Herbs for Hormonal & Sexual Energy Imbalance caused by Trauma around Puberty

When the hormones of puberty hit, boy do they create havoc. A good majority of human adults alive today have symptoms caused by a traumatic transition from childhood to adulthood. This is mostly because the old knowledge of supporting the body and psyche through life changes has been lost and human lifestyle hasn’t been supportive of human life processes for about a century now. A healthy diet, an emotionally balanced environment, enough sleep and waking rest, these are things that have been hard to come by for a while now.

Luckily for us, we have herbs that can help us even in adulthood to get over the effect of the hormonal excesses of the pubescent years. To talk about them in terms of nutrition, would be as insulting as describing a person in terms of their height, weight and fat composition. So I will tell it like it is in reality.

We have 4 major most-popular well proven herbs for hormonal adjustment. Between them they cover almost any problem resulting from the chaos of our hormones from birth to death and everything in-between:
Phytolacca, Pulsatilla, Sarsaparilla and Mistletoe

Phytolacca or Poke Weed

is considered a poison. But it has been used successfully to revive those whose hormonal and sexual energy is weakened.

In the pubescent years when the first hormones (like testosterone) are produced by the body, if the body is unable to express or use those hormones as intended ie. for example, if a boy is not able to express his new manly hormones into physical growth because of a lack of nutrition or an overly suppressive environment where manliness is considered a threat, the psyche starts suppressing the production of testosterone in the body. Because it really isn’t possible to fully suppress sexual hormones in the body what happens is spurts of wild out-of-control hormone production followed by weeks and months of suppression again. The resulting ups-and-downs can be devastating on the personality, physical growth and life progress of the child.

Phytolacca is that sort of plant-person that is expressive without a single little teeny weeny doubt or misgiving about it’s sexual hormones. I’m me, I’m here, I’m like this and I love it.

That’s Phytolacca’s personality – which is reflected in its physical components, a big part of which is testosterone.

Taking Phytolacca every day therefore, for men imparts both the nutrition required to repair damage done to the body through the days of hormonal ups and downs, sexual energy suppression at any time in life;and the inspiration to find balanced hormonal expression on an everyday basis.

For women, Phytolacca is a wonderful aid to stimulate hormonal expression too. A woman’s body uses testosterone differently from how a man’s body uses it. Here, the testosterone along with the other physical components of Phytolacca help clean up the residue of old hormonal dramas whether from puberty or a tumultous pregnancy and aftermath.

It also supports assertiveness of personality and sexual energy expression which a woman’s system needs to keep healthy, feel clarity of mind through hormonal cycles, and go through cycles of the body without holding back energy.

This last thing – holding back energy through cycles of the body. This is very common among women who did not have the right nutrition and rest through puberty.

The body goes through one bad period and from then on decides to keep back energy and the hormones that support the reproductive support, for next time, just in case there isn’t enough food and rest to make new hormones for next time.

What results is a habit of holding sexual energy in the tissues keeping them tense, and fat too in the tissues and releasing them only in times of stress. The effect of this stress-based life is more and more stress with imbalanced hormonal production.

Phytolacca is like winning a lottery for all these situations. You need to take Phytolacca in a dose appropriate for you – men more of the physical concentrated extract, women lesser of the concentrated extract but regularly for a longer time – say 6 months. Start with a little and see how it affects you, increasing and decreasing the dose as you go, developing your awareness of your hormonal expression as you go.

Pulsatilla is Mom in plant form.

Relaxing, soothing, unwinding, destressing, nourishing. Who doesn’t need that? With all the loving comfort of a mother through the dramas of puberty, Pulsatilla will rehabilitate a body – male or female – ravaged and tired out from hormonal excesses and dry times.

When there is sexual trauma, bitterness because of unexpressed or badly expressed sexual energy, the rage of sexual energy violation, the deep sadness of sexual disappointment, in all these cases Pulsatilla will hug and comfort you back to loving the feel of dew on your face in the morning, and the feel of earth beneath your feet. That’s just the truth and you will find many to testify to it.

Men find Pulsatilla a huge relief when they have been experiencing tension in the lower abdomen – the sort that causes long term chronic constipation and lower back ache.

Pulsatilla also helps men with a temper problem – where blood pressure rises suddenly and violently only to fall just as suddenly. These are all the effect of sexual energy suppression and/or heartless exploitation over a long time. Pulsatilla is peace and comfort.

Women of all ages are supported all through the month with Pulsatilla. If you feel you need some comfort, take a little. If you need rehabilitation, take more.


What a name! It’s a platter of food for the reproductive system – it has everything in it. It’s like my plate the first time I went to an ‘international’ buffet. It had food from all over the world in it. I was so curious I had on my plate tiny bits of food of all kinds. Somehow or the other I enjoyed every bit and my stomach didn’t have a problem with any of it. That’s how sarsaparilla is. It has male hormones, female hormones and even female pregnancy hormones!

When we take it, male or female, our body takes what it needs and lets the rest go. It has a blood cooling effect which makes everything in the body function so much better.

Sarsaparilla also takes care of an important aspect of hormonal imbalance, which is breathing rate. Our breathing patterns tell our bodies what to do hormonally. If we’re breathing fast and quick, a certain class of hormones are made. If we’re breathing slow and deep a certain class of hormones are made. There all kinds of breathing patterns – deep and fast, deep and slow, shallow and slow, shallow and fast etc. Stress, and so many other factors can change our breathing patterns and with it our hormonal patterns.

Sarsaparilla has nutrition and energy that normalizes lung function and supports healing from long term stress. The effects of this are long reaching. One of the root causes of skin imbalance in cases like eczema and psoriasis is irregular lung function and poor oxygenation. All these are helped, so really Sarsaparilla is a full body glandular healing agent. With it, there’s going to be an all-over healing for sure.

Mistletoe – reminds everyone of kisses.

‘Mistletoe’ used to be my nickname on an IRC internet chatroom in the last 90s. There were girls kissing any male sounding nickname listed beneath my nickname on the side. My nickname started off some romances for sure! The chatroom used to have ‘Soandso kisses @sosandso’ popping up every now and then, and then ‘Soandso kisses back @soandso’ too!

Mistletoe was and is an ice-breaker.

For those who are too cold all the time (or too hot all the time), Mistletoe will bring you back to balance (and to your senses) so you can take advantage of the moment.

All the work of making hormones and then transporting them to where they’re needed, and then using them the way they’re supposed to be used – the whole process is dependent on the body maintaining a stable temperature. A drastic change in temperature starts off new processes and you don’t want a new one starting off while the previous one is still half-way done.

Mistletoe has all the nutrition as well as intelligence and energy to support the body’s own temperature balance mechanisms in getting back up to efficient.
If you’re wondering how that mechanism gets out of order in the first place, it’s over-stimulation and over-adrenalization with inadequate sleep and rest and recovery. Remember puberty? It probably started then, habits developed then, Mistletoe can help us break out of.

Although Mistletoe in a dose of a drop or two of the concentrated extract will help heart rate and blood pressure stabilize in the moment, its true healing effects can be experienced when taken in small doses over months, maybe even a year or more. A break of a week or two or a little more in-between would be good idea though.

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