Your Body is your Blog. Emotional Healing for Body Healing.

Did you know that our actual physical cells mark just about every experience we go through? Its how lie detectors work – by measuring our body’s physiological response to issues, people and places. Our bodies are the databases of our lives’ experience.

While the physical foods we eat pass through our digestive system and the effects are gone in a few days or weeks, our emotions – happy or sad, angry or peaceful, are not that easily gotten rid off. In fact, our emotions stay until we have acknowledged them and after that they do ‘pass out’ or ‘go away’ – they stay and make a contribution to the rest of our blog for forever. While we cannot really help feeling upset, angry or happy and joyful what we can do is manage our feelings and emotions in such a way as to have them make our blog beautiful rather than glaring and warlike. Beautiful blogs attract people who appreciate beauty. Defensiveness and so on only attract more of the same.

Over the past 15 years my attention has been called repeatedly to noticing and healing the effects of emotions on the physical body. I’ve actually reached a point where I could visit a person’s blog and give you a complete breakdown of their physical well-being and health just by noticing which emotions they express – or try not to express. Emotions really are extremely powerful and if we learn to manage them naturally, there’s a life full of success, joy, and dreams come true waiting ahead.

Now I do not think it necessary to read books and articles and attend workshops about emotional healing really (though all those could be helpful).

Ultimately the following 5 points are the corner-stones of emotional healing, and managing emotions to keep your life peaceful and your body healthy and beautiful.

These are stones the builders usually reject – just because they’re simple!

Emotional Healing Fact 1: You cannot control your feelings.

No matter what you think, or do, you cannot wipe out or erase your basic emotional reaction to an event. You are nature. No matter why you feel the way you do, the fact is you do and that’s that. Any trying to control the way you feel is unnatural and against basic human rights. If you’re angry, you’re angry. If you’re not, you’re not.

Emotional Healing Fact 2:Our emotional experience is complete every time we are aware of what we are feeling.

My teacher once asked me, “What is Life?” I came up with many different answers, some even witty, but none were really satisfactory. The answer was, “Life is the experience of your Spirit.” And our emotions mirror in our human bodies the experience our spirit is going through. You cannot judge, or rate or quantify the experience of the spirit. All you can do is acknowledge it. As long as you are doing this, you are LIVING. Every time you suppress, ignore or disrespect your inner experience, you are attempting suicide. This is the root of most illness and imbalance in the body.

Emotional Healing Fact 3: Our mind follows the dictates of our Heart. This is natural. There is no other way.

Our Heart tells the Mind what it desires. The Mind finds out how best to do it, and controls the Body so it performs the required physical tasks to accomplish the heart’s desire. And that’s how it works. That’s how we are created.
Now, we will find every now and then that our mind doesn’t want to help us achieve something we desire. And that’s OK. That’s our human right too, to choose. Our heart doesn’t hold it against us if we make our decision while being aware of how we’re feeling. Its only when we refuse to acknowledge our feelings, or are just too busy glorifying our mental thoughts and theories, and brashly suppress our heart that the body rebels defiantly.

Emotional Healing Fact 4: Emotional healing IS the healing of our ability to experience life.

Just as our ability to eat food, absorb the nutrients we require from it, and pass whatever we don’t need out of our systems, shows our body’s level of health; So our emotional health is shown in our ability to experience life in all its colors and deal with it without pushing some of it under the carpet for later. You can start keeping your body – your real blog ie; clean, fresh and beautiful by simply acknowledging your true feelings. You don’t have to put them into words. The best blogs and websites are those where you don’t have to read the words to get the feel of the person behind them. Pictures, colors, the layout, all these can speak too. Similarly, if you can just soul-acknowledge your emotions from minute to minute, you’ll get back into the groove of LIFE quickly enough and your body will get so enlivened once again as the energy blocks caused by blocked emotions disappear.

Emotional Healing Fact 5: There is nothing so wonderful, so healing, as the Physical expression of emotion.

If you lined up all the truly healthy people on the plant on one side, and the people in pain on the other side and then look for the biggest difference between them, that difference would be in how they reacted physically to their emotions. Healthy bodies express emotions. After all that’s what the body was made for in the first place – to mirror the experience of the soul and spirit. Unhealthy bodies keep the emotions for later, or just collect them up without letting them out.

This is not about waiting to get home before you start crying. That’s common-sense sometimes. This is about the underlying attitude we have towards our bodies. We have been conditioned for centuries into believing our bodies do not know how to behave on their own, that we ought not to feel the way we do. Instead of a more civilized, healthy, disciplined society, we’ve ended up with the opposite. Repression of any sort just doesn’t work. Especially when we’re trying to suppress the sacred side of ourselves – our emotions.

When our body is not allowed to express our emotions – even in little ways like throwing our hands up, or crying, or holding hands, or jumping up and down with excitement, or simply moving to the music, it rebels. Over time the rebellion gathers speed, involves larger and larger areas of the body and very soon we have a civil war happening in our bodies. Drugs and medication that manipulate our body’s natural balance, only further the oppression and strengthen the body’s will to fight back even more. Its a fight until death now.

The only way out from here is to respect the sacredness of nature within us, to acknowledge our emotions, be aware of how we are feeling without judgment on whether its silly or not, or even justified or not; We need to let our bodies express our emotions. It could take a while to heal our physical expression, we have to take it one moment at a time, but the journey is full of beautiful surprises, a whole new beautiful life where everyone around starts seeing the real us for a change. This brings joy not only to you but all those who love you because it’ll make you so happy. You might be scared of making a fool of yourself, but you choose: Illness, suffocation, and death on one side, the entire universe of LIFE on the other – sometimes bitter, yes, but always beautiful.

Before you know it, you’re sleeping well, enjoying food, enjoying the people in your life, your body is beginning to look on the outside like the person that’s inside and that’s just the beginning.

There are many natural and holistic ways to enhance your emotional awareness, aid emotional healing and promote physical expression. Dancing, yoga, nature walks, playing with your children and pets, making love, farming, making music, travelling, worship (every religion does have ways to physically express your inner devotion) and so on.

I’ve personally enjoyed the responsible use of herbal extracts of herbs they call ‘nervines’. Herbs for the nervous system are so powerful in changing the way we deal with our emotions, because  our sensitive nervous networks and the hormones triggered by it play a big role by giving us the strength and grounding we need to be able to face realities that might normally be too overwhelming for us.

My Herbal Treatment for Recovery from Long Term Adrenal Abuse and Nervous Exhaustion is very popular as is my Herbal Treatment for PTSD.

A word about vitality. You need to have vitality. If you’re feeling low on energy because of a physical problem, fix it. You can use herbs for vitality, you can change your diet to what makes you feel energized, you can change your lifestyle to do things that energize you. Just make it a priority to feel more energetic and solutions will come.

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