Double Energy Field – Energy Rehabilitation

Signs of a Double Energy Field, Sexual Energy Drains, The Double Mind and Belief System, Loves me Loves me not; Painting by Ilya Repin

Dear Ed,

There’s a disorder I call a double energy field. I have seen it all my life. It is responsible for so many conditions I cannot list them all. Two things are surely indicative of it, though, manic mood swings and depression; and problems holding energy to the completion of a project or aim ie. short circuiting or losing mojo half way through to a goal. Continue reading

Abnormal Blood Clotting – Holistic Treatment

What causes Abnormal Blood Clotting; Holistic methods to prevent micro blood clotting, support wound resolution, new cell formation; Emergency herbs to support the passing out of blood clots

Dear Ed,

I am saddened and alarmed by the rise of abnormal blood clotting worldwide as a cause of dysfunction and death in people of all ages.

I have been exposed to things that cause abnormal blood clotting very much; this was long before it was something spoken of as it is today. I had to find ways to cope and heal and stay alive. Continue reading

Manic Anxiety Disorder – The Serpent Point, and Mistletoe

Dear Ed,
There’s a difference between anxiety that’s connected to a particular situation in life, and long term manic anxiety. In the case of the latter, it is not exactly caused by one or a group of conditions, but a state of consciousness or mindset that affects the whole system, feeding on life energy, and using whatever worrying situation is available to sustain that field of extreme anxiety.

A lot of people don’t even know this is happening to them, Ed, because this is one deceptive energy field. It can often disguise itself as an over caring nature, general depression because of an unhealthy lifestyle or sleep deprivation. You get the picture… It can go unnoticed beneath all these conditions. Continue reading

Anxiety Triggered Inflammation – 3 Decisive Ways to Break the Cycle

Dear Ed,

Recently, the majority of inflammatory conditions I’ve been noticing have been anxiety triggered.

People feel helpless, Ed, when told to “just calm down,” and “Stop being anxious.” Once you’re actually breaking out in inflammations and allergies, and putting on water weight (fluid retention), that’s already the body saying that anxiety that should be expressed is being suppressed.

Unfortunately, Ed, despite decades of an unofficial movement stressing that emotions should be released instead of held in, in everyday reality, people still are constrained and held back. Continue reading

Absolutely Stunning – Fruiting Ghost Pipes – Monotropa Uniflora

Dear Ed,
It’s been raining more than usual this year in the New England area of the East Coast of the USA and people have been seeing these angels called Ghost Pipes or Indianpipes all over the place.

This plant doesn’t have visible roots, yet holds its vibration and energy field powerfully enough to be in our realm.

These absolutely stunning photos were taken by Rebekka Honkala.

Wait for the end.





It’s like that Air Supply song I love but hate. “Making love out of nothing at all.”

I’ve written about this angel in the following articles.
Polarity Balancers; Clay, Charcoal, Ash and Herbs
Treating Organ Wall Weakness Holistically; Displacement & Isolation
Herbal Energies to Cope with Isolation and Recover from Isolation Trauma

This is nothing but a miracle we have been blessed with in our trying times.

Guarana – Energy Block Release, Recovery from Premature Aging

How I came across Guarana; How similar physical nutrition can carry widely differing energy effects; Energy of Watermelon; Why I don’t bother reading “Nutritional Information”; Blindness caused by loss of vital energy; Premature Aging, Pushing against boundaries; Releasing life energy blocks by pursuing desire

Dear Ed,

There’s this tree called “Guarana” – Paullinia Guarana” whose fruit when ripe, pops open revealing seed and flesh that altogether looks like an eyeball. It’s supposed to have more caffeine than coffee and is used worldwide in energy drinks.

At university, at the church I attended every now and then; there was this teenager in the youth group. He had a beautiful set of drums but told me the drums were now homeless because his mother had told him to get rid of them ASAP. I felt real bad for him and said he could move them to my large living room and play them anytime he wanted. My bedroom and workroom were one level down so I was sure I wouldn’t be disturbed.

So he moved the homeless drums in, and OH MY GOD. He and two other teens arrived at six in the evening and began to play them in turns. I thought they’d get tired by nine or ten. I went to bed about eleven and woke up about five thirty in the morning. The walls were vibrating and shaking, it felt like the carpet was vibrating!

I go up to the living room and find them still on the drums in turns, the two who weren’t playing, climbing onto the sofa and jumping off it over and over.

I asked the youth group leader who was chaperoning them (unofficially) at my place, if they were on drugs. He said, “No, Guarana energy drink.”

Many years later I bought Guarana seed powder by instinct. Coffee had been causing me tooth enamel loss and it said on the internet that Guarana could be a good replacement for coffee.

When it arrived though, the energy field got my attention immediately. This wasn’t another botanical natural stimulant.

It’s like this, Ed. It’s the truth about plants, and anything for that matter. You can have two or three or four or five or hundreds of a fruit (for example) that have physically similar ingredients, but energetically they could be totally different. Even absolute opposites.

You take watermelon, for example. When I was a kid, the family doctor said that watermelon was a waste of money because it was nutritionally near zero. That other than helping keep cool in the summer, it’s benefits were near nothing.

Decades later when I was in labor giving birth to Gabriel, I had gone 33 hours into labor and was exhausted beyond exhausted. The contractions were coming every 7 – 10 minutes. Every bout of contractions was like a speeding train going through me. Nothing would stay in my stomach.

And yet I needed something so very urgently, because my vital energy levels were gutted. There was in the fridge, a small bowl with maybe 3 tablespoons of crushed watermelon from the day before.

In the 5 minutes I had between contractions, I simply swallowed that whole.

I experienced then first hand, why the supposedly near zero nutrition watermelon is still being grown and sold. Why, when the Israelites had escaped Egypt and were in the desert, many of them were willing to go back and be slaves and worked to death, just to have the watermelons of Egypt again (from the Bible).

Those 2-3 tbsps of crushed watermelon surged my skeletal system with fresh vital energy in a way I can only describe as near electric. It was like I got plugged in. I felt it to my fingertips. Normally because we have residual vital energy we cannot feel so dramatically the effect of foods on us. But when I was at zero vital energy after 33 hours of labor – each minute of which was an ordeal way beyond what normal life presents – then it was so clear and so dramatic, the energy effect of watermelon.

It has the shortest energy cycle of any fruit I’ve had, which means it will give you vital energy the quickest, as it’s pure water carried and the body has very little work to do to get that energy. And you need very little of it for that because energy effects are the same whether you have a pinch of something, or a spoon or a bowlful or more. It’s just about coming in contact with the energy field of the plant.

So, coming back to Guarana,

they say it’s pretty much the same as coffee, but twice as concentrated with caffeine.

Ed, a wise thing I do lately is ignore “nutritional information” about plants and herbs. It might be factual but it’s almost NEVER got any bearing on the reality of how a plant actually affects us on a living being to living being interaction.

That “nutritional information” is like giving us a breakdown of a family member’s physical attributes and expecting us to know how our interaction will go because of those. Continue reading

The Sheer Power of Herbs for Emotional and Nervous Distress; Zizyphus

Dear Ed,

I’ve had a crazy time studying energy fields the last few weeks. I’ve never seen so many people and animals changing so quickly so fast in my life before.

At the same time I’ve come to see like never before how very disadvantaged our modern lifestyles are when it comes to dealing with change of any sort. We’re all expected to keep doing all the same things everyday as if nothing’s changed.

I was pleasantly surprised one day recently when I found my own video recommended on Youtube – I’ve sort of forgotten about my channel on Youtube and stayed with typed up articles a long while now.

The video was about herbs – nervines to be specific – to help keep calm and face difficult days.

I found it on a day I needed it again and immediately made a nervous support mix and wow, was I helped -yet again.

Herbs for nervous and emotional support are seriously powerful help. All you need to be careful about is to keep the ones that are sedatives in a separate bottle to use only in the evenings. It’s the one mistake I’ve ever made with them. Other than that they’re just such amazing help.

I truly feel for those who don’t know that herbs can help without wrecking the body’s hormonal balance, and can truly uplift us without there being a downside.

This is the video that I found, introducing “Herbs for Hell””. The full article is linked to beneath.

The article is here: Herbs for Hell – Super Nervine Mix for Emergencies & Trauma Support

I leave you with beautiful pictures I took recently of Zizyphus Jujube – a berry that is a one stop tonic for anxiety and panic support as well as recovery from nervous breakdown and adrenal exhaustion. It’s got all the nutrition for the nervous system, especially for nervous energy loss IN THE SUMMER.

You know Ed, God made every fruit and flower and tree so perfect, that if we need some help, and there’s just one of them around, they’ll do it all for us.

Like us, plants are living beings, and just as, when we love and really want to help someone, we grow beyond our previous boundaries and acquire new superpowers for the moment, like Moms and Dads become superman and superwoman to protect their kids, so plants too can expand and heal us in whichever way we need.

So we need never feel that if we can’t find or afford a particular herb, that, that help we needed cannot come to us right through those who are around us.

Coffeebush for Anxiety caused by Deep Gut Tension; Freedom First!

How I first heard about Coffeebush or Leucaena leucocephala; Anxiety caused by deep gut and digestive tract lining dramas; A sign that your recent radical decision is right; Freedom First! 

Dear Ed,

Plants flower and fruit not so much by the season as by their instinct. Just as fertility in humans is influenced almost completely by spiritual conditions – so it is with plants.

Therefore whether in season or out of season, when a plant flowers, it’s a message and it’s timely. Even more so when it comes into our awareness.

One of the plants, classified in many places as an invasive weed for its fertility and virile growth – (almost 10 feet a year!) – in flower right now is the Coffeebush, or Leucaena called “Ipil Ipil” in some Asian countries where it spread to from Mexico, “White leadtree” in other places.

There was this 10 year old child I came across in 2009 when I first started making energy medicine over the internet. The child was of Asian descent living in Canada. He’d developed this itch and then an infected spot on his left foot – an infection caught they supposed, by swimming somewhere. It was about 2 inches long and an inch wide, and was white with infection. Nothing they did could get rid of the infection and the child couldn’t wear shoes anymore as a result. The patch was just where sandals or slipper straps would be, so this child had to go bare feet to school or not at all.

He ended up dropping out of school for that year. Two surgeries were done, the results of which were a big wound, now black because it got infected worse.

I need hardly tell you how this all must have troubled a child of ten and his parents.

The parents gave up on physical anti-infection agents, and looked to holistic healing. Ed, if anyone takes the trouble to look to holistic healing, nine times out of ten it’s because the approach of treating a problem only from the physical aspect, failed.

On a business trip to New Mexico, the father took his child along, to give him a break from the boring life now always at home. There they came across this street performer who got to talking with them and with who they had coffee.

He told them his grandmother had had a spot like that on her FACE for thirty years and that it mysteriously disappeared when a cloth dipped in a holy well in a church had been brought and kept in the house. One thing led to another and the child and his Dad found themselves in this little old church with a natural spring that had healing properties.

Before they even got a cloth dipped in the water, as they sat in the back of the church, the child began to feel better. He started saying he wanted to play football not study, study, study, all the time. That he’d felt choked in his chest every morning when he went to school and that he felt angry with his parents and grandparents for always telling him to study and never appreciating his skills on the field.

On the average day, the Dad would’ve brushed all this off, but in that place, in that atmosphere, his heart listened and he promised his son that whenever he got well, he’d support him in playing football.

The wound dried up in about a week, making it possible for the child to wear shoes again. The scar was still there a few months later, but it simply wasn’t an issue anymore.

Why I mention this here, is because the photograph of the church showed this tree – Coffeebush or Leucaena (that means “white topped”) growing all around – old trees.

This tree is a potent consciousness, and atmosphere carrier of FREEDOM as a PRIORITY.

We are so conditioned in our times to accept limitations to our freedom of being, our freedom of spirit, freedom to express emotion, freedom in general.

Freedom has become something of a luxury, with Safety replacing it. A safety not based on instinct, but based on fear and hearsay and anxiety.

For me, this tree is a reminder that Freedom comes first, if we must live at all.

This tree in its young days is very easily uprooted by storms and rain. Yet it doesn’t mind because it just goes on growing and growing. Freedom first.

It is a potent anti-anxiety medicine – a member of the Mimosa family. It strengthens nerves and improves immunity for that reason.

It does what Granddad used to call “curdle the stomach.”

Often we have stuff lining the inner linings of our digestive tract that gunk up the place and prevent us from being able to digest things properly, absorb nutrition from the food we’re eating, and heal wounds inside such as ulcers.

ANY sort of digestive tract inner lining drama, the tea of the leaves Coffeebush will heal by gently stimulating the cells, like vinegar breaks down grease but a lot more gently.

A good majority of anxiety and related conditions, can be relieved by

relieving tension in the walls of the deep gut Continue reading

Since when has your life been sc*ewed? Emotional Reaction Vs. Emotional State

The difference between reactive emotions and base emotional state with its powers. Why the body only responds to medicine for some time before relapsing. Conversation with Granddad about how to become aware of emotional state and find release.

Ed, very often in the use of herbs for emotional and nervous conditions, the results are skewed or worse, because of not understanding the difference between an emotional reaction and an emotional state.

An emotional reaction is just that – a reaction. We can’t treat a reaction with anything but relief. That relief is as short-lived as the reaction. If it keeps happening, we have to stop whatever’s bringing up that reaction in us. We can’t stop having the reaction by taking herbs. It’s the just the truth.

For example, most dogs will always bark at intruders. It’s their instinct to be alerted if someone not usually around comes around. It’s their reaction. Herbs are not going to make them ever stop barking or not experience that emotional reaction to the chance of an intruder entering their house.

An emotional state on the other hand, is a state of being, a consciousness. A person can be sad in their emotional state but go about smiling and clapping and dancing. A person can be peaceful in their emotional state, but go about having fights with people, being angry about things, and not being very pleasant to others.

You see how an emotional state is a whole different thing from emotional reactions?

Our emotional state or consciousness, is so powerful, that it in fact runs our lives, choices, viewpoints, ability to translate dreams into reality. It is where our energy is – where it’s either flowing or restricted.

It is what can be treated by taking herbs regularly, and it is what has to be treated if we want true relief from long term chronic problems.

An example of this is in the ever common problems of skin conditions like spreading warts, chronic allergies. Most people who have manifestations of inner problems on their skin, try all kinds of things, find some things work too… but only for a while.

This is because the emotional state that is causing the manifestation, adapts to the new conditions and then continues to manifest itself despite the presence of the new medicine.

This is why bodies resist medicine or become unaffected by it.

The all powerful emotional state, HAS to be given its voice for holistic and lasting healing.

Most people,and I’ve experienced this myself SO MUCH, simply cannot get in touch with their real emotional STATE, because we are so hoodwinked and distracted by our REACTIONS on an everyday basis.

It reminds me of the song from the musical movie “Chicago,” that goes, “Razzle dazzle them… how can they see with sequins in their eyes?”

It’s so easy to ignore our emotional state and focus on emotional reactions. We then give up on herbs because they only work for some time before we’re back to the usual state.

There are an infinite number of ways to come in touch with our emotional state. But here’s a little something my Granddad taught me, to come in touch with it.

Me – Granddad… how am I to know in what state I’m in?
Granddad – First understand that emotional states don’t change often. Only when your life has TRULY changed has your emotional state changed.
Me – Ok…. so?
Granddad – So since when has your life been (can’t remember his word here – something like “Screwed”)?
Me – Since – you know…
Granddad – That was a long time ago.
Me – Yeah.
Granddad – Well what emotional state were you in then?
Me – Devastated.
Granddad – Well. There you have it.
Me – My emotional state is Devastated?
Granddad – You wanted to know.
Me – Alright. I get it. A person can be devastated but still continue a “life”.
Granddad – It’s not a life if your heart’s stuck.
Me – Heart stuck?
Granddad – If your emotional state is stuck, your heart is stuck. It’s not doing all the things a heart does – produce the hormones that make life possible.
Me – What you mean? Like physical hormones for…
Granddad – Yes… of course you’re sexually not quite free unless your heart’s making the right hormones. And of course the body isn’t quite healthy or strong if your heart’s not making the right hormones. And that’s just the heart.
Me – Granddad you’re shocking.
Granddad – I know you cannot go on the path right now Cara, but one day you will and then you must remember that – An emotional state does not respond to shock treatment, or mind control. It only responds to ONE thing. Justice.
Me – Justice! What about herbs?! Are you telling me I can’t treat an emotional state with herbs? That herbal energy fields cannot help us find our own frequency of well being?
Granddad – Calm down! You watch too many movies.
Me – No I don’t! What’re you saying!
Granddad – Calm down now! Herbs can SUGGEST a better frequency for us to live, herbs can AID a weak body and soul in finding the strength to face the truth, and herbs can enable a person to reach the frequency where they can finally become aware of what their emotional state is beneath all the fireworks on the surface.
But only a sense of JUSTICE can RELEASE a person from an emotional state.

Me – Ok Granddad – what if someone had a tragedy happen to them years and years ago and everyone involved died and no one could be sued for it anymore? What justice could the victim hope for?

Granddad – My love, you think Justice is an event, a thing that happens, or is done. It is not, Cara. Justice is the opening of the spirit eyes to the truth.

Me – Whaaa.. “spirit eyes”!

Granddad – Yes – there’s mental awareness, and then there’s spirit eyes. You could look out the window and see the plants there and the garden gate and the street beyond. It’s mental awareness. Or you could look out with spirit eyes. With spirit eyes you register that it’s afternoon, that you’re in this place, in this situation, for these reasons…. You feel the plants out there, and the gate has significance because of the possibilities it represents.

Me – So you’re saying that with spirit eyes, my situation looks different than with mental awareness? Like with mental awareness we’re facing a crime where there’s no chance of prosecuting and punishing the criminals, but with spirit eyes it would present a different picture?

Granddad – “Spirit eyes” is about FEELING. See Cara, don’t go down the rabbit hole my girl. You’ll go down if you focus too much on physical realities. How you FELT is the main thing, not what happened.

Me – What??

Granddad – Yes I know you’re all keyed up about what exactly happened and whodunnit. That’s a wrong idea of what Justice is. A very limited idea. Justice is not so much about punishing the criminals as it is about bringing the event to LIGHT.

Do you know what it is to bring something to LIGHT, Cara?

Me – Granddad I’m tired.

Granddad – Right on time too.

Me – No, this is all really too much for me right now.

Granddad – Remember this my love – Justice is bringing something to light.


Ed, it is such a thing that it is different for each person. But what I get the most from that conversation now is that:

Focusing on how we felt rather than actual events is important.

We’re taught by society that justice is given on the basis of facts. In fact that is one aspect of justice and perhaps not the one that gives us emotional release to go ahead and have a robust energy and vitality flow.

It’s as Granddad says, all about “bringing it to light.”

I think that means different things for different people. But you got to do what you got to do, to feel light shining on the hurt places inside you. That’s when you begin to change your emotional state.

I know a little of that, Ed, as all the milestones on my own journey to healing have been those moments when light shined in on previously suppressed or hidden hurt places.

I practice herbal medicine because herbs have helped me to keep going and helped me to face my pain and helped me find inspiration when I was blocked.

What’s lovely is that the same herbs that bring calm in the moment, when taken in small doses over a long period support actual rehabilitation of emotional state.

I’ve described some of these power herbs in detail:

Vibrational War & Arnica for Energy Body Pain
Herbs to Release Pent-up Rage
Herbs to Strengthen the Heart, Build Emotional Resilience
Herbal Super Nervine Mix for Emergencies & Trauma Support
Release Pain caused by Buried or Suppressed Memory – Herbs & an Exercise
Our Body’s Thermometer & Strychnos for the Stricken – Ignatia
Herbs to relax Heart Muscle Tension and release PTSD patterns
Herbs for Fear Induced Cramps & Spasms – Asthma, Bronchitis, Abdominal Cramps

and my own experience is described in:

How to Heal a Broken Heart Continue reading

Treating Organ Wall Weakness Holistically; Displacement & Isolation

Monotropa uniflora, Indian-pipe
Monotropa uniflora, Indian-pipe

(Letter to Ed republished for valuable insight on the cause of the loss of organ wall strength, leaking organs such as in the case of leaking gut syndrome, and a little bit of history on how my Granddad investigated the Wasting Liver Disease of the 1800s and how I came in touch with the leaking organs energy pattern.)  

Ed, in the past few decades a new sort of condition has become common. It isn’t being marketed by the media yet because it’s practically impossible to “cure”.

It’s what was only before experienced in the days before death due to aging. When the organs of the body lose their tightness if you will, and begin to leak cells and the substances into the surrounding areas.

A large number of cancers, especially lymphatic cancers are caused by those cells that should never have been there in the first place, that leaked out of organs.

Leaking gut syndrome is perhaps the only “leaking” condition widely known in our times. It is not its own cause, but is caused by the same thing that makes all the organs of the body not maintain their walls properly.

In the early 1800s, my Granddad told me, there was a condition going about where people’s livers would decay inside them. He said that it was at the time akin to something like a curse because people simply couldn’t understand what made an otherwise healthy person suddenly one day bedridden and soon after, dead. On autopsy they’d find livers gone black. In those days that was seen as severe poisoning, yet they could not find which poison had caused that.

Granddad said there had been no remedy found for it and that the news of it had been suppressed and the cause of death fabricated to point to other causes. “Consumption,” was one such cause used to cover the sudden liver decay. Often completely unrelated causes were listed as the cause of death. The more money you could pay, the more “respectable” the cause of death would be.

In one case of a very important family’s 25 year old son developing the condition, they actually did the blood transfusions of the time and found that the liver was so decayed it dirtied up the new blood of the body as soon as it could.

You know Ed, how that disease became “history”? They suppressed information about it so that it did not become a “psychologically spreading disease” (what we call “psychosomatic condition” in our times) and made sure that those who had it stayed isolated and didn’t reproduce before they died. Because they concluded that it was an inherited tendency.

Granddad said that they were successful to some extent because when there were no more children of those who carried the decaying liver condition and very few people in touch with those in the asylums who had the condition, it seemed to have gone away.

Later on – forty years on – a strange thing was recorded. Ed, in those days, “news” among the common people didn’t come from newspaper or town criers. It was carried by merchants and tradesmen. They traveled a lot and their physical products were not their only value.

So around the mid-1800s, about forty years after the decaying liver disease was almost forgotten and a new generation was dominant in society, a merchant ship which had docked in Plymouth from its travels between Siam (now Thailand) all the way around India and then Africa, had gotten chimpanzees or monkeys. Granddad couldn’t be sure which because back then people didn’t know the difference much, so the story was told with some saying chimpanzees and some saying monkeys.

These were from, “The Horn of Africa”. Four of them. They began a tour of the south of England – something like a mini circus. They’d be invited to fairs and the like. The owner was a cloth merchant who’d been fascinated by monkeys and decided he could make a lot of money showing them around England and Wales.

So Ed, what happened next was no secret among the common people because those monkeys were very popular among common folk.

That man, his uncle had died of the wasting liver disease in the early 1800s. He hadn’t been born then, and his mother had been just a little child when her elder brother had died. There had been no case of the wasting liver disease in their family after his uncle had died.

But now Ed, one by one the four monkeys died suddenly – each time a big loss to the merchant, and the news was that each time they found a liver gone black and releasing its decayed cells into the surrounding area.

This never made it to the mainstream news Ed, but people spoke of it a long time and that’s how my Granddad knew of it – because those monkeys had been a great attraction.

Now you know my Granddad. This sort of thing always fascinated him. So when he became a librarian for a while, with access to books and records the general public can only dream of getting near, let alone understanding, he looked into the matter.

And Ed he found investigation records. The owner of the monkeys had suspected poisoning to sabotage his business, and an investigation had been done quite thoroughly. And you know Ed, one of the investigators had brought up the connection of the wasting liver with the merchant’s uncle’s death.

And my Granddad found that in the case of the monkeys, it hadn’t been just the liver, but also the spleen and pancreas.

Now Ed, this is becoming a very long story so I’ll get straight to the point now.

This phenomenon of organ wall leaking is a sign of organ degeneration or premature aging. Those who investigated it, including my Granddad concluded that it was caused by DISPLACEMENT and loss of connection to the earth field, not genetic inheritance.

There IS an element of psychosomatic or consciousness transfer however. The energy pattern stays in the consciousness of people AND animals and their near and dear ones, running right down to our day, and gets triggered by actual displacement, OR the feeling of being isolated and cut away from one’s earth.

That is why Ed, as soon as I sense someone has organ wall weakness I treat them with herbs that help deal with the sense of isolation and being cut off from Earth.

And I recommend they get in touch with their earth again. It’s not possible to find your old earth connections sometimes. But you can make new connections.

Our parents and grandparents are our first experience of Earth so losing them or being physically far from them can count as displacement or being cut off from Earth.

The things we loved and enjoyed as children can help us make contact with Earth again.

Ed, Granddad told me he’d helped many old dogs live a longer time by having their humans put them on rugs out on the earth – in the sun if it was winter, or under a tree otherwise. Other times he’d have them find the dog’s parents or siblings.

With humans, Ed, Granddad said it wasn’t so easy.

You see Ed, the medical system does not recognize the condition or diagnose it. When a person dies of it they don’t mention organ wall weakness or decay as a part of what happened.

But the person senses it by the general feeling. And those who know to recognize it, sense it.

The thing about it Ed, is that once you have come across someone with that condition, you start recognizing it among others.

I’ll tell you about how I came to know of it. When I was in college, I went one day to a hospital as part of my volunteering to pray with those in very bad accidents etc. I’d been told that morning that there was this woman who’d tried to commit suicide by jumping off a high rise building.

Poor thing, Ed, she survived with almost every bone in her body broken. And there I was singing gospel songs while she lay immobile in that hospital bed, her entire body in a cast from her neck down.

And Ed, I said to her, “God must have a reason for you to live. That’s why you’ve survived.”

And Ed, she said to me, “What sort of life could I ever have now?”

And I felt so bad for her Ed, what could I say or do?

And you know Ed, I had fear of heights in those days, and they’d put this woman on the 7th floor (who was in there for jumping from the 7th floor of a building) and out of the window you could see how high up you were.

She asked me for a glass of water and I went near the window and got it with a straw and went back to her.

And then Ed, to my surprise – I sensed that her broken bones weren’t as serious a problem – you know bones heal, I’ve seen a lot of bones heal – but leaking organs?

And Ed, I asked her, “Why’d you do it? Why’d you jump?”

She said to me, “I was going to die anyway.”

And Ed she looked at me and I understood. Her connection to earth had broken. I couldn’t pry into her personal life and I was so overwhelmed myself. I was just 16 then.

Many years later again in a hospital room, this time of a person going through radiation for cancer, I came across the same thing. And the person confirmed it. They’d been cut off from their earth.

Over the years, I began to notice the pattern coming up again and again.

As someone who works over the internet I cannot very well wake up people in the morning and take them on nature walks to help them find their Earth connection. I cannot spend hours finding out what was their earth connection. More often than not their earth connection was a parent or loved one they’re apart from.

In our times with people working in cities or countries away from their parents you can’t tell people to go back. Those who do often find things have changed there too. Physical distance changes things.

The truth is, we simply have to find new ways to connect to our earth.

You don’t need anything external to do that, but I consider plants our own family and have been helped by plants at every stage of my life.

They are powerful as healers of consciousness and broken or torn energy fields.

I will end this letter with the mention of this one beauty among the five I’ve described in the article “Coping with Isolation using herbal energies“.

Monotropa Uniflora or “Ghost Plant”

Ed, this plant doesn’t have visible roots. But it finds a way to be itself in what’s an alien environment to it. Isn’t that something? It’s something impossible by the rules of how plants should be. And yet it’s there, doing it’s thing, fulfilling it’s destiny. Being so beautiful.

While the real way to reverse the trend of organ wall weakness, is to reconnect with one’s own Earth, there are herbs to help build the body’s energy field resistance, that work as an immediate aid to stopping the loss of cells from organ walls and inspire the organs to maintain tightness.

I describe these in my article on reversing the effects of artificial radiation or radiotherapy – as it’s the same principle at play.

Organ walls going loose is an imbalance where the energy is flowing outwards (positive polarity) too much and herbs which help inward flow (negative polarity) automatically help stop the drain.

A final point I have to add – this condition in my opinion can be inherited. I have found the sense of isolation experienced by a displaced ancestor and left unresolved, ie, connection to new Earth not established, has noticeable effects in his or her descendants.