Every crisis is an identity crisis. Hair & Identity

I was recently asked by someone – “What is the real cause of hair fall? I’ve tried everything and nothing’s worked.”

The person wasn’t in the age group where balding is a hereditary expression, so I was reminded of my own struggles with hair loss over the years through pregnancy and giving birth and so on and then so many others who experience sudden hair loss.

If you’re eating the right sort of food, by which I mean, after you’ve had your meal you get a good night of sleep, which means you’ve had enough good fat, then your hair should be pretty much in good shape.

If it isn’t and it’s falling all over the place, and you haven’t had chemotherapy recently, it’s most often an identity crisis – perhaps caused by a change of location, or a change in relationships, loss, betrayal, you get the picture.

My great great grandad and teacher John Waltham told me something I’ve remembered over the years and applied successfully to various hair loss tragedies (among others of course).

Every crisis is an identity crisis.

How can knowing that stop hair falling you ask. It does because sudden hair fall that’s not because of a physical cause like poisoning or chemo or lack of nutrition, is most often the body reacting to emotional shock that’s caused an identity shift or crisis.

You see hair is not dead cells. It’s an extension of our nervous system like fingers are of the hand. Hair feel things, sense things, memories are stored in hair, hair even hurts sometimes.

In many parts of the world, shaving your head is indicative of letting the past go – because emotional memory is associated strongly in the human consciousness with hair. Very often survivors of abuse and relationships they want to forget, where they believed some sort of lie, feel the instinct to have a hair cut and start over again.

When people go through things that change the tethers of their identity, the hair reacts in some way or another, sometimes drastic, sometimes in gentler ways like becoming thicker or thinner or changing color.

How we can help ourselves through this process is very simple. We re-discover our sense of identity.

I’ve found that the true identity of a person is not their name, where they live, where they grew up, they job, their ethnicity, their looks. All that is very superficial when it comes to real life.

The secret of who you are is found in that which gives you joy. That which you would have in your life, and give everything for even if you got no visible ‘benefit’ from it.

Think of what makes you happy, what fills you with joy and moves you deep within and you’ll know your identity, the identity that’s beyond passing things like places and names and relationships and jobs.

The body will feel what you feel and things will change and instinctively you’ll know what you have to do to find solutions.

You might change shampoos or soaps or feel like eating different, or sleeping in a different position. But you’ll find your solution alright. I’ve seen it happen several times.

If you need them, there are of course herbs that help with hair loss or alopecia, focused on supporting the nervous system, balancing metabolism, supporting detoxification and supplying vital nutrients for hair health and growth.

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