How to Find and Hold our Natural Frequency; Frequency Stabilizer Herbs, Emotional Fog & Alternate Identities

The importance of one central frequency; How different parts of us start carrying different frequencies; How to find our base natural frequency, How to unite our system into our base frequency; How to maintain our base frequency; Emotional Fog; Frequency Stabilizing Herbs; Alter identities and methods to Remind ourselves of our base frequency incl. urine and sexual fluids

Dear Ed,

In recent times I’ve been contacted more and more by people asking me which herbs to use for a certain medical diagnosis but actually describing what I would simply call metabolic imbalance or an unstable frequency. Continue reading

Trauma Miasma and Infectious Diseases

What is a Miasma? How does Trauma spread? What makes us susceptible to catching trauma? What stops the spread of miasmas? How can we protect ourselves from miasmas?

Dear Ed,

I wish I weren’t an expert on trauma miasmas. I wish I hadn’t found out the way I did, the truth about trauma hormones being used to induce particular types of illness patterns in people.

But I did, Ed and I do know more about it than anyone else I know. We’re being exposed to trauma miasmas on such a huge level everyday that it would be positively criminal not to publish information on it at this time. Continue reading

Clock Error or Confusion in Cell DNA Time, Holistic DNA Recovery

Clock Error, Central Body or Primal DNA Time, Time Dead Substances, Sexual Energy Anomalies; Conversation with Granddad about what makes cells fall out of time; DNA Recovery with Herbs,The use of DNA to unite or Impose Group Consciousness or Trauma; Emergency DNA Recovery with Urine Therapy 

Dear Ed,

A few days ago I forgot to turn the power on on my laptop and went to bed. When I woke up the battery had gone down to zero and the computer had turned off. I plugged it back in and turned it back on. Continue reading

Skin Recovery from Nervous Trauma

Trauma Effects Skin – Treating Skin as the Nervous System; Radiation damaged skin; Hormonal blowout damaged skin; Skin depleted of sexual energy; Skin traumatized by Nervous Electric Voltage Fluctuation/ Blowouts (Shock trauma); Skin traumatized by poisoning, assault on liver and digestion; How to treat the skin with nervines

Dear Ed,

For many years now, I’ve been noticing the direct effect of trauma of different sorts on the skin, especially on the face. At any given time, my facial skin directly demonstrates the state of my nervous system. Continue reading

No Operating System! Reload Original Life Energy Pattern after Trauma Wipe-out

Dear Ed,
Recently, my phone gave me a lot of trouble. It’s an old phone and it was just one problem after another. In exasperation, I did reset after reset with the same problems coming up over and over. I then replaced the battery.
When it still didn’t work, I went crazy and deleted everything I could find to delete.
And then when I tried to start the phone, it said, “No operating system!”

I had deleted the operating system of the phone, which meant it couldn’t even start now! Continue reading

How to Compromise your Immunity; De-stimulation and Downward Pointing Flowers

Common ways to compromise your immunity; The need for de-stimulation, How to de-stimulate the body; Downward Facing Flowers

Dear Ed,

I have never seen such open betrayal of the public trust as I’m seeing these days.

Every measure being promoted, supposed to help people “stay safe”, has long been known by anyone working in the healthcare industry as dangerous.

Deprivation of sunlight, fresh air, exercise and human contact have long been known to deplete energy levels and make one susceptible to whatever infection agent comes along.

But it’s my understanding that most people already know this – that that’s how you compromise your immunity. So I won’t say it again.

Why I’m writing this, is because there’s something very few, if any, ever do actually say, because it’s bad for sales of any sort of medicine.

It’s that, whether it’s a medical treatment, or a supplement, or herbal medicine, taking immunity booster treatments – outside of your normal diet which might include herbs like garlic, turmeric on a regular basis – is how to compromise your immunity.

The body doesn’t respond to immunity boosters. The body responds to threats;

to energy patterns that do not match its own energy pattern. It snuffs out the cells that carry those opposing or disruptive energy patterns.

Now if there are no threats, and you supply immunity boosters, you are telling the body that you PERCEIVE threats that it has not detected yet.

The body then goes into hyper-alert mode checking for threats. Energy is pulled from other functions and moved to checking for threats. An inquisition begins. All the substances are made and released into the blood that fight threats.

24 -48 hours later, if no infective agents are found, the body feels drained. Energy meant for other normal life functions has been lost preparing for an attack. The substances made to fight infection are now useless and various soldier cells are hanging around looking for a fight now.

The next time you boost your immunity like that, the body will respond with less alacrity. You’ve cried wolf too much. Eventually an infection does come along, and the body barely notices. Now you have to supply an external infection fighter because the body isn’t dealing with the infection naturally.

When you start supplying infection fighters such as antibiotics, that have the substances the body should be making to fight infections, the body’s own systems either fight back or retire. When they fight back, it’s called “antibiotic resistance” and it’s the body saying, “I’d rather have an infection and die than tolerate interference from outside.” When the body’s systems retire, it leads to organ dysfunction and failure.

This is all really basic commonsense.

You don’t take herbs that fight infections until you have one.

That simple. Taking them in small quantities – such as garlic in your diet, or diluted quantities is enough to simply be generally supported should an infection need to be dealt with.


keeping your body on hyper alert, leads to energy diverting from normal life functions Continue reading

How Sexual Energy Depletion causes Metabolic Inbalance

How I realized that displacement was causing metabolic syndrome that showed as immunity issues; Videos explaining how energy flows in the body and how to replenish stored energy.

Dear Ed,

There’s been a lot of talk about fungus recently. About how those with compromised immunity are more susceptible to it, even to it causing death by spreading so virulently that it attacks an internal organ and results in death.

I’ve had some experience with various sorts of fungi, Ed, as I grew up with very compromised immunity, and have lived in some very rainy wet places, places with so much humidity in the air that my music system speakers went blue with fungus! I nearly lost all my books to fungus. And my clothes never would fully dry out (I didn’t have a clothes dryer) so even after ironing them they’d still be slightly damp.

At one time it seemed that for years, while I was traveling, every hotel room in my budget had fungus. And every house I could rent had mold somewhere or the other.

All this exposure to fungii meant several experiences with lung and skin infections.

Believe it or not Ed, I’ve come to the conclusion that it’s not compromised immunity that aids the spread of fungus in the body, but metabolic imbalance caused by sexual energy imbalance. I know that sounds a little crazy but let me explain.

Candida, possibly the most famous fungus baddie, is famous for feeding on sugar in the body. A lot of people have found that quitting sugar stops Candida in its tracks.

I’ve read that Candida bastards MAKE a person crave sugar! So the more candida bastards are ravaging your body, they change your body chemistry and make you want and therefore get attracted to sugar.

I just thought, “Those bastards got to be killed. Just make everyone stop having sugar. Candida is a bastard. Sugar is a bitch.” I feel bad about the language Ed. But anyone who’s had an outbreak of dandruff or such understands. Its just so very frustrating.

The fact is, you can’t eliminate ALL sugar from your diet, the body needs it too.

And you’ll meet people who’ll say stuff like, “Oh just use this shampoo,” or “Just wash your hair with apple cider vinegar.” (About recurring issues like dandruff.)

And that works for some, but not for someone with a metabolic disturbance and sexual energy imbalance.

As a child, Ed, I was moved about a lot between the age nine and twelve. In those years I changed schools once every year for four years, across three different states.

I got to see one big difference between kids. Those whose energy patterns hadn’t been disturbed by displacement and those whose had.

Those were the pubescent years, when the classroom was full of hormones developing for the first time. I’m very sensitive to hormonal scents and energies so it was like watching such a show, for me.

I don’t know if you ever changed schools Ed, in those years, or had a drastic change of emotional environment. But you did teach kids for a while so maybe you’ve noticed the difference between the not displaced kids and the displaced ones.

The not displaced ones have had more or less the same food all their lives, are adjusted to the emotional and energetic environment, not likely to get overexcited or deeply affected by things. In general they’re at ease in their bodies unless there’s some specific abuse in their lives.

Their passing into puberty is relatively drama free as their sexual energy patterns develop calmly and without disruption over the years from five on.

On the other hand are the displaced kids. Over achievers or under achievers. They have to recalibrate to the new environment. It could take forever. It might never happen.

These are those whose bodies react dramatically to metabolism influencing substances that other kids’ bodies don’t react to that much.

By metabolism influencing substances, I mean sugar, coffee, soft drinks, herbs, spices, drugs.

Their basic threshold of metabolic stability is not developed enough to take the onslaught of a metabolism influencer. One night without enough sleep could devastate them.

Many of them had relatively healthy childhoods but it was the prepubescent years and teenage years which revealed a whole lot of crazy disorders.

Which brings us to sexual energy.

Sexual energy is basic vital energy that’s stored in the bottom half of the body. It converts on requirement to all other forms of energy.

When we’re very little children, our sexual energy is nearly never directly expressed out into the environment as sexual energy. It circulates in the body developing our internal organs.

However, around age five on, our body begins to develop patterns of sexual energy expression, and develop the reproductive system’s patterns that will result in maturation or adolescence.

From here on, I realized I couldn’t explain what I wanted to without doing it on video.

Part 1

How the bottom part of our energy field stores energy that the upper part expresses or uses in different ways;
How energy moves in men and women;
How energy moves in childhood and then later around puberty and adolescence
How we lose sexual energy or stored energy because of displacement or disruption and are depleted
The need to replenish the sexual energy store

Part 2

How to replenish the energy store;
We are the Earth, we can reconnect to earth field anytime anywhere;
How the lower body corresponds to the upper body;
Activities that result in emotional feedback;
Herbs that de-stimulate and therefore nourish a depleted body;
Occupy the lower body – an exercise mentioned in the Emerald Tablets of Thoth;

In conclusion;
Any energy expenditure that does not end with replenishment is not complete.

If we look for emotional fulfillment in everything we do, we connect to earth energy, and we will set our energy field right surely.

Immune System Intelligence & Rehab. of Oxygen Absorption Function

Why taking immunity boosters all the time isn’t good; Immune system intelligence; One stop remedy for oxygen uptake rehabilitation; pictures of the blood and oxygen support extract I made today Continue reading

Energy Field Assault Recovery and Building Resistance with Herbs

Energy Field Assault as a factor in the spread of contagious diseases, How Energy Field Assault is done, Protecting yourself and Recovering from Energy Field Assault , Building Resistance to Consciousness and Psychic Suggestion of Energy Field Patterns

Dear Ed,

These days a lot of independent research is being done into what exactly causes polarity based illnesses such as the common cold, flu and so on. The concept of germs as spreaders of these has never been fully accepted by anyone but the mainstream media.

I could list a whole lot of studies and books here by very respected scientists of mainstream education that question the ‘germ theory” on which the idea of modern epidemics is based, but I’ll stick with the way I see things.

How I see it, is that modern scientists are not smarter than my family who have been healers since time immemorial. I don’t think there’s anyone smarter than my Granddad John Waltham with his long long life’s journey collection of wisdom that served him well and healed so many others.

Germs are a brand new concept. In reality, they’re an idea, a theory.

Photographs of them – such as the current ones all over the place – are fictional – no one’s really seen them. There are micro-organisms that have been seen and these are appropriated to them, used artistically and so on.

You take any of the ancient fields of medicine – the concept of germs doesn’t exist.

What does exist is the concept of contagion or spreading disease through miasma or energy field assault coupled with consciousness or psychic suggestion.

This is common to all fields of ancient medicine and was the basic understanding all physicians applied as recently as the early decades of the 1900s.

When I was at university in Australia, there was a huge push for “Breast Cancer Awareness.” There was this big poster I would see everyday on the campus. I don’t remember the words exactly, but it said that the mother, sisters and daughters of someone who had breast cancer were three times more likely to develop it than those with no woman relative who had it.

I wondered then, why it wasn’t considered contagious. If it wasn’t contagious, and germs were not spreading it, how was it spreading?

A few years later, I read about a cancer epidemic in North India. It was such an epidemic that there was (and is) a train from Punjab to Mumbai called the “Cancer Train” because it’s full of cancer victims going to Mumbai for treatment. This is commonly available information. A few of those who looked into it, said it was because of the use of chemical pesticides and fertilizers in the area.

Now I know that that’s very possible indeed. However, the modern farming practices of much of the surrounding area and world in general are pretty similar but it’s that area where things are so bad, they have a cancer train going out of there every week.

The more you look at it, you realize that’s there a way disease spreads that’s triggered by interaction with others but not through actual physical substances.

Chicken pox (which I had as a child), measles (also which I had, and was an experience very useful to me now because of the first hand experience) – these are all mysterious in the way they spread. They were supposed t be contagious but when I got the measles I was the only child I knew – on our street, or in school, who got it. These diseases, again, were not known to the ancient world.

Long story short, Ed, how these modern diseases are spreading is by

energy field assault, then mass consciousness or psychic and other suggestion delivered in the moment of weakness – making the body behave a certain way. Continue reading

Matter vs Energy; Herbal Extractions vs Dilutions

How to use herbs for physical nutrients like food, versus triggering of the body’s own self regulation and healing systems through increasing the energy value of the herb. The importance of re-cognizing the herb as you dilute it. 

Ed, Granddad taught me:

The soul manifests both matter and energy. They’re the same thing really, but on different frequencies.

Matter for example – that which we can touch and measure is a frequency that’s most similar to the earth field we’re in.

Energy – whether that’s sound energy – that which we hear, or pressure – that which we feel with our skin and tissues, or subtler forms of energy – that’s frequencies on the borders of and going beyond the environmental earth field.

This is why we look and feel different immediately when we move to another place even on the same earth. The parts of us that become visible or invisible change in reaction to the earth field wherever we are.

Now the same soul, if its presence as matter decreases, its presence as energy increases.

This means, the frequency it’s carrying and vibrating at is different.

If you hold a flower in your hand, it’s got a percentage of matter to energy that’s 50:50. 50% matter 50% energy.

When you extract it into water or alcohol or vinegar, its proportions moves from 47:53. That’s 47% matter and 53%energy.

Ie., a little of its physicality or matter is lost and its energy value increases by that amount.

Most herbal extracts are at that proportion of 47:53 which accounts for the difference between eating a herb directly and taking it as an extract.

You must have noticed the difference between eating herbs in a salad versus taking drops of the extract in alcohol. It’s very much like the difference between eating grapes and drinking fresh wine.

That difference is all just because of the slight decrease in physical matter and the slight increase in energy value.

This very slight increase in energy value has traditionally been the difference between what’s food and what’s “medicine”.

Now imagine the difference if say, you took one drop of the extract and put it in a cup of water. You now have a cup of water with just a very tiny trace of the physical part of the herb, but as water will reflect an energy field fully, you have amplified the energy presence of the herb by a 100 times at least.

Think of a child going to school for the first time. She gets these books in kindergarten which she gives away when she reaches the first grade. When she goes to the second grade, she gives away her old books and get fresh ones for the third grade. And so it goes on till she passes out of school and then university.

When she goes to her first job, she does not carry the books she had from kindergarten through primary school and middle school, high school and university. She doesn’t need to. Her education has been digested and processed and even though at that point its only visible manifestations might be a certificate or some souvenirs from school days, it’s all there – the whole process.

It’s the invisible parts of the education that’s of value, that we use to move forward.

That great light is not the sun, Ed. The sun himself was just beyond the horizon when I took this picture. That’s the light field of the sun there.

There’s no greater example of the power of energy versus matter than the Sun.

If we touched the physical part of the sun we would burn, wouldn’t we? And yet it is the light of the sun, the energy of the sun, the gentle part of the fire, which triggers all the living processes in all our earth, which heals all that’s depleted and dead with new life.

A herb is like that. It has its visible measurable physical parts and its invisible energy parts.

The modern medical system denies the existence of everything but the physical measurable parts, but every instinct of every living being testifies to the existence of the invisible energy parts, because we are all the same and we have our invisible energy or soul component undeniable to us.

Of course there are some humanoid robots that claim they feel so soul of their own and none in nature either. We have to believe them when they say they have no soul. It’s a possibility these days as more and more genomes are being made into physical bodies. A sperm and egg might make a new body, but it takes two SOULS to make a new one.

But coming back to the herb, it has the whole thing – from all the books of kindergarten to university, the shoes and the clothes… along with all the learning of every stage of that process.

It’s up to us, to reach for what we need the most.

Sometimes we need the counsel of the herb as a fully educated grown soul.

Sometimes we need the company of the herb of the 5th grade skipping merrily to a song blissfully unaware of anything outside the school yard.

Sometimes we need the books of kindergarten because our body has been hit in such a way we’ve lost something very basic and intrinsic to our being.

When you hold a herb in your hand, you’re holding the whole circle of life.

Now which part of this meets your need?

Instinct will always take us on the right path. Sometimes you feel like a strong cup of tea. Sometimes you’d rather have just a drop of the extract under the tongue. Sometimes you want the effect of a few drops in water. Sometimes all you need is to look at them.

Many days I find my soul satisfied by looking at pictures and paintings of them on the internet. That is medicine and healing too.


As you use herbs over the years you begin to get the hang of how your body interacts with them.

At the time my Granddad told me about the matter to energy principle – that as the matter decreases the energy increases; Just like when the books are gone from the student – the whole cumulative effect of the energy of his or education manifests; at time my instincts weren’t all well honed.

In fact, my instinct was so buried under mental collections of knowledge that was at best useless and at worst dangerous and destructive.

To help me find my way my Granddad gave me “keys” to consciousness.

These were just principles that he said I should use as a key or guide.

In the matter of herbs and their effects the key went:

Matter: Energy Proportion of the Herb – Area of the Human Consciousness it affects

Raw herb fresh
50:50 – Physical body and Limbic system ie. the basic building blocks of our brain and body’

Raw herb dried
49:51 – Physical body and Limbic System and Voluntary Nervous System Ie. our conscious control over our bodies

Herbal Extract in Water (kept well beneath boiling point) or Alcohol or Vinegar
47:53 – Physical nutrients + All communication systems, blood vessels, All maintenance systems (such as cleaning out, making new cells etc).

1 drop of extract diluted into a cup of water
40:60 Very few physical nutrients, but triggers all communication systems, blood vessels, hormone management systems, hormone creation and maintenance, reactionary systems (including immunity), comprehension of environment systems, absorption of nutrients abilities, regulation of fluid in the body, quality checking of new cells (very important in recovery from cancers and recovery from physical injury).

1 drop of extract diluted into a cup of water and then 1 drop of that put into another fresh cup of water further changes the way the herb affects us by going onto the “grown-up” parts of our system – how we view ourselves, how we manage our energy, how we judge what amount of energy we need for our day, how we use the energy available to us, how we perceive our environment and so on.
This is the level on which those with chronic allergies and auto-immune problems need healing the most on.

Our family has practiced a field of medicine called “Inverse Field energy medicine” in which we use the complete absence of the herb and just its dark energy field, or the space it leaves when it leaves. I was able to offer this through my website from 2009 to 2017 when I was no longer able to as epsom salt in which this medicine could be carried without getting broken through airport radiation scanners was banned from international post out of India.

I believe there’s a destined time for its revival.

Despite how difficult it was to explain its effects, it was wildly popular and I had emails all the time telling me of how it changed people’s and their pets’ lives.

But for now getting back to herbal extracts, as the physical matter decreases, the energy value increases.

When Granddad explained it to me, I asked him, “At which point does the presence of the herb go out of the water? Like if I kept diluting it and diluting it.. at which point would you say there was NO herb in the water anymore?”

Granddad explained to me that that depended on my following the process.

It’s like this. A herb is just another green leaf with some physical chemical properties – just like a pill from the drugstore, till a human with consciousness memory of that herb comes into contact with it and has primal recognition of it.

When that human with the primal recognition of the herb, extracts it, then dilutes it, with every dilution the human re-cognizes the herb’s presence in the water, which makes the water take on and carry the energy field of the herb.

This human recognition and telecast to the water, with every level of dilution is very important.

That’s why, to heal with herbs which are living beings, unlike pills and chemicals which are not, it’s important to RE-COGNIZE the whole being of the plants. Knowledge about how they work in general is good, but very soon you find out, it doesn’t take you very far at all.

Anyone can look up which herbs do what in general on the internet, use them and dump them because they didn’t work. God knows I’ve done quite a bit of that myself.

When I was a teenager someone told me if I rubbed turmeric powder on my arms and legs I’d never have to shave or wax them. So I had yellow stains on my bedsheets and home clothes for weeks. This was all quite hilarious as I had almost no hair on my arms and legs to start with at the time. My plan had been to NEVER have to shave or wax ever by PREVENTING the hairs from ever growing.

But the previously unthought of hair now began to grow – possibly because of all the attention they were getting for the first time in my life. The turmeric made sure they fell quick after they grew quick.

I realized that herbs that increased cell division and vitality also speed up their death. (The reason turmeric can heal cancer – it speeds up cell death or apoptosis.)

Castor oil for example on your eye lashes will make them thick and long for a few weeks before they will fall to make place for new ones.

You got to know the whole cycle before you use a herb for one thing.

And when you’re dealing with a living being, you need to think beyond how they’re physically affecting you to their effect on you emotionally and psychologically and spiritually.

Someone did this research that showed more than 90% of our decisions are made from emotion, not logic.

The fact is, our lives are so ruled by our spirit and soul, that to assume that medicine that does not address the decision making, destiny choosing, path directing parts of us, is medicine at all, is immature.

It is the journey of a lifetime to allow our soul to become loud from under the rubble of our mental education and begin to recognize the living beings around us that have been relegated to “things”.

I write this to inspire the human consciousness to realize that when a physical medicine doesn’t heal us, it’s only because there’s only so much the physical or matter can do. There are PHYSICAL parts of us, the key to which is in the soul parts of us. And there are herbs, our angels, who can speak to our soul parts and heal us on that level.

Never give up.