The Eye and Sexual Energy

How the energy field of the eye represents our sexual energy flow; Contraction and Expansion of the energy field through the period or moon cycle; My experiments with carrots, my conclusions and Herbs which helped

Dear Ed,

Some years ago, when I was living in the middle of a sandalwood forest, there was this story in the local media about how ancient bears once roamed the area and those were much bigger than today’s bears. Apparently there were fossils of those still around. Around that time a product was being sold in that little tourist town that was actually bear body parts preserved in something. It was said to drastically raise one’s sexual energy. What interested me though was the warning I heard one experienced local senior citizen give someone else as they walked by. Continue reading

New Bamboo Shoot Almost as tall as Parents

How beautiful is he!

Dear Ed,

This new Bamboo shoot is so full of enthusiasm he’s almost as tall as his parent shoots in just a few weeks.

I just had to put his picture online.

The Curse of the Bamboo – Bamboo for Fertility, Connectivity, Conduction

Lantana – Lungs-Liver-Sexual Blocks, Radiation Flu Recovery


A plant native to tropical Americas heals the – broken heart -> weak lungs -> inflamed or stressed liver -> sexual energy blocked – energy pattern. It’s specially use for recovery from Radiation Flu or Pneumonitis, to support oxygenation, and toxin recognition cells is important information for everyone right now. 

Ed, Lantana is a plant classified as an invasive weed. When you see that word “invasive” you know immediately it’s fertile, and the word “weed” means it’s hardy and will grow without special care.

Here is the pretty white version of Lantana I saw yesterday  that inspired this post:

It’s my personal belief that weeds arrive just when we need them. They are amazing healers, defamed because of being so.

For example, all my childhood I was told that Parthenium weed or “Congress grass” would cause me terrible itching. I found out later though that it is a powerful healer; harvested so many plants with not an itch, and it is the critical ingredient in my treatment for skin cancers because of how it oxygenates the cells it is exposed to. I wrote about it in my recent article: Herbs for Oxygenation .

Similarly, Lantana’s considered an “invasive weed,” but I have found it to be an amazing medicine in so many ways.

This is how the most commonly seen Lantana – or Lantana Camara looks:

Apparently it’s so invasive, there’s an article on the internet, “Global Invasion of Lantana Camara“. The article says, “biological control agents seem insufficient for reducing the reproductive abundance of L. camara to manageable levels“. 😉 that’s my baby!

Some years ago someone told me their dog ate lantana berries all the time. I was surprised because I’d heard those were poisonous and there are internet websites that insist that those are poisonous. In reality however – and I’ve seen this since – dogs eat lantana often and have no noticeable poisonous effect. Neither do the birds.

I haven’t eaten the berries myself as my instinct never led me to. However I have made tea from the leaves on an everyday basis when I had the flu, yes, the FLU, and it cleaned out my lungs like I’d given them a blow dry.

I also use the aromatic leaves for seasoning curries and sauces and what not. I have dried leaves in a box and I take a small handful of them and drop them in warm oil before the onions or tomatoes or whatever else goes in.

And now these are my favorite top four things Lantana does:

1) Powerful Lung Oxygenation

Ed, I experienced this first hand. In January this year both Gabriel and I had the flu. We tend to every year or the other. One day as I was waking up I got the fragrant smell of lantana drying in the front room and I knew I had to have that for my lungs.

The tea brought immediate de-clogging of my respiratory track, relief from the cold headache and body ache.

I had it again and again and gave Gabriel some as well each time.

Because it isn’t a herb that’s in demand, its genome hasn’t been mucked about with, and nearly every plant you’ll find of Lantana is either wild or semi-wild.

It’s natural vitality though is more or less intact.

What a wonderful friend it was during the flu. The flu took its course but it was reduced to something like any other cold because of Lantana’s powerful lung and tissue oxygenation. I also managed to continue with my work and chores without a problem.

2) Toxin Recognition – Lung- Liver Detox Support, Brings down Liver Swelling

The Lung-Liver connection isn’t one spoken of much. But there is a strong connection between the two.

They are both constantly filtering something. The lungs filter air, taking in oxygen and releasing carbon dioxide. The liver filters heavy substances from our food, taking out the poisons.

When a post mortem is done of a dead body, the liver is checked for signs of poisoning.

This function – the one of filtering out poisons, of both the lungs and the liver – depends on cell intelligence.

How do they know what’s a poison and what’s not? How do the lungs know what’s oxygen and what’s not? How do liver cells know what’s a poison and what’s not?

When that ability to recognize what’s a poison and what’s not is compromised, the body fills up with bad air and poisons that should’ve been excreted.

Lantana supports that intelligence – to recognize what’s a toxin and what’s not.

It joins the elite forces of Payapa Leaf – a well-known oxygenator that is a powerful anti-tumor agent for that reason and is so powerful I put it in my Super-antioxidant mix, that’s a part of every treatment for cancer I make.

But Lantana works on a more refined level – actually supporting the repair of those tiny little cells that do the filtration in the lung cells and liver cells.

You have to experience it to feel the difference in the body (and life) caused by the repair and healing of the filtration and poison detection cells in the body.

3) Recovery from Radiation Exposure, Radiation Fever, Radiation Flu or Radiation Pneumonitis, Radiotherapy Continue reading

Bach Flower Remedies for Pregnancy

Wherein I burden the long suffering Ed with more information, that could possibly help him. How I first was impressed by flower remedies in my tryst with horrific writer’s block; the energy field of a pregnant woman, and Bach Flower remedies for specific challenges pregnant women and their families face.

Ed, I know you’ve been hoping and praying all your life that someone would give you this information for free.

Far be it from me to withhold from you, that which you have yearned for so long and so much.

Here it is – all for you:

Bach Flower Remedies for Pregnancy

The Bach flower remedies are dew drops taken off the petals of certain flowers – a long time ago – and since then, preserved in water and alcohol (not enough alcohol for you to consider it a drink worthy of consumption, but as a preservative) and passed on through dilution into more water and alcohol, on and on, to the present day.

I love the idea of the energy field of flowers preserved like this. You know how transient flowers are. They’re such a splash of beauty and then just as they came, they’re gone too. However they stay in your memory and heart for a long time. How nice it is to have a way to hold that memory – like a photograph of that moment.

I was “making” “flower medicine” by instinct from when I was so little; I can’t remember when I wasn’t running out into the garden as soon as I woke up to sip dew drops off the flowers, or just look at them.

However I didn’t think it possible to really say, “This flower’s energy works like this,” until this time I was supposed to write articles for my first energy medicine website. One of our family’s biggest kept secrets (the exact method is still secret ) is Inverse Field Energy Medicine – or medicine made by capturing the dark fields of botanicals. That means, capturing the pattern of what’s left when a plant or flower is taking OUT of the water, ie. the substance of the space it once occupied.

I am no longer able to offer it on the internet as Epsom salt, in which it was carried and posted is now not accepted by the postal services (since 2017). (If that’s not a crime against humanity, Ed, what is?)

Anyway so I knew about that way of capturing flower energy patterns but not dew drops.

But there I was writing for my website when I had a bad case of writer’s block. I was simply paralyzed suddenly. I had a list of things to write, I knew more or less what I had to write, but I couldn’t do it.

I went through a crazy crisis, questioning everything in my life – did I want to make energy medicine publicly? Was I ready to face the inevitable ridicule and character assassination I would go through for writing about a form of medicine absolutely no one else in the world has ever heard of? Did I need that in my life? Weren’t there so many other simpler ways of making a living?

Ed, I can’t describe the internal strife I went through. And then I worked it out. It was then or never. I had just quit my job working for a herbalist managing his website. I was never going to be anything there but a technical help. And I wasn’t alright with the heartlessness the work had sunken into since it went the big business way. Stuff like that can grate away at a person’s heart and cause real suffering. I had only stuck with that job eight years because I believed so much in herbs. It was supposed to be my contribution to making the world a better place.

But it became all about money and politics and a whole lot of abuse. So there I was and I knew that I could go and get into the same situation somewhere else and then regret it later.

And then I heard the voice of God in my heart. Just like that, I felt this was my chance, to do that thing you see in the movies. Follow your heart. So I started making my website introducing this crazy form of energy medicine – the water left behind when plants were passed through it – with a one second pulse of electricity through silver.

I was almost ready to put my website up and then the writer’s block hit again. Continue reading

Banyan Tree Fruit – The Kansas City Shuffle – Breaking out of a Stalemate Situation

All you can see in the picture, is ONE Banyan tree that spreading out.

The fruit of the banyan tree is as much a wonder and a miracle as the rest of the tree. It develops according to the biorhythms of the tree and can be found around the year depending on how the tree has acclimatized to where it is.

This tree’s virility of rooting, growth and spreading – so much so one tree can cover acres and acres of land, are legendary.

Naturally the fruit has been used as support for sexual energy deficiencies and fertility in both men and women.

However it isn’t exactly an aphrodisiac. Rather, it works on a very basic level providing all the basic nutrition a person needs, much like baby food does, repairing a person on a very basic level so fertility and everything it needs all come in one big package.

Nutritionally, the more popular fig – Ficus Carica – beats it as a food. But when it comes to trace minerals, the banyan fruit – Ficus Benghalensis is on a whole other level.

While it doesn’t have the sugars of the popular fig, essential food for sustenance, especially in the warm climate the common fig is native to, what the banyan fruit does have is those trace substances that address a person’s vital requirements for growth and repair.

In situations where a person is unable for some reason to work up the mojo to get past a plateau in healing or progress; when there’s a wound that simply won’t heal, when the person seems to be going around in circles getting ill, becoming alright, falling ill, getting well – really well, before relapsing – and this isn’t because of an obvious condition in the environment that’s causing the problem, the fruit of the Banyan helps breakthrough.

It is my medicine of choice to break a stalemate situation especially those that have an element of lack or deficiency in them. Where the person cannot seem to RETAIN or SUSTAIN energy long enough to break through.  

If someone says they’ve been in the same situation a long long while with ups and downs but always keep coming back to square one or ground zero – whatever you call it – I put banyan fruit in their medicine. It simply cannot hurt anyone – human or animal of any age.

In unnecessarily high doses it can cause vertigo in those who have been nutritionally deprived as the body spins into action to absorb the trace minerals it offers.

Have you heard of the Kansas City Shuffle? It’s this sort of method of bringing out a hidden enemy, or tricking one, by pretending to be one of the preys of the predator. The enemy reveals their location and becomes vulnerable as they come out to get the prey and have basically walked into a trap.

That’s how the banyan fruit works. It provides all the basic nutrition that makes predatory illnesses – ie. energy patterns not natural to the human body and the cells that carry them, lurking around the body like vampires, go dizzy with delight and think, “Yay, this is good stuff.” They go into overdrive, feasting on the nutrition and realize too late – this is not the common fig – this is the fruit of the banyan tree. “We should’ve googled it before feasting on it. We cannot really digest this stuff. We’re not natural. We only eat sugar. Oh no, oh no…. ”

Before long the unnatural cell is a dead cell and being thrown out.

I often combine banyan fruit with Milk Thistle and other support for the liver and for the lymphatic system to help throw out the dead cells and finish the job.

Now this is not something that happens overnight and it is quite draining and not advisable to use big doses of Banyan Fruit on its own. A better course of action is a smaller dose spread over six months to a year along with other herbs to help the body adjust to the changes brought about by the Banyan Fruit.

When the body changes, the consciousness changes. When the consciousness changes, our life changes. Every natural herb you make part of your life changes your consciousness and your life, whether you can see it or not.

The fruit of the banyan changes a life in very basic ways as it provides basic nutrition you might’ve been lacking for years or decades, changes on levels that might not be obvious but which as time goes is the equivalent of a paradigm shift.

Slow and steady wins the race, they say. The banyan fruit totally expresses that proverb into physical reality.

Have a Fear Free Natural Birth with Herbs

Valentine Garland – 1891

Having had a dog give birth thrice at my house before I myself had a child, taught me more about giving birth than all the books and videos on the internet, not to mention the hush-hush births I’d been around in human hospitals.

Dogs approach birth without the trained tension and worry humans go through.

The first time a dog in my care was pregnant, she got a terrible stomach infection and couldn’t keep anything in. I dutifully took her to a vet, “just to be on the safe side”. The vet ordered an xray.

I was amazed. Here was an exhausted pregnant dog in distress and he was ordering an xray?

“That’s the only way to know what’s happening,” he said. Apparently he couldn’t even tell if she was pregnant or not without an xray.

Now there are times when xrays are helpful and I’ve been fascinated now and again by xrays of the human body on Pinterest. But no one should be exposed to radiation because of a stomach infection, least of all a pregnant dog.

So I took the dog home, and never crossed the threshold of a vet again.

She thrived on my herbal medicine recovered from the stomach infection, and gave birth naturally and without drama at home. She weaned her dogs when she felt like it and they went off to new homes quite prepared for life ahead.

I used a mix of herbs for uterine strength and recovery in breeding dogs with some extra herbs added just for her needs – because every dog is different. Some doggie mothers need more nervous support, some need kidney support, some need help to stimulate the mammary glands, some just need a little more vital energy.

A few years later when I gave birth to my son, through the process of labor, all sorts of fears hit me. I realized how very fear-filled nearly all published information about the human birth process is. If that wasn’t enough, the process of looking after a new born, establishing feeding, and all that, they’re topics touched upon with so much fear and political correctness.

The joy of having a child gets worn away by all the fear mongering.

At about thirty hours into labor that didn’t seem to be progressing at all, I realized that and decided to throw everything I’d read about human birth right out of my mind.

People don’t sit around telling people exactly how to make a baby. Sure there’s the birds and the bees talk maybe once or twice before you’re an adult and you figure things out after that.

Giving birth is as natural as making a baby, and looking after the baby comes naturally too.

I remembered the grace and simplicity with which animals give birth when they’re allowed to be healthy and natural.

Once I began to throw the fear mongering out of my head, labor progressed pretty quickly and my son was born.

I carried and gave birth to my son, and cared for all his baby needs without any allopathic drugs.

The big part of pregnancy, birthing and post partum recovery, is having enough good oil in your diet.

After that, comes herbal support. My Herbal Medicine for Pre and Post Natal, Labor & Birthing Support usually has Vervain, Rosehips, St. Mary’s Thistle, Yarrow, Saw Palmetto, Cactus, Black Cohosh, Agnus Castus . I add other herbs depending on the mother’s needs – often using the good old combination of Pulsatilla and Phytolacca for uterine relaxation and lymphatic stimulation.

Vervain is for nervous support.
Rosehips is for vital energy.
St. Mary’s Thistle helps the mother’s liver deal with the rushes of hormones flooding her body through the birth process.
Yarrow supports tissue healing and recovery as well supports the cessation of heavy bleeding.
Saw Palmetto supports the heart, the uterus and the muscles all over the body is recovering from the strain of giving birth.
Cactus is a wonderful nervine to maintain calm through it all. I don’t know why mothers aren’t given more HEART and CARDIAC support, when so much about birth – I would say everything – is about the heart.
Black Cohosh is pure immediate strength for a uterus at its most strenuous time of life.
Agnus Castus helps maintain hormonal calm through what can be a turbulent time.

For emergency use – the painkiller herbs White Willow Bark, Ruta (for tearing pain), St. John’s Wort should be at hand, as should a powerful pain relieving oil – these same herbs in an oil will do a good job.

Make Armpit Sniffing Great Again – Yeast and Healing, Fertility, Wellness

A few months ago I wrote a 28 page book about Yeast or, as I like to call it, The Benefits of Armpit Sniffing.

Yeast isn’t a topic that made anyone world famous of healing you’re after, this is something you simply have to have as a foundation if you want to sustain healing.

Because of legal restrictions before I wasn’t able to put this book on my website for all to read for free. That’s sorted out now, and you can read it online  or rich, so there’s very little about it spoken or written, outside the world of ‘general wellness’.

Yet, if you are looking to recover from chronic illness, or let’s say – a life where your body doesn’t support or match your spirit, Yeast is critical for recovery. No matter what sortby clicking on the link below:
The Spirit of Yeast – Ebook .

The Paperback version of this book, is available on

The ebook is available at the following internet book sellers.

Work WITH your energy, not against it. Male & Female Energy Flow

This is a topic that cannot be spoken about in one go. It’s something you have to learn a little about and then digest and observe in your self and others before you go on, or it will all be just a mash-up of information in your head that makes no difference in reality.

All humans do not have the same energy flow patterns. In fact every human has a different energy flow pattern.

Male energy fields are distinctly different from female energy fields.

Male energy fields thicken through the colder months of the year, their life experience becoming more intense overall. Through the warmer parts of the year their energy fields thin out, as they release energy and interact with the environment in a lighter manner.

This of course is affected by several other factors, but it is something so primal and such a fact of life, that throughout history there have been ‘seasons’ ruling the activities of men and humankind in general, and it’s not all about only the weather on the outside. The weather on the inside matters a huge deal.

Female energy fields on the other hand, have a different energy pattern that follows a monthly cycle whether a woman is in the menstruating time of life or not.

The female energy field has concentrated energy in the center of the field, around the core of the abdomen, at the start of her period. The concentration spreads out through the next two weeks and expands fully around the time of ovulation and then the spread concentrates back into the center over the next 2 weeks.

So it’s two weeks expanding and two weeks contracting.

Now mind that there are several ways this flow is influenced and there are women for example who have menstrual cycles while they are pregnant too, the menstrual and the pregnancy cycles overlapping each other. In the case of men, changing their location where they have two summers or two winters a year can make a big difference. There are several such scenarios, but the basic pattern remains anyway.

This means that while for men the way they experience life and interact is more or less a stable, gradually changing scenario, in contrast, for women the intensity of life experience changes every fortnight at least.

A way to understand this is – If a man is on a journey, he finds himself going through a plain for 3 days. After 3 days gradually the train he is in finds itself moving to higher ground and then very gradually the train goes higher and higher until it is in the mountains. After a while there, the altitude changes ad slowly the man finds himself coming lower until days later he is in the plains again.

A woman on the other hand finds herself going through the plains for 2 hours, then the bus goes uphill at an angle of 45 degrees and she finds herself in the mountains for 2 hours, after which there’s the steep and sudden descent and she’s back in the plains.

As her energy is concentrated in the center of her energy field her soul wants to give attention to matters that are primal and central to the core of her being. As the energy field expands, her soul gives attention to things more external to her, her environment and so on.

Now, taking the condition of heavy menstrual bleeding as an example of just one of the many conditions women have as a result of not understand how the energy field works, I find that while herbs are wonderful help, to understand the emotional and energetic demands on the female body is one of the most powerful ways to actually heal.

Check out the herbs mentioned on my Herbal Treatment for Heavy Period Bleeding and Chronic Uterine Hemorrhage page (one of my most popular treatments), to get an idea of how herbs can be used to help stabilize energy flow to greatly lessen PMS/PMT and heavy bleeding.

Modern life is unreasonable in the demands it makes on women. It’s just the truth, and it needn’t be that way at all. I know a lot of women who do all they want to do only because they are aware of their body’s energetic and their soul’s emotional shifts and instead of fighting and suppressing those, work with them.

Working with our bodies means a different way of doing things from what we might have been taught in school and learned from others.

If you do not have the energy you need to get through the year or through the month, you know you have to become gentler and more understanding and work with your body instead of against it.

When you know what you’re going through, you begin to find little things that work for you and those make huge changes.

To allow your attention and energy to flow in ways it wants to, is a powerful habit that leads to quality of life and success in everything you want.

The Curse of the Bamboo – Bamboo for Fertility, Connectivity, Conduction

In the early 1900s there were recorded two severe famines in and around the wild bamboo forests of the North-East of India. Every thirty years these famines would strike.

The cause of the terrible famines was investigated and discovered. Every thirty years, the bamboo flowered and fruited. The fruit would fall down onto the floor of the forest, where rodents, especially rats feasted on them. This resulted in the virility and fertility of the rats increasing so much – an expert said it was 80 -90 times more than usual – and they reproduced as much very quickly.

The huge population of rats then went out from the forest into the countryside looking for food, eating up everything they possibly could. They’d get into the granaries of the time, into fields and barns and homes.

Therefore the flowering of the bamboo became considered more a curse than a blessing.

Bamboo grows easily all over the world. It’s got wonderful nutrients, in fact it’s a sure way to quickly give your hair and skin and teeth and nails a boost, because it’s got so much silica, one of the building blocks of all those.

What I find most amazing about it is how beneath all of its benefits is its ability to support energy and electric conductivity in the body, and on a consciousness level too.

It’s something you try if you find that the herbs you’re taking, or the nutrition you’re having doesn’t seem to reach where it’s supposed to go.

In every way, if you find that one part of you is all passionate and motivated to do something, that other parts of you don’t seem to be able to support, Bamboo’s the one to help.

Bamboo can be had as a tea, powdered dried leaf or as an extract. A little goes a long way. It works best when you take a little of it over a long period of time, like 6 months to a year.

Speaking of fertility. This funny thing happened to me once. I was in a park trying to take a picture of two monkeys nibbling on Bamboo leaves. Between the time I zoomed in on them and clicked they’d done from just nibbling on leaves companionably to errr.. making love. It was quite embarrassing for me standing there with my camera pointing at them and people staring at me like I’m a pervert.

Well I doubt bamboo would work that quick for humans but who knows, perhaps if you have a really strong tea, you never know.

Almost any health regimen will benefit from a boost to connectivity and connection within the body though.

Note: If you want to collect your Bamboo leaves from a densely populated wild place, make sure you put on some mosquito repellent cream as mosquitoes tend to breed in areas like those Bamboo likes – rather wet, almost swampy. I forgot and my son and I got bit all over the face and arms just before I took this video.