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Avnayt and Waltham’s Herbal Treatments are so named because of me, Caraf Avnayt being the practitioner here, and my methods and viewpoint coming from my family heritage and tradition as taught to me by my Great Great Grandfather John Waltham Jr..

John Waltham was born in a remote Hebridean Island, off the coast of Scotland, a long long time ago. When he was a teenager, he joined the British Army as a stable hand and worked his way up. About the age of 60, he was a magistrate but deeply dissatisfied with his life. He was surrounded, he felt, by leaches that did not allow him to experience the deep spirituality of his early life and the freedom of a personal relationship with God, free of dogma.

He left it all behind, getting on a ship to India, with a box of apples and a goat. He was registered as a Missionary when he reached India, simply because “Wanderer” wasn’t something they wrote on paper then.

He headed for the jungle looking to be as far from civilization as possible.

One day he came across what looked like an abandoned hut in a clearing and made himself comfortable there. In the morning, he was woken by the sound of a horse galloping towards him. As he came out, he saw a woman on a horse, about six feet four in height and looking straight out of a book. She approached the hut and catching his eye, dropped off a sack of potatoes, a rifle and a dog.

He was living on the edge of our matrilineal seat’s estate and had officially been welcomed.

He ended up marrying the woman who had welcomed him, Vina Avnayt. They had three daughters, the first of who I am descended from.

The settlement is no more, wiped out like many other semetic matrilineal lines worldwide. But my Granddad John Waltham lived very very very long, preserving both his own and his wife’s line’s forms of medicine.

He started teaching me things when I was three and through my life, as I made one wrong choice after another, helped me get back on my feet and find health again.

John Waltham
My Granddad John Waltham in Feb 2005

As a child, teenager and later, I was shamed and bullied every time I said anything about healing, so I stopped talking or mentioning anything on the topic.

I went to university in Australia, to learn Information Technology. Due to severe stress I had two heart attacks on Christmas Day 2000. My Granddad arrived at 2am the next morning and set me right. It was a huge eye opener of an incident because I’d actually experienced leaving my body both times. I’d faced death.

I changed my lifestyle and from then on began to take my Granddad really seriously. My path was difficult but one step at a time I began to move towards health and happiness.

Me in the heart trouble days, literally holding my heart up by pressing my left arm against my chest.

That’s me in 2011, chilling at a glacier 8500 feet above sea level.

Between 2000 and 2009, I worked for a Australian Classical Herbalist, presenting and managing his website. It proved to be a valuable learning experience in so many ways.

In 2009, I started my own practice, primarily making energy medicine for people and pets. It did really well. In 2016 the website was hacked and somehow I didn’t know it was. You never think such things could happen to you – only to other people. My business shut down with people not able to find me online or contact me.

In 2017, I started all over again, this time based in Pune, India. The lockdowns of 2020 and 2021 near ended my business all over again. My promotion of herbs and natural methods to repair immunity, have been censored repeatedly, with my repeatedly being blocked from social media sites.

We’re in 2022 though, still alive and functional by the grace of God.

I continue to offer Herbal Treatmnent Salts – a unique traditional method of preserving herbal medicine almost indefinitely by packing it into Magnesium Sulphate or Epsom Salts. You can read more about it here – What goes into my Herbal Treatments >>

I custom prepare every treatment I send out, for the individual person or pet they are made for, and it is possible that that is one reason for its efficacy in even the most hopeless of cases. Herbs aren’t like pharma pills. They work differently for different people at different times of life.

For those who are able to source their own herbs and tinctures locally, I offer an in-depth holistic consultation by email, where I advise on which herbs would work best and help them compile their own treatment. It’s been phenomenally successful and it’s so worth the effort. We live in uncertain times and knowledge of how to heal oneself is very important now.

I write books and articles sharing my approach to herbs for healing and information about healing holistically and staying healed. I publish these at Holistic-Treatment.com.


Caraf Avnayt

Our herbal medicine is unique.

What every herbal treatment is made of >>


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