To release such pain is actually a whole lot easier than the sort of pain that comes from a broken bone or strained muscle because there you have to heal the bone etc. and that could take a while.

Emotional or energetic pain is actually a gift to us, our body trying to get our attention to something very important to us, and releasing it therefore is simply a matter of getting this message.

As soon as you become aware of what it is that’s holding that pain there as a sort of reminder to your subconscious of something that matters, the pain goes away. I can say this because I’ve experienced it and I know others who have. If you’re human reading this, you can do it easily enough too.

One Simple Method to Release Emotional or Energetic Pain – Counting Backwards to the Point of Pain

  • You lie down or sit in a comfortable position.
  • You feel the very center of the pain, where it hurts the most in your body, from where the pain seems to radiate out.
  • Then counting from 10 to 1 backwards you further zoom in on where the pain is coming from.
  • At 0, your awareness is at the center of the pain.
  • Count again from 10 to 1 as many times as you wish till you feel you’ve reached the center point of the pain.
  • Then at 0, just feel the pain, feel it. Don’t be scared. It won’t kill you. It’s a cell of your body that’s feeling something it can’t let go of till you know about it.
  • Don’t judge. You have the right to feel everything you do.
  • You’ll know what to do from there.
  • Continue reading


    Herbs for Battle – For Strength, Clarity & Support in Stressful Emergencies

    Vervain - Verbena Officinalis
    Vervain – Verbena Officinalis

    This is about help for those make it or break it moments or days, when it’s all about nerves. True, there’s no replacement for the preparation that goes into you before the battle – but that’s another story for another day.

    Today the topic is Herbs for Battle.

    Everyone thinks GINSENG when it comes to strenuous performance. That’s great if you’re a stud dog or horse or a racer and big money’s gone into transporting you across the world to err… make your Poppa’s village proud.

    But for humans, male and female, taking stimulants on battle days is nearly always not a good idea because once the body has been stimulated more than what it can energetically handle, it will swing backwards and go into sluggishness to try and recover.

    You don’t want the down swing (unless you really only need to err… make your Poppa’s village proud that one or two times or for a few hours).

    The only time you should resort to taking Ginseng, Guarana and other similarly stimulating herbs is when you’re recovering from a very serious accident or surgery or energy drain when the body will use the new energy to heal rather than expend. For example, if you use Ginseng AFTER a marathon that has tired you so much you cannot walk straight, in a sensible little dose, it will help you recover.

    The not-very-stimulating but energizing herbs are the ones good for battles. To find out which ones would suit you, we need to find out what sort of fighter you are.

    3 questions to get an idea of what sort of fighter you are.

    Think of yourself on the battle field and answer these questions and then we’ll be able to choose the right herbs for you.

    Question 1 – Are you a chicken in shining armor? Yes or No.

    Question 2 – Can you remember a battle you didn’t perform well in? Yes or No.

    Question 3 – Do you have knights and horsemen behind you? Or are you a lone soldier in enemy territory?

    That’s it 3 questions.

    Question 1 – Are you a chicken in shining armor? Yes or No.

    If you’re a chicken in shining armor, ie. you find battle terrifying and would do just about anything to avoid it (though once you decide to fight, you fight like a champ), you need Verbena Officinalis or Vervain.

    Vervain is for the people whose energy has evolved to be spent in peace and domestic bliss, planting seeds, growing things, making love and babies. When such people have to fight battles as they often have to, there’s a change in the way the energy and electricity and blood flows around the body and coping with this change is what Vervain supports. It’s usually all the support they need because everything else they need comes straight from the heart and turns into every sort of energy they need.

    If you’re NOT a chicken in shining armor, but a valiant ‘God I look good when I’m fighting‘ type, Continue reading



    Pictures of Herbs in Articles

    Acorus Calamus – Sweetflag – Dorota
    Arnica MontanaGertjan van Noord
    Ash Tree – Fraxinus Excelsior – wllcutter
    Bittermelon – Momordica Charantia – istolethetv
    Buddleia – Butterfly Bush – Wildlife Terry
    Buddleia – Butterfly Bush Purple Flowers – Nemo’s Great Uncle
    Banyan Tree – Ficus Benghalensis – Tim Rawle
    Black Willow – Salix Nigra – Melissa McMasters
    Black Cohosh – Cimicifuga Racemosa – BobisTravelling
    Blue Cohosh – Caulophyllum Thalictroides Wacky Badger
    New Jersey Tea, Red Root – Ceanothus Americana – Andrey Zharkikh
    Californian Lilac, Buckthorn – Ceanothus Thyrsiflorus – npdoty
    Chasteberry– Agnus Castus –Diotime1
    Cinchona – Cinchona Pubescens, Quinine – Forest and Kim Starr
    Cypress – Cupresses Sempervirens – Gnawme
    Cypress – Cupresses Sempervirens – M. Barrison
    Datura InnoxiaMaja Dumat
    Fenugreek Seed – Trigonella foenum-graecum – Zoyachubby
    FigJennifer Rafieyan
    Gotu Kola

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