How to Find and Hold our Natural Frequency; Frequency Stabilizer Herbs, Emotional Fog & Alternate Identities

The importance of one central frequency; How different parts of us start carrying different frequencies; How to find our base natural frequency, How to unite our system into our base frequency; How to maintain our base frequency; Emotional Fog; Frequency Stabilizing Herbs; Alter identities and methods to Remind ourselves of our base frequency incl. urine and sexual fluids

Dear Ed,

In recent times I’ve been contacted more and more by people asking me which herbs to use for a certain medical diagnosis but actually describing what I would simply call metabolic imbalance or an unstable frequency. Continue reading

Herbs for Nerve Repair, Nerve Blow out, Numb Nerve Endings

Why nerve repair is so important; Herbs and Charcoal for Nerve Repair; Herbs for external nerve ending healing; Beautiful painting of girl and dog by Ilya Repin

Dear Ed,

I’ve been reading a lot lately about people having local nerve blow outs, which means that the nerve endings in an area of the body, become unable to cope with the sensory or energetic impulses and stop sending information. Ie. the area either goes numb or has one continuous sensation such as tingling for an unusually long time. Continue reading

Anxiety Triggered Inflammation – 3 Decisive Ways to Break the Cycle

Dear Ed,

Recently, the majority of inflammatory conditions I’ve been noticing have been anxiety triggered.

People feel helpless, Ed, when told to “just calm down,” and “Stop being anxious.” Once you’re actually breaking out in inflammations and allergies, and putting on water weight (fluid retention), that’s already the body saying that anxiety that should be expressed is being suppressed.

Unfortunately, Ed, despite decades of an unofficial movement stressing that emotions should be released instead of held in, in everyday reality, people still are constrained and held back. Continue reading

Healing a Broken Central Nervous Core Meridian or Sushumna Nadi

Dear Ed,

There is a very common condition that modern medicine doesn’t address at all. The symptoms are treated, but not the cause. Perhaps, because it is such a daunting and intimidating prospect. Only the brave dare to even comprehend this condition let alone attempt to heal it. It is so much easier to simply live with the suffering than rise up against such a condition.

I’m talking about the condition where the central core nadi, or energy filament of the body, in the spine, called the “sushumna” in traditional hatha yoga, breaks.

A “nadi” – which literally means river is also an ancient name for the

energy pathways Continue reading

The Sheer Power of Herbs for Emotional and Nervous Distress; Zizyphus

Dear Ed,

I’ve had a crazy time studying energy fields the last few weeks. I’ve never seen so many people and animals changing so quickly so fast in my life before.

At the same time I’ve come to see like never before how very disadvantaged our modern lifestyles are when it comes to dealing with change of any sort. We’re all expected to keep doing all the same things everyday as if nothing’s changed.

I was pleasantly surprised one day recently when I found my own video recommended on Youtube – I’ve sort of forgotten about my channel on Youtube and stayed with typed up articles a long while now.

The video was about herbs – nervines to be specific – to help keep calm and face difficult days.

I found it on a day I needed it again and immediately made a nervous support mix and wow, was I helped -yet again.

Herbs for nervous and emotional support are seriously powerful help. All you need to be careful about is to keep the ones that are sedatives in a separate bottle to use only in the evenings. It’s the one mistake I’ve ever made with them. Other than that they’re just such amazing help.

I truly feel for those who don’t know that herbs can help without wrecking the body’s hormonal balance, and can truly uplift us without there being a downside.

This is the video that I found, introducing “Herbs for Hell””. The full article is linked to beneath.

The article is here: Herbs for Hell – Super Nervine Mix for Emergencies & Trauma Support

I leave you with beautiful pictures I took recently of Zizyphus Jujube – a berry that is a one stop tonic for anxiety and panic support as well as recovery from nervous breakdown and adrenal exhaustion. It’s got all the nutrition for the nervous system, especially for nervous energy loss IN THE SUMMER.

You know Ed, God made every fruit and flower and tree so perfect, that if we need some help, and there’s just one of them around, they’ll do it all for us.

Like us, plants are living beings, and just as, when we love and really want to help someone, we grow beyond our previous boundaries and acquire new superpowers for the moment, like Moms and Dads become superman and superwoman to protect their kids, so plants too can expand and heal us in whichever way we need.

So we need never feel that if we can’t find or afford a particular herb, that, that help we needed cannot come to us right through those who are around us.

Trauma and the Kidneys, Emergency Support

Signs of Kidney Distress – before you go and have kidney failure; Trauma and the Kidneys; Aconite for Kidney Distress Nervous Support; Alfalfa for Fluid Retention and vital energy support; Natural Salt and Sea Weed for kidney distress with sexual energy loss Continue reading

Heavy Metal and Neuro Toxin Poisoning – First Aid and Recovery with Herbs

Dear Ed,

Our bodies will recover from just about anything if our soul WANTS to. So there’s never a need to fear that if we don’t have a particular medicine or treatment, we’re doomed.

However, we’re being exposed like never before to toxins and while the world is talking about the heavy metals and neuro toxins in vaccines (famous for having caused billions of dollars in legal compensation suits and settlements) the fact is, there are several ways we’re all being exposed right now to heavy metals and other poisons. Weather control techniques such as cloud seeding change the balance of metals in our atmosphere causing all kinds of energy and chemical reactions that result in various unpleasant effects for us, which amount to poisoning.

As the subjects of generational ritual poisoning attacks, my family developed ways to cope and recover. I have added to that, my experiences. So here it is.

How do you know you have metal or neuro-toxin poisons in your system and it’s time to take action? Continue reading

Thyroid Imbalance & Fidelity to Soul Frequency

How I always come back to Granddad’s words; Conv. with Granddad on how to balance the thyroid; The thyroid is an indicator of frequency stability; Sleep-Waking states; Forced frequency vs natural frequency; How do you know when you’re being manipulated?

Dear Ed,

Many times in my life, I’ve been told by the medical establishment that there’s no cure for me but hospitalization and life support till death. For example, just before the day I had two cardiac arrests on the same day at the age of 18, I had been told the only treatment for my condition was hospitalization and constant monitoring to prevent a heart attack which my body already weakened by years of heart trouble would not be able to recover from.

I was advised to face that I would never be able to do things others did – like climb up many stairs without stopping, do vigorous dancing, have sex, give birth, and so on.

My Granddad however would have none of it. He didn’t turn a hair about any of it. His rock-like confidence in the ability of my body to heal inspired me – well it was all I had then because everyone else was getting ready for my funeral anyhow.

From then on though, I began to respect what he said about things rather than what the women’s magazines and books I picked up at the news agency by people with a lot of Phd.s, said.

In my journey of healing, I’ve read and tried many forms of healing, and I’ve read up and studied mainstream biology and botany text books to a point you’d find it hard to find a student of those sciences has done.

The best research is done by a person who is actually life-threatened by a condition, rather than someone whose job it is.

But always Ed, I’ve hit walls, walls where “science” doesn’t make sense, where something supposed to work, doesn’t work, and then I’ve come back to what Granddad said. Luckily for me, I loved and adored him so much, I have in me the memory of even his breathing between his words. So now he’s moved on, I still remember what he said and taught me.

His confidence Ed, in the body’s ability to heal, if the spirit wants to heal… It’s just been a great foundation for me in my life and I suppose, it’s the one most important thing to pass on to others – because once our own spirit decides to heal, sooner or later, one way or another, we WILL.

Granddad demonstrated this to me in my body. He would say “Semper Fi.” That’s short for “Semper Fidelis”. Which means “Always (Semper) Loyal (Fidelis – fidelity)”. I recently found out that US Army veterans say that to each other a lot and think perhaps it’s an Army motto.

But Granddad would say it to me with many deep soul meanings, like, “I’ll always be loving you.”

One of those meanings he explained to me one day, was that, the body is always “Semper Fi” to the soul. And I was like, “Oh no!! I’m a mess then!” And he said, “

Your soul will never STAY a mess, my love. You are fed by a fresh eternal spring. Continue reading

Nervous Frequency Stability – Herbs, Holistic Attitude

The case of the raw pink pigmentation marks, diabetes, nervous system frequency; Herbs to 1) Strengthen the nervous system, 2) Repair Nerves and 3) Support Nervous Clarity; Granddad tells me how we can return to healing like our bodies healed in teenage years

Dear Ed,

I recently was reminded of the power of plant poisons in treating attacks on the energy field or nervous system frequency.

As someone who has been involved with herbal medicine one way or another all my life, it’s always been obvious to me that there are several conditions that are not addressed as simply as “this symptom can be cured by this herb.”

I knew this woman who wore slippers that sort of chafed at the skin of her feet and left marks. These showed as raw pink blotches on the skin, almost as if the flesh was exposed, but it was actually the color the skin took on. It was something not common and a whole lot of experts from doctors to naturopaths and homeopaths and acupuncturists all tried their hand.

At the tender age of 10, I decided it was caused by some spiritual force no one was willing to acknowledge. This is just our natural human instinct, because contrary to what we’ve been taught, o

ur lives are ruled by our spirit and our inner emotional climate. Ruled. Not influenced, RULED. Continue reading

Inner Ear and Hearing Recovery from Vibrational Assault

Picture by Ian McGrory

The connection between the inner ear and the brain and the inner ear and the heart; The ear’s vibration filtering mechanism; The ear to heart axis of power that is our survival instinct; Recovery from hearing loss or hypersensitivity due to vibrational trauma with herbs

Dear Ed,

All through my life I’ve come across those with various problems diagnosed as this and that but which actually comes down to the inner ear being in trauma from vibrational assault.

For example the chronic ear infections associated with childhood vaccination, are not so much an immunity issue as a vibrational assault and nervous system issue.

The loss of balance, dizziness and confusion associated with various sorts of fevers and infections are the inner ear reacting to vibrational assault.

The nerve endings in the inner ear are among the most sensitive in the body and often when the nerves here are stressed various organs and systems of the body fall ill.

The heart and the ear drum are twins of each other in a sense. What one experiences, the other experiences. Heal one to heal the other. It’s about sensitivity to vibration.

When we are assaulted by strong vibrations of a frequency that are not life supporting – such as microwave radiation for example, or unnaturally loud sound – our entire energy field and therefore body registers it, responds to it.

The inner ear, FILTERS vibration and locates the source of the onslaught.

This is why the first thing we do instinctively when there’s a loud explosion is register where the sound came from.

That’s the inner ear filtering the vibrational field and zooming in on the central source of the sound. I don’t have to explain to you how critical this is for our survival. To know where a sound is coming from, to know where a vibrational assault is coming from.

Now interestingly, even when the inner ear is damaged by repeat infections, even when the ear drum itself is injured so bad as to be torn, the energy field of the area continues to filter vibration.

The great classical music composer Beethoven was famously deaf. They say he cut the legs off his piano and placed it close to the floor. Then with his ear to the floor, with every key he pressed, he experienced the corresponding vibration and so on that level he composed his music.

A great many people have experienced loss of hearing for various reasons. Recovery of hearing is such a topic, it’s like fertility. Since ancient times no one’s been really able to find one standard sure method of treatment. Sometimes people with no injury to the ears go deaf.

That’s because hearing is all about vibration and the ear expresses our soul’s reaction to that.

A child I knew had this condition where at the age of 10 she began to develop hearing loss. She was considered a healthy normal child… the odd cold now and then, almost no sick days in a year anyhow. Her mother had been convinced it was swimming pool chemicals that had caused the problem. But when conventional treatments didn’t work asked me what I thought. I wasn’t openly practicing in those days so I was really surprised to be asked.
The mother said, “You pray a lot don’t you?”

Well, I just hated when people thought someone who prayed a lot had powers. And what I was “praying” was mostly conversations with God because I was lonely and God’s my best friend. My “prayers” were 90% emotional venting and 10% giving God my expert opinion on everything. This was before I found you and the defenceless people on the internet to air my opinions to.

I was about sixteen then and I thought, “If she thinks my praying has powers – who am I to be proud about it…”

On my way home that day I passed by an accident scene. A man and a woman had fallen off a bike and the car which was involved had been stopped by people. But I looked at the couple who’d been thrown off the bike. The man was on the pavement lying down, – perhaps in a faint, and the woman was sitting nearby. She wasn’t injured but her hands were to her ears. I realized she was steadying herself from the vibrational attack that had happened with the force of the car hitting them.

I went home and told God about it – my theories and such. Somewhere in all of that I realized that I’d seen the hands over the ears body language in the critical injuries unit at a hospital, with Granddad treating patients recovering from severe burns.

Things began to fall into place in my understanding.

I won’t bore you with the whole progression as it took years and years and so much travel and so many experiences to develop the picture.

The summary of it all is this:

First of all, the child got well. But here’s what I learned.

Hearing loss, hypersensitivity or inner ear trauma that doesn’t respond to conventional treatment, is the result of the SOURCE of the vibrational assault being hidden from the awareness.

Our first instinct on vibrational assault is to locate where it came from. Now imagine that we cannot fully process that information because the source of the assault is not someone or something we associate with attack but which we run to for safety. Or say a wall which our mind simply does not consider a threat because it makes no sense. Why would a dumb flat wall send out vibrations? How could it anyhow?

What happens when we cannot filter the vibration to its origin is the magnetization of the inner ear, the ear drum and the nerves from there to the brain. They could even be paralyzed. This creates a micro atmosphere of tension always inside us, keeping us defensive and ready to snap – because our energy field believes we’re under attack but we cannot see from where.

So my simple but highly effective plan for inner ear recovery – no matter what the problem is, is to begin to consciously filter out sound and vibration to locate the source of the sound or vibration. Continue reading