How to Rehabilitate your Teeth thoroughly with Herbs, a Breathing Exercise, some Changes

Herbs for dental health, to reverse tooth decay, loss of enamel and plaque formation

If you look at the teeth in the pic you’ll see I have a bit of my front tooth chipped off. You’ll also see my teeth thin at the edges – recovering from enamel loss. I’ve recovered my teeth from the edge of disaster twice when they got very stressed through the demands of pregnancy, breast-feeding, and several other not-good-for-teeth situations. In this article I’m going to tell you how to do it too – by making some changes to your diet, having some herbs, doing a breathing exercise and getting the marks off your teeth, healing cavities without going to a dentist.

There’s something pregnant women and long term smokers have in common. Their teeth need a lot of care.

This is for two simple reasons – the kidneys and the parathyroid glands. These two work together to regulate what bones and teeth are made of – calcium.

Pregnant women need more calcium than usual because the baby’s bones have to develop. The woman’s kidneys release substances that make them get more calcium from their food AND get calcium from the bones and teeth when required as well. This second bit is what causes a problem – because the teeth actually wear down and could lose enamel, become brittle, even break. Now it’s not all that bad usually, but it can get that bad as the pregnancy progresses.

Weirdly enough, smokers have the same problem, but for a slightly different reason. By ‘smokers’ I mean those who smoke factory made cigarettes – as those actually change or raise blood pressure very quickly, and actually have additives that very simply are toxins. A smoke once in a while cannot really have a long term effect on the system, and there are some cigarettes that do not have drastic blood pressure effects.

But the ones which do, they immediately stress the kidneys, just like a suddenly flooding river stresses the physical structure of a dam. The temperature changes suddenly, the force of the flow changes – and unlike dams our kidneys are not made of concrete but very sensitive tissue.

Add to that, all the other blood pressure messing up habits smokers tend to have – tea, coffee (the processed versions), adrenalized lifestyles, not enough sleep. All this contributes to stressed kidneys and with that stressed parathyroid glands.

There are 3 simple things that have to be done to rehabilitate the body and get the teeth back to healthy

1) Stop what’s causing the problem.
2) Rehabilitate the kidneys and the parathyroid glands.
3) Get the plaque marks off the teeth. Deal with the cavities.

1) Stop what’s causing the tooth decay and weakness.

Giving up smoking, tea, coffee, sugar (adrenalizer) – that can be difficult. If it’s any consolation, the natural forms of tea, coffee, sugar, tobacco and other ‘smokable’ herbs all come with their own balancing mechanisms.

Many generations of humans have enjoyed all these with no negative effects, so getting natural non-processed forms of these could be of some help. They don’t give the same ‘kick’ as the processed material, and you might find you really don’t like them that much at all, or you might begin to enjoy them on a whole new level.

You could also explore herbs that help with whatever makes you need to smoke or have adrenalizing substances. There are herbs to support the nervous system – everyone could use some of those in our times. There are herbs to support brain alertness, herbs for sleep… there are so many options – you could have so much fun finding herbs that work for you, or get me to make you a herbal treatment.

2) Rehabilitate the kidneys and the parathyroid glands.

This is the easy bit.

1) You stop having the table salt you usually do – it has chemical iodine that’s adrenalizing, and replace it with a natural sea or rock salt. This also means dumping all processed food as they use chemical sodium, not real salt most of the time.

2) You start having enough of plain normal water, not sparkling or ‘with added minerals’. Just normal clean nothing-else-added water. If your water doesn’t feel right to you, let it sit in a jug with a piece of charcoal in it, or a rock or a crystal – something of the earth that won’t dissolve and you’ll be amazed at how good it feels after. That’s going to go right through the body making a big difference.

3) Take some Herbs for Kidney and Parathyroid Gland Rehabilitation

This is by no means a complete list of known herbs that can be used here, it’s just what I’d prescribe for the average person who needs kidney and parathyroid rehabilitation to reverse dental problems, and if you’ve had dental problems for more than six months you could use some of these.

Alfalfa, Horsetail (Equisetum) and Uva Ursi are kidney tonic herbs,. They’ve got the nutrition the kidneys need. The kidneys cannot not be helped by them.

Mistletoe (Viscum Album) slowly brings the body back to temperature balance, and with it every other hormonal imbalance is solved. I’ve watched it do a phenomenal job so many times, and it doesn’t cause any problems doing it, so I definitely put it in if I think it could help.

Nettle and Hawthorn help the blood carry more oxygen, and this helps in big big ways. They can be had as tea or in herbal extract form. I prefer the herbal extract form for it’s convenience.

It’s easy to forget to have your tea, and tea is something that should be relaxed over so it takes time and eventually a lot of people don’t have their tea regularly enough. Herbal extracts however can be carried around and dropped into your water bottle or cup of water easily enough so you’re more likely to take them regularly.

Wheatgrass and Dandelion are for the whole body, but specifically to help the liver throw out toxins better. When you’ve had weak kidneys and imbalanced blood pressure for a while toxins tend to accumulate and the liver is often stressed out as a result. Wheatgrass and Dandelion have so many benefits it’s impossible to mention them all. They’re very very good. They can be had powdered, or as tea. Again, I prefer the herbal extract because they’re easy to take so you’re more likely to have them regularly.

Fig, Poke Weed and Kelp or Bladderwrack (Fucus Vesiculosis – a sea weed)

These are for the parathyroid gland.

Fig’s a fruit and what a fruit it is! The key to being healed by Fig is to have a little of it often – like two or three times a week. Again, I prefer my herbal extract of fig in vinegar because a few drops of it is equal to a 2 inch piece of it and that’s more than enough in a dose.

The Fig does something very few other botanicals do – it helps clear out bone and tooth toxins. Bone and teeth vibrate at a very low earth frequency – they’re not frenetic like the brain or even like the heart. They’re slow, like the rocks. This is why they don’t do well when the body’s adrenalized all the time. The Fig has just the energy frequency as the bones and teeth. It gives them a nice slow massaging push towards health and throwing out poisons comes naturally as part of that. (Fig is one of my five super-antioxidants to fight cancer and tumors.)

Phytolacca or Poke Weed or Poke Root
A little of this herb goes a long way. Some times the body is trying to throw out something lodged deep in the bones or teeth from a long time ago (could even be inherited) and this shows up as the teeth trying to ‘shed’.

Phytolacca supports the glands of the body in throwing out toxins stuck deep within tissue, so it can be the critical little detail that makes the big difference.

Kelp or Bladderwrack – sea weed in general, doesn’t need to be taken in a big dose. A few drops in 100ml of other herbal extracts or water, and that taken a few drops twice a day, is enough. That’s not only a source of vital minerals for the body – something everyone could do with – but sea weed has the intelligence to help the body get back to balancing thyroid and parathyroid and metabolic function in general.

The sea sees everything, and it isn’t always peaceful. Its tides are overwhelming and drastic and they change. Sea weed grows in this atmosphere and holds its own. This is an intelligence that can help us learn to maintain energetic and therefore emotional and physical balance.

You can order the lot in one go at my Herbal Medicine to Reverse Tooth Decay, Dental Rehabilitation.

4) There is a simple breathing exercise one can learn to support the parathyroid glands, the thyroid glands and the kidneys too. The benefits are too many to name – everything good from metabolism to destressing.

Breathe into the area of the throat where the thyroid is.

1) Gather some saliva in your mouth, then slowly swallow it, feeling it as it goes down your throat. You become aware of the middle section of your throat.

2) Keeping your awareness in your throat, you breathe in deeply, gently tightening the middle area of your throat (the blue circle in the pic to the left). It should feel like you’re pulling in air from your throat and then releasing it by relaxing your throat. You’ll get the hang of it if you keep at it for a minute or two.

3) Do this for a minute or two a few times a day, or for longer (10 minutes is good) once a day and keep at it regularly.

Finally a common question: What can I do to get brown or black marks off my teeth?

The marks are a deposit called plaque. Some plaque is normal often caused by acid from the stomach (like when someone’s fasting or not eating enough good fat food) reacting to things in the mouth, but it ought not to stay on there for longer than a week or two.

Using a tooth powder (charcoal powder + bentonite clay + powder of cloves etc.) instead of a tooth paste scrubs out the plaque over time and doesn’t let new plaque develop. Scrubbing with twigs or herbal powder was how most humans cleaned their teeth for generations before the invention of tooth paste and they did have better dental health than the tooth-paste generations.

Oil pulling – where you spend about 10 minutes every morning gargling with 2 tablespoons of coconut oil (or any other good quality oil) and then spit it out is excellent to remove plaque, even heal cavities and so good in so many ways. Oil pulling massages the teeth, the gums, the tongue, the inside of the mouth and the nerve endings there being massaged helpsis beneficial for the entire system.

What about cavities?

I lost a wisdom tooth to ignorance and processed coffee some years ago, but have since healed cavities efficiently by stuffing them with activated charcoal powder after cleaning them (a rather messy method but it works and dulls the pain immediately), and doing oil-pulling every day.

Herbal painkillers like St.John’s Wort and White Willow were needed at times. Spraying Colloidal Silver into the cavities before filling them with charcoal is very useful and kills off infection as quickly as charcoal powder does but doesn’t offer the cushioning that charcoal offers or the mild pain relief, so if you want to avoid the charcoal, get some herbal pain relief and spray the CS in every 2 hours at least.

If you have cavities and you actually want them to fill up, instead of going and having them pulled out, you MUST stop having sugar, processed coffee and tea at least until the cavities fill up. Teeth cannot heal in the presence of what pretty much attacks them so you must stop the direct attacks at least. If you’re pregnant or breast-feeding, taking a natural calcium supplement like a spoonful of dandelion powder every time you feed the baby or twice a day at least will keep your body going.

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