Bougainvillea Cheer to Refresh your Spirit

Bougainvillea’s breakthrough energy and how it helped me when I was blocked in every way.

Dear Ed,

Yesterday I saw these beautiful white bougainvillea flowers blooming and was reminded all over again how powerful the energy of these flowers are. They grow all over the world, flower exuberantly without asking much in the way of care, and leave people with nothing but good feelings.

When I was little, my first school, had bougainvillea flowers growing all over the long front wall. They cheered me everyday. I often used to crawl under the foliage and near the woody trunk of the shrubs and feel completely safe and hidden there from everything else happening around. Continue reading

And the No. 1 biggest constant drainer of life energy is….

Lizards and the lizard phase of our development; The Effect of trauma while transitioning from receptive and reflective stage to expressive stage; Neutral is different from Balanced; Chameleons changing color video 

Dear Ed,

The answer is, “Being neutral.”

Granddad taught this to me and I remembered it recently when I saw this photo I took last year of this cute little garden lizard gazing solemnly at me thinking I didn’t know he was there.

Lizards have been getting bad press lately because apparently someone’s seen “the elites” morph into lizards and eat babies at special royal parties. Continue reading

Polarity Balancers – Clay, Charcoal, Ash and Herbs

How cells become positively over-charged and lose energy; What helps to balance energy field polarity; Healing the space cells occupy; Different time zones in the same body; Energetic independence your own way

Dear Ed,

Everyone needs help right now to stay energetically balanced. I say everyone, because in our world right now, no matter where you are, there is some form of adrenalizing or over stimulating unnatural radiation affecting you right out of the skies and through imbalanced – no, poisoned, foods.

My visits to ancient sites in Australia and India showed me that this sort of thing has happened before and humanity survived it. So we have what it takes.

The root of the matter is a simple thing. It is over-stimulation of physical living cells, heating them up, causing the lubrication or water of the cell to get evaporated or dispersed, thereby breaking the energy field of the cell – which is carried in the water, into smaller energy fields. Just like one bigger water drop breaking into smaller ones. What happens though, is because the cell needs all those to be one, for the cell to function, the individual bits struggle to get back together and to do so, heat up and expend energy. Now when the drops become one big drop again – great; that’s the natural process.

However, imagine a situation where the drop is again over-stimulated, again over-heated, broken up and again had to re-consolidate itself. Imagine it goes on and on. The cell could get into a state of being permanently over-stimulated and low on energy because of the constant draining.

Now imagine that’s a lot of cells, and eventually a whole organ or large part of the body. The body first gets hyperactive and then crashes, and then hyperactive again and crashes again.

So very many of our modern diseases from the common cold (I haven’t found one ancient painting or sculpture, or even reference in ancient texts to this mysterious malady), diabetes, cancer, asthma, psoriasis, chronic fatigue, nervous inflammation, glandular dysfunction, hormonal imbalances of all types, fibromyalgia and so on are because of over-stimulation.

Now over-stimulation is a rather vague phrase. The right way of putting it is “polarity imbalance”. Our cells ought to be at a comfortable base energy frequency. When they get stimulated they move into a positive charge – where energy is being expended. When they’re recovering they slip into a negative charge where they’re consolidating themselves and healing. Other times, through the solar and lunar cycles they go with the whole body through the shift between outward and inward flow.

(My article on the common flu: Testing Positive; The Energetic Viewpoint, Herbs for Emergencies and Lung Support )

Any major recurring or chronic condition is usually nothing but the impact of shock on the system, and the system’s attempt to restore harmony.

Essentially, we can heal from anything so long as our cells ar e all energetically moving together. A shock however, breaks our energy field and we have different parts of us then living separate lives so to speak and the body finds it harder and harder to communicate from one part to the other.

Our bio-rhythms are disrupted so we have different rhythms in different parts of the body all at the same time.

Treating a person for recovery from shock – whether recent or old and suppressed, is about comforting the body and soul into a state where it connects up again. Just like little drops of water connect up to form a big drop.

So comforting herbs are essential in the moment.

However, in cases of repeated shocks, or sustained assault of the system, such as is the case with constant or regular exposure to radiation, food poisons and such, where the cells are constantly over-stimulated and become used to being in a state of positive polarity, we could use energetic balancers to balance the polarity.

Here are some polarity balancing substances described in the way they work. You’ll know by instinct if you need them.


Clays are energy neutral and simply absorb or blanket over-stimulated cells. All animals eat clay instinctively to balance and soothe an over-stimulated gut. So many health problems are caused by gut over-stimulation. Remember the gut is our second brain, and is filled with sensitive nerve endings. A lot of psychological stress therefore is also caused by the gut being over-stimulated.

Clay calms the positively polarized zones and if you take clay – Bentonite clay for example, regularly, even in small doses, it rehabilitates the body moving from positive polarity to back to balanced.

Amazingly enough, the same clays also provide various vital minerals and also cart away the waste products and rubble of the effect of poisons in the body.


When the body is over-stimulated the energy field is open to draining. Charcoal with its emphatic negative polarity influences the body to return to neutral. As the body does, it lets go of poisons.

One reason that we don’t pass poisons out on our own, is because of the cells being positively polarize already. In a hyper state like that the body doesn’t consider housekeeping tasks like throwing out poisons, important, so energy is not allocated and the poison stays on.

As the body returns to neutral and energy is allocated for housekeeping tasks.

Charcoal is commonly used around the world to purify water because it neutralized the positive charge that makes poisons poisons.


Since ancient times, ash has been used in ceremony and in medicine alike for its powerful energy properties. It has the opposite energy field of the substance it was before it was burned and became Ash. So it has the opposite properties of that substance.

Here’s a drawing by M.C.Escher, “Air and Water” 1938- that sort of demonstrates how cells are held in place in the body.

There’s matter, and its complement or opposite matter. The two together, keep the manifestation of that thing in place.

Fire or burning changes the energy field of matter to its opposite energy. This when ingested or put on the body has the ability to stimulate healing in the holding areas between the cells, the very space in which our cells are. How amazing is that!

Some examples of the modern use of ash:

Ash of coal, called Activated Charcoal (usually bamboo wood or coconut shells burned) is used in preservation of cheese. Any food spoilage is essentially a positive polarity – changing the polarity sort of energy freezes the cells so they don’t spoil quickly.

Edible vegetable ash for use in cheese making to prevent it from acidifying

PDF – Physicochemical and Antimicrobial Evaluations of Food Grade
Ash Aqueous extract from Furnace and Charred Plantain Peel
and Palm Bunches

My family used the ash of gold, silver, copper, tin, iron as well as various other ashes of plant material, rocks and crystals in all cases where there were long term trauma patterns in the system.

The use of ashes in western traditional medicine has been mostly snuffed out, although the field of homeopathy – which arose from the ashes of the old world medicine that was mostly censored and suppressed out of the consciousness of humans, uses dilutions of metal.

Indian Ayurveda however has in fact preserved to some extent knowledge of the making and use of various ashes called “Bhasma”. I have used many of these over the years, when making my own wasn’t possible.

It’s kind of hard to understand which Bhasma is for what based on what’s on the internet, so here is a breakdown based on my family’s traditional semetic/ Welsh/ Scottish system of understanding – but which can be applied to the Ayurvedic preparations as both just happen to be similar. All the old world had common forms of medicines it seems.

Gold Ash or Swarna Bhasma
is used for rejuvenation of the ability to hold energy. Let’s say someone’s gotten so depleted after months of surgery after surgery, or a very bad period of stress that’s just emotionally devastated them. This ash helps the system hold together and come around to holding energy again instead of constantly being drained.

Ash of Peacock Feather or Mayur Bhasma
Now the demand for this isn’t big enough to cause the extinction of peacocks, so I will mention it here. I really don’t like the use of animal anything medicinally, but you can get a lot of ash from even just one feather, and you only need such a little of it, so I think it’s sustainable.

This ash helps a system that is energetically screwed on wrong. It’s like something happened and the person’s energy field turned backwards or half the body turned one way and the other half the other way. The person’s not able to move in any direction because it’s a major screw up. The nervous system is messed up with the person first liking something and then throwing it up. Various nervous problems like abject terror of normally harmless things – like water, small insects and such, all respond well to this Ash.

Interestingly, it particularly works well for diabetics.

There was this case Granddad solved. The person had multiple time zones in his body. I’m not kidding. His left arm would fall asleep while his right arm was working! Parts of his body seemed so disconnected. He would fall asleep in the middle of cycling but his legs would keep cycling enough so he’d wake to find himself one mile down from where he was when he’d fallen asleep.

One part of him would be cold, and another hot. He developed the weirdest balding pattern ever. It was around his right ear like a semi circle and then spreading from there.

Granddad said he had a great sense of humor though and was so popular despite all of this. He’d lived with it for forty years or so when Granddad met him.

He took the ash of peacock feather for about two months and found a lot of the symptoms were reduced quite drastically and he felt like a new man and told Granddad that he’d been living in different time zones before and he was now mostly living in one time zone.

Something to think about, Ed…

Sea Shell Ash or Shankha Bhasma

Sea shells are powerful because they develop so hard and resistant through daily exercise with water. They’re a constant in the ever ebbing and flowing water. Sea shell ash is a medicine to restore health to the parts of us that have lost the ability to be flexible and work with changing situations.

This is actually critical because our very life depends on us reacting to everything. We need to react to food, or we’ll end up poisoned. We need to react to weather, to everything.

However when we are too bombarded by sensory and vibrational sensations to the point where we’re too tired to react anymore, or are too traumatized to, you could call this an energetic rehabilitation of our reactive functions.

It’s most often marketed as a medicine for GERD and digestive imbalances, but that’s just one aspect of reactivity.
It’s quite powerful in stopping hair loss due to continued stress, heals internal scar tissue and so on.

Being a product of water, it supports all the water processes of the body in normalizing. That would mean kidney problems and so on.

Those are my top three favorite ashes, but there are many available – Tin ash called “Vang Bhasma” is for recovery from hearing or auditory or vibrational trauma. All those who watch the news these days could use it. 😉

Iron Ash or “Loh Bhasma” helps the body recover from energetic draining through blood. Now you don’t have to lose actual physical blood to be drained through blood. Emotional energy draining and actual physical blood draining set off the same set of effects in the body. Iron Ash helps build resistance to emotional energy draining and recover from such draining in the past.

Ok, those were my top 5 favorite ashes.

And now for my department.


All the plants that bloom in the day are positive energy fields and stimulate the body.

All the plants that bloom after 3 in the afternoon are negative energy fields and rest the body.

However, whichever you take, the body will go the other way naturally.

For example if I push Gabriel on the swing forward, he will naturally come backward as well.

That is why most herbs aren’t exactly going to affect polarity in the body in any significant way. (Thank God.)

There is however a class of herbs that like Macbeth’s worst enemy,
Bloometh not only in the day, nor only in the night,
Groweth not on the ground, yet not in the sky;
Hunteth not its own food; yet does not die;
Drinketh not its own water; yet doth not dry.

(Oh my God, someone clap for me. That was spontaneous. Hallelujah.)
(Please Ed, don’t try correcting the grammar.)

But there is such a class of herbs. “Science,” evil that they are, call them parasites. But they are not parasites. It’s only that their role in nature is hidden from the foolish.

These are the plants- Mistletoe, Giloy (Tinospora Cordifolia) and the

Ghost Plant or Monotropa Uniflora Continue reading

Energy Field of Mistletoe for Recovery from Hormonal Exhaustion

How the energy field of Mistletoe rehabilitates the body from long term hormonal war, stimulates re-calibration of hormonal and energetic processes, eases hormonal anxiety and helps one recover from exhausting hormonal episodes like the “travails of teenage”. Continue reading

Holy Basil or Tulsi – Hold your Frequency, Lung Cell Rehab

About how Holy Basil helps rehabilitate failing or weak lungs, exhumes the body of stale air, helps us hold our frequency and strengthens our energy body. 

Dear Ed,

I saw a beautiful little wild Holy Basil plant today – Ocimum Gratissimum. It’s not the Sweet Basil used for cooking, or the usual Holy Basil used in Ayurvedic herbal medicines.

This is a wild strain of basil – and there are many.

I first came in touch with the “other” basils when I was living in the Himalaya mountains.

I began to grow them, harvest them and use them round the year as tea.

There was a brand called “Organic India” which came out with Tulsi Tea. I was really excited about it because it would save me a lot of work and I was running low on space to grow plants. I bought a big money saver pack of tea bags. I was disappointed however as the tea was zero energy and not even anywhere close to actual Holy Basil dried leaves.

I wondered then – How difficult can it be to pluck the leaves, dry the leaves, crush them, and put them into tea bags and sell them! Why is it the energy field of the tea is unrecognizable as Holy Basil?

Years later I found out that the drying and storing process of the tea companies, as well the bigger dry herb seller companies, involves irradiating the leaves to kill off any mold or fungus.

Well Ed, it must be a concern – I know because I do a lot to keep the herbs I’m drying free of mold.

For me however, it beats the point because it means the precious energy field of Holy Basil is lost.

Most of the capsules and powders of Holy Basil available on the market are similarly energetically dead.

What a pity!

This is one amazing herb.

In these days when people are going about breathing in their own carbon dioxide because of masks, and not getting enough fresh air because of staying indoors, and then having to get admitted in hospitals to treat failing lungs (you know the fancy names they have for various respiratory problems these days); but these are the days to remember the beautiful Holy Basil.

This plant clarifies and purifies the airs of the body. Not just in the blood, but as you keep taking the tea or the extract, the very tissues of the body.

It’s a gentle exhuming clean-up of the body that few other herbs can do without causing some kind of disruption to the system or a change in the body temperature, or an excess of anything.

Holy Basil gently stimulates the lymphatic system into sweating out stale odors.

Why is it not a famous bad body odor antidote – I don’t know!

All problems of the body that result from or come with stale air (and odors) trapped in the body are helped by Holy Basil.

The lungs which filter our air are naturally the first affected by stale air as we breathe it in.

Stale air for the lungs means less exercise, less stimulation. Stale air has less of the stuff lungs take out of the air and put into blood – oxygen and vital energy.

Without that, the lungs began to go limp and fall into a state of weakness because of lack of exercise.

See Ed, those cells of the lungs that do the taking of oxygen from air and putting it into blood – they’re not long lived. Their lifespan is 3 weeks – 12 weeks. In a healthy person it’s closer to 12 weeks. In a not-so-healthy person, lesser.

But in these few weeks, those cells grow up into adulthood, do their big contribution to the work effort and die.

This means, if we go even a few weeks without good air, it’s life impacting for them as their lifespan is so small. All of them that are in their childhood and developing stages, they all grow weak and puny and don’t do a good job. Worse, they reproduce making punier weaker offspring.

This means that very quickly… just a matter of weeks the lung can go from robust and healthy to under-performing and weak and vulnerable now – to infection and lung poisoning.

Holy Basil has just the right everything – to wake up weak and sluggish lung cells.

If ever there was a plant that seemed to be made specifically for the lungs, it’s Holy Basil. It is just such a fantastic all round agent of lung rehabilitation and strengthener.

Not only on a physical level, but on a spiritual, energetic level as well.

Holy Basil has an energy field that is resistant to change. It doesn’t mean it’s pig-headed or has walls of resistance or doesn’t evolve. It just means it’s so secure in it’s own frequency that it just isn’t likely to get unduly influenced or worked up by others’ energy pattern suggestions around.

It goes on its path without being someone else.

It’s my No. 1 aid for those who perform on the stage (they also benefit from the lung support), for those who have to travel and find adjustment to different energy fields in different places difficult or tumultuous, and for all those whose situations in life have changed suddenly or are changing rapidly.

In any situation where you need to hold your own frequency, rather than getting pulled into the stream of consciousness of others, Holy Basil is a wonderful support.

The consequences of holding your own frequency, and making that your habit, wow I cannot begin to say how important that is and how it helps health and healing in every way.

We exist as an independent person and body only so long as our system carries its own unique frequency.

The day we stop carrying our unique frequency, we die.

Our unique energy frequency pattern, is our light. When it’s going strong, we glow, we shine. When it’s growing dim, our own body reads it as a crisis and our energy flow moves into crisis mode instead of the usual. This makes large parts of our bodies go without the energy they need to keep doing their thing, and soon we have a widespread physical crisis.

Holy Basil makes our light glow brighter; helps us hold your own frequency and move by it.

It’s so important in this day and time.

Note: I have never come across anyone of any age or any state of vital energy having a bad reaction to Holy Basil. It’s always been good good good.





Bach Flower Remedies for Pregnancy

Wherein I burden the long suffering Ed with more information, that could possibly help him. How I first was impressed by flower remedies in my tryst with horrific writer’s block; the energy field of a pregnant woman, and Bach Flower remedies for specific challenges pregnant women and their families face.

Ed, I know you’ve been hoping and praying all your life that someone would give you this information for free.

Far be it from me to withhold from you, that which you have yearned for so long and so much.

Here it is – all for you:

Bach Flower Remedies for Pregnancy

The Bach flower remedies are dew drops taken off the petals of certain flowers – a long time ago – and since then, preserved in water and alcohol (not enough alcohol for you to consider it a drink worthy of consumption, but as a preservative) and passed on through dilution into more water and alcohol, on and on, to the present day.

I love the idea of the energy field of flowers preserved like this. You know how transient flowers are. They’re such a splash of beauty and then just as they came, they’re gone too. However they stay in your memory and heart for a long time. How nice it is to have a way to hold that memory – like a photograph of that moment.

I was “making” “flower medicine” by instinct from when I was so little; I can’t remember when I wasn’t running out into the garden as soon as I woke up to sip dew drops off the flowers, or just look at them.

However I didn’t think it possible to really say, “This flower’s energy works like this,” until this time I was supposed to write articles for my first energy medicine website. One of our family’s biggest kept secrets (the exact method is still secret ) is Inverse Field Energy Medicine – or medicine made by capturing the dark fields of botanicals. That means, capturing the pattern of what’s left when a plant or flower is taking OUT of the water, ie. the substance of the space it once occupied.

I am no longer able to offer it on the internet as Epsom salt, in which it was carried and posted is now not accepted by the postal services (since 2017). (If that’s not a crime against humanity, Ed, what is?)

Anyway so I knew about that way of capturing flower energy patterns but not dew drops.

But there I was writing for my website when I had a bad case of writer’s block. I was simply paralyzed suddenly. I had a list of things to write, I knew more or less what I had to write, but I couldn’t do it.

I went through a crazy crisis, questioning everything in my life – did I want to make energy medicine publicly? Was I ready to face the inevitable ridicule and character assassination I would go through for writing about a form of medicine absolutely no one else in the world has ever heard of? Did I need that in my life? Weren’t there so many other simpler ways of making a living?

Ed, I can’t describe the internal strife I went through. And then I worked it out. It was then or never. I had just quit my job working for a herbalist managing his website. I was never going to be anything there but a technical help. And I wasn’t alright with the heartlessness the work had sunken into since it went the big business way. Stuff like that can grate away at a person’s heart and cause real suffering. I had only stuck with that job eight years because I believed so much in herbs. It was supposed to be my contribution to making the world a better place.

But it became all about money and politics and a whole lot of abuse. So there I was and I knew that I could go and get into the same situation somewhere else and then regret it later.

And then I heard the voice of God in my heart. Just like that, I felt this was my chance, to do that thing you see in the movies. Follow your heart. So I started making my website introducing this crazy form of energy medicine – the water left behind when plants were passed through it – with a one second pulse of electricity through silver.

I was almost ready to put my website up and then the writer’s block hit again. Continue reading

Herbs to increase heart beat strength and support blood cell making

Some months ago I wrote about how the quality of blood cells being made in the body lessens drastically when faced with shock, trauma or a life not satisfying to the spirit.

I recommended the simple exercise where you feel your heart beat. Exercises of awareness are so simple, yet their power is amazing and doing them is so worth the few minutes they take.

When you look at it very close, the core of blood building function is a strong robust balanced heart beat. Support heart beat strength and you’re healing everything everywhere. The heart beat is what pushes life all around.

Now here is an example of something like the ultimate blood building function rehab tonic. I made it recently for a child recovering from heavy radiation. Radiation is a shock and the anemia it produces is one of the hardest types of anemia to treat as the very blood making function of the body is compromised.

This recipe provides for very serious intense blood building rehabilitation. It works almost immediately and can change the homeostasis of the body around quite drastically over a few weeks when taken regularly.

Where a person has not been able to respond to other medicine due to extreme weakness, this mix will provide the SOS help required to make the person rally.

In any emergency where is weakness caused by shock of any sort, this would be excellent first aid.

The herbs in this recipe are:

Mountain Ebony or Bauhinia Variegata
Rose Petals
Papaya leaf (young)
Pomegranate leaf and bud
Quis Qualis Indica – leaves and flowers
In Apple Cider Vinergar and Black Plum Vinegar

I make all of these together because the combination works so well and I use it for so many conditions, I don’t have to mix the ingredients in individually all over again every time I make it for someone.

Mountain Ebony or Bauhinia Variegata

We just had a wonderful flowering season after many years of Mountain Ebony. I could tell you all kinds of ways it helps the body but all you really need to know and remember is, it helps a scared or shocked or weak heart, keep beating. It increases heart beat strength. When this happens, automatically the rest of the body which takes its cue from the heart starts healing itself.

There’s this gap sometimes in the consciousness between what a person wants and them being able to invest the energy in that direction. Fear could be stopping us from crossing the bridge from dreaming into doing, or maybe a sense of insufficiency. Most often though, it’s fatigue. Long term, adrenal fatigue seems like something you just cannot get rid of.

But I can tell you from experience, that it’s quite easy to get rid of and one botanical that helps big-time is Mountain Ebony.

If you’ve got that anemic attitude to life where you look at things you like or would like to do and then turn away because you don’t think you or your life could make that happen, then you could do with some heart beat support, and something for PTSD would help as well.


Rose Petals & Rosehips

The flower and fruit of the Rose – how blessed are those who can have the Rose as a medicine. So commonly available yet such a powerful helper in all the challenges of life, because it offers vital support to the heart, blood and circulation. If you used just the rose as medicine in your life, you’d be quite alright in the long run.

Papaya leaf (young)

One of the rare botanicals that vigorously 

supports the making of blood platelets Continue reading

Yeast will tell you the time. (eBook – The Spirit of Yeast)

“Yeast will tell you the time,” my Granddad John Waltham said to me.

He started me off a journey that hasn’t ended, a journey into understanding the magic of my own body, host to millions of these little living beings with their own spirit, choice and memory, affecting my health, my moods, my smell, my Life.

An female emanation of our Mother Earth, Yeast manages the times of our life, like the moon calls the tides.

The wrong Yeast was what the Israelites had to put aside in Egypt so they could change from slaves into conquerors. The right Yeast on a bunch of grapes told them they’d come home.

A lot has been written about the physical properties of Yeast. Good yeast is required for healthy digestion, the foundation of health in the body as we depend on receiving nutrients from food and drink. Yeast imbalance however, Candida for example is a major cause of systemic imbalance and ill effects that go far beyond any one particular disease’s name.

A quick internet search on the subject will show you just how important it is that Yeast stay balanced in our bodies.

This book will not attempt to show how with some simple changes in how we treat Yeast, we can radically change our health, metabolism and life experience for the better.

In this book:
Yeast is Consciousness
Yeast as Time-Keeper
Bad Yeasts and Diabetes
The Illness Consciousness
The Passover Story: Leaving the Slave Consciousness Behind
Enforcing a Change of Consciousness to Sustain Healing
Yeast carries memory and habit.
Yeast and Fertility
How to listen to Yeast

The Spirit of Yeast is available on Amazon Kindle, Paperback


Or you can read it online here on this website: The Spirit of Yeast >>

Herbs for Re-connection and Recovery from Energy Body Splintering

It’s not enough to fight for life, we must WANT to live. Keeping the physical body going is not the same as being alive. The flame of us, our life force must burn through all layers of our consciousness. If it doesn’t we are in some stage of death.

Imagine there’s 3 layers of us, just like there are layers of the earth’s atmosphere.

There’s the layer of us that’s the physical cells.

There’s the layer that’s electricity given off by the physical cells and the effect of electricity with electricity. Something like the warmth of your phone or your hair dryer that you can feel before you touch it, when you’ve used it a lot.

Then there’s the layer of the feelings or experience of the soul through all this.

A healthy person in a healthy body has the flame of their life energy burning through these three layers. That means they are present, their awareness, their life energy is present in the body, in the warmth, in the soul experience.

For the flame to burn in the body, is for the body to be healthy. When we want to live in the body, when we enjoy the pleasures of the body, when we feel the sensations of the body, the flame in this layers burns.

When the flame in this layer burns, naturally the flame in the next layer burns, because all the electricity of the body results in reactions and the warmth layer becomes all hot and radiates out the messages of who we are, who we love, who we hate, our intentions, our needs etc. out into the consciousness.

When the warmth layer is all nice and toasty, naturally the flame in the third later burns bright and strong and our soul is enriched by the pleasure of the experience of life. This is real food for the person. The physical food we eat is only part of the process. This life experience, this is the food that makes us live, that gives us direction, that heals us when we fall ill, that makes us grow and evolve according to our need at different times in life. Real solid food.

Experiences that shatter us, that break the connections between our soul and body

They could be anything from an attack of chemicals through vaccination, chemotherapy, radiotherapy, to painful loss, betrayal, sexual assault and rape. There are also not-so-dramatic that can cause the break or divide between soul and body, believing in false identity, philosophies that demean the human body as sinful and ‘wrong’, being part of groups or systems of belief or way of living, or even being in relationships that our spirit cannot be OK with.

If we don’t connect the flames up, the middle layer will slowly radiate out lesser and lesser, and one or the other of the other flames will go out and we’ll either have a body cut off from spirit (death, my friend, even though you can still turn up at work and collect your salary end of the month) or a spirit without a body (death, again, though you get a death certificate in this case).

If you’ve been shattered and are in need of getting the flames in your different layers burning as one flame again, you know it. You know what it feels like to burn a lot in one area and feel tired and disinterested in another part of you. You know when you aren’t all connected up.

One definite sign of being shattered is being sexually unhappy or dissatisfied. You can be single and sexually satisfied or with someone and still sexually dissatisfied.

You can connect up in so many ways. Just doing what you love and doing a lot of it, is the ultimate healing.

But since we all could use some angels on our path, here are some herbs that do a great great job resuscitating dying flames.

Herbs that help Reconnect Us – Body, Soul and Spirit, that Heal Energy Flow

Bamboo – Bambusa Vulgaris

The bamboo plant is full of every nutrient necessary for general health and well being. You cannot have bamboo leaf and stay unwell for very long. It works on a primal level.

It heals your ability to heal yourself.

Sure, that can take some time. But it will happen.

It’s like this. We never really have any lack of energy in us.

It’s even an accepted law in modern physics called ‘the Law of Energy Conservation’. It says, “The total energy of an isolated system remains constant, it is said to be conserved over time. This law means that energy can neither be created or destroyed; rather, it can only be transformed from one form to another.”

What feels like a lack of energy is just the energy not being able to reach somewhere it has to, or the body being too weak to convert available energy into the forms it has to, to work with it.

Either way, Bamboo’s got you covered. It’s not like you can take Bamboo and suddenly run a marathon – though I have seen a couple of monkeys go from beningly chewing bamboo leaves to having rather wild sex between the time I turned my camera on and actually clicked – 6 seconds maybe – very embarassing for me. It looked like I was shooting money porn when all I’d intended to do was take a picture of monkeys chewing on Bamboo leaves.

Anyway so that was them. It might not work that way for us humans.

Bamboo rehabilitates. Those tiny little things in us that need repair tucked away in pockets, Bamboo repairs those slowly.

Bamboo has a very high concentration of silica, 6 to 7 times more the Horsetail (Equisetum) even, which is used world over to repair bone, raise bone density and so on.

So whichever way you look at it, you have ANY kind of energy problem, Bamboo will eventually fix it and it can’t do any harm whatsoever.

Damiana – Turnera Diffusa

Do the leaves look somewhat familiar to you? Yes, a little like Cannabis, a love child the botanists forgot to record as a relative.

Damiana does something few other herbs do, it relaxes the very core of the body, the center, the deep abdomen, the place where the first cell of us that ever developed was. That place from where energy flows out to the rest of the body.

When we have survived terrible attacks and our energy body is splintered, this area becomes stressed, holding in huge amounts of tension, keeping our sexual energy locked up, and the whole body functioning on tiny bits of energy instead of generous free amount we should have.

Damiana relaxes this area of us. For those with long term trauma whether due to sexual abuse, sexual assault, or holding attitudes that demean sexuality and primal human expression, Damiana taken regularly will help break the habit of holding tension and sexual energy in.

As energy begins to flow out from this area, the entire body and system heals.

Wherever there has been trauma to do with sexual energy, Damiana will help almost immediately. Continue reading