New Roots, New Shoots – Herbs to Demagnetize the Body for Cell Regeneration

When a tree or plant stops growing new roots, it stops making new leaves and branches. It can stay alive for a while and then it will start slowly dying. Root growth is so important that gardeners who grow trees in pots, will break the pots and crop the roots, making space in the pot for new roots, and then the tree will make new leaves again.

We’re like that too. We need to always be growing inside for our body to make new cells and regenerate our organs and every part of us. When we stop growing inside, ie. when we stop having deep full life experience, our cells start under-performing and if this goes on and on for too long one or other of our organs or body systems fail and sooner later it reaches the point of death.

Natural humans are supposed to leave the body as a result of a spiritual decision, as the culmination of a full deep satisfying life experience, not any other way.

What makes a human stop growing inside? Nothing actually.

This article though is about getting out of that state that makes the new rooting process more difficult than it should be. Inertia.

Inertia is when things have changed but our minds and emotions and bodies are still functioning in the same spin they were in before.

The example of inertia is when a moving bus stops and people swing forward just a bit. It’s because the cells in their bodies were used to moving forward at a certain speed and continued even after the bus stopped.

Our cells, the physical and the energetic, emotional body all fall into patterns through the day, through the month, through the year and the years.

To keep putting out new roots, it is essential to come to terms with the environment, the situation in the moment. Life, the world, the universe keeps changing. Today is always different from yesterday.

Sometimes the psyche, the energy body and the physical body stay in inertia for longer than normal and the person experiences a sort of stagnation.

Healthy people learn to recognize these times and do things to demagnetize, to shake out of the old, to wake up to the new.

A good sleep will demagnetize most healthy people. A shower, going under water fully for a few seconds, intense enjoyable exercise… so many ways to demagnetize.

If however, for some reason, the person has been deprived of sufficient sleep, and other opportunities to demagnetize the body for a long time, and the effect is showing in the form of fatigue and sluggish metabolism, poor cell performance etc., herbs are here to help.


Herbs to Demagnetize the Body, to Kick-start Cell Regeneration

These herbs shock the system into demagnetizing. Some work gently without side-effects, others cause irritation and worse if too much is taken at a time.

Stinging Nettle- Urticaria

The leaves sting, but what that does is make the body wake up and do something. The result is fresh supplies of blood to the area, the like of which it probably didn’t get in many years. Brushing the body gently with nettle can demagnetize nerve endings and bring in fresh cell growth, stimulate hair growth on the scalp and so on. It sounds rather extreme, but those who’ve tried it swear by it.

A gentler way to experience Nettle’s demagnetization is to have Nettle tea or tincture. It isn’t always going to work with one cup of tea. It’s for those who’ve fallen into chronic tiredness over the months and years and need to be gently massaged back into full function over a few months. A cup or two of Nettle tea a day is absoutely mandatory for those who’ve been bored and not living a deep and exciting enough life for years and years.

St. Ignatius Bean – Strychnos ignatii

A drop of the tincture of Ignatius Bean will cause something like little prickles of heat through the circulatory system. It is usually used as an emergency remedy for heart pain, to prevent the heart from going towards a heart attack by relieving the build up of the tension in the body that results in cardiac pain, congestion and/or failure.

It simply delivers those shock prickles and bursts the energy build-up like a pin bursts a bubble. The drama of the anxiety, the terror, is deflated, there is usually enough pain relief for the person to calm down, to think clearly and do whatever else they need to do

Not more than a drop or two should be used of Ignatia – it is a shocker, not a tonic.

It is especially helpful for those who’ve gotten magnetized due to repeat trauma, terror, fear, PTSD, who find it too hard to venture into new experiences because of a background of severe repression and trauma.


This one is a fine fingered expert. Cypripedium demagnetizes the nerve endings relieving nerve ending pain and gently making the body able to experience touch and sensory life.

For those who have been bombarded by strong chemicals or sound vibration or trauma and have lost sensitivity or turned hyper-sensitive, or just find sensory experience too overwhelming, Cypripedium can help.

A drop in a cup of water will relieve nerve ending pain without causing numbing.

This dose every day or twice a day over weeks and months results in rehabilitation of the nerve endings.

Lily of the Valley – Convallaria

Such a beautiful flower and what a lovely fragrance. Poisonous as hell they say, but I love it as a medicine.

A drop of Convallaria causes a mild muscle shock in the body. For a heart that’s tense, strained and tired, refusing to engage in life, this works like a sudden strong press and release.

For those who hold tension in the muscles (well, most people do, but some more than others feel the day and the hard times of their lives in their muscles), Convallaria or Lily of the Valley helps.

Remember the heart is a muscle too, as is the tongue. Wherever muscle is holding in tension and therefore is unable to feel free to experience life deeply and fully, Convallaria helps.

Taking it twice a day for a while is rehabilitation in so many ways.

Where a person has become afraid or terrified of anything out of the ordinary happening, this is the herb that can help demagnetize the muscles, so they can contract and expand properly, allow blood through and regenerate tissue.

Daphne (Spurge Laurel)

Daphne demagnetizes nervous tissue – like the eyes (an extension of the brain directly), like the brain, the nerves in general.

For those who feel and hold tension and strain in the eyes, between the ears, between the fingers, in the throat and the voice.

It does to the nervous system what Lily of the Valley does to the muscles. It delivers a mild shock and a forces a sort of restart.

It’s like when you restart your phone or the computer, all the information that’s no longer necessary is deleted, and all running programs are shut down and everything works faster. You can start up only programs you need in the moment, not those you opened days ago and forgot about.

That’s what Daphne does, a gentle restart of the nervous system.

For those with years of tired eyes and nerves, focusing, focusing, focusing, a light restart every now and then when the strain gets too much could be a great help.

Of course no herb should be used to help you only to continue over-working or working your body irresponsibly, like a slave driver. Where there has been long term strain, life style changes have to be made to relax and recover after the strain. Eye relaxation exercises like staring into the distance, opening the eyes into the dark (palms cupped over the eyes) all are extremely useful.

Relaxing the eyes, the nervous system and the muscles around these have a wonderful effect on life experience in general.


This beautiful flower, gives the nervous system a mild shake up. For those who haven’t had enough sleep, or have been doing the same thing for a long time and really need to break out of the spin, Colchicum can help.

Colchicum inspires for a short while a frequency in which the brain releases substances it only releases when it feels there’s no need for them any more. In a typical session of brain work, the brain holds onto everything as they could all be connected, like pieces of a jigsaw. When the session finishes, the brain lets those all go and gets ready for the next task.

If the brain doesn’t feel like the session ever ended it will be still holding on to all that now is unnecessary.

Colchicum says ‘Session Over’ to the brain and the nervous system. In a few minutes the person is feeling so much better.

Obviously, the dose should be just a tiny drop and not more than once every few hours.

Again, herbs are not to be used to support an unfairly demanding lifestyle. They are to be used to help us change our lifestyle, not ‘manage’ it. Those who use herbs to fuel lifestyles with no care or respect for the body will find herbs stop working for them, as their body will start rejecting ‘relief’ that only makes it ready to take more load. You don’t want to get to that point.

If you need Colchicum, you need to start resting more, sleeping more. You have to do what it takes to get more rest.

Nux Vomica

Nux shocks the nervous system. Not like an electric shock, more like rain drops falling onto the surface of a pond suddenly. Little splashes everywhere and circles and circles overlapping into each other.

You have to take a tiny dose ofcourse, or the raindrops will turn into a violent storm and have you running for cover.

Nux is for those whose life has been monotonous, or they feel it so at least. In fact, it’s like the chicken and egg question – did the chicken come first or the egg? Were you a monotonous person before your life became monotonous, or did your life turn monotonous and make you a monotonous person?

Most intelligent healthy people go through phases of mind-numbing monotony every now and then. It’s a phase where the brain and body seem to simply vegetate, it could be just resting. Often though, the system is preparing for something the conscious mind hasn’t been able to foresee yet.

During the maddening monotony though – and a person can experience that state even in the middle of what seems like an extraordinarily dramatic life to others – Nux Vomica can help manifestations like abdominal cramping, aches that come and go with no particular cause, very dry skin, hardening and stiffness of the limbs, even clicking jaws, deafness that comes and goes.

After you take it every few hours for some days, you either find a way to break out of the monotony or see new meaning in what you’re doing. I’ve never seen it needed for more than a few days.

Poison Ivy (Rhus Tox)

Some sorts of magnetization are caused by the body struggling to deal with a poison. The body considers anything not natural as a poison and if it has too much of that could focus all energy on dealing with throwing out the poison and then get into an inertia pattern where the big portion of energy is allotted to throwing out poisons, leaving the rest of the body energy deficient.

Rhus Tox – a drop in a cup of water, gives the poison fighting mechanisms of the digestive system a bit of a shock wake up. It is a poison itself, but a natural one, which speaks to the body, unlike unnatural poisons (modern chemicals) which do not have intelligence.

For those magnetized to the point where every little exertion feels overwhelming and too much to deal with, Rhus Tox can help.

For those who are sensitive and new to an environment or situation, and finding it hard to put down roots because of having to be on the alert and defensive at the same time, Rhus Tox can help.

Any sort of magnetization or inertia pattern around the gut, Rhus Tox can help.

Milk Thistle – Silybum Mariana

Milk Thistle is a waker-up of the liver, in a nice gentle way.

A lot of magnetization happens in the body and psyche because of the liver being overloaded and overwhelmed by all the work it is to do sifting through the junk we’ve eaten , breaking down chemicals and so on. Tons of hard work.

Sometimes the liver gets magnetized and that pattern spreads to the other digestive organs as well, all of them either overdoing things or under-doing them.

The psyche reflects this in the person feeling overloaded and not wanting to participate in life very much anymore.

Milk Thistle can help here, gently waking up the liver and delivering nutrients to help it out of inertia into balanced function.


Laburnum has a stimulating effect much like Tobacco, perhaps because it has a chemical that’s very similar to nicotine. Taken a drop in a cup of water, it has a sort of clarifying effect on the psyche and body. It helps sift out what’s a priority and what’s not, what to give energy to immediately and what to put off for later.

It can be very helpful for those who are feeling mentally tired and unable to come out of the pattern of being chronically mentally over-stimulated and physically under-stimulated. That’s a sort of inertia that makes a person not able to complete tasks fully as most life functions require all of us, not just our brains or just our bodies.


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