Vibrational Assault on the Liver – Signs and Herbs for Recovery

The liver’s work with frequency; Symptoms of Vibrational Assault on the Liver; Becoming allergic to one thing after another; Herbs for Recovery from Liver Trauma; Miasmatic Warfare; Liver Trauma caused by traumatic weaning off mother’s milk

Dear Ed,

Back in the day when Granddad was in the British Army, looking after horses, nearly all health problems were seen as aspects of liver weakness, damage, function and so on. Any sort of long term health support was rated as valuable or not on the basis of how much it supported the liver. Continue reading

Polarity Balancers – Clay, Charcoal, Ash and Herbs

How cells become positively over-charged and lose energy; What helps to balance energy field polarity; Healing the space cells occupy; Different time zones in the same body; Energetic independence your own way

Dear Ed,

Everyone needs help right now to stay energetically balanced. I say everyone, because in our world right now, no matter where you are, there is some form of adrenalizing or over stimulating unnatural radiation affecting you right out of the skies and through imbalanced – no, poisoned, foods.

My visits to ancient sites in Australia and India showed me that this sort of thing has happened before and humanity survived it. So we have what it takes.

The root of the matter is a simple thing. It is over-stimulation of physical living cells, heating them up, causing the lubrication or water of the cell to get evaporated or dispersed, thereby breaking the energy field of the cell – which is carried in the water, into smaller energy fields. Just like one bigger water drop breaking into smaller ones. What happens though, is because the cell needs all those to be one, for the cell to function, the individual bits struggle to get back together and to do so, heat up and expend energy. Now when the drops become one big drop again – great; that’s the natural process.

However, imagine a situation where the drop is again over-stimulated, again over-heated, broken up and again had to re-consolidate itself. Imagine it goes on and on. The cell could get into a state of being permanently over-stimulated and low on energy because of the constant draining.

Now imagine that’s a lot of cells, and eventually a whole organ or large part of the body. The body first gets hyperactive and then crashes, and then hyperactive again and crashes again.

So very many of our modern diseases from the common cold (I haven’t found one ancient painting or sculpture, or even reference in ancient texts to this mysterious malady), diabetes, cancer, asthma, psoriasis, chronic fatigue, nervous inflammation, glandular dysfunction, hormonal imbalances of all types, fibromyalgia and so on are because of over-stimulation.

Now over-stimulation is a rather vague phrase. The right way of putting it is “polarity imbalance”. Our cells ought to be at a comfortable base energy frequency. When they get stimulated they move into a positive charge – where energy is being expended. When they’re recovering they slip into a negative charge where they’re consolidating themselves and healing. Other times, through the solar and lunar cycles they go with the whole body through the shift between outward and inward flow.

(My article on the common flu: Testing Positive; The Energetic Viewpoint, Herbs for Emergencies and Lung Support )

Any major recurring or chronic condition is usually nothing but the impact of shock on the system, and the system’s attempt to restore harmony.

Essentially, we can heal from anything so long as our cells ar e all energetically moving together. A shock however, breaks our energy field and we have different parts of us then living separate lives so to speak and the body finds it harder and harder to communicate from one part to the other.

Our bio-rhythms are disrupted so we have different rhythms in different parts of the body all at the same time.

Treating a person for recovery from shock – whether recent or old and suppressed, is about comforting the body and soul into a state where it connects up again. Just like little drops of water connect up to form a big drop.

So comforting herbs are essential in the moment.

However, in cases of repeated shocks, or sustained assault of the system, such as is the case with constant or regular exposure to radiation, food poisons and such, where the cells are constantly over-stimulated and become used to being in a state of positive polarity, we could use energetic balancers to balance the polarity.

Here are some polarity balancing substances described in the way they work. You’ll know by instinct if you need them.


Clays are energy neutral and simply absorb or blanket over-stimulated cells. All animals eat clay instinctively to balance and soothe an over-stimulated gut. So many health problems are caused by gut over-stimulation. Remember the gut is our second brain, and is filled with sensitive nerve endings. A lot of psychological stress therefore is also caused by the gut being over-stimulated.

Clay calms the positively polarized zones and if you take clay – Bentonite clay for example, regularly, even in small doses, it rehabilitates the body moving from positive polarity to back to balanced.

Amazingly enough, the same clays also provide various vital minerals and also cart away the waste products and rubble of the effect of poisons in the body.


When the body is over-stimulated the energy field is open to draining. Charcoal with its emphatic negative polarity influences the body to return to neutral. As the body does, it lets go of poisons.

One reason that we don’t pass poisons out on our own, is because of the cells being positively polarize already. In a hyper state like that the body doesn’t consider housekeeping tasks like throwing out poisons, important, so energy is not allocated and the poison stays on.

As the body returns to neutral and energy is allocated for housekeeping tasks.

Charcoal is commonly used around the world to purify water because it neutralized the positive charge that makes poisons poisons.


Since ancient times, ash has been used in ceremony and in medicine alike for its powerful energy properties. It has the opposite energy field of the substance it was before it was burned and became Ash. So it has the opposite properties of that substance.

Here’s a drawing by M.C.Escher, “Air and Water” 1938- that sort of demonstrates how cells are held in place in the body.

There’s matter, and its complement or opposite matter. The two together, keep the manifestation of that thing in place.

Fire or burning changes the energy field of matter to its opposite energy. This when ingested or put on the body has the ability to stimulate healing in the holding areas between the cells, the very space in which our cells are. How amazing is that!

Some examples of the modern use of ash:

Ash of coal, called Activated Charcoal (usually bamboo wood or coconut shells burned) is used in preservation of cheese. Any food spoilage is essentially a positive polarity – changing the polarity sort of energy freezes the cells so they don’t spoil quickly.

Edible vegetable ash for use in cheese making to prevent it from acidifying

PDF – Physicochemical and Antimicrobial Evaluations of Food Grade
Ash Aqueous extract from Furnace and Charred Plantain Peel
and Palm Bunches

My family used the ash of gold, silver, copper, tin, iron as well as various other ashes of plant material, rocks and crystals in all cases where there were long term trauma patterns in the system.

The use of ashes in western traditional medicine has been mostly snuffed out, although the field of homeopathy – which arose from the ashes of the old world medicine that was mostly censored and suppressed out of the consciousness of humans, uses dilutions of metal.

Indian Ayurveda however has in fact preserved to some extent knowledge of the making and use of various ashes called “Bhasma”. I have used many of these over the years, when making my own wasn’t possible.

It’s kind of hard to understand which Bhasma is for what based on what’s on the internet, so here is a breakdown based on my family’s traditional semetic/ Welsh/ Scottish system of understanding – but which can be applied to the Ayurvedic preparations as both just happen to be similar. All the old world had common forms of medicines it seems.

Gold Ash or Swarna Bhasma
is used for rejuvenation of the ability to hold energy. Let’s say someone’s gotten so depleted after months of surgery after surgery, or a very bad period of stress that’s just emotionally devastated them. This ash helps the system hold together and come around to holding energy again instead of constantly being drained.

Ash of Peacock Feather or Mayur Bhasma
Now the demand for this isn’t big enough to cause the extinction of peacocks, so I will mention it here. I really don’t like the use of animal anything medicinally, but you can get a lot of ash from even just one feather, and you only need such a little of it, so I think it’s sustainable.

This ash helps a system that is energetically screwed on wrong. It’s like something happened and the person’s energy field turned backwards or half the body turned one way and the other half the other way. The person’s not able to move in any direction because it’s a major screw up. The nervous system is messed up with the person first liking something and then throwing it up. Various nervous problems like abject terror of normally harmless things – like water, small insects and such, all respond well to this Ash.

Interestingly, it particularly works well for diabetics.

There was this case Granddad solved. The person had multiple time zones in his body. I’m not kidding. His left arm would fall asleep while his right arm was working! Parts of his body seemed so disconnected. He would fall asleep in the middle of cycling but his legs would keep cycling enough so he’d wake to find himself one mile down from where he was when he’d fallen asleep.

One part of him would be cold, and another hot. He developed the weirdest balding pattern ever. It was around his right ear like a semi circle and then spreading from there.

Granddad said he had a great sense of humor though and was so popular despite all of this. He’d lived with it for forty years or so when Granddad met him.

He took the ash of peacock feather for about two months and found a lot of the symptoms were reduced quite drastically and he felt like a new man and told Granddad that he’d been living in different time zones before and he was now mostly living in one time zone.

Something to think about, Ed…

Sea Shell Ash or Shankha Bhasma

Sea shells are powerful because they develop so hard and resistant through daily exercise with water. They’re a constant in the ever ebbing and flowing water. Sea shell ash is a medicine to restore health to the parts of us that have lost the ability to be flexible and work with changing situations.

This is actually critical because our very life depends on us reacting to everything. We need to react to food, or we’ll end up poisoned. We need to react to weather, to everything.

However when we are too bombarded by sensory and vibrational sensations to the point where we’re too tired to react anymore, or are too traumatized to, you could call this an energetic rehabilitation of our reactive functions.

It’s most often marketed as a medicine for GERD and digestive imbalances, but that’s just one aspect of reactivity.
It’s quite powerful in stopping hair loss due to continued stress, heals internal scar tissue and so on.

Being a product of water, it supports all the water processes of the body in normalizing. That would mean kidney problems and so on.

Those are my top three favorite ashes, but there are many available – Tin ash called “Vang Bhasma” is for recovery from hearing or auditory or vibrational trauma. All those who watch the news these days could use it. 😉

Iron Ash or “Loh Bhasma” helps the body recover from energetic draining through blood. Now you don’t have to lose actual physical blood to be drained through blood. Emotional energy draining and actual physical blood draining set off the same set of effects in the body. Iron Ash helps build resistance to emotional energy draining and recover from such draining in the past.

Ok, those were my top 5 favorite ashes.

And now for my department.


All the plants that bloom in the day are positive energy fields and stimulate the body.

All the plants that bloom after 3 in the afternoon are negative energy fields and rest the body.

However, whichever you take, the body will go the other way naturally.

For example if I push Gabriel on the swing forward, he will naturally come backward as well.

That is why most herbs aren’t exactly going to affect polarity in the body in any significant way. (Thank God.)

There is however a class of herbs that like Macbeth’s worst enemy,
Bloometh not only in the day, nor only in the night,
Groweth not on the ground, yet not in the sky;
Hunteth not its own food; yet does not die;
Drinketh not its own water; yet doth not dry.

(Oh my God, someone clap for me. That was spontaneous. Hallelujah.)
(Please Ed, don’t try correcting the grammar.)

But there is such a class of herbs. “Science,” evil that they are, call them parasites. But they are not parasites. It’s only that their role in nature is hidden from the foolish.

These are the plants- Mistletoe, Giloy (Tinospora Cordifolia) and the

Ghost Plant or Monotropa Uniflora Continue reading

Heavy Metal and Neuro Toxin Poisoning – First Aid and Recovery with Herbs

Dear Ed,

Our bodies will recover from just about anything if our soul WANTS to. So there’s never a need to fear that if we don’t have a particular medicine or treatment, we’re doomed.

However, we’re being exposed like never before to toxins and while the world is talking about the heavy metals and neuro toxins in vaccines (famous for having caused billions of dollars in legal compensation suits and settlements) the fact is, there are several ways we’re all being exposed right now to heavy metals and other poisons. Weather control techniques such as cloud seeding change the balance of metals in our atmosphere causing all kinds of energy and chemical reactions that result in various unpleasant effects for us, which amount to poisoning.

As the subjects of generational ritual poisoning attacks, my family developed ways to cope and recover. I have added to that, my experiences. So here it is.

How do you know you have metal or neuro-toxin poisons in your system and it’s time to take action? Continue reading

Nervous Frequency Stability – Herbs, Holistic Attitude

The case of the raw pink pigmentation marks, diabetes, nervous system frequency; Herbs to 1) Strengthen the nervous system, 2) Repair Nerves and 3) Support Nervous Clarity; Granddad tells me how we can return to healing like our bodies healed in teenage years

Dear Ed,

I recently was reminded of the power of plant poisons in treating attacks on the energy field or nervous system frequency.

As someone who has been involved with herbal medicine one way or another all my life, it’s always been obvious to me that there are several conditions that are not addressed as simply as “this symptom can be cured by this herb.”

I knew this woman who wore slippers that sort of chafed at the skin of her feet and left marks. These showed as raw pink blotches on the skin, almost as if the flesh was exposed, but it was actually the color the skin took on. It was something not common and a whole lot of experts from doctors to naturopaths and homeopaths and acupuncturists all tried their hand.

At the tender age of 10, I decided it was caused by some spiritual force no one was willing to acknowledge. This is just our natural human instinct, because contrary to what we’ve been taught, o

ur lives are ruled by our spirit and our inner emotional climate. Ruled. Not influenced, RULED. Continue reading

Holy Basil or Tulsi – Hold your Frequency, Lung Cell Rehab

About how Holy Basil helps rehabilitate failing or weak lungs, exhumes the body of stale air, helps us hold our frequency and strengthens our energy body. 

Dear Ed,

I saw a beautiful little wild Holy Basil plant today – Ocimum Gratissimum. It’s not the Sweet Basil used for cooking, or the usual Holy Basil used in Ayurvedic herbal medicines.

This is a wild strain of basil – and there are many.

I first came in touch with the “other” basils when I was living in the Himalaya mountains.

I began to grow them, harvest them and use them round the year as tea.

There was a brand called “Organic India” which came out with Tulsi Tea. I was really excited about it because it would save me a lot of work and I was running low on space to grow plants. I bought a big money saver pack of tea bags. I was disappointed however as the tea was zero energy and not even anywhere close to actual Holy Basil dried leaves.

I wondered then – How difficult can it be to pluck the leaves, dry the leaves, crush them, and put them into tea bags and sell them! Why is it the energy field of the tea is unrecognizable as Holy Basil?

Years later I found out that the drying and storing process of the tea companies, as well the bigger dry herb seller companies, involves irradiating the leaves to kill off any mold or fungus.

Well Ed, it must be a concern – I know because I do a lot to keep the herbs I’m drying free of mold.

For me however, it beats the point because it means the precious energy field of Holy Basil is lost.

Most of the capsules and powders of Holy Basil available on the market are similarly energetically dead.

What a pity!

This is one amazing herb.

In these days when people are going about breathing in their own carbon dioxide because of masks, and not getting enough fresh air because of staying indoors, and then having to get admitted in hospitals to treat failing lungs (you know the fancy names they have for various respiratory problems these days); but these are the days to remember the beautiful Holy Basil.

This plant clarifies and purifies the airs of the body. Not just in the blood, but as you keep taking the tea or the extract, the very tissues of the body.

It’s a gentle exhuming clean-up of the body that few other herbs can do without causing some kind of disruption to the system or a change in the body temperature, or an excess of anything.

Holy Basil gently stimulates the lymphatic system into sweating out stale odors.

Why is it not a famous bad body odor antidote – I don’t know!

All problems of the body that result from or come with stale air (and odors) trapped in the body are helped by Holy Basil.

The lungs which filter our air are naturally the first affected by stale air as we breathe it in.

Stale air for the lungs means less exercise, less stimulation. Stale air has less of the stuff lungs take out of the air and put into blood – oxygen and vital energy.

Without that, the lungs began to go limp and fall into a state of weakness because of lack of exercise.

See Ed, those cells of the lungs that do the taking of oxygen from air and putting it into blood – they’re not long lived. Their lifespan is 3 weeks – 12 weeks. In a healthy person it’s closer to 12 weeks. In a not-so-healthy person, lesser.

But in these few weeks, those cells grow up into adulthood, do their big contribution to the work effort and die.

This means, if we go even a few weeks without good air, it’s life impacting for them as their lifespan is so small. All of them that are in their childhood and developing stages, they all grow weak and puny and don’t do a good job. Worse, they reproduce making punier weaker offspring.

This means that very quickly… just a matter of weeks the lung can go from robust and healthy to under-performing and weak and vulnerable now – to infection and lung poisoning.

Holy Basil has just the right everything – to wake up weak and sluggish lung cells.

If ever there was a plant that seemed to be made specifically for the lungs, it’s Holy Basil. It is just such a fantastic all round agent of lung rehabilitation and strengthener.

Not only on a physical level, but on a spiritual, energetic level as well.

Holy Basil has an energy field that is resistant to change. It doesn’t mean it’s pig-headed or has walls of resistance or doesn’t evolve. It just means it’s so secure in it’s own frequency that it just isn’t likely to get unduly influenced or worked up by others’ energy pattern suggestions around.

It goes on its path without being someone else.

It’s my No. 1 aid for those who perform on the stage (they also benefit from the lung support), for those who have to travel and find adjustment to different energy fields in different places difficult or tumultuous, and for all those whose situations in life have changed suddenly or are changing rapidly.

In any situation where you need to hold your own frequency, rather than getting pulled into the stream of consciousness of others, Holy Basil is a wonderful support.

The consequences of holding your own frequency, and making that your habit, wow I cannot begin to say how important that is and how it helps health and healing in every way.

We exist as an independent person and body only so long as our system carries its own unique frequency.

The day we stop carrying our unique frequency, we die.

Our unique energy frequency pattern, is our light. When it’s going strong, we glow, we shine. When it’s growing dim, our own body reads it as a crisis and our energy flow moves into crisis mode instead of the usual. This makes large parts of our bodies go without the energy they need to keep doing their thing, and soon we have a widespread physical crisis.

Holy Basil makes our light glow brighter; helps us hold your own frequency and move by it.

It’s so important in this day and time.

Note: I have never come across anyone of any age or any state of vital energy having a bad reaction to Holy Basil. It’s always been good good good.





Herbs for Paralysis, Palsy caused by Nervous Trauma or Vibrational Attack

Gabriel a few months after the paralysis when he could stand for a while at the window and look out.

A description of how I used a plant poison for first-aid with a heart attack and to save my child Gabriel from paralysis brought on by vaccination; Herbs that work on a frequency level to rehabilitate the nervous system from shock and trauma patterns

Dear Ed,

In the days I was recovering from my severe heart trouble, there were times when I felt another heart attack could come on any time – particularly stressful situations. I knew I had to have first aid ready. That’s when like never before I realized the power of herbs. Until you’re about to die and a herb helps you, in our times, it’s hard to see them as much more than a healthy choice perhaps.

But there I was – severe heart pain gripping me. I couldn’t move an inch for the pain, perspiring crazily. I was alone and there was no one I could call for help.

That’s when I remembered Granddad telling me that plant poisons – those that cause paralysis in “food” doses – taking them in small doses is the treatment for paralysis.

Now what is a heart attack but a sort of paralysis of the heart? A nervous spasm of the heart that leaves it unresponsive?

My hands were on the table, I was sitting on the chair, which was one of those office ones with wheels. On my other table to the left were wild weeds and pine leaves I’d brought in and strewn around the room because I liked the smell.

I felt sure by instinct, that at least one of them was a poison.

I was losing consciousness because of the pain and I couldn’t sit my back up straight. I couldn’t move my upper body. What I could do, was maneuver the swivel chair on wheels I was sitting on, to push back and then turn to the left to the side table where the bundle of wild weeds was.

At this point even if what I took killed me, it wouldn’t have made a difference because I knew if my heart stopped this time the chance of it sparking back up like it had twice before was very low.

I clenched the first leaf I felt and with a huge effort stuffed it into my mouth. It smelled fragrant. Before I could even close my mouth I felt its smell go to my head.

In the next few seconds as the sour juice of that one or half a leaf I’d put in my mouth made my tongue sting, my fingers lost their grip of the table’s edge and my head came down on the table. I felt the cool wood against my cheek and closed my eyes. I thought I was going to die and was calm about it.

In the next few minutes though something like a warm cloud seemed to burst in my chest and lungs and spread through my body. Suddenly my frozen heart seemed warm and as if it was surrounded by warm heat but not uncomfortably. I took a long deep breath and realized I could move gently.

I later found out that what I’d eaten was Datura Stramonium. It started my journey into the wonders of this plant they call a poison but which has saved my life so very many times and in so very many ways.

Ed, some people laugh at me because of my fastidious and what they call “naive” “faith” in herbs. But in truth, when I had no one to help me, they were the angels that God, my parents, and all who love me, sent to help me.

I don’t care to be “professional” about something that’s so personal and close to my heart as to be sacred.

I was to have possibly one of the worst experiences of my life to do with paralysis, again, in 2015.

Gabriel was a toddler then,

running around the place, dancing, laughing, beginning to speak.

When one day I made the biggest mistake of my life.

I didn’t get out much in those days and I was worried that Gabriel wasn’t getting enough time out as he should. I pretty much begged someone I trusted, to take him out for a few hours – a long drive, a shopping mall, just an outing.

We were then living in South India, on the coast. From the day Gabriel was born, in North India, to all the places I’d moved to from then to that place in South India on the coast, we had been hounded by groups of “social workers” – sometimes banging at our gate in groups of twenty or so, demanding to put polio vaccine drops into the baby’s mouth.

I was well aware of how the polio vaccine drops work. The particular vaccine is banned in the US for causing paralysis, and the subject of a court case in India against the Bill Gates Foundation accused of causing sterility, paralysis and other debilitating conditions through vaccines via the WHO.

Here are just a couple of links that come up on the subject on Bing – I do not endorse the publishers of these links – just posted here to give you an idea of how big the issue is that even mainstream media has been forced to acknowledge it as an issue.:

Oral polio vaccine causing paralysis in kids: Study – New Indian Express – 2020

47,000 children in India (at least) paralyzed by a polio vaccine banned in the US in 2000 and in the UK in 2004 but still pushed by the WHO, UN and Gates Foundation for the rest of the world, as “the benefits outweigh the risks”. (Tell that to a parent whose child can’t walk or talk.)

I simply refused to allow Gabriel to be exposed to it. I’d seen as a teenager, healthy children in the neighborhood become atrophied and one even lose sight after getting that vaccine.

Most people are somewhat aware of its dangers and to force it into babies, babies that are not taken to doctors and hospitals where someone drops it into their mouths without asking the parents (yes, that’s what it’s come to, Ed), they have these huge groups of threatening looking “women” who go house to house when they hear there’s a baby been born or there’s a small child, and bang the gate and call for the baby to give it the drops.

Often they’ll block the entrance of a road so you HAVE to give the child the vaccine or not be able to pass that way.

It takes a stern decision and a steel backbone to protect your child. You can’t speak to those mobs – even if you have a rudimentary grasp on the local language.

Yes, Ed, that’s how far they’ll go to push vaccination. Outright physical assault threatening.

Anyway Ed, long story short, whether threatened or not, I don’t know, but the person I trusted with Gabriel that day for this short outing, brought him back having taken the vaccine.

He came back burning with fever about 7.30pm and lay down in bed.

He was always enthusiastic about every meal but that night he showed no interest and wouldn’t eat. I thought maybe he’d eaten something outside that had filled him.

At 2.30am I knew something was wrong. He was breathing different, still burning with fever and his legs were limp. He seemed to be not just sleeping but like he was unconscious.

I tried to gently wake him but he didn’t respond much. It was very unlike him.

At 3am I put some medicine to bring down the fever in drops into his lips and he didn’t react at all.

I panicked Ed. I knew something was wrong. I know how he sleeps – he moves his legs. His legs were limp, the energy in them gone down to almost 9% of what it usually is.

I knew his nervous system had been hit very bad by something. I knew that if I delayed getting the energy back into his legs, get the nerves going, the connection to the central nervous system could shut down resulting in paralysis that would be almost impossible to recover from. Nerves not in use atrophy. And in the developing years, the child could develop the habit of not using them, so they just never develop.

My instinct led me to Datura Stramonium. I’d extracted it into oil and it’s my painkiller when everything else fails.

My fears were confirmed when I began to massage Gabriel’s lower body with it and he didn’t respond. His legs were limp. I prayed and prayed and massaged him and there was no response from his legs.

By 5.30am however God gave me a reprieve. Gabriel turned over and opened his eyes. The fever had gone down a bit. He ate a bit of a cookie and then cuddled up with me and slept.

The next three weeks Ed, I found out that there is absolutely NO treatment other than the common treatment for fevers and pain for children with reactions to vaccination, especially paralysis. You’re your own there. It’s your bad luck – you and your genes are the problem. The callousness of the medical system is PHENOMENAL. They actually expect you to believe your child accidentally got paralyzed out of the thin air.

Once you experience what vaccination can do to your own child, if you have a heart, you’ll never again support or promote it no matter who recommends it or why.

Ed, Gabriel was paralyzed waist down for 3 weeks.

Three weeks of hell. I cannot imagine Ed, what those parents go through when their little one who was so well just a few days ago is suddenly debilitated like that.

He stopped speaking Ed. He seemed to regress into the stage a baby is in at 6 to 8 months.

His life teetered in the balance as fevers raged and went up and down.

That’s when I proved to my own self all the things I’d written about before, making medicine for others’ children suffering with reactions to vaccination ie. energy body splintering.

That’s when I understood like never before that it’s not just about chemical assault but that there’s an attack on the genetic make-up of the body causing hormonal dysfunction which causes severe energetic, mental and emotional upheaval.

The vaccines children were given in the 80s when I was born were NOTHING in brute force compared to these days.

And for three weeks Ed, I used every herb I had, to both soothe and stimulate Gabriel’s shocked and failing nervous system.

Three weeks after the attack, Gabriel got on his feet with my support and began the slow recovery from the paralysis. It was the end of the next year before he could walk again and it took three years before he could walk for more than ten to fifteen minutes at a time and run.


His milestones to develop speech and learning were all missed as his body spent all its energy simply keeping alive, processing food, and re-developing motor control. We had to go through all the stages a baby goes through to start moving about, all over again.

He’s now considered “nonverbal ASD” (Autism Spectrum Disorder) and I on an everyday basis understand what so may parents have been screaming their guts out about since at least the nineties.

He’d developed severe strabismus of the eyes after the vaccination – non-alignment of the eyes that’s usually treated with spectacles but only becomes worse as time goes by. In children you can’t treat it with spectacles or exercise. This has been resolved simply with the herbs for paralysis that I gave him in general. It did take 3 years and I learned firsthand how our eye reflect the attacks our nervous system is going through even before other parts of us to.

This article however is about the herbs – the angels – who are the only medicine I know of that can be relied on to rehabilitate a shocked nervous system that has gone into paralysis.

A point to note is – these herbs work more on a frequency level than on a physical level.

When you’re treating the gut – say for a stomach infection, or a wound, herbs with physical substances that soothe and fight infection are great. However when you’re dealing with VIBRATIONAL ATTACK, you’ve got to use herbs that work on a vibrational level.

These have been classified as poisons because their effect when taken the ways herbs that work more on a physical level are taken, can cause serious problems and even death.

Herbs for Paralysis and Palsy caused by Nervous Trauma

1) Datura Stramonium or Jimson Weed

The best way to use Datura – according to my experience – is to extract it into oil and then massage the area its effect is needed in.

Always remember to drink a LOT of water anytime you use Datura or it could cause dehydration and the collection of all you want to get rid of, inside the body. Constipation as well.

I’ve written so much about Datura over the years – here’s the like to the second most popular page on my website: Deep Space Datura – Pain Relief, Truth Serum & Divine Justice .

2) Digitalis or Foxglove

Digitalis works like acupuncture on the body. Now I’ve never let anyone poke pins into me. Except once when I was too weak to say anything. The time when I was 8 and was physically as good as gone (you read about it in my article last week: 

The Consciousness of the Failed and the Damned Continue reading

The 4 levels of Poison and how to effectively de-toxify

The 4 levels on which poisons work – Blood, Water; Electricity and Consciousness – and how to remove them holistically. 

Dear Ed,

Believe it or not, I first wrote this article in 2013, while at very close quarters to a snake – on the other side of the skinny bedroom wall – in a tiny guesthouse under a cliff that broke rain clouds, so that building was half sunk into the mud because of the constant deluge. I was terrified initially, but there was nowhere else I could go and after about 15 minutes sensing the snake, I began to actually feel calmed by it. I have nothing but loving memories and gratefulness for that encounter. That night in bits and pieces as I dozed this article came to me. Here it is, edited for now.

A snake’s poison works on 4 levels;

Blood, Water, Electricity and Consciousness

Its the same with every poison. To effectively detoxify, we need to clean our selves out on the 4 levels mentioned above. While you need to find out what works best for you, here is some information that should hold true for most humans.

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How to Heal a Broken Heart


Letter to Ed about my own experience with a heart condition called Cardio Myopathy or heart muscle degeneration and wherein I provide photographic evidence that emotional release and herbs for holistic healing, did repair, rehabilitate and heal a heart given up on by the medical establishment; The simple things that made the impossible, possible.

Ed, for a long time now I’ve wanted to write about treating the broken heart. As someone who’d suffered so much because of a chronically under-functioning heart, and was told at the age of 19 that I wouldn’t live very long after two heart attacks on the same day, I had to take a serious interest in alternative medicine and natural healing for my heart’s sake, or die.

I wasn’t too enamored by this world, to tell you the truth. I might’ve preferred dying, but God had other plans. You know what they say – Life is what happens to you while you’re busy planning something else.

Ed, people don’t talk enough about how emotions affect actual heart health.

In reality it’s an established fact even in the medical system which generally gives so little respect to treating the human body as an emanation of spirit.

Those links Ed, are as mainstream “information” sources, as they come. Even they who don’t publish one thing without some kind of exploitative agenda or the other, are forced to admit the power of emotion in affecting the physical heart.

I myself Ed, never thought I’d ever develop a heart condition. I’d watch these old movies in which they showed these very old people getting a heart attack when they heard their factory burned down. Stuff like that. Things I never thought would happen in my life.

But circumstances were such that on Christmas Day 2000, I, possibly the most cheerful girl you could ever have met, and famous for being the go to person to get cheered up and encouraged when you’re in a bad time, had two heart attacks or cardiac arrests on the same day.

The picture beneath is me in the heart trouble days at the age of 20. Notice how I’m holding my left shoulder up. I had to almost manually hold my heart up by pushing my left arm against my chest all day – just to keep going, to numb the pain down a bit. That was my normal posture in those years. 

I’m sorry about the horrible picture quality. In a fit of rage some years ago I destroyed all my old photographs and only a few I’d taken pics of with a horrible webcam in the early 2000s remain. 

I was given zero chance of recovery from the two heart attacks on the same day – Christmas 2000. In the lead up to the heart attack I’d gone 2 years with severe angina pain nearly 24 x 7 and by the time I had the heart attacks I was able to be awake only 4 hours at a time.

You’d wonder how come I didn’t do anything about it those two whole years. I can’t make excuses Ed. I just was so cut off from my own reality and so busy playing Mother Teresa to others and tripping on being such a sacrificing sufferer that I ignored my own condition.

I also had no one who cared for me around watching at the time, who might’ve brought me to my senses. I was at university in Australia then. It was just not done to have heart issues -just not cool. It simply didn’t happen to our age group.

I remember this girl who said she had Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and everyone was dying on behalf of her, such sympathy and all. And woah if someone had a surgery like to remove a wisdom tooth or inflamed tonsils – people would be collecting money to send them flowers.

Heart problems and heart attacks… no one on campus knew what those were.

I’ve since come to understand Ed, that the average person who doesn’t have heart problems cannot imagine what it’s like for a person who does have heart problems.

People who live on an emotional frequency and have blocked up sorrow – so big that they cannot let it out and continue to live their normal lives, so big that it would threaten their personality built up with such difficulty over so many years; people who feel they cannot AFFORD to have feelings, because so many others depend on them to do what they do; such people tend to have heart conditions.

It seems unfair Ed, but as time goes by, I’ve realized that the most fair thing in the world is the body protesting a life not acceptable to the spirit.

The falling ill of the body, is the start of the healing of a LIFE. A life whose memories we could carry inside us for eternity.

Enough of the rambling. I have this key word Ed, “Eternity.” When that word shows up in my writing, I know I’m rambling a bit.

Getting back to the topic:

How to heal a broken heart

1) Acknowledge you have a broken heart.

This bit is hell Ed. There’s pride involved. There’s a sense of failure that’s very hard to face. It’s like life itself and all its constructs have to come apart to face that your heart’s broken.

It is perhaps a little easier for those whose hearts got broken the traditional way – you know the whole boy meets girl story.

It’s when it isn’t the traditional broken heart narrative that things get rocky. A lot of people are told they CAN’T be broken hearted about “trivial things” or “that happened so long ago.”

You just have to have the guts to face your own truth.

The fact is, Ed, no one reaches heart trouble just because of eating a lot of fatty food and not exercising.

Physical broken heart = emotional broken heart.

If you treat the heart any way but as an emotional being, it’s just going to backfire.

2) Get NATURAL first aid.

When you get natural first aid, you train your heart to be well again. Herbs come with the consciousness of wellness, not the consciousness of “I’m going to kick the bucket soon,” that comes with what I call “dead medicine.”

The heart is all about consciousness, even more sensitive than other parts of the body.

When you have a symptom like heart pain, you want that what you take for it has a positive life and joy supporting consciousness. Every time you take that medicine you want to feel lifted up emotionally. Not like you’re sick.

In fact whatever lifts you up emotionally IS first aid for the heart.

Here are my most favorite herbs for cardiac emergencies.

3) Don’t be penny-wise pound-foolish.

Do the things that make you happy, as a PRIORITY.

Enjoyment and finding pleasure in life are important. What’s the use of all you do to make a living if you don’t have a life?

Again, this often tends to be disastrous to an ‘established’ personality. But you have to choose.

I write this from hard experience. Pleasure and joy are way more healing, for a lot cheaper, than anything you can buy. I’ve wasted a lot of time and money getting what I thought was more important instead of what would’ve made me happy. I regretted it later.

4) Have yourself a Merry little Christmas.

Celebration of anything seems to be going out of fashion. It’s considered “non-essential” you see. But it’s one easy way to healing a broken heart.

Something about being happy about something, about saying, “Today is a special day,” gives the heart something like a massage.

5) Do the Hunter’s Brain stimulation for Heart and Muscle Atrophy

Ed, when you have heart trouble you can’t be as up and about as others. Many people have to start the long journey back to fitness right from lying down in bed.

If you don’t, you’ll just atrophy away, so in whichever way you can you simply have to start moving.

One of my ways of healing was traveling and when I was traveling I’d go days and days without exercise and having to sit and sit and sit.

In those days I learned the power of simple hand and foot exercises to stimulate the metabolism and exercise the heart.

The Hunter’s Brain stimulation is about five points of the body you put pressure on to stimulate the heart and with it, circulation and metabolism.

In short they are – sunlight for your eyes, pressure on the balls of your palms, your heels, the back of your neck and sit on a hard surface and rock on your butt.

The following picture is of me, 8500 above sea level,up in the mountains when I was pregnant. I’d been told I’d never be able to either go up that high OR carry a baby to term. 

6) Feel your heart beat.

Ed, this is one of the simplest greatest exercises ever, for anything. You sit still and feel your heart beat.

After a while you become of the vibration that passes out of your heart to the rest of your body, and the return vibration.

You know those situations where you were numb before? When you got taken for a ride? When you got emotionally exploited (again) and you didn’t realize it in the moment? When you liked something or someone but didn’t realize it till much later?

When you do this exercise often enough, you’ll begin to find that your heart is louder to you than before, and in the moment your heart will let you know what your instinct is in the moment. You’ll know what you like and what you don’t.

The heart needs a feeling of safety to be well. We can have that only when we feel like if someone’s going to exploit us, we’ll know in the moment, rather than later.

I used to get lied to all the time, Ed. Being aware of my own heart beat helped me face it in the moment that I was being lied to. Being aware of my heart beat in the moment helped me figure out if someone meant what they were saying or not.

And so very many times, being aware of my heart beat stopped me from doing things – sometimes I realized why and often I never found out – but I consider it wisdom never to go down a path your heart won’t go down with you on.

In the long run, nothing heartless ever works out and is always regretted.

7) The Heart and Poisoning

There are four levels on which a poison could work – Blood, Water, Electric and Consciousness.

Blood and Water poisons are simple enough to understand. You detoxify by drinking enough water, take some liver support, blood cleansing herbs – basically herbs that raise the metabolism and swish the blood around and you’re done.

Electrical and Consciousness level poisons though are on a whole other level.

And this is where the heart comes in.

The heart is the vibration keeper of the body, the motor pump. It’s affected if the electricity of the body is affected, and with it the consciousness or state of being of the body.

It’s like this. If I gave you a beautiful gift, as it touched your hands, as you opened the wrapping, your heart would respond to the electricity of the gift and the consciousness it carries (EVERYTHING carries consciousness Ed, even plastic).

Your heart would beat just a little faster as your fingers opened the wrapping. Before your eyes saw what was in there, your heart would respond to it – either slowing the heart rate, or making it faster, or getting irregular. Maybe even skipping a beat.

With each of these, the blood flows differently in the body, the nervous system frequency changes here and there, and your consciousness too changes to meet the consciousness of the gift in your hands.

That’s real life Ed.

Life affects us. Now imagine if someone gave you something that was nice to look at and was something you liked mentally but while you were opening the package, your heart was like, “No, no, no, I’m being fooled. I’m being distracted. This gift is given to me for a reason other than what it’s supposed to be.”

All those electrical and consciousness patterns also change the body. And those hang about until they get their expression.

That’s what electrical and consciousness poisons are – un-resolved instincts and impulses. We can get them from food that’s not what it’s supposed to be. Think GM food.

We can get them from food and things given to us in deception, things that our spirit is not comfortable with. And we can inherit them too.

These affect our heart and sooner or later our heart becomes tired and feels futile. “Why am I working so hard when I’m ignored. Why don’t I just go numb and stop reacting. What’s the point anyway?”

This is one major cause of Cardio Myopathy or Heart Muscle Degeneration. The doctors will say they don’t know the cause of it, or they say it’s just stress.

But can you imagine what level of stress it takes for a heart to stop giving a damn about reacting to life anymore?

The possibly excruciating but only way out is to start giving respect to our heart again, and our instincts.

There are herbs to help us and they’re described in this article – 

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Thevetia Peruviana – Yellow Oleander

Thevetia Peruviana Herbal Medicine

Some beautiful pictures of Yellow Oleander from when they were flowering on the 5th of November 2019.

Thevetia Peruviana or Yellow Oleander has reported by the fake media as terribly poisonous. Of course as some wise man said, “The difference between a medicine and a poison is the dose.”

I have found the oleander family to be incredibly powerful as a nervous frequency balancing agent in the worst kinds of situations, one of which is drug poisoning of the central nervous system.

People treat poisoning as a physical problem – something to do with the gut. That’s there too, but it’s the after effects on the nervous system that do the most damage as far as I’ve seen and there’s very little done to address that.

A drop of oleander tincture taken every few hours and then continued twice a day for several weeks will help recovery like few other things can.

It’s about getting back into life again.

This one’s called Thevetia Peruviana and has been known to make cancerous cells kill themselves while not affecting whole cells.

Yes, it’s good for all the things it reminds you of.



The fruit goes straight from green to black, which means black is when it’s ripe. I’ve heard of all sorts of horror stories where people commit suicide eating just ONE seed of Yellow Oleander. I cannot be sure of those as I’ve never come across anyone taking this route to suicide.

What I do know is that most normal animals don’t take a shine to chomping on these fruit naturally. They don’t draw you in like apples or strawberries. However, if you do need a purging of the system, one way or another, a tiny tiny tiny tiny tiny bit would do nothing but good, as several dogs and cats have demonstrated.

So very very very beautiful.

I love the transparency of purpose this flower reminds me of.

Simple is best.

More about Thevetia Peruviana or Yellow Oleander in Herbal Medicine for Holistic Healing




Intelligent Detox – Herbs that raise body intelligence

If your detoxification programs haven’t been working well enough, and if you have nutritional deficiencies even though you eat healthy enough, you need to remind your body to get back to sifting things properly.

The intelligence of herbs is amazing. They are living beings not dead chemicals. When we have whole herbs who have not been processed in a way that destroys their subtle energies, the herbs get into our bodies and teach the parts of us that are tired or have forgotten how to do things, how to do them efficiently again.

A very important aspect of detoxification and keeping clean on a regular basis, is for our bodies to know what to keep and what to throw out.

The usual herbs for detoxification, laxatives, and urinary stimulators, need the body to keep what’s needed instead of throwing the baby out with the bath water. To do so, would be to cause a whole new set of problems where the body is chronically energy deficient and lacking in important minerals. Continue reading