Deep Space Datura – Pain Relief, Truth Serum & Divine Justice

I am writing now about a divine being called Datura – I write in eyes-wide-open awe.

There are various species of Datura – Datura Stramonium (jimson weed), Datura Innoxia (pricklyburr) and Datura Metel.

There are wild versions as well that don’t quite fall into a category. It doesn’t matter. The one you have growing nearby or which you can get, is the one you need. Follow instinct for the rest. You can buy the dried plant material, or get a whole plant from a nursery near you, dry it and use it, or order the seeds online and use those as is.

Datura for Pain Relief

Datura is classified as a poison because it has something called ‘scopolomine’. That ‘scopolomine’, the synthetic version at least, is used as a drug in the medical industry.

But the whole plant Datura when used for pain relief works like nothing else. You don’t need it for any old headache though – White Willow extract (Salix Alba), from which aspirin was made, will do a good enough job there. Devil’s claw, St. John’s Wort, Damiana, Scullcap, even Alfalfa (great for pain relief from carpal tunnel syndrome) – all these will work.

But there are times when pain is somewhere deep inside, in the spaces inside the body, where cold is trapped in so even though you’re warm on the outside you feel cold pain inside. Often it is wet and chilly weather on the outside and trapped cold in the body responds to that. Arthritis, rheumatism but also something that many experience as a result of poor calcium absorption caused by the general lack of good quality natural food worldwide for some decades now.

Raw pain – is what it’s most often – rawness, like you need cushioning even though you have enough flesh and fat.

There are emotions involved – so deep you can’t begin to comprehend them, maybe so old you cannot step back there without leaving here and now and the present and losing touch with reality. You ache because you cannot go back.

Datura works for this sort of pain. I do not use it in herbal medicine I make for others to be taken internally, EVER. But in the spirit of adventure, because you’re all big boys and girls reading this (oh my, I hope I’m right about that) I will describe the effects of Datura taken internally.

But first, externally.

How to make and use Datura Oil for Pain Relief

You get about 3 tablespoons of crushed dried Datura – the whole plant is good, but any particular part on its own is fine too. You put it into a glass container, and pour about 100ml of a natural fatty cold processed oil over it – coconut’s great. You then heat it slowly in a double boiler or put it in over a towel in a container of water and heat it slowly that way a few hours every day for 3-4 days. Or you just leave it in a dark cupboard for a month or two.

This oil is just awesome as pain relief. You can blend it into a cream or ointment, or use it directly. But beware, depending on how strong it is, it can put you into a deep sleep almost immediately. Start off very slow, mixing a few drops of it to 2 tablespoons of a carrier oil and see how it goes.

It affects the nervous system locally almost immediately, and then spreads its effect. So start off very slow, wait about 20 minutes. If there’s not enough pain relief, add more, wait again. Always wait for Datura to work. It goes slowly around the system and then at some point it will find the place it’s needed and then whoosh – a shift in consciousness. So wait at least 20 minutes.

Watch your temperature, Datura raises the body temperature surely so you don’t want to get too hot.

Datura for Heart Pain (Angina) and relief from Heart Attack Symptoms

Datura is one and only herb I know of which when applied topically over the heart area will relieve heart pain even of the sort that leads to a heart attack. Even the dull aches of cardiomyopathy (weakness and debilitation of the heart muscle) are relieved by Datura oil.

Datura for Nerve, Muscle, Tendon Pain Relief and Healing

My son, when he was a toddler, once was trying doing splits and suddenly went down all the way flat. The muscles of his thighs and in-between got suddenly stretched and the pain was terrible. It was so terrible he couldn’t move his legs, was paralyzed with the pain. We massaged Datura oil all over his middle and legs. It took two strong direct applications over an hour to bring the pain down.

Over the next two days, we used Datura oil almost every 4 hours to keep the pain down, and heal the muscle. He slept a lot – Datura is a sedative, perspired a lot. After 2 days he was able to move his legs without any pain. A week later it was as if nothing had ever happened.

I’ve seen a whole lot of medical treatments not working for severe muscle strain, tears, and people left limping for months after, developing long term problems with the area, pains that show up decades later, but Datura’s worked always so far. It not only relieves the pain, it stimulates all the necessary processes for healing.

Datura for Pain Relief from Old Injury

For those who have aches and pains from injuries suffered years ago, Datura brings out and heals.

It works on a level deeper than other pain killing herbs because of its deep space penetration, by which I mean, it works on the consciousness of the cells, those places pain is stored as memory but which are trapped as the body needs to get on with every day living. This is a complex job involving both physical release of knotted or tense nerve endings and muscle fiber and emotional and energetic release.

Datura for Pain Relief of the Skin

The nerves and tissue of our skin feel and could hold for a long time pain caused by over-exposure to the elements, vibration bombardment, chemical pollution.

Datura oil can be used safely on those sensitive areas, like the face, where the nerve endings are fine and delicate. It gives deep relaxation and pain relief. It slowly heals and rejuvenates the skin from the effect of sleep loss over a long period of time.

Again, Datura works on a level deeper than superficial. It works in the deep space of the cells bringing out tension stored deep within. You have to try this to believe me.

Datura oil or ointment on the face promotes sleep so don’t use it any time other than bed time.

Datura for Pain Relief from Trauma & PTSD caused pain

For those with pain and aches caused by acute trauma or repeated trauma to an area or associated with an area of the body, Datura oil or ointment massaged on will not only give relief in the moment but heal the pain permanently if used every day.

For example sexual trauma and PTSD related to sexual abuse can be relieved using Datura oil from and around the perinuem (the lowermost point of the torso, directly in-between the legs, that connects the left leg with the right leg). Spikenard combined with Datura has an exceptionally good effect here.

Trauma and PTSD, panic disorder, anxiety associated with public speaking, suppression of opinion, that causes dull pain and ache around the throat, heart and lungs, can be relieved using Datura oil or ointment regularly there.

If you have a pain that nothing else relieves, 9 times out of 10 chances are it is caused by trauma or PTSD or some such not-so-physical cause, and Datura oil if not immediately, in a few days is almost sure to work.

It is the foundation of my Anti-inflammatory Pain-Killer Ointment and we always have it around as it works in all kinds of situations.

Datura as Truth Serum

I was riding home from school one day in the 9th grade when it started raining – a sudden cloud burst. I got soaked through but kept riding furiously as I wanted to get home quickly – had a lot of work to do in the evening.

After I’d ridden about 2 miles, I found myself in another area where the cloud burst hadn’t happened. People were staring at me. They were all dry, the roads were dry, the pavement was dry, but here I was soaked from head to foot dripping with water, riding like the world was ending. I was very embarrassed by it.

By the time I reached home though – about 4 miles later, I was all dry again, forgot all about it and went on with my work.

A few weeks later, I was talking with my great great grandad John Waltham on one of his unexpected visits. I was telling him about my recent muscle cramping that was making my cycling to and from school difficult and it used to come with headaches too. I’d spoken in a public debate and found my knees knocking together as I spoke – it had scared me.

He asked me, “What started it?” I didn’t know. I replied hotly that if I knew I wouldn’t be having the problem. He gave me a drop of the Datura extract in alcohol that he carried with him that he called ‘Truth Serum’.

Within about 30 minutes I was telling him about how I’d gotten wet in the rain etc. and how embarrassing it was. He asked me why I’d found it embarrassing and I told him that my uniform had been clinging to me and well…. In india if men stared at a girl, it was always her fault, to her shame. If they misbehaved, stared, whistled, it was because she wasn’t dressed decently enough. I’d been terrified of being less than ‘well presented’ on the road.

Speaking about it with my grandad released my pent up feelings about the incident. I was actually so ashamed of the incident that I cried and cried while telling him about it, almost stopping at several points.

That’s the sort of effect Datura can have, especially taken internally. It brings things to awareness, it gives the heat required to throw out something that’s burning inside. Not always does it have to be spoken out, there are quiet ways things can be released.

How to take Datura safely internally, as tea or extract

For the extract you use a table spoon of dried crushed Datura to 50ml of alcohol – rum, brandy, vodka, everclear or vinegar – kept in a dark place for 6-8 weeks.

Organic apple cider vinegar is gentle, while alcohol is on the ‘quick effects’ side. I’d choose the gentle extract, unless like my grandfather I was traveling a lot and needed something of which one tiny drop would be a very strong dose. With the vinegar you’d need 2-3drops.

As a tea, a PINCH – which means the space between the tips of the thumb and the index finger when you press them together, is enough for two cups of water. You bring the water to boil, keep it hot for a minute or two and then strain out the Datura. You have the tea immediately or whenever you like, but don’t leave the Datura in there infusing the water for longer. It gets very strong and could knock you out for hours.

Very very important information about taking Datura

Datura causes some dehydration, you’ll have to drink a lot more water. If you take high doses internally it can cause ‘cotton mouth’ in the morning.

Should you decide to try Datura internally, you need to know that if you have no effects immediately or in the next few hours, the effect could be a delayed one. I’ve seen Datura working up to a week after it was taken.

One person I know, took a strong dose of Datura tea for central nervous and spinal pain relief. He had pain relief in the moment and a good sleep after. 2 days later at a butcher’s shop waiting for his order to be packed, he felt the Datura ‘moving’ again, this time with the sensation of electric sparking up and down his spine.

He had a sudden shift of consciousness, and felt like lying down immediately .

He had to use all his powers of focus, to focus on paying for his order, getting back to where he lived, climbing the stairs one step at a time to his apartment, finding his keys, opening the door, then closing it behind him, reaching and lying down on his bed.

Those little things can be frightfully difficult when Datura is throwing out things stuffed up deep in our consciousness, things so critical to our lives that we could experience conditions like spinal pain and whole body debilitating nervous pain if we don’t deal with them.

So, if you need that sort of exhuming, and do not want to be caught unawares at the supermarket or while driving, be careful to use only small doses, or only the oil or ointment externally, regularly over a long period of time.

Datura as an agent of Divine Justice

A long long time ago when my grandfather John Waltham was a ‘gullible fool’, he was fooled by a ‘shipping magnate’. This man claimed to have seen the ‘leviathan’ mentioned in the Bible – a sea creature very very big – the length of several ships with scales on its back. He described the leviathan to John in such detail. He told him he was going out to that area of the sea soon, and John could come himself to see the leviathan. John decided to go see what this big sea creature was that so resembled the Biblical description of a leviathan.

About a week out at sea, John was drugged at a ‘private party’ courtesy of the ‘shipping magnate’. As he sat there barely conscious, the shipping magnate asked him personal questions very much like those movies scenes where ‘interrogators’ ask questions of drugged prisoners. John’s job at the time had him privy to things that were to be kept secret so he definitely did not appreciate what was happening.

As he was unable to get his own food and water on the ship, he found himself for the next 3 weeks drugged again and again, while the shipping magnate came around to ‘check on him’ and ask him questions ‘by the way’.

As could be expected, no leviathan showed up on this voyage, and soon they were about to get back to port.

On a last ‘dinner’, the shipping magnate asked John Waltham what was that little vial he had in his pocket that he kept taking drops of. John told him it was something his wife had given him, a medicine. It was a very strong Datura extract in barley wine vinegar – many decades old, and not just the extract but the inverse energy field of Datura as well – made by extracting datura through magnets and silver.

A few hours later, in the middle of the night, the shipping magnate was banging on John Waltham’s door, saying he had a terrible terrible pain and please would John Waltham give him just a drop of the medicine.

Before John could say yes, or no, the shipping magnate pulled out the vial, opened it and was about to have it, when John managed to pull it back. But a few drops had gotten onto the shipping magnate’s hand and he licked it and went away.

The next morning they docked, John got off the ship without taking leave and life went on.

A few months later again in that port city, John found out that the shipping magnate, after disembarking from the ship had proceeded to his father-in-law’s house and attempted to shoot him point blank at his dining table!

Others had restricted him just in time. His father-in-law was a bigger shipping magnate than him and the one who held the reins of the ‘family business’ much like a mafia don. The son-in-law had been taken somewhere and killed, and the police had been investigating hopelessly for months.

John Waltham said to me, “Datura brings divine justice. It brings out things you kept locked in and moves you to do things you never thought you’d do before. It goes deeper than just you, it’s got a greater vision than you and your brain. There’s divine justice pouring through the universe and Datura is an agent of it.

I hope I did not scare you off Datura with this story. I just had to give you the full picture.

Herbs are forces of nature, some more impactful than others. You have to respect them and take them in small doses and know that just as when you meet a human, you are not meeting just a body, but a spirit, with a destiny, with clear energetic and emotional effects, that could leave a mark on you forever, so when you meet a herb, you are meeting a living being with a spirit and an effect that could be long lasting and life changing.

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