Vibrational Assault on the Liver – Signs and Herbs for Recovery

The liver’s work with frequency; Symptoms of Vibrational Assault on the Liver; Becoming allergic to one thing after another; Herbs for Recovery from Liver Trauma; Miasmatic Warfare; Liver Trauma caused by traumatic weaning off mother’s milk

Dear Ed,

Back in the day when Granddad was in the British Army, looking after horses, nearly all health problems were seen as aspects of liver weakness, damage, function and so on. Any sort of long term health support was rated as valuable or not on the basis of how much it supported the liver. Continue reading

Soul Memory & Beautiful pictures of Heather

A beautiful picture of the sculptor Augustus Saint-Gaudens with his beloved dog, Doodles, who was by his side all the time when he wasn’t well. Circa 1905

How wild Heather plants remembered my Granddad generation after generation; How Granddad helped me recover after I lost my memory at the age of 8, and BEAUTIFUL pictures of Heather by Eva of Helios Flowers 

Ed, back in the day when Granddad was a little boy growing up wild on a remote island of the Hebrides, off the coast of Scotland, he had a particular favorite haunt. It was a point overlooking the sea, with a big rock behind him to lean against, in a field of wildflowers which were mostly Heather.

He always sat at the same place and would twine a Heather plant gently around his finger for hours as he sat there looking at the sea. This plant grew up with that twining pattern.

When the winter came and all the plants died away, so did it.

But the next year, when the new plants came out of the earth – there was the child of the old year, growing in a twining pattern!

Granddad was deeply moved. It needn’t have grown that way. But the soul of the plant had remembered him in its next generation. All of my Granddad’s long life, the Heather remembered him. People grew old and died and some even before they died couldn’t recognize my Granddad when he went back. But the Heather remembered him.

And Granddad always remembered the Heather.

When I was eight, one time when Granddad came to visit me, there was an incident where I’d almost died. I was barely alive. I was unconscious and in a body cast. Every part of me was in shock. As Granddad brought me back to consciousness (I believe mostly by the pure power of love), he realized I had lost most of my memory. I didn’t know who he was or my own name. But I could read and write and do math. I bet most people thought I was done for.

But not Granddad. I was back at school very quickly after that. That month I stood 4th out of 68 children in the monthly tests – which I consider a huge huge miracle.

In the years that followed, Granddad helped me recover important bits of my memory. You’d think he did it with herbs that stimulated the brain. But he didn’t. You see there are memory problems that can be healed by treating the brain with herbs – where the brain is actually physically wounded or depleted of nutrition. Brahmi, Lion’s Mane Mushroom and others. And you can enhance memory radically by having herbs that help increase circulation and therefore oxygen and glucose to the brain – Gotu Kola (Centella Asiatica), Zizyphus, Parsley, Mate and so on. Even real coffee does that.

However, when the memory problem is caused by shock or trauma, there’s only so far that physical treatment of the brain will go.

Granddad showed me that memory is not a function of the brain – though the brain is the interpreting tool. Like how the screen of the computer, is not where the memory is, but just accesses that memory and brings it into awareness.

He showed me that memory is stored in every cell of the body, and deeper, in the energy field of every cell of the body.

He’d tap the point on my finger where he’d poked me to bring me back to consciousness. He’d then look at me and I’d immediately remember the moment I came back to consciousness and looked up to see his beard in front of me. He’d give me a look like, “Ok, so this is our starting point now.”

He taught me to re-develop in my brain the memory that was lost by finding the memory in the energy field of my body.

This has been a slow but wonderful process. Because while others around me seemed to function only on mental brain memory, I was now accessing memory in my DNA inherited from my ancestors, memories of past lives and so on.

I was unaware of this – I just experienced that I knew some things so surely in my spirit, without a doubt, and accepted it as my spiritual knowing – which it is indeed. I cannot recount to you the many ways this has saved me, protected me and increased the quality of my life.

However some things – such as the recognition of people and places – these are so very obviously not just spirit knowing but actual memory of previous events and experiences.

Every human is a treasure trove of real true soul memory. As a civilization we have been taught to look to external evidence of events, facts and truths. In fact, every truth seeker finds out real quick, how easy it is to warp or hide the truth by rearranging external things.

Our soul memory is our indispensable natural support in life’s terrain.

I once read of a Tibetan method of memory where the monks memorize huge huge amounts of scripture through this exercise where they organize the brain into a library with many drawers and then save pieces of the scripture in the relevant drawer.

I’ve never been able to get myself to do things like that. I told Granddad about it and he said, “Those drawers could get rearranged.’

Granddad said that memory stored in the brain could easily be accessed by others and changed. Sometimes we wouldn’t even know it consciously if someone were slowly messing with our brain memory.

But no one can change our soul memory.

This is known to the powers that be.

It is a “scientifically”proven fact that plants have memories. I remember watching a video some years ago about how plants reacted differently to someone who had beaten up a plant near them, thereby being witness against the criminal.

What is not told the public is that plants being living beings like us have energy field or soul memory. They’re always trying to come up with theories like “calcium signalling” – anything to push the existence of soul out of the way.

The nice thing is this – we don’t need anyone’s permission or help to access our own soul memory. We don’t need to climb mountains or sit in caves to access it. We just need to honor our soul and be open to soul memory arising when it does.

Every time we feel soul memory surface, instead of pushing it away, devaluing it, wondering IF it’s true, accept that it is.

See Ed, I managed to get to the point where I respected my soul memory, really early on, because after the age of 8 I depended on it – I didn’t have brain memory like the others. So I valued it and as I grew up and it saved me on many occasions, I learned to respect it secretly. Not openly because that went against the society I lived in. It was an evidence and proof-worshiping society that scoffed at anything outside of the mainstream accepted thought processes.

Where I always tripped was the point where I  simply couldn’t respect and accept my soul memory OVER externally provable facts.

I suppose the day I crossed that threshold was the day Gabriel was born. I realized when I was 30 hours into labor and barely alive, that all the things I’d read and watched about childbirth were not information enough. That life is a function of spirit and soul. That when it comes down to the really important things – moments when you’re swinging between life and death – it’s not your mentally proven facts that save you, but your DNA and genetic memory, your soul memory, your primal instinct.

Only our soul memory is expansive enough to cope with the life of Spirit. Maybe once upon a time man’s mental memory and education was evolved enough to comprehend the workings of our bodies, our realm, our universe. Sadly in our times it falls woefully and desperately short.

We simply cannot transcend even our health problems these days with just mental memory.

We need soul memory all the time everyday to guide us and show us the way. It’s the way of Life. It is how we’re designed.

I have crossed the threshold from requiring evidence for what my primal memory says to accepting it as first authority in my life. It is fear of being alone that kept me there on the other side, fear of losing touch with everything and everyone so familiar to me. I didn’t realize the years of my life were going away, drained because of not progressing the way of all life.

We all grow up – from learning the names of animals from a book with pictures of them – D for Dog – to actually patting a dog and then having a relationship with one, that words and ideas will never quantify or fully describe yet hold us forever, even after they’ve moved on to another life.

We have to cross over from mental function to soul function or we’re not tapping into the power of life at all.

Now there are exercises to help develop soul memory’s acceptance in the brain. I have described one I use often here: Release Pain caused by Buried or Suppressed Memory – Herbs & an Exercise. To be honest though, it’s not like I have the time or privacy on an everyday basis to lie down and do the exercise. I ultimately get to doing it when I’m in crises.

So for the most part, I’ve taken the easy way out and put my head in the lap of my ancestral family of plants for all my needs.

The herbs that have radically helped me recover my brain from shock are described in this article (with a video) Herbs for Life Changes – To Support Re-Establishment, Brain Function & Vitality .

I got inspired to write this article today (actually, yesterday), only because I saw these beautiful pictures of Heather by Eva of Helios Flowers on Instagram that I simply have to share.

Here is beautiful Heather, best friend of all those who need to recover soul and energy field memory for life healing.

I could say a million things, but none which will heal so much as what your soul remembers when you look at Heather, so for once I will be silent in the presence of the holy.

I love the way Eva takes pictures of plants. I’ve shared pictures of her Roses and Digitalis or Foxglove before.

I describe the benefits of Heather in the following articles:
Herbal Energies to Cope with Isolation and Recover from Isolation Trauma
Intelligent Detox – Herbs that raise body intelligence
Me versus Me – Herbs for Autoimmune and Histamine Disorders
Herbs go where words can’t. Herbs to comfort.

Don’t slug it out alone. Herbs for Life Changes – Support & Re-establishment Continue reading

Herbal Energies to Cope with Isolation and Recover from Isolation Trauma

Herbs are not like pills which while being ‘active’ do not carry living consciousness. Herbs have consciousness just like us and that is why they are the medicine of choice and instinct for animals in our world.

They have the nutrients to help our bodies when we’re running low. And they have the natural intelligence and consciousness to help out emotionally and spiritually so we can really heal and not just be helped in the moment.

For those who are or feel isolated, herbs are a gentle friend to help us find our way.

There are 3 kinds of isolation.

1) Isolation caused by physically moving out of your comfort zone.

This is like when a child moves out of home to university, or you leave your home town for another place.

Understanding that along with physical changes our emotional and spiritual environment has also changed will go a long way in helping us make a smooth transition.

There are several long term conditions that arise out of not reestablishing roots properly in a new environment, metabolic imbalance, chronically low immunity and so on.

There are many ways to cope with change of this kind, but my favorite is herbs. Please read the following article for herbs for reestablishment.

Herbs for Life Changes -To Support Re-Establishment, Brain Function; Vitality


2) Isolation without physically moving out.

An example of this kind of isolation is when there is a new addition to a family and the older members feel like they aren’t getting as much attention or care as before.

My favorite way of understanding and treating this kind of isolation is the Banyan Tree or Ficus Benghalensis.

This is one amazing tree. It has such a robust root system that while it is a young adult, it’s roots are competing already for resources, so it starts putting out roots from its above ground branches!

As time goes by, its branches spread out horizontally and let down roots that grow really long and finally reach the ground themselves. This new ‘root’ then begins to function like a tree all on its own!

So in time, what looks like a forest is actually one tree that spread out.

That’s all just one tree.

When we have that understanding that we are one life form in many bodies, that we are the one tree, we begin to find new ways to get sustenance and our family can grow, our team and organization can grow beautifully.

The Ficus (the fig is a member of this family) is also filled with nutrients to help the conditions caused by feeling isolated right on ones own home zone.

Connective tissue disorders, respiratory difficulty, sudden premature aging, anxiety disorders and self hatred are various manifestations of being unable to find new ways to connect within the home zone.

3) Isolation when you are out of your element altogether.

When you feel like a fish out of water, so totally isolated that you might as well be on another planet, and time goes by and you are not able to put down roots, you need to take action to care for yourself.

An example of this sort of life crisis is a sportsman who because of a bad injury or illness now has to face a whole new sort of life out of the sports world.

Another example is someone in an organization in which the culture is so starkly cold, dry, unfeeling and competitive compared to the warmhearted living emotional environment they were used to before.

Another example is someone who has moved to a place with a culture whose core values clash with their own drastically.

Another example is children growing up without knowing the truth about their birth identity. The body and therefore the soul is not able to pick up cues from a culture and environment it is not racially programmed to.

There are 3 most common manifestations of this sort of serious isolation.

1) Hormonal imbalance

A lack of energy is hormonal imbalance right there. Depression is hormonal imbalance.

We get our cues for hormonal balance from our environment both physical and otherwise. Imagine if we’re cut off, or not getting or cues right. It immediately begins to show as low energy and rapidly lessening motivation and we have to do more and more just to keep functional while our quality of life keeps sliding down.

Our sexual being IS our being so it can become a severe life crisis if we don’t deal with it.

2) Loss of skill

If you find that you cannot do something with the same skill and gusto you once used to do it, it’s a sign that you’ve been affected by serious isolation.

You’ve had such a shock, or such a lack of resources that your system’s bridges and connections are actually disconnected. Your fingers are taking twice as long to react to your brain’s messages.

Read on for help.

3) Rejection

Very often when we simply cannot acclimatize to an environment, we end up rejecting it and then ourselves with it.

Sexual self rejection where the person just gives up on ever finding pleasure and triggers off premature aging processes, is a common result of someone simply not able to put roots into an environment their soul has rejected.

‘Rejection’ is a word some consider bad but most often it takes a strong spirit and a highly developed intellect, and a courageous character to reject one’s environment.

It’s the spirit refusing to become part of something it doesn’t agree with in some core, vital, ways.

Such people end up being the ones who cause consciousness change because they eventually hold their own so steadfastly that others begin to follow their lead.

They are perhaps the most amazing form of mass healing.

But it isn’t easy being them.

In such a situation a person has to develop ways out of the usual, to receive and give energy so they can keep living and finish whatever it is they’re in that environment for.

I have 5 favorite herbs to deal with this serious isolation and which help the other two as well.

1) Cypress

The tall Cypress is an evergreen tree that grows straight up, holds its own nature in isolation. It’s often planted as a wind breaker as it will protect houses near it from strong winds.

How the Cypress manages to grow up so straight is its everyday sensitivity to every little breeze. It is so aware that every time it could relax and grow just a little sideways, it doesn’t. It asserts its own direction and so grows up straight.

For all that fastidiousness, the essential oil of Cypress us one of the most relaxing fragrances known. Apparently holding your own in all things great and small, results in a nature that’s truly truly relaxed.

2) Mugwort or Artisemia

I call it a bridge engineer because of how it helps a nervous system gone splintered with shock or weakness, connect back up.

It’s not just first-aid. Taken over a long period it helps a person develop ways to face antagonizing situations calmly and courageously.

3) Heather – Calluna Vulgaris Continue reading

Intelligent Detox – Herbs that raise body intelligence

If your detoxification programs haven’t been working well enough, and if you have nutritional deficiencies even though you eat healthy enough, you need to remind your body to get back to sifting things properly.

The intelligence of herbs is amazing. They are living beings not dead chemicals. When we have whole herbs who have not been processed in a way that destroys their subtle energies, the herbs get into our bodies and teach the parts of us that are tired or have forgotten how to do things, how to do them efficiently again.

A very important aspect of detoxification and keeping clean on a regular basis, is for our bodies to know what to keep and what to throw out.

The usual herbs for detoxification, laxatives, and urinary stimulators, need the body to keep what’s needed instead of throwing the baby out with the bath water. To do so, would be to cause a whole new set of problems where the body is chronically energy deficient and lacking in important minerals. Continue reading

Me versus Me – Herbs for Autoimmune and Histamine Disorders

When I was at university, I used to cut across the golf course instead of taking the long way around the drive. One day on my way to an exam as I was running across the golf course around noon, I ran into a whole lot of flies, just flies. My face began to itch like crazy. When I reached the building where the exam was, I rushed to the bathroom and discovered to my horror that my face and neck were covered in huge red welts and swollen up – I was unrecognizable. I did the exam anyhow, but it took several hours for the welts and swelling to subside and I never ran across a golf course in the heat of day ever again.

It was one of my many brushes with histamine intolerance. That’s when the body reacts to something like an insect bite, and then reacts wildly to those substances that are supposed to fight whatever foreign substance entered via the insect bite.

It’s the body fighting it’s own self.

And that’s the core of nearly all auto-immune disorders, histamine intolerance, chronic allergies. On every level, if you look at it, it’s a civil war inside the person.

It’s a slug fest of you versus you.

To heal from autoimmune and histamine disorders, chronic allergies etc., the war of Me versus Me must stop. I have found that the Me versus Me battle, is usually based on us behaving with our own selves like we’re tough loveless school masters. Starting to treat our own selves with emotional understanding and the love that’s beyond the rules, changes everything.

But this article is about

herbs that help us on the path to peace between Us and Us Continue reading

Herbs go where words can’t. Herbs to comfort.

There are times in life when all you can do for a loved one or your self is to simply comfort. Times of shock, grief, bereavement, you don’t really know what to do, and there is precious little anyone can say at times like those.

A cup of a soothing herbal tea that’s not too strong, can help. Herbal tinctures put into a little bottle and given every half an hour or so, can help in big ways to calm a grief stricken person and help them to cope with any tasks that demand their mental attention.

The key is to have a little of, not too much of anything, but a little of any of the following comforting herbs. If the need is great, have them more often, up to once every 15 minutes, but keep the dose light.

Herbs for Comfort

If you can, find out what the tendencies of the person you are making the treatment for, are. Some people are at risk of a heart attack, some have terrible headaches, some women hemorrhage, some have digestive upsets or constipation, some cannot sleep, some cannot be mentally alert, some lose their appetite, some are manic and could use mild sedation.

You don’t need to go too deep into it, just follow instinct. All of these, any of these will help as anyway the whole body works together.

The first thing to do is raise basic vitality as that’s half of the job done. Their body will be able to do what has to be done if basic vitality is back up.

Alfalfa Seed for those who feel cold more than warm

For everyone of all ages. Simple basic comforting. One spoonful of the seeds boiled for 2 minutes and steeped for 5 minutes will make two cups of light gentle tea. The tincture can be used 30drops to 100ml of water and given 20 drops every hour or so, even more often is just fine.

Barley Seed for those who feel uncomfortably warm

For those feeling congested, like they can’t breathe, like they’re suffocating, barley seeds, 2 spoonfuls will make a nice comforting energy boosting calming tea.

St. John’s Wort – Hypericum Perforatum

For those feeling stretched beyond toleration, tight, and ‘cannot take anymore’, this herb helps.

It is especially helpful when the person’s sense of hope is at a low, when everything looks dark and dingy. When the will to live is stretched very thin.

5 drops to a cup of water, or half a t-spoon of the herbs steeped in hot water for 5 -10 minutes.

Bamboo Leaf

This is for those whose physical reaction to grief and shock is hair loss and related manifestations of a sudden loss of vitality like tired skin, “too drained to sleep”, loss of sexual energy or libido, just cannot go on with normal life activities anymore.

Bamboo leaf tea or extract is a gentle but powerful supporter of the spirit and opener of vision.


Calluna Vulgaris – energizes those who need very much to keep the big picture in mind while dealing with grief or a tragedy, for who the current situation as traumatic as it might be, is part of a process that started a long time ago and will take a long time to resolve.

For those whose current sorrow is not just about the current situation but things thi hat have snowballed one after another for years and decades maybe. For who it’s not so much about accepting the situation but about comprehending what the situation means for their lives, about who they are.

Things deeper than the current situation – Heather helps the soul and body acclimatize to changes that come with deep deep life change.

White Willow Bark

Famous as a pain-killer (the original source of aspirin), White Willow is for those who cannot face the pain, who have been in the habit of looking away from their tragedies and just moving on without grieving enough. The emotional pain hangs about as pain in the body.

White Willow helps those who find it hard to express their grief. This shows up in high blood pressure sometimes, bloodshot eyes, head aches, back aches, knotted nerves and so on.


For those with physical weakness, of the anemic sort. “No strength to cry”, they breathe deeply only once every other minute because they’re so heart tired. They’re just waiting for either external help or whenever their body slowly recovers. They manage to go about mechanically, but very tired most of the time.

Their appetite is poor and in general they’re doing poorly dealing with things, just managing the bare minimum. Long term damage to their life interests can be prevented by supporting them with Hibiscus tea or tincture.

It helps women who hemorrhage in reaction to shock or grief, children who aren’t able to digest food properly as have anemic tendencies as a result, men who have had severe blood loss or been exposed to chemical poisoning that has made it difficult to process food properly and make new blood like before.

In general if they’ve gone pale, and can’t seem get the red back in the face, Hibiscus will help.

If Hisbiscus isn’t available where you are, Rosehips comes close, combined with any of these – Beetroot, Blackstrap Molasses, Pomegranate Molasses. Continue reading

Don’t slug it out alone. Herbs for Life Changes – Support & Re-establishment

As Life is, every living being changes lanes every now and then. What I mean by ‘shifting lanes’ is when you’re on the same path but it’s all very different. Some very intrinsic things have changed and your consciousness, your emotions and your body chemistry have changed too. You know what I’m talking about.

There’s nothing that happens in life that doesn’t affect us both emotionally and physically, whether we are mentally aware of it or not. Our healing accordingly needs to support us both physically and emotionally. Herbs being living beings are natural holistic healers.

Here are some powerful healers to help you through drastic life changes:

Liquorice – Glycyrrhiza glabra

Gut strength – that’s what Liquorice gives us.

When we go through drastic life changes our nervous frequency changes and with it the nerves of our digestive system get a little extra sensitive. Liquorice calms nerve endings and strengthens muscle so altogether it is a gut strengthener. It soothes the inner linings of the digestive system as well.

It takes a bit of getting used to – the sort of sweet Liquorice has is a little spicy as well. But it’s well worth the effort, especially because chewing something to exercise the facial muscles is as stress relieving as anything else and it build bone and teeth.

You can take Liquorice in its tincture form – 4 drops to a cup of water, or as a tea – a t-spoonful of chopped up Liquorice sticks, or just chew a piece or two of the sticks a day.


Brahmi – Bacopa Monieri and Parsley

Brain tonics, both of them. Parsley is available easily enough, a tspoon of dried parsley or a handful of fresh parsely boiled in cup and a half of water and reduced to one cup is a quick brain tonic.

I choose Bacopa however for many people because Parsley stimulates the urinary system and the uterus and not everyone wants that.

Bacopa is an amazing brain rejuvenator and healer. One of its most amazing abilities is how it inspires the subconscious brain to set priorities. This makes a lot of the unnecessary things running in the back of our brains go silent so we can focus on priorities.

This is especially useful in times when we are facing overwhelming change.

The tincture of Bacopa Monieri as well as the dried leaves can be used. 3-5 drops of the tincture in the mornings and afternoons (it can be a little too stimulating in the evenings and nights), and a tspoonful of the dried leaf or a handful makes a cup of tea.

Rosehips – Rosa Canina

The rose is such a lovely tender flower and it’s fruit is a fighter. That’s just it is in nature. Rosehips is packed with all the nutrients required to support the body through the drop in immunity that tends to happen around life changes, nutrients like Vitamin C.

It can also work as an aid to sleep. Because some forms of sleeplessness or insomnia are caused by an acute lack of basic vital energy, that Rosehips can help with.

You can have 3-5 drops of the tincture in a cup of water, or make a hot cup of tea.




What a miracle the Pine is! A tree that grows in depleted soil, that holds the soil of mountain firmly in, and is so energy efficient.

Pine has all the nutrients required to help a person whose foundations have been shaken, whose energy field is weak from the change, to re-establish their energy patterns.

If there’s just one supplement you need to choose to help you through a life change, Pine would be a good choice.

Pine needle tea is a time trusted aid – full of Vitamin C and all those many other wonderful things Pine has to revive a tired system. Pine Bark tincture is famously used for everything from recovery from chemotherapy to recovery from surgery.

Heather – Calluna Vulgaris

This beautiful plant grows wild over wide areas in several parts of the world. My great great Grandfather John Waltham during his childhood and teenage years would spend hours and hours sitting in “the Heather”. He told me he never ever found two heather flowers that looked the same. It was amazing.

That’s the beauty of Heather – the beauty, the purity of being a unique individual. For those who need help remembering or feeling encouraged to hold their own being, their own life purpose, Heather gives support.

This beautiful plant if burned down, will grow back even more lush the next year. It holds its memory of who it is, right through the time when it isn’t even supposed to be ‘living’. John Waltham told me he’d sit in the place where the Heather was in the summer and would feel the Heather still there, and then it would appear again the next spring.

This beautiful ability – to remember who you are right through what seems complete destruction, this is what Heather supports in us.

As it goes through the system it reminds the various cells and organs that make up our body to each do it’s own job properly. This contributes in a big way to less stress overall.

On a physical level it is gently cleansing and supportive of the regeneration of areas that are electrically burned out in the nervous system, tissue that is over-heated or under-heated in the body. Those things that trouble us and cause us to feel like something’s wrong even when the body in general seems to be working fine, Heather takes care of those areas.

It is available as a tea, and as a tincture. 2-5 drops of the tincture or a tspoonful of it as a tea is a good dose. You do have to take it regularly to experience all its benefits however. Ideally it ought to be taken for 6-12 weeks.

Mugwort – Artimisia Vulgaris

Mugwort is a bridge engineer. When we’re faced with sudden drastic change, sometimes the connections between various parts of us is strained as some parts behave differently, and at different frequency from the usual and this can cause all kinds of traffic jams and miscommunication, causing us stress.

Mugwort repairs and re-engineers those bridges, those connections and helps us get back to efficient function quickly.

Like the other 2-5 drops of the tincture or a t-spoonful as a tea is a good dose.

And now a quick recap.

What to remember about each herb:

Bacopa (Brahmi), Parsley – brain energy, prioritization, sub-conscious prioritization

Pine – re-establishment, thriving on few resources, making do till establishment

Rosehips – vital energy, resistance

Mugwort – bridge builder between body and psyche

Liquorice – gut and muscle strength

Heather – toner of everything, reminder of purpose and individuality
physically helps each cell remember what it’s supposed to do – very important in times of change