New Bamboo Shoot Almost as tall as Parents

How beautiful is he!

Dear Ed,

This new Bamboo shoot is so full of enthusiasm he’s almost as tall as his parent shoots in just a few weeks.

I just had to put his picture online.

The Curse of the Bamboo – Bamboo for Fertility, Connectivity, Conduction

Skin Rehabilitation from Emotional & Nervous Blow-out; Long Term Trauma

Comfrey - Symphytum Officinale
How exquisitely beautiful is Comfrey! Symphytum Officinale

Herbs for first-aid for the skin after an emotional or nervous blow-out; Electrical and energetic assault on skin; Herbs for rehabilitation of skin cells from long term trauma; How to make your own oil extracts and creams

Dear Ed,

The skin is full of nerve endings. It is a sense organ in its own right, you know. It has nerve endings to sense things like temperature, pressure, and even “sixth sense” events such as energy fields around us; “the hair on my hand rose” for example.

The skin has its own intelligence and is very much part of the nervous system, as it is also very much a part of the hormonal functioning of the body.

It’s easy to see the effect of the emotional experiences we go through on our skin, especially on our faces as that’s the skin surrounding so many of our sense organs and in these days the part of us we use for expression the most.

A big part of treating our skin therefore should be aimed at healing and restoring the health of the nerve endings. The good thing about using herbs for skin healing, is that the herbs which promote wound healing also promote nerve ending healingComfrey for example, a herb used traditionally for overall skin health, heals the little wounds we can’t see in the mirror but are there as a result of long term weathering. It also soothes the nerve endings, feeds them literally feeds them.

Calendula, another wound healer and anti-infection agent, is a powerful nerve ending healer as well in the way it cakes the nerve endings which could be in shock, with a sort of temperature shield in the moment.

Myrrh, another wound healer, is like a blanket for the nerve endings. I don’t think I could put it better – a blanket. You know what means for nerves that have experienced a blow out.

But these are first-aid.

As someone who’s been through hell emotionally I can tell you that a time comes when you begin to see the effect of long term trauma on the skin. Long term sleep deprivation, long term nutrition deficiency, long term assault on the hormonal balance of the body, long term stress in general.

Rehabilitation of the skin from long term trauma starts with internal treatment.

There’s precious little an external treatment will do, if our liver is underperforming, our lungs, our heart and so on. A holistic treatment aimed at strengthening the body, addressing specific organ weakness is absolutely necessary.

Internal nutrition for rehabilitation from skin trauma would ideally include:

Bamboo or Horsetail (Equisetum) or Pearl Millet powder – All of these are powerhouses of silica – a substance very required for skin cell health.

Good fat and saturated oils – I have found it practically impossible to rehabilitate a nervous system – or the hormones for that matter – on a low fat diet. The body uses the fat content in our food as an indication of “it is well”. Without that indication, and the practical help of the fat in cushioning the nerves, most other treatments aren’t going to go too far.

It’s a scam all around – the low fat craze – it promotes nervous instability such as humanity has never seen before, metabolic imbalance and obesity.

You can eat all kinds of “nutrition” but if we’re not getting fat, the body believes itself to be in malnutrition and will start retaining whatever little fat it can, and even water as water retention is an important part of the body’s response to crisis.

Long term low fat diets result in an atrophied digestive system that is without nerve ending cushioning, making us hyper-reactive and prone to allergies, not to mention the various emotional and psychological conditions like panic disorder, anxiety and so on.

When our bodies believe we’re starving, it’s a serious crisis and this shows up in every area of our lives.

So good fat is just THAT important.

Good yeast and Probiotic is also important as part of a diet to heal the skin. When we have any sort of emotional blow-out, the drastic temperature changes our skin cells experience as we process high voltage electricity through the nervous system and tissues, yeast cells which are sensitive to electric impulses, die off.

The yeast cell population has to be replenished. They do the micro-cleaning up work whether in the digestive system or the skin. If our skin’s natural yeast population is repeatedly attacked through high voltage nervous electricity (you can see the effect most clearly on the face of someone who has experienced a nervous breakdown, someone who is on drugs that drastically change nervous frequency in a short period of time), the yeast cells are chronically low and this results in the build up of toxins that should have been eliminated, hanging about just beneath the skin or often surfacing as well.

Eruptions, pimples, warts, moles and such, contrary to popular “science” are not caused by infection agents or “viruses” (the latest excuse for everything – I believe they’re going to discover the virus that causes marital problems soon and “mandate” that masks be worn in bed and in the shower as well).

Rather, skin eruptions and collections of toxins are the body’s inability to smoothly clean out toxins and are indicative of a struggling yeast population.

Natural probiotics such as natural yoghurt, cheese, fermented food are required as part of the diet in the long term to rehabilitate the yeast population in the body. Alcoholic drinks and breads that contain real yeast are also traditional medicine for the same. In fact, traditional diet all over the world includes natural yeast on a regular if not daily basis.

Electrical and Energetic Assault on the Body

Many long term and “spreading” skin conditions such as warts and moles are also caused by electrical assault on the energy field of the body, that cause a general cell breakdown in the way cells reproduce – causing some cells to make truncated new cells – or cells which are barely alive so the body doesn’t throw them out at once, but which are no use because they aren’t fully functional. They get stored here and there about the body. Tumors and warts are expressions of general electrical and energetic assault on the body.

To deal with these effectively a drastic approach aimed at increasing the overall vitality of the body through emotional healing is required.

It’s the truth Ed, that few speak of – the connection between immunity and emotional well being. The effect of general electrical and radiation type assault on the body is emotional and nervous depression and the corresponding fall in immunity. To get back to normal, the happiness of the person must come back.

The will to live, hope in the future, all these boost immunity like few other things will do.

However, we can be helped big-time by herbs like Rosehips, Ashwagandha or Winter Cherry and Pine Bark, which have nutrition that makes the electrical system – i.e. the nervous system stable and strong. Most of the class of herbs called “adaptogens” strengthen the energy field.

Topical Treatment of the Skin with Herbs

The same herbs we take internally for nervous system recovery from break downs and nerve healing, applied topically in creams, and gels and so on deliver those micro-nutrients to damaged skin cells.

It’s important not to cause over-stimulation of the skin cells which are already injured through long term high electric voltage. Herbs and medicines that promote healing through raising the heat locally – Turmeric, Golden Seal for example should be avoided or used in very small doses.

Oils are a great form of delivery because they cushion the tired nerve endings. But if the skin is already very oily (a great sign that the body is already dealing with the problem – excess skin oiliness is the body healing nerve ending blow out) or the skin is prone to perspiration (another great sign – the body’s response with sweat is an indication of its replenishing yeast population and balancing out hormones) , aloe vera gel and ointments such as calamine lotion and beeswax are good carriers of the herbs.

Whatever you do, resist a violent approach to the skin. Just a little of a herb is enough.

To make your own treatment, get the herbs themselves and extract them into oil by slow heating them in a double boiler or put the oil in a glass bottle, put the herbs in, and sit it on a towel at the bottom of a pot, fill the pot up with water and heat the water up every time it goes cold, or keep it on the lowest heat possible, so you keep the oil warm. You’ll know by instinct, or by the color of the oil when the herb’s been extracted into the oil.

The other method of treatment – the easier option – is to buy the herbal tinctures, aloe vera gel, calamine lotion – or any other cream or ointment of your choice that doesn’t have strong attacking agents in it. Unscented is good.

You then put a few drops of the tincture in with the gel or cream, mix well, and that’s it. Don’t go overboard with the drops, all you need is a 3-4 drops for about 100 ml or 4 oz of a cream or gel. Any more and you’re overwhelming the skin cells.

Herbal nervines for rehabilitation of skin cells from long term trauma Continue reading

Secrets of Regeneration – Destiny & Herbs

A bunch of cut daffodils were in a vase on a table. This was the sight that met my Granddad’s eyes as he walked into the house. After decades of not knowing where his children were, if they were even alive, of thinking he had no descendants left, he was walking into a house where his grand daughter Mary, her husband Richard, and their ten year old daughter Anna, lived.

He described to me, the flowers on the table, the pink tablecloth, the white curtains, the grey-green sofas, the russet-brown carpet, the smell of roses in the air from the garden, the books on the side table.

I was impatient. I asked him to get to when he saw them – his grand daughter and great grand daughter.

He said to me, “The clock struck twelve in the afternoon. I got up to my feet. And they came down the stairs and then in through the door. My grandchild was like the moon walking and her child holding her hand like a piece of the moon.”

He then went silent and I let him be.

After a while he said to me, “Cara, look at my finger nails.”

I did. They seemed quite normal to me.

“They used to turn black,” he said, “Now and then, when I thought it was time to die.”

I waited for him to continue. He seemed to take forever.

“My child, your destiny is a force even your body cannot defy. Destiny brings the flowers back year after year.” Continue reading

Positive and Negative Polarity – Holistic Recovery with Herbs from Radiotherapy and Radiation Damage

A time comes to every person who takes herbs and natural healing when they have to stop depending on herbs and cross over to being independently healthy again. Very few ever cross that line, and their body ends up developing resistance to the very herbs that are their medicine of choice.

Herbs to stimulate healing, detoxification and so on, are of the positive polarity, or solar, heating, pushing, moving. They include all those processes that are outgoing and heat generating and expanding and energy releasing. Cell growth, cell reproduction, regeneration of damaged tissue, they’re all positive or solar processes.

There are herbs that support the negative polarity or the lunar processes of the body, cooling, contracting and energy retaining.

These have to be taken at just the right time, to help bring the body into balance, into neutral, and then lessened to a point where you don’t need anything but your food and your water to keep healthy.

Just as the heart sends out blood to the entire body, so the heart receives blood from the entire body. It’s something that is happening in every part of us all the time.

Radiation is everywhere in our modern lifestyles, even if you don’t actually go through a radiotherapy session. It is experienced in mild ways across Australia, where I was told by a man who installed cable antennas, you won’t be covered by insurance for skin cancer if you don’t wear a hat when working outdoors. Radiation is delivered by microwaves, is in food that is irradiated to prevent it from spoiling, is generated by mobile phones, and any other number of radiation delivery devices.

Now radiation, simply over-stimulates the cells into the positive polarity causing the cell to release its stored energy, with which it was supposed to live long and reproduce into other cells before it died. When it suddenly releases all its stored energy, it burns out and dies, or goes weak.

This kills cells by making them overwork and get over-heated and, just like food gets heated up and if longer, burned, in the microwave.

This is one reason, radiotherapy is part of current medical treatment of cancer. Technically speaking, it should kill off just the bad boy cells and let the good boy cells be. In practical experience however, that is almost never what happens. Usually the good boys and girls end up weak and susceptible now to even more problems, and those far more widespread than before.

One reason herbal medicine for recovery from radiotherapy works so well is because herbs with high levels of natural energy (note: not all herbs are made alike) quickly supply the body with vital energy so the good boys and girls can keep going until they start functioning again and get back to collecting up energy for their life functions.

But this is where the bridge is. Ask anyone into natural living and they’ll tell you that a time comes when the herbs don’t ‘work’ like they did before.

The body balances out everything, even herbs. After a certain crisis has been crossed, the body will start treating the same herb it treated like gold during the crisis, now like any other food, passing out most of it. The body thinks, “I’m getting so much of it regularly, no point storing it around, let’s store the rarer stuff, this one’s always available.” Continue reading

The Curse of the Bamboo – Bamboo for Fertility, Connectivity, Conduction

In the early 1900s there were recorded two severe famines in and around the wild bamboo forests of the North-East of India. Every thirty years these famines would strike.

The cause of the terrible famines was investigated and discovered. Every thirty years, the bamboo flowered and fruited. The fruit would fall down onto the floor of the forest, where rodents, especially rats feasted on them. This resulted in the virility and fertility of the rats increasing so much – an expert said it was 80 -90 times more than usual – and they reproduced as much very quickly.

The huge population of rats then went out from the forest into the countryside looking for food, eating up everything they possibly could. They’d get into the granaries of the time, into fields and barns and homes.

Therefore the flowering of the bamboo became considered more a curse than a blessing.

Bamboo grows easily all over the world. It’s got wonderful nutrients, in fact it’s a sure way to quickly give your hair and skin and teeth and nails a boost, because it’s got so much silica, one of the building blocks of all those.

What I find most amazing about it is how beneath all of its benefits is its ability to support energy and electric conductivity in the body, and on a consciousness level too.

It’s something you try if you find that the herbs you’re taking, or the nutrition you’re having doesn’t seem to reach where it’s supposed to go.

In every way, if you find that one part of you is all passionate and motivated to do something, that other parts of you don’t seem to be able to support, Bamboo’s the one to help.

Bamboo can be had as a tea, powdered dried leaf or as an extract. A little goes a long way. It works best when you take a little of it over a long period of time, like 6 months to a year.

Speaking of fertility. This funny thing happened to me once. I was in a park trying to take a picture of two monkeys nibbling on Bamboo leaves. Between the time I zoomed in on them and clicked they’d done from just nibbling on leaves companionably to errr.. making love. It was quite embarrassing for me standing there with my camera pointing at them and people staring at me like I’m a pervert.

Well I doubt bamboo would work that quick for humans but who knows, perhaps if you have a really strong tea, you never know.

Almost any health regimen will benefit from a boost to connectivity and connection within the body though.

Note: If you want to collect your Bamboo leaves from a densely populated wild place, make sure you put on some mosquito repellent cream as mosquitoes tend to breed in areas like those Bamboo likes – rather wet, almost swampy. I forgot and my son and I got bit all over the face and arms just before I took this video.

Herbs for Re-connection and Recovery from Energy Body Splintering

It’s not enough to fight for life, we must WANT to live. Keeping the physical body going is not the same as being alive. The flame of us, our life force must burn through all layers of our consciousness. If it doesn’t we are in some stage of death.

Imagine there’s 3 layers of us, just like there are layers of the earth’s atmosphere.

There’s the layer of us that’s the physical cells.

There’s the layer that’s electricity given off by the physical cells and the effect of electricity with electricity. Something like the warmth of your phone or your hair dryer that you can feel before you touch it, when you’ve used it a lot.

Then there’s the layer of the feelings or experience of the soul through all this.

A healthy person in a healthy body has the flame of their life energy burning through these three layers. That means they are present, their awareness, their life energy is present in the body, in the warmth, in the soul experience.

For the flame to burn in the body, is for the body to be healthy. When we want to live in the body, when we enjoy the pleasures of the body, when we feel the sensations of the body, the flame in this layers burns.

When the flame in this layer burns, naturally the flame in the next layer burns, because all the electricity of the body results in reactions and the warmth layer becomes all hot and radiates out the messages of who we are, who we love, who we hate, our intentions, our needs etc. out into the consciousness.

When the warmth layer is all nice and toasty, naturally the flame in the third later burns bright and strong and our soul is enriched by the pleasure of the experience of life. This is real food for the person. The physical food we eat is only part of the process. This life experience, this is the food that makes us live, that gives us direction, that heals us when we fall ill, that makes us grow and evolve according to our need at different times in life. Real solid food.

Experiences that shatter us, that break the connections between our soul and body

They could be anything from an attack of chemicals through vaccination, chemotherapy, radiotherapy, to painful loss, betrayal, sexual assault and rape. There are also not-so-dramatic that can cause the break or divide between soul and body, believing in false identity, philosophies that demean the human body as sinful and ‘wrong’, being part of groups or systems of belief or way of living, or even being in relationships that our spirit cannot be OK with.

If we don’t connect the flames up, the middle layer will slowly radiate out lesser and lesser, and one or the other of the other flames will go out and we’ll either have a body cut off from spirit (death, my friend, even though you can still turn up at work and collect your salary end of the month) or a spirit without a body (death, again, though you get a death certificate in this case).

If you’ve been shattered and are in need of getting the flames in your different layers burning as one flame again, you know it. You know what it feels like to burn a lot in one area and feel tired and disinterested in another part of you. You know when you aren’t all connected up.

One definite sign of being shattered is being sexually unhappy or dissatisfied. You can be single and sexually satisfied or with someone and still sexually dissatisfied.

You can connect up in so many ways. Just doing what you love and doing a lot of it, is the ultimate healing.

But since we all could use some angels on our path, here are some herbs that do a great great job resuscitating dying flames.

Herbs that help Reconnect Us – Body, Soul and Spirit, that Heal Energy Flow

Bamboo – Bambusa Vulgaris

The bamboo plant is full of every nutrient necessary for general health and well being. You cannot have bamboo leaf and stay unwell for very long. It works on a primal level.

It heals your ability to heal yourself.

Sure, that can take some time. But it will happen.

It’s like this. We never really have any lack of energy in us.

It’s even an accepted law in modern physics called ‘the Law of Energy Conservation’. It says, “The total energy of an isolated system remains constant, it is said to be conserved over time. This law means that energy can neither be created or destroyed; rather, it can only be transformed from one form to another.”

What feels like a lack of energy is just the energy not being able to reach somewhere it has to, or the body being too weak to convert available energy into the forms it has to, to work with it.

Either way, Bamboo’s got you covered. It’s not like you can take Bamboo and suddenly run a marathon – though I have seen a couple of monkeys go from beningly chewing bamboo leaves to having rather wild sex between the time I turned my camera on and actually clicked – 6 seconds maybe – very embarassing for me. It looked like I was shooting money porn when all I’d intended to do was take a picture of monkeys chewing on Bamboo leaves.

Anyway so that was them. It might not work that way for us humans.

Bamboo rehabilitates. Those tiny little things in us that need repair tucked away in pockets, Bamboo repairs those slowly.

Bamboo has a very high concentration of silica, 6 to 7 times more the Horsetail (Equisetum) even, which is used world over to repair bone, raise bone density and so on.

So whichever way you look at it, you have ANY kind of energy problem, Bamboo will eventually fix it and it can’t do any harm whatsoever.

Damiana – Turnera Diffusa

Do the leaves look somewhat familiar to you? Yes, a little like Cannabis, a love child the botanists forgot to record as a relative.

Damiana does something few other herbs do, it relaxes the very core of the body, the center, the deep abdomen, the place where the first cell of us that ever developed was. That place from where energy flows out to the rest of the body.

When we have survived terrible attacks and our energy body is splintered, this area becomes stressed, holding in huge amounts of tension, keeping our sexual energy locked up, and the whole body functioning on tiny bits of energy instead of generous free amount we should have.

Damiana relaxes this area of us. For those with long term trauma whether due to sexual abuse, sexual assault, or holding attitudes that demean sexuality and primal human expression, Damiana taken regularly will help break the habit of holding tension and sexual energy in.

As energy begins to flow out from this area, the entire body and system heals.

Wherever there has been trauma to do with sexual energy, Damiana will help almost immediately. Continue reading

Herbs go where words can’t. Herbs to comfort.

There are times in life when all you can do for a loved one or your self is to simply comfort. Times of shock, grief, bereavement, you don’t really know what to do, and there is precious little anyone can say at times like those.

A cup of a soothing herbal tea that’s not too strong, can help. Herbal tinctures put into a little bottle and given every half an hour or so, can help in big ways to calm a grief stricken person and help them to cope with any tasks that demand their mental attention.

The key is to have a little of, not too much of anything, but a little of any of the following comforting herbs. If the need is great, have them more often, up to once every 15 minutes, but keep the dose light.

Herbs for Comfort

If you can, find out what the tendencies of the person you are making the treatment for, are. Some people are at risk of a heart attack, some have terrible headaches, some women hemorrhage, some have digestive upsets or constipation, some cannot sleep, some cannot be mentally alert, some lose their appetite, some are manic and could use mild sedation.

You don’t need to go too deep into it, just follow instinct. All of these, any of these will help as anyway the whole body works together.

The first thing to do is raise basic vitality as that’s half of the job done. Their body will be able to do what has to be done if basic vitality is back up.

Alfalfa Seed for those who feel cold more than warm

For everyone of all ages. Simple basic comforting. One spoonful of the seeds boiled for 2 minutes and steeped for 5 minutes will make two cups of light gentle tea. The tincture can be used 30drops to 100ml of water and given 20 drops every hour or so, even more often is just fine.

Barley Seed for those who feel uncomfortably warm

For those feeling congested, like they can’t breathe, like they’re suffocating, barley seeds, 2 spoonfuls will make a nice comforting energy boosting calming tea.

St. John’s Wort – Hypericum Perforatum

For those feeling stretched beyond toleration, tight, and ‘cannot take anymore’, this herb helps.

It is especially helpful when the person’s sense of hope is at a low, when everything looks dark and dingy. When the will to live is stretched very thin.

5 drops to a cup of water, or half a t-spoon of the herbs steeped in hot water for 5 -10 minutes.

Bamboo Leaf

This is for those whose physical reaction to grief and shock is hair loss and related manifestations of a sudden loss of vitality like tired skin, “too drained to sleep”, loss of sexual energy or libido, just cannot go on with normal life activities anymore.

Bamboo leaf tea or extract is a gentle but powerful supporter of the spirit and opener of vision.


Calluna Vulgaris – energizes those who need very much to keep the big picture in mind while dealing with grief or a tragedy, for who the current situation as traumatic as it might be, is part of a process that started a long time ago and will take a long time to resolve.

For those whose current sorrow is not just about the current situation but things thi hat have snowballed one after another for years and decades maybe. For who it’s not so much about accepting the situation but about comprehending what the situation means for their lives, about who they are.

Things deeper than the current situation – Heather helps the soul and body acclimatize to changes that come with deep deep life change.

White Willow Bark

Famous as a pain-killer (the original source of aspirin), White Willow is for those who cannot face the pain, who have been in the habit of looking away from their tragedies and just moving on without grieving enough. The emotional pain hangs about as pain in the body.

White Willow helps those who find it hard to express their grief. This shows up in high blood pressure sometimes, bloodshot eyes, head aches, back aches, knotted nerves and so on.


For those with physical weakness, of the anemic sort. “No strength to cry”, they breathe deeply only once every other minute because they’re so heart tired. They’re just waiting for either external help or whenever their body slowly recovers. They manage to go about mechanically, but very tired most of the time.

Their appetite is poor and in general they’re doing poorly dealing with things, just managing the bare minimum. Long term damage to their life interests can be prevented by supporting them with Hibiscus tea or tincture.

It helps women who hemorrhage in reaction to shock or grief, children who aren’t able to digest food properly as have anemic tendencies as a result, men who have had severe blood loss or been exposed to chemical poisoning that has made it difficult to process food properly and make new blood like before.

In general if they’ve gone pale, and can’t seem get the red back in the face, Hibiscus will help.

If Hisbiscus isn’t available where you are, Rosehips comes close, combined with any of these – Beetroot, Blackstrap Molasses, Pomegranate Molasses. Continue reading