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Robert McDowell’s Alternative Herbal Treatments are brought to you by Robert McDowell and Caraf Avnayt. Robert prepares and ships herbal treatments, while Caraf presents information and manages website business.

Robert McDowell, trained herbalist in Western Classical Herbal Medicine


The first decade of my career was extremely busy and exciting but hugely stressful. Working as a mining engineer for large corporations on three continents had enormous responsibilities and pressures. My position at the World Bank required constant travel to almost every country in the world, assessing and reporting on projects. My private life suffered as I tried to juggle work commitments, travel demands and moving home from one continent to another several times. Even my sports were extreme sports. I was living life fast and furious and my health began to suffer.

I knew something had to change, searching for answers a friend suggested I learn to meditate. Meditation made a difference and led me to question everything about my lifestyle. Determined to have a healthy lifestyle, I resigned from the World Bank and moved to Australia with my family where we settled into life in Sydney.

While living in Woollahra I was introduced to Dorothy Hall a Medical Herbalist. I was familiar with the practice of medicine because my father was a General Practitioner but I was inspired by Dorothy Hall.Her appreciation and understanding of the natural world and her knowledge of herbs for healing fascinated me. I immediately started my training as a Herbalist because I realized this was the future.I began to practice Herbal Medicine in Sydney in the early eighties.

Healing with herbs became a journey for me that is still continuing now.

Robert McDowell, Herbalist


Caraf Avnayt - Herbal-Treatments.comCARAF AVNAYT 

In 2000, as a 19 year old student studying I.T at university in Bathurst, Australia, I was making websites for local businesses. One such local business was Robert McDowell’s, ‘Bathurst Traditional Medicine Center’. As soon as I stepped into it, I knew it was special.

Robert came up to me, introduced himself and took me around the establishment showing me how he prepared the herbs, mixed them, and posted them to other countries.

Coming from a background where my ancestors have traditionally worked with herbs for healing and been forced for generations to keep the practice secret, I was impressed to find an unapologetic herbalist, mailing whole buckets of medicine for horses across the seas to the US.

His simple, clear view of the causes beneath illnesses were a breath of fresh air.

A few months later we had the website up and sales started coming in almost immediately, rising exponentially every year.

Robert McDowell was one of the first few herbalists on the internet, bringing herbal medicine into mass consciousness acceptance. I believe it is people like him, who have stood firm in the face of pressure from society and laws that are formulated to prop up the modern pharmaceutical industry by suppressing alternative and traditional medicine, to whom herbalists and alternative medicine practitioners worldwide owe the relative freedom of expression we have now, that we didn’t have a few decades ago.

I’ve had the pleasure of being witness to people and animals all over the world being surprised by how well Robert’s herbal treatments worked for them.

Inspired by Robert, I was the first person in generations of my family to present our holistic healing tradition publicly and it has been well received.

Healing living beings is my life purpose, so it gives me great pleasure to present a genuine herbalist’s valuable insight and herbal recipes born of real involvement with humans and animals over decades.

Caraf Avnayt