Hormone Poisoning through Food – First Aid and Recovery

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Things have changed. The products and processed foods we once trusted in, are not the same. The quality of food all over the world – from wheat to meat – have drastically fallen because of unnatural growing processes that involve hormonal interference.

To continue to keep people buying, producers have begun to supplement the products with actual hormones, hormones that cause adrenaline rushes, that fake the ‘effect’ of energy. These hormones, from humans, from fetuses, from animals are invariably filled with stress and shock hormones, and carry the consciousness of stress, trauma and shock, as the processes used to get those hormones are such.

They cause the similar effects in our bodies, so while we think the product still has some ‘energizing’ effect, in fact it’s an adrenaline releasing effect which is unnatural and has consequences.

These are now common in processed foods like cookies and chips, and also in sauces, and flavoring agents used in the restaurant industry.

The effect of having such a product regularly, is the depression that naturally follows the intense experience of adrenaline without proper recovery. Other problems could be blown out of proportion as we experience shock and stress regularly.

To deal with the situation, other than identifying and avoiding those products that cause hormone poisoning, we need to become aware of how our body individually reacts to shock, anxiety, panic and depression. We may not mentally register shock or anxiety or depression, but our body does and will show us what’s happening.

Then we identify what could help us, and have those herbs or do those things as soon as we become aware of what’s happening with us.

The 3 stages of hormone poisoning

Shock or Terror

Every person reacts to shock differently. Here are some of the most common reactions to shock and/or terror, and herbs or foods that could help.

All shock

Bach Flower Rescue Remedy (available online or at a homeopathic store near you) – The drops have to be taken once very 10 minutes for severe shock and at lesser frequencies for mild shock or trauma.

Heart Pain, Chest Pain, Angina, Breathing difficulty, swelling of face, hands, feet

Severe heart pain – the diluted version of ‘Naja Tripudians’ which is cobra snake venom – available online or at homeopathic stores.

Heart support herbs – Cactus, Hawthorn and more

Kidney support herbs – Gelsemium (Yellow Jasmine), Alfalfa and more

Diarrhea, Constipation

Slippery Elm Powder – a t-spoon in water and drunk to layer the inner linings and soothe.

Oats – oats are a nervine herb as well as a food and will calm. Have a little every hour or half an hour.

When you react like this as a matter of habit, you need to rehabilitate your digestive system .

Uterine Hemorrhage

First aid to stop the bleeding – Witzh Hazel, Gelsemium, Yarrow – 5 drops of each in a cup of water. Take it every 30 minutes till the bleeding stops.

When you know you have the tendency to react to shock or trauma with bleeding or hemorrhage, you need to address the weakness by doing a sound and proper uterine rehabilitation such as described at this link.


This one’s hard to identify in the moment, but if you generally go blue or pale in reaction to shock, it means the blood vessels are restricting their oxygen carrying capacity in shock.

Herbs like nettle, mate (ma-tay – a south american herb) which directly support oxygenation of blood taken as teas or tinctures will help very quick.

Breathing exercises make a BIG difference here, if you can get yourself to learn to do breathing exercises while in shock.

Rehabilitation of the lungs from shock and trauma has to be done.

Liver Shock, Skin Rashes, Flushing, Headaches

If this is how your body reacts to shock, for first aid, Camomile, Dandelion, Celandine, Organic Apple Cider Vinegar, Berries will all help.

You must however keep in mind that you keep your food light because a heavy meal can stress your liver and make it even harder to deal with any shock that comes along. So keep the meals often and small, and work out a plan to rehabilitate the liver.

The skin gets taken care of automatically.

Abdominal cramping, Pelvic tightening, Back pain, Headaches

The first aid for this sort of reaction is to straighten the back and massage the tail bone point.

Abdominal cramping, Pelvic tightening, Back pain, Headaches

The other point to massage is the perineum which is the lowest point of the torso. Sitting on a tennis ball (on a mostly hard surface, not a soft couch) is one way to massage the perineum.

Herbs that release tension is the area are also effective – Pulsatilla, Tiger Lily and in cases of severe cramping, a drop of Rhus Tox (which is poison ivy, so mind, just a drop of the herbal tincture, or the dilution).

Trembling, Loss of Focus & other Nervous Symptoms of Shock

Herbs – Cactus, Mugwort, Scullcap, Cola Nut (Sterculia), Zizyphus, Rosehips, Fenugreek (seed tea)

Herbs for nervous and adrenal rehabilitation while helpful in the moment, work best when used to do a proper rehabilitation over weeks instead of just once in a while when you need them most desperately.

Anxiety or Panic

All unnatural fluctuation in the body eventually are associated with anxiety or panic. High and low blood pressure, imbalances in blood sugar (diabetes of all types), fluctuating energy levels, fevers, sudden hair loss, and so on.

Dealing with anxiety and/or panic therefore first requires us to get the body back to hormonal balance ie. normalize temperature first of all.

Nervous support like Cactus, Mugwort, Scullcap, Hops (that natural beer is made from) will nearly always help regularize the nervous frequency (and heart rate), making everything seem so much better.

Mistletoe, Gotu Kola, Horse Chestnut, Blackberry – these are supporters of balance in temperature, blood pressure and blood sugar.

Circulation boosters – Hawthorn, Rosehips, help normalize the distribution of hormones in the body.

You might be interested in the article – Herbs for Hormonal Balance which covers the matter in detail.

Herbal treatments for hormonal imbalances

We need to identify things that help us stop having anxiety or panic and do things – look at pictures, writings that mean something to us, that remind us of what our life is built on, and that can work just as good and even better than any other sort of medicine.


We all know what depression feels like. But we could ignore it. The body however in a state of depression experiences loss of vital energy and a drop in immunity.

So if you find yourself catching an infection or infections a lot all of a sudden, you know your body is experiencing depression that’s resulted from shock in the system somewhere.

Another mark of depression is lessening of sexual energy – not just libido-wise but the functioning of the reproductive system altogether, and the making of new cells. That is, the new cells – say hair and skin cells for example are not as good as the ones before – that’s called ‘aging’ usually but it’s actually the effect of depression in the body.

First aid for depression, believe it or not is herbs and anything that raises vitality and immunity. Rosehips, fruit, berries, Pine needle, pine bark extracts – all will help.

The ultimate healing of course is love.

Until we’re loving whoever it is we love passionately, we’re not going in any direction really, and the body doesn’t get why it has to keep doing all it has to do to support our life. The energy released by herbs and foods gets dissipated and used negatively (fueling cancer cells for example) if we are not investing that energy in that which brings us fulfillment. That’s the cycle of depression – energy investment that’s not going the right way.

I had the top of my website till recently (when I decided to be practical and mention things like shipping etc.)

There are some things only love can heal. For everything else, there are herbs.

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