Recovery from pancreatitis caused by poisoning, toxic shock

The pancreas, like the liver and gall bladder plays a big role in getting poisons out of the body. But even more than the liver and gall bladder the pancreas is vulnerable to shock, to sudden overwhelming changes in lifestyle and diet. Any drastic change in energy levels means the pancreas has to be supported – please read about that in detail here at my herbal treatment of pancreatitis page.

In most cases, there is a sudden onset of severe pain, the white of the eyes turned very very yellow and there is trouble breathing.

How you know a person needs pancreatic support is if they’ve got the symptoms of jaundice – yellow eyes and skin ie., but not the itching of the skin, swollen ankles and abdomen that happen when the liver is failing. Then there’s the upper abdominal pain and congestion in breathing because swollen pancreas push up against the rib cage making filling and expanding the lungs difficult.

Along with all this, the person becomes unable to process heavy food like meat. That’s because its the pancreas that makes the digestive enzymes to break down food.

The body is amazing, it will refuse to accept food it cannot break down so the appetite goes down, the body will refuse to get involved in work whether mental or physical that it cannot handle while it is focusing on healing itself.

Never think a person in bed recovering from a condition is ‘doing nothing’. They’re doing a LOT MORE than others might be doing around them. They’re recovering and regenerating their organs – the sort of stuff that would look like a sci-fi animation if we saw it actually happening. It takes energy of all kinds – old traumas are released, new ones created for those around (just kidding on that latter bit). But it’s a process and we have to support the person in going through it.

Other than rest, naturally, herbs and a changed diet make a big difference.

Oats, super food for everything and everyone, is especially good for the pancreas. It’s pancreas medicine on its own, as is whole wheat bread – homemade is best, with natural yeast – you just wrap a lump of kneaded dough in paper or a cloth and let it sit a few hours and it will smell quite different and that’s good natural yeast. You bake it then and it turns out not as soft and puffy as bread made with baking soda but it’s very good for the body.

Apple cider vinegar also good for everything, is especially good now. You have to dilute though as the stomach and digestive system is tender and we don’t want to irritate it in any way. Half a tspoon of ACV in a small bowl of oats every few hours is more than enough.

And then come the best bit – the lovely herbs.

Damson Plum or Jambul (Syzygium cumini)
Damson Plum or Jambul

This work of art from nature is where food and medicine meet. All the vital nutrients with all the vital energy support, pure pure pancreas food.

Interestingly, it has a unique ability, to get the body to lessen the habit of sending the bulk of the energy to the brain (mentally over-active people) and allowing for energy to be used in the abdomen for repair and other essential work. This is something that aids in healing in the body in a big way, and the person gets better quality rest as well.

In several people that develop pancreatitis in reaction to poisoning or shock, there is an acute drop in blood platelet levels, something associated with anemia. Papaya leaf extract is first aid for anemia as it raises blood platelets back to normal very quickly, helping the person breathe again without struggling.


Celandine’s a gentle beautiful stimulant of healing in all those tender areas of the body (like the eye balls for example) but especially the liver and pancreas. It’s soothing, brings down the swelling, supports the elimination of acid waste. It’s so gentle I use it in eye washes and so powerful that a few drops diluted and taken over a few days will make a big difference.

Papaya Leaf
Papaya Leaf

Papaya leaf extract breaks down obstruction in the pathways of the body. I use it in my super antioxidant blend to break down tumors. It works just as well (though the dose is a lot smaller) for most other ‘obstructions’ like gallstones – which are a common cause of pancreatitis.

Pine Needles in Damson Plum Vinegar
Pine Needles

This particular combination came about when I found I had no apple cider vinegar left on a day some pine needles were just at the right point between being fresh and dried. I happened to have damson plum vinegar though and decided to try the combination. It is amazing. A whole lot more energetic than pine needle extract in alcohol (that’s just so-so) or apple cider vinegar (nice, but on the gentle side). This one’s very energetic and radical.

The result of pine needles with their vital nutrients and antioxidants and the ability to support recovery in burnt, inflamed or overheated tissue and nerves right down the finger tips. I have found that where there is inflammation of both nerves and organ tissue, the botanical that will help both together is Pine Needle extract.

Pine needles are not mentioned in old herbal text books much perhaps but folks who’ve lived around and loved pines know a thing or two about them.

All those in Colloidal Silver water
All the treatments I make come in Colloidal Silver water because everyone could use a bit of it when they’re healing. It helps in so many ways.

In many cases just 2 days on the herbs and the diet I just described causes a change for the better overall.

The symptoms can be frightening and the pain intense, but that’s just the body saying that changes HAVE to be made immediately and rest taken immediately.

No matter what the condition, it’s good sense to trust the body, understand when it’s time to rest and take herbs.

Read more about these herbs and several other helpful for pancreatitis and pancreatic health and recovery.

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