How to Find and Hold our Natural Frequency; Frequency Stabilizer Herbs, Emotional Fog & Alternate Identities

The importance of one central frequency; How different parts of us start carrying different frequencies; How to find our base natural frequency, How to unite our system into our base frequency; How to maintain our base frequency; Emotional Fog; Frequency Stabilizing Herbs; Alter identities and methods to Remind ourselves of our base frequency incl. urine and sexual fluids

Dear Ed,

In recent times I’ve been contacted more and more by people asking me which herbs to use for a certain medical diagnosis but actually describing what I would simply call metabolic imbalance or an unstable frequency. Continue reading

Trauma Miasma and Infectious Diseases

What is a Miasma? How does Trauma spread? What makes us susceptible to catching trauma? What stops the spread of miasmas? How can we protect ourselves from miasmas?

Dear Ed,

I wish I weren’t an expert on trauma miasmas. I wish I hadn’t found out the way I did, the truth about trauma hormones being used to induce particular types of illness patterns in people.

But I did, Ed and I do know more about it than anyone else I know. We’re being exposed to trauma miasmas on such a huge level everyday that it would be positively criminal not to publish information on it at this time. Continue reading

5 Causes of Long Term Energy Draining

Converting energy; How the body’s energy cycle changes frequencies; Five causes of long term energy draining; Pictures of Morning Glory

Dear Ed,

Granddad taught me that the basic vital energy in our bodies, that’s stored, that is, not being used in active processes, is sexual energy.

If someone is low on sexual energy, it means that the majority of their energy is not stored, it’s active and being used and not available for sexual processes – which include skin, bone, teeth, hair, hormonal glands and reproductive system processes and maintenance. Yes, all that comes under sexual energy processes. Continue reading

Anxiety Triggered Inflammation – 3 Decisive Ways to Break the Cycle

Dear Ed,

Recently, the majority of inflammatory conditions I’ve been noticing have been anxiety triggered.

People feel helpless, Ed, when told to “just calm down,” and “Stop being anxious.” Once you’re actually breaking out in inflammations and allergies, and putting on water weight (fluid retention), that’s already the body saying that anxiety that should be expressed is being suppressed.

Unfortunately, Ed, despite decades of an unofficial movement stressing that emotions should be released instead of held in, in everyday reality, people still are constrained and held back. Continue reading

How to Holistically Stabilize Energy Levels – Energy Flow from Consciousness to Body

Me in 2004, still trying to be the life of the party.

My investigation into why healed conditions kept returning; The body’s allegiance to the consciousness; Imposing mental constructs on our experience; Reactive emotions versus deep emotional state; The manifestation zone – Gender and Sexuality; Energy flow from consciousness to body; How to stabilize body temperature  

Dear Ed,

This is about one very simple principle of holistic healing that took me very long to learn.

There’s this frustrating thing, where when you look into why an allergy flared up again out the blue, why an infection struck again, why a condition came back after going away for a while; all the information you get is, “Stress can cause this.”

Stress is such a generic word, Ed, and most people are living under stress 24 x 7 for years and years. OK, I understand there’s everyday stress and there’s worse than that, stress, but I just find it frustrating and unfair, to tell someone that stress caused the problem.

What’s the use of medicine really if one bad day can cause it to go defunct?

I first started investigating this when I was a teenager. I had (and have) faith in prayer, Ed. Many times in my life, I had no access to medicines or herbs and had a debilitating problem, I’ve prayed and been healed. I’ve prayed for others and they’ve been healed. I was somewhat famous in church circles when I was a teenager for that.

My problem was when the problem would come back after a few days. If God had healed the person, why did the problem come back? WHY WHY WHY. It burned me and tested my faith in everything.

I thought – Maybe prayer healing is just a temporary thing for emergency help. God has made herbs and medicines and healing therapies so that we go through the process of healing. That process of healing is important because as we heal our bodies, we heal our consciousness and our lives change. That life change is the reason we fell ill in the first place.

It is all indeed so true, Ed. The healing process is important.

I could just pick anyone off the street and ask them about their life and they’d tell me at some point that finding healing for a health condition they had, led to something that led to something that led to something now an indispensable part of their lives. So, that healing process is important.

So I made peace with that.

Granddad rubbed it in too. The day I had two heart attacks on the same day, Christmas day 2000, he rewired my energy field manually. I ran up and down the stairs fifteen times without losing breath immediately after. I was ecstatic! I was gushing, “Teach me to do it too.”

Granddad warned me it was temporary. And he taught me something then and later on as well.

The first allegiance of body is to your consciousness.

Whatever you give the body, it will go back to maintaining itself as a mirror of your consciousness, and to support you staying in that consciousness. It is semper fi to your consciousness.

Take me for example. I had severe heartbreak in my childhood and then teenage years. I had 99% put it away from my conscious mind. I really mean 100%. But consciousness doesn’t give one damn for our conscious mind. Sad but true. It’s all about reality for our consciousness or energy field.

If we’re sad deep down, our consciousness is sad, depressed, self isolating, and our body is ever faithful, semper fi, to reflecting that.

No matter which medicine you take, which herb, which yogic practice, which chant you chant, where you go holidaying, how much money you give away, or keep…. It all doesn’t matter. The body will swing back to reflecting your consciousness.

Alright, so when I was 23, I began to wake up and smell the coffee. I had this moment when in one second I realized my life was full of lies. I wasn’t the cheerful life-of-the-party I thought I was. I wasn’t free. But worst of all, I had nothing but unresolved pain in me to give anyone who might love me.

So now I decided I was going to exhume all my pain and face the truth about me and my life. Now I look back, I was like a million miles away from even imagining what I’d have to look at. I had been living with such illusions.

But thank God for the spirit in us that makes us push for healing without being aware of the mountain we’re under. 😉 If we told kindergarten kids that they’d have to learn calculus one day to pass out of school, they’d toss their bag and lunchbag and everything and say, “NO WAY I’M EVEN STARTING ON THAT PATH.” (Note – This does not mean I support the existence of calculus in any way. I’m just saying.)

But I started out to exhume my suppressed emotions. I actually thought I’d be done by the weekend. That was 2003. haahahahahaha

Anyway, so the thing is, you have to change your basic attitude to life, and that takes time.

There’s no use emptying your cupboard every weekend and rearranging everything, until you change your habit of tossing things in or pulling everything out to find one thing, and then stuffing everything back in higgledy piggledy because you’re in a hurry.

It’s a horrific thing for a mentally intelligent person such as myself (hmm huh) to change my attitude to being emotionally aware in the moment. I was more of a constantly mental person who “Tapped into emotions” for a “creative inspiration” while writing “inspirational posts” for my blog.

I had a blog in those days. It was called “The Secret Garden”. I named it after my childhood favorite book. But most others thought it was a place where I’d write about my sexual fantasies. Except for one time when I made up a story about how I lost my virginity on a summer day when I was hot and a man twice my age offered me a cold drink – an April fool’s day post that had people commenting even before they read to the end and found out it was an April fool’s day post; I didn’t write anything about sex.

I was writing creative emotional stuff! But everything got taken sexual- perhaps because of the title “The Secret Garden.” I had to close the blog because I couldn’t take the atmosphere anymore. (For your entertainment I will put some posts from then at the bottom of this article.)

But that was my attitude. My emotional exhuming was for a creative process. I thought it was enough.

It took me so long to realize I had to change the way I tossed clothes into the cupboard and removed clothes from the cupboard, on an everyday basis, to keep it neat. That I couldn’t afford two hours every weekend reorganizing it.

Emotionally, that I had to be aware in the moment, not keep it for later, when I’m writing my diary or whatever. That I had to stop imposing mental constructs on life.

Let me give you an example of what I mean by that.

How I was, was, if let’s say I was sitting in a cafe and someone I knew came by, and I said Hi; my previous attitude was a mental one where I’d think, “He’s a friend of friend, and must therefore be a good guy. I must enthusiastically greet him and be happy that I know so many people. So many NICE people.”

So I’d impose this on myself as the person was walking up. I’d be in this mind box of – “This is a friend of whoever, he’s a nice guy”.

In reality I’d probably not know very much about the guy or his friend for that matter. And I was in the mind box – “Do not judge”. I mentally told myself everyone was a wonderful person – if not obviously, then deep down.

It’s all good for a movie, but in reality you get into deep deep trouble with an attitude like that. Where you mentally tell yourself what to experience.

Several people actually teach you to THINK through life, like that. It’s wrong. It causes trouble. It causes us to lose our basic power of emotional experience and recognition of reality to know what’s what and pick up life cues. It creates suppressed emotions and causes health problems that don’t go away until they’re expressed.

Take affirmations for example. It is in fact a great help to tell yourself things, remind yourself, specially in moments of stress, about life truths and such. But past a certain point what it does is make you mentally impose on the situation instead of being emotionally aware.

I had reached a point where I was mentally making myself view every situation through the prism of my affirmations and faith statements. I would realize hours or days later, what actually happened during certain interactions.

As good as those affirmations are, they can never do for us what awareness and experience of the moment can.

So I had to change my attitude, my very way of facing life, that I’d developed to survive my childhood, because it was now hurting me… And I can’t say I’m fully there yet, but I’ve come a long way.

What I did initially though, to stop being so mental, was make compartments of my life. These, these and these situations are where I can be emotionally aware. And these situations are where I CANNOT AFFORD to be emotionally aware.

Those times we think we can’t AFFORD to be emotionally aware, they tend to be the times we need to the most. Because that’s an open channel for abuse right there.

It’s a hard thing to face, Ed. Because many times these are dangerous situations.

I knew this woman who was in a custody battle for her child. I don’t know the details but the thing was, she had to really behave herself, on visits with her child. She had to not be drunk, for one, and not do reckless things like take the child too far away from home so they couldn’t get back by 8pm. That sort of thing.

To tell her to be emotionally aware on those visits instead of mentally controlled, took all of my will and courage and faith. But I felt my instinct saying that her problems could in fact be resolved by being emotionally aware despite the dangers it posed where she could start tripping, get ungrounded, do something reckless that could make her lose even visitation rights.

The general idea is that alcoholics and drug addicts are over-emotional. However, the opposite is also often true. They can actually be terribly emotionally repressed and it could be the root of their problems.

Whatever I recommended, the woman had her choice to make and she really wanted healing. She decided to be emotionally aware and things worked out for her.

Our heart CAN take care of us, in the worst situations, Ed.

This is hard to believe for those people who feel they were betrayed by their heart at some time. Who feel that if they’d not gotten emotional at some point and believed and trusted the wrong people, they wouldn’t have gone through the suffering they did.

Being emotionally aware, instead of mentally controlled, brings unexpected solutions because we’re experiencing and facing reality instead of imagining reality.

A lot of people think being emotionally aware is an option. It isn’t. Not for someone who has a soul anyway. We’re born to experience life, not imagine and pretend. When we experience life, we grow and move on.

Life is the experience of the soul. If we stop emotionally experiencing life, we stop living.

So I started out:
1) Learning that that the process of healing is important, and
2) Experiencing life, ie., being emotionally aware is important.

But now I had a new problem. I was exploding everyday, a few times a day.

I’m emotional about everything, as most humans are in fact. I’m emotional about the vegetables I cook, and cooking makes me emotional. Everything makes me emotional. Cooking, cleaning, waking, sleeping, working, showering, ironing… everything. Everything has memories attached to it.

I was exhausted dealing with my emotions.

Enter my awesome Granddad who told me – There are two sorts of emotions. Reactive emotions and your emotional state. Reactive emotions are the weather. Emotional state is the climate. If you are dressed right for the climate, you don’t have to worry every single day about the weather.

That helped me a lot. It made me look beneath the surface emotions, to the EMOTIONAL STATE – which is in fact our consciousness.

And that’s where, we can begin to actually change our consciousness, our bodies and our lives by emotional awareness.

For me, Ed, it was plain good old deliverance to realize my various emotional states as opposed to reactions. One can react with joy at the sight of a flower, as the deep soul cringes with disgust and terror at the place the flower is, or the person carrying it.

Slowly I realized that these states of consciousness don’t come and go as quickly as the reactive emotions. One can go days, weeks, years in the same state. Hopelessness, Self Doubt, Terror, “Nobody loves me,” “I’m not important,” these are states of consciousness, life attitudes that can last even lifetimes and in healing them is amazing energy release for the body.

When we become aware of our deep emotions, or emotional state, we find we also become aware of our bodies. They’re the same thing.

Which now brings me to why I started writing this to you in the first place.
Because see, there’s a level of consciousness that encompasses both emotional state and physical manifestation or body.

I simply call it the energy field but in fact is that zone where the invisible unmeasurable (in this realm) changes into the visible measurable body.

You know how you can see the colors of the rainbow but not the exact point where one color changes to the other?

It’s something like that.

I’m not a physicist, but I wonder why more “scientists” haven’t studied this.

It’s a topic of such importance Ed. Where does the invisible “quality” translate into the measurable vibration and then from that into visible substance?

That zone, Ed, is something very important to understand for permanent holistic healing.

I cannot demonstrate it to you, but now I’ve even so much as mentioned it, your soul has been reminded and through the day and from now on, your soul will make you remember and sense that zone of you.

It’s the deep emotional state zone, which is ALSO the body consciousness zone.

In this place, emotional state and physical vibration are One.

Now, Ed, imagine a man who has broken his wife’s heart very bad. Let’s say, cheated on her. Now, imagine he feels bad about it and decides he wants to “change”. He buys her flowers and takes her out to dinner. She’s happy about it too. However, the betrayal changed her emotional STATE, her deep emotion zone. Can an evening of flowers and a nice dinner out change that? No. Can she trust that man again like before? No. Will her body be like it was before? No.

The same goes for everyone.

Those who control mainstream media and such, they know this. Only the most juvenile of marketers, play with a person’s emotions in the moment, or reactive emotions. The real Machiavellian evils, they do covert attacks on emotional states.

For example, a movie that might be on the surface a story that’s inspiring, could actually have this pall of gloom all over it, seeping through everything happening. While you feel mentally inspired, you could come away from it actually hurt in your emotional state because after an hour of being exposed to gloom, you’re actually feeling hopeless about your life. You’ll fall for any crap that gives you some comfort after that attack on your soul.

The consciousness of those who make the movie gets across, their spiritual intention wasn’t just to make money by entertaining or inspiring you.

About music, it isn’t lyrics or even the actual music we get attracted to first, it’s the consciousness and the frequency. That’s why the music we listen to often reflects our deep emotional state. Melancholy likes melancholy. Struggle likes struggle. Sexually suppressed likes sexually suppressed. Remember, it’s not about the music itself or lyrics, it’s about the consciousness and frequency. You could listen to a song about beautiful clouds and then want to cut your wrists. You could listen to a song about mass destruction and then go feed puppies in the rescue shelter.

Emotional maturity is learning to face that the obvious emotion being evoked by a scene, might not be the one experienced by your soul.

You begin to be truly safe from betrayal once you learn to face what your soul is experiencing over what your surface emotions are.

Your body starts healing because you’re living in reality – whether that’s pleasant or not.

We’re warriors Ed. We can face reality. We can win.

Now this Deep Emotional State – Body Consciousness zone, I like to call it the manifestation zone, because it’s where our soul manifests our body; it’s there in every cell of us.

It was there before the physical cell was formed, so it has all the information, to re-form cells, organs, the body, whenever required.

Imagine what healing is possible, when we heal there.

Something that changed my life a huge deal, and perhaps is why I’m still alive today, is understanding that this deep emotional state – body birth zone, it’s the zone that rules:

Gender and Sexual energy on the invisible side, and
Temperature or frequency of the Body on the visible side.

I so hope I’m able to get this across, Ed, because it’s such a life changing thing to know, and it is the KEY to holistic healing.

I used to think gender and sexual energy are determined by the physical organs. In fact that is not so. It’s a soul thing. Look at it from any angle you please. We already have our gender as a baby cell in our mother, and from then on it colors the entire development of our bodies.

An assault or unnatural interference (such as gene editing or DNA modification) on that level, at that time, changes the frequency and temperature of the body, preventing the translation of frequency into what it wants to manifest as, creating gender dysphoria or sexual identity confusion.

This zone of ours doesn’t just manifest our bodies as fetuses inside our mother, it is manifesting our bodies and life experience every moment.

Attacks on this manifestation zone of us, are not always as obvious as someone having sexual developmental problems, sexual energy or identity issues.

More often than not, it’s the constant disruption in energy a person experiences. Because the basis of every energy expression in a person is through the filter of sexuality. Only robots are androids Ed. And even they will show sexual preference at some point. ahahahaha.

But the very start of conversion of energy into vibration that can be experienced in the physical realm is through gender and sexuality, through the basic frequency that maintains the temperature of the body.

Male energy -> male sexual energy patterns -> energy tends to flow out more than in -> slightly higher base body temperature than women -> male body

Female energy -> female sexual energy patterns -> energy tends to flow inwards more than out -> slightly lower base body temperature than men -> female body

Now, Ed, if energy isn’t flowing out right between our soul and body, we experience chronic low energy and from it come so many chronic problems and dysfunction that I cannot list them all.

You take ANY chronic health condition. It’s simple cause is that the body is failing to heal properly. And the reason for that is chronic low energy or energy disruption.

When we heal the energy flow from soul to body, we heal everything.

Now I know how general that sounds, and I still haven’t reached the one thing I wanted to say which was why I started writing this.

Did you notice that thing I said about temperature?

So, it’s like this.

Emotional state sets our frequency and frequency sets our base body temperature.

This base body temperature is the climate in which our body functions. If it’s lower than what it should be, our glands all under-perform. If it’s higher than what it should be our glands all over-perform.

If this base body temperature is not stable, we swing between under-performance and over-performance, and that’s where we find autoimmune problems, “problem skin”, and hormonal confusion and imbalance and the like.

Now, Ed, you take any chronic problem, 9 times out of 10, the person will take treatment for the symptoms. Almost never will you find anyone bringing up the matter of needing to restore stable body temperature. Because it can’t be done medically.

How to restore body temperature balance Continue reading

Trauma and the Kidneys, Emergency Support

Signs of Kidney Distress – before you go and have kidney failure; Trauma and the Kidneys; Aconite for Kidney Distress Nervous Support; Alfalfa for Fluid Retention and vital energy support; Natural Salt and Sea Weed for kidney distress with sexual energy loss Continue reading

Skin Rehabilitation from Emotional & Nervous Blow-out; Long Term Trauma

Comfrey - Symphytum Officinale
How exquisitely beautiful is Comfrey! Symphytum Officinale

Herbs for first-aid for the skin after an emotional or nervous blow-out; Electrical and energetic assault on skin; Herbs for rehabilitation of skin cells from long term trauma; How to make your own oil extracts and creams

Dear Ed,

The skin is full of nerve endings. It is a sense organ in its own right, you know. It has nerve endings to sense things like temperature, pressure, and even “sixth sense” events such as energy fields around us; “the hair on my hand rose” for example.

The skin has its own intelligence and is very much part of the nervous system, as it is also very much a part of the hormonal functioning of the body.

It’s easy to see the effect of the emotional experiences we go through on our skin, especially on our faces as that’s the skin surrounding so many of our sense organs and in these days the part of us we use for expression the most.

A big part of treating our skin therefore should be aimed at healing and restoring the health of the nerve endings. The good thing about using herbs for skin healing, is that the herbs which promote wound healing also promote nerve ending healingComfrey for example, a herb used traditionally for overall skin health, heals the little wounds we can’t see in the mirror but are there as a result of long term weathering. It also soothes the nerve endings, feeds them literally feeds them.

Calendula, another wound healer and anti-infection agent, is a powerful nerve ending healer as well in the way it cakes the nerve endings which could be in shock, with a sort of temperature shield in the moment.

Myrrh, another wound healer, is like a blanket for the nerve endings. I don’t think I could put it better – a blanket. You know what means for nerves that have experienced a blow out.

But these are first-aid.

As someone who’s been through hell emotionally I can tell you that a time comes when you begin to see the effect of long term trauma on the skin. Long term sleep deprivation, long term nutrition deficiency, long term assault on the hormonal balance of the body, long term stress in general.

Rehabilitation of the skin from long term trauma starts with internal treatment.

There’s precious little an external treatment will do, if our liver is underperforming, our lungs, our heart and so on. A holistic treatment aimed at strengthening the body, addressing specific organ weakness is absolutely necessary.

Internal nutrition for rehabilitation from skin trauma would ideally include:

Bamboo or Horsetail (Equisetum) or Pearl Millet powder – All of these are powerhouses of silica – a substance very required for skin cell health.

Good fat and saturated oils – I have found it practically impossible to rehabilitate a nervous system – or the hormones for that matter – on a low fat diet. The body uses the fat content in our food as an indication of “it is well”. Without that indication, and the practical help of the fat in cushioning the nerves, most other treatments aren’t going to go too far.

It’s a scam all around – the low fat craze – it promotes nervous instability such as humanity has never seen before, metabolic imbalance and obesity.

You can eat all kinds of “nutrition” but if we’re not getting fat, the body believes itself to be in malnutrition and will start retaining whatever little fat it can, and even water as water retention is an important part of the body’s response to crisis.

Long term low fat diets result in an atrophied digestive system that is without nerve ending cushioning, making us hyper-reactive and prone to allergies, not to mention the various emotional and psychological conditions like panic disorder, anxiety and so on.

When our bodies believe we’re starving, it’s a serious crisis and this shows up in every area of our lives.

So good fat is just THAT important.

Good yeast and Probiotic is also important as part of a diet to heal the skin. When we have any sort of emotional blow-out, the drastic temperature changes our skin cells experience as we process high voltage electricity through the nervous system and tissues, yeast cells which are sensitive to electric impulses, die off.

The yeast cell population has to be replenished. They do the micro-cleaning up work whether in the digestive system or the skin. If our skin’s natural yeast population is repeatedly attacked through high voltage nervous electricity (you can see the effect most clearly on the face of someone who has experienced a nervous breakdown, someone who is on drugs that drastically change nervous frequency in a short period of time), the yeast cells are chronically low and this results in the build up of toxins that should have been eliminated, hanging about just beneath the skin or often surfacing as well.

Eruptions, pimples, warts, moles and such, contrary to popular “science” are not caused by infection agents or “viruses” (the latest excuse for everything – I believe they’re going to discover the virus that causes marital problems soon and “mandate” that masks be worn in bed and in the shower as well).

Rather, skin eruptions and collections of toxins are the body’s inability to smoothly clean out toxins and are indicative of a struggling yeast population.

Natural probiotics such as natural yoghurt, cheese, fermented food are required as part of the diet in the long term to rehabilitate the yeast population in the body. Alcoholic drinks and breads that contain real yeast are also traditional medicine for the same. In fact, traditional diet all over the world includes natural yeast on a regular if not daily basis.

Electrical and Energetic Assault on the Body

Many long term and “spreading” skin conditions such as warts and moles are also caused by electrical assault on the energy field of the body, that cause a general cell breakdown in the way cells reproduce – causing some cells to make truncated new cells – or cells which are barely alive so the body doesn’t throw them out at once, but which are no use because they aren’t fully functional. They get stored here and there about the body. Tumors and warts are expressions of general electrical and energetic assault on the body.

To deal with these effectively a drastic approach aimed at increasing the overall vitality of the body through emotional healing is required.

It’s the truth Ed, that few speak of – the connection between immunity and emotional well being. The effect of general electrical and radiation type assault on the body is emotional and nervous depression and the corresponding fall in immunity. To get back to normal, the happiness of the person must come back.

The will to live, hope in the future, all these boost immunity like few other things will do.

However, we can be helped big-time by herbs like Rosehips, Ashwagandha or Winter Cherry and Pine Bark, which have nutrition that makes the electrical system – i.e. the nervous system stable and strong. Most of the class of herbs called “adaptogens” strengthen the energy field.

Topical Treatment of the Skin with Herbs

The same herbs we take internally for nervous system recovery from break downs and nerve healing, applied topically in creams, and gels and so on deliver those micro-nutrients to damaged skin cells.

It’s important not to cause over-stimulation of the skin cells which are already injured through long term high electric voltage. Herbs and medicines that promote healing through raising the heat locally – Turmeric, Golden Seal for example should be avoided or used in very small doses.

Oils are a great form of delivery because they cushion the tired nerve endings. But if the skin is already very oily (a great sign that the body is already dealing with the problem – excess skin oiliness is the body healing nerve ending blow out) or the skin is prone to perspiration (another great sign – the body’s response with sweat is an indication of its replenishing yeast population and balancing out hormones) , aloe vera gel and ointments such as calamine lotion and beeswax are good carriers of the herbs.

Whatever you do, resist a violent approach to the skin. Just a little of a herb is enough.

To make your own treatment, get the herbs themselves and extract them into oil by slow heating them in a double boiler or put the oil in a glass bottle, put the herbs in, and sit it on a towel at the bottom of a pot, fill the pot up with water and heat the water up every time it goes cold, or keep it on the lowest heat possible, so you keep the oil warm. You’ll know by instinct, or by the color of the oil when the herb’s been extracted into the oil.

The other method of treatment – the easier option – is to buy the herbal tinctures, aloe vera gel, calamine lotion – or any other cream or ointment of your choice that doesn’t have strong attacking agents in it. Unscented is good.

You then put a few drops of the tincture in with the gel or cream, mix well, and that’s it. Don’t go overboard with the drops, all you need is a 3-4 drops for about 100 ml or 4 oz of a cream or gel. Any more and you’re overwhelming the skin cells.

Herbal nervines for rehabilitation of skin cells from long term trauma Continue reading

Since when has your life been sc*ewed? Emotional Reaction Vs. Emotional State

The difference between reactive emotions and base emotional state with its powers. Why the body only responds to medicine for some time before relapsing. Conversation with Granddad about how to become aware of emotional state and find release.

Ed, very often in the use of herbs for emotional and nervous conditions, the results are skewed or worse, because of not understanding the difference between an emotional reaction and an emotional state.

An emotional reaction is just that – a reaction. We can’t treat a reaction with anything but relief. That relief is as short-lived as the reaction. If it keeps happening, we have to stop whatever’s bringing up that reaction in us. We can’t stop having the reaction by taking herbs. It’s the just the truth.

For example, most dogs will always bark at intruders. It’s their instinct to be alerted if someone not usually around comes around. It’s their reaction. Herbs are not going to make them ever stop barking or not experience that emotional reaction to the chance of an intruder entering their house.

An emotional state on the other hand, is a state of being, a consciousness. A person can be sad in their emotional state but go about smiling and clapping and dancing. A person can be peaceful in their emotional state, but go about having fights with people, being angry about things, and not being very pleasant to others.

You see how an emotional state is a whole different thing from emotional reactions?

Our emotional state or consciousness, is so powerful, that it in fact runs our lives, choices, viewpoints, ability to translate dreams into reality. It is where our energy is – where it’s either flowing or restricted.

It is what can be treated by taking herbs regularly, and it is what has to be treated if we want true relief from long term chronic problems.

An example of this is in the ever common problems of skin conditions like spreading warts, chronic allergies. Most people who have manifestations of inner problems on their skin, try all kinds of things, find some things work too… but only for a while.

This is because the emotional state that is causing the manifestation, adapts to the new conditions and then continues to manifest itself despite the presence of the new medicine.

This is why bodies resist medicine or become unaffected by it.

The all powerful emotional state, HAS to be given its voice for holistic and lasting healing.

Most people,and I’ve experienced this myself SO MUCH, simply cannot get in touch with their real emotional STATE, because we are so hoodwinked and distracted by our REACTIONS on an everyday basis.

It reminds me of the song from the musical movie “Chicago,” that goes, “Razzle dazzle them… how can they see with sequins in their eyes?”

It’s so easy to ignore our emotional state and focus on emotional reactions. We then give up on herbs because they only work for some time before we’re back to the usual state.

There are an infinite number of ways to come in touch with our emotional state. But here’s a little something my Granddad taught me, to come in touch with it.

Me – Granddad… how am I to know in what state I’m in?
Granddad – First understand that emotional states don’t change often. Only when your life has TRULY changed has your emotional state changed.
Me – Ok…. so?
Granddad – So since when has your life been (can’t remember his word here – something like “Screwed”)?
Me – Since – you know…
Granddad – That was a long time ago.
Me – Yeah.
Granddad – Well what emotional state were you in then?
Me – Devastated.
Granddad – Well. There you have it.
Me – My emotional state is Devastated?
Granddad – You wanted to know.
Me – Alright. I get it. A person can be devastated but still continue a “life”.
Granddad – It’s not a life if your heart’s stuck.
Me – Heart stuck?
Granddad – If your emotional state is stuck, your heart is stuck. It’s not doing all the things a heart does – produce the hormones that make life possible.
Me – What you mean? Like physical hormones for…
Granddad – Yes… of course you’re sexually not quite free unless your heart’s making the right hormones. And of course the body isn’t quite healthy or strong if your heart’s not making the right hormones. And that’s just the heart.
Me – Granddad you’re shocking.
Granddad – I know you cannot go on the path right now Cara, but one day you will and then you must remember that – An emotional state does not respond to shock treatment, or mind control. It only responds to ONE thing. Justice.
Me – Justice! What about herbs?! Are you telling me I can’t treat an emotional state with herbs? That herbal energy fields cannot help us find our own frequency of well being?
Granddad – Calm down! You watch too many movies.
Me – No I don’t! What’re you saying!
Granddad – Calm down now! Herbs can SUGGEST a better frequency for us to live, herbs can AID a weak body and soul in finding the strength to face the truth, and herbs can enable a person to reach the frequency where they can finally become aware of what their emotional state is beneath all the fireworks on the surface.
But only a sense of JUSTICE can RELEASE a person from an emotional state.

Me – Ok Granddad – what if someone had a tragedy happen to them years and years ago and everyone involved died and no one could be sued for it anymore? What justice could the victim hope for?

Granddad – My love, you think Justice is an event, a thing that happens, or is done. It is not, Cara. Justice is the opening of the spirit eyes to the truth.

Me – Whaaa.. “spirit eyes”!

Granddad – Yes – there’s mental awareness, and then there’s spirit eyes. You could look out the window and see the plants there and the garden gate and the street beyond. It’s mental awareness. Or you could look out with spirit eyes. With spirit eyes you register that it’s afternoon, that you’re in this place, in this situation, for these reasons…. You feel the plants out there, and the gate has significance because of the possibilities it represents.

Me – So you’re saying that with spirit eyes, my situation looks different than with mental awareness? Like with mental awareness we’re facing a crime where there’s no chance of prosecuting and punishing the criminals, but with spirit eyes it would present a different picture?

Granddad – “Spirit eyes” is about FEELING. See Cara, don’t go down the rabbit hole my girl. You’ll go down if you focus too much on physical realities. How you FELT is the main thing, not what happened.

Me – What??

Granddad – Yes I know you’re all keyed up about what exactly happened and whodunnit. That’s a wrong idea of what Justice is. A very limited idea. Justice is not so much about punishing the criminals as it is about bringing the event to LIGHT.

Do you know what it is to bring something to LIGHT, Cara?

Me – Granddad I’m tired.

Granddad – Right on time too.

Me – No, this is all really too much for me right now.

Granddad – Remember this my love – Justice is bringing something to light.


Ed, it is such a thing that it is different for each person. But what I get the most from that conversation now is that:

Focusing on how we felt rather than actual events is important.

We’re taught by society that justice is given on the basis of facts. In fact that is one aspect of justice and perhaps not the one that gives us emotional release to go ahead and have a robust energy and vitality flow.

It’s as Granddad says, all about “bringing it to light.”

I think that means different things for different people. But you got to do what you got to do, to feel light shining on the hurt places inside you. That’s when you begin to change your emotional state.

I know a little of that, Ed, as all the milestones on my own journey to healing have been those moments when light shined in on previously suppressed or hidden hurt places.

I practice herbal medicine because herbs have helped me to keep going and helped me to face my pain and helped me find inspiration when I was blocked.

What’s lovely is that the same herbs that bring calm in the moment, when taken in small doses over a long period support actual rehabilitation of emotional state.

I’ve described some of these power herbs in detail:

Vibrational War & Arnica for Energy Body Pain
Herbs to Release Pent-up Rage
Herbs to Strengthen the Heart, Build Emotional Resilience
Herbal Super Nervine Mix for Emergencies & Trauma Support
Release Pain caused by Buried or Suppressed Memory – Herbs & an Exercise
Our Body’s Thermometer & Strychnos for the Stricken – Ignatia
Herbs to relax Heart Muscle Tension and release PTSD patterns
Herbs for Fear Induced Cramps & Spasms – Asthma, Bronchitis, Abdominal Cramps

and my own experience is described in:

How to Heal a Broken Heart Continue reading

Herbs for Fear Induced Cramps & Spasms – Asthma, Bronchitis, Abdominal Cramps


Letter to Ed describing my very crazy but true story about how I almost died from fear induced asthma when I was fifteen – I went from healthy to dying in 3 weeks. My experience with fear in childbirth and the greatest line up of herbs ever to relieve lung, uterine and abdominal cramps + two breathtakingly beautiful tropical herbs.

Ed, first of all I have to confess I’m writing this to you just to show off the pictures I took of a particular herb taking over the hillside. I feel like my home team is winning when herbs spread over other vegetation. It isn’t that I don’t like other vegetation, but when a particular herbs spreads virulently, it MEANS something, it’s a message from nature for the times. The plant is being energized by the earth to grow and spread because there is need for it.

Just like that, Ed, when it’s time comes to an end, every herbal invasion disappears too. Without sprays or pesticides or anything.

The consciousness of the Earth has kept everything in balance in all the wild places all these eons without US aid money to use sprays and pesticides to restrict invasive weeds to save the planet. But that’s another topic.

Back to the topic:

When I was fifteen, due to an unfortunate smelting incident… no I guess I can’t use that phrase here. I’ll have to tell you the whole sordid story. Or most of it.

So in church I fell into the company of some young women doctors. I thought I was safe from the pandemics that violate the innocence of maidens by hanging out with very grown up doctors who often discussed the dead bodies they had done autopsies of, while having tea in a restaurant.

It so happened, the doctors were in their late twenties and early thirties and still unmarried. Their real interest was in landing husbands – but they’d graduated from “cheap stunts” like losing weight and makeovers. Now it was all about the pursuit of intellectual companionship with physical compatibility and found through spiritual enterprise.

As the days went by, I began to realize that I who was just hanging about because of a morbid interest in finding out which diseases were killing the most people in REAL life, had been included in the ‘gang’ for one simple reason. My potential as a seer of visions.

I saw things others didn’t (unfortunately not dead people). Inherited ability obviously. But my great abilities only worked when I actually cared about someone. It couldn’t be turned on and off at will.

And everyone knew that.

So here I was in this gang, and every time we went out for tea after church meetings, I’d be told how much the doctors wanted to get married.

I couldn’t really understand it then. Hormones hadn’t hit me yet. The thing I did understand was that they were really really worried because they did want to have children and in the medical system, once you get past 26 or so, you get considered an “older mother” and your pregnancies get considered “high risk”. They being in the medical system, and one of them in obstetrics; this hit them in the face every day.

Long story short, one Saturday evening they arrived at my place and got permission for me to spend the night at one of their houses. There, we sat in a circle on the bedroom floor and were supposed to pray for “the salvation of sinners” and such things, when I was asked to pray and ask God to show me clues about their future husbands.

Be patient, Ed, this is all leading to an actual respectable article about herbs for lung spasms.

I don’t know if something had been slipped me in the tea, or what, but all of a sudden I began seeing things, like I never had before. These were like movie scenes. I saw each of their “future husbands” ie. I just saw these men and described them. And wow Ed they were so thrilled and happy. And they asked me to “try” again and again.

Needless to say, the “future husbands” were all handsome and distinguished looking and doing respectable things in the visions, like sitting at tables with books on the shelf behind them, and standing near windows that looked out on extensive lawns.

About 11pm I was hit by drowsiness so strong I was almost falling over. Now I realize I was most certainly drugged in some way or another. Just then, one of the doctors says to me, “We’ve been praying for our husbands all along, let’s pray to see yours now.”

I knew Ed, that I should not have done that. I wasn’t even curious to be honest. Hormones hadn’t hit me yet. But I was so sleepy and I wanted the whole thing finished with, or the next morning it would all continue.

So I closed my eyes and asked God to show me my future husband. And then it all happened so fast.

I saw someone- looked like a man – wearing a flannel checked shirt and jeans and either riding a horse or a very fast bike. I went with horse – it was more appealing. And almost falling asleep, I groggily watched this man moving very fast, and then in one horrific second I saw him crash against something and hurt his leg. I cannot remember now because of the trauma I experienced, but he might’ve flown off whatever he was riding on to the ground.

For one horrific set of about 20 seconds I was awake and then I just curled up and fell asleep.

The next day Ed, I went home feeling very unwell. For many days I had a high fever that came and went with no explanation. And then, very quickly, for the first time in my life I developed asthma.

In just a few days it went from just difficulty breathing to full blown asthma.

It used to rain so beautiful in those days – summer rain. And I loved the smell of the rain on the warm earth. But that year, the second I opened the window and the smell of the rain came in, it felt like a million needles poking my lungs. I doubled over in pain, shut the window and crawled to my bed.

The doctor gave me the standard asthma drugs Salbutamol and Ventorlin. They didn’t work more than a day for relief. I’d stopped going to school. I could barely breathe. The doctor put me on steroids and I heard him advise that I be “kept comfortable” and others “be informed” – that I could be expected to pull on about a week more at the most.

All of this happened in about 3 weeks, Ed.

I mention this because we’re seeing similar things happen now. Where someone healthy 3 weeks ago is expected to DIE of lung problems so quickly. Continue reading

Herbs to Strengthen the Heart, Build Emotional Resilience

When you strengthen the heart, you strengthen every part of you and find relief from problems that were not responding before.

To strengthen a weak or tired heart, on every level, herbs can help. They’re living beings like us. They open our sub-conscious tunnels and caves and cupboards, awaken deep things in us and help us see and hear what we need to to find our way.

When the physical heart is weak or unstable, it is a clarion call from our consciousness to repair ourselves from deep deep within.

Borage for disappointment with no silver linings
Cactus for nervous instability, recovery from shock
Damiana for uterine, sexual and reproductive system blocks
Violet for lymphatic sluggishness
Milk Thistle for congestion in the body such as after a large meal
Dandelion for tightness around the diaphragm, solar plexus
Mistletoe for when you’re too cold or too hot
Rose Petals and Rosehips to release blocked up energy

Borage for disappointment with no silver linings

Imagine a flower wilting in harsh dry weather. Do you feel like that emotionally and physically? Do you feel overwhelmed by all you have to do and like you would like to give up the fight? Borage is the plant that will pull the focus of your consciousness down to simpler things, to the center of your body where the complications that confuse our heads don’t matter that much, and where what we need to do in the moment is clear. This clarity is relaxing and strengthening for the heart.

Physically the heart rate normalizes and the production of stress hormones in the blood begins to reduce.

When you have Borage, after about thirty minutes, flush your system with water, to get the stress hormones out.


Cactus for nervous instability, recovery from shock

Do you feel like you’re standing on the roof of a shaking building? Or like you’re being pulled and jerked about in different directions? Like one part of you is in one place and another in quite the opposite direction? Like your heart is being torn wanting opposite things at the same time and with equal desperation?

Desperation is the keyword here. We feel emotional desperation when we are torn in different directions and cannot seem to find harmony.

A physical heart in the throes of such feeling has an unstable heart rate, flutterings, fibrillation and does not pass the blood through the chambers smoothly. Overall, the heart is weaker as a result and the entire body suffers the effects of this instability.

Cactus helps us find emotional and physical energetic balance. As a result, the heart is able to gather its energy up rather than have it splayed and splashed in different directions. This heals the physical heart,calms the nervous system and therefore the entire body.

It relieves the troubled emotions by consolidating them so we can face what it is that is really troubling us instead of being distracted by a million little things that would resolve on their own if we would just look at what really is the matter.

Damiana for uterine, sexual and reproductive system blocks

Continue reading