Herbs for Nerve Repair, Nerve Blow out, Numb Nerve Endings

Why nerve repair is so important; Herbs and Charcoal for Nerve Repair; Herbs for external nerve ending healing; Beautiful painting of girl and dog by Ilya Repin

Dear Ed,

I’ve been reading a lot lately about people having local nerve blow outs, which means that the nerve endings in an area of the body, become unable to cope with the sensory or energetic impulses and stop sending information. Ie. the area either goes numb or has one continuous sensation such as tingling for an unusually long time. Continue reading

Anxiety Triggered Inflammation – 3 Decisive Ways to Break the Cycle

Dear Ed,

Recently, the majority of inflammatory conditions I’ve been noticing have been anxiety triggered.

People feel helpless, Ed, when told to “just calm down,” and “Stop being anxious.” Once you’re actually breaking out in inflammations and allergies, and putting on water weight (fluid retention), that’s already the body saying that anxiety that should be expressed is being suppressed.

Unfortunately, Ed, despite decades of an unofficial movement stressing that emotions should be released instead of held in, in everyday reality, people still are constrained and held back. Continue reading

Nervous Frequency Stability – Herbs, Holistic Attitude

The case of the raw pink pigmentation marks, diabetes, nervous system frequency; Herbs to 1) Strengthen the nervous system, 2) Repair Nerves and 3) Support Nervous Clarity; Granddad tells me how we can return to healing like our bodies healed in teenage years

Dear Ed,

I recently was reminded of the power of plant poisons in treating attacks on the energy field or nervous system frequency.

As someone who has been involved with herbal medicine one way or another all my life, it’s always been obvious to me that there are several conditions that are not addressed as simply as “this symptom can be cured by this herb.”

I knew this woman who wore slippers that sort of chafed at the skin of her feet and left marks. These showed as raw pink blotches on the skin, almost as if the flesh was exposed, but it was actually the color the skin took on. It was something not common and a whole lot of experts from doctors to naturopaths and homeopaths and acupuncturists all tried their hand.

At the tender age of 10, I decided it was caused by some spiritual force no one was willing to acknowledge. This is just our natural human instinct, because contrary to what we’ve been taught, o

ur lives are ruled by our spirit and our inner emotional climate. Ruled. Not influenced, RULED. Continue reading

Energy Field of Vervain for Electrical Grounding, Rehabilitation of Sensory Earth Energy Receptors

Here’s a really old painting (12th Century) showing a man holding the herb Vervain, subduing some sort of scary serpent who’s lying most deviously to him. Vervain helps the man see through the deception and know who is the enemy! Vervain is a nervine – which means a herb that helps calm and support the nervous system – just the thing to help you face challenges calmly and keep your nervous system strong.

How the energy field of Vervain electrically grounds the body; How we can be electrically grounded when we are not physically in contact with earth; Rehabilitation of sensory and sexual energy receptors; Getting back to using basic earth energy instead of mental energy

Dear Ed,

An herb so old in the consciousness is Vervain or Verbena Officinalis.

I almost got drunk on Vervain on a very hard day in my life when I poured way too much of the alcohol extract of it into my water bottle. You know my old bad habit of putting in more of something if I feel I need it more. I held my nerve alright, all day, but I did feel quite drunk a lot 😉 .

It’s an example of how not to take a herb. Never assume more of it will increase its effects. You can do that a few times in emergencies – when you have the actual leaf or infusion, not when its extracted into alcohol (makes you feel woozy headed and over friendly) or vinegar (makes you feel hungry, causes acidity).

To really amplify its effects on a holistic level for lasting healing, you take small or even tiny quantities of it, regularly over a long period, so you actually train yourself to be like it, and that habit becomes internalized into your own nature.

Vervain is one of those herbs which doesn’t have to be diluted too much for its energy field to be clear and stronger than its physical properties. Let’s say its physical properties at any time are never louder than its energy pattern.

All you need is one drop of the tincture or Extract of Vervain – to say 100 ml or 4 ounces or one cup of water. This gives strength to the nervous system in times of stress and the effect goes all the way through our nervous system to the last little fragile little nerve endings.

This is because of its energy pattern.

The energy pattern of Vervain is simply an electrically grounded point. It’s like the grounding wire in an electric plug. I mean this almost literally. It immediately electrically grounds our energy field. You have to try this to believe it.

When all your nerves are electrically all over the place, jumping and jerking about, nerve endings flailing wildly – reaction to shock, trauma ie. you take Vervain, and physically, your nervous system – which is basically an electric circuit, is grounded. The water of our body which also carries electric charge, calms down soon as well. Continue reading

Skin Rehabilitation from Emotional & Nervous Blow-out; Long Term Trauma

Comfrey - Symphytum Officinale
How exquisitely beautiful is Comfrey! Symphytum Officinale

Herbs for first-aid for the skin after an emotional or nervous blow-out; Electrical and energetic assault on skin; Herbs for rehabilitation of skin cells from long term trauma; How to make your own oil extracts and creams

Dear Ed,

The skin is full of nerve endings. It is a sense organ in its own right, you know. It has nerve endings to sense things like temperature, pressure, and even “sixth sense” events such as energy fields around us; “the hair on my hand rose” for example.

The skin has its own intelligence and is very much part of the nervous system, as it is also very much a part of the hormonal functioning of the body.

It’s easy to see the effect of the emotional experiences we go through on our skin, especially on our faces as that’s the skin surrounding so many of our sense organs and in these days the part of us we use for expression the most.

A big part of treating our skin therefore should be aimed at healing and restoring the health of the nerve endings. The good thing about using herbs for skin healing, is that the herbs which promote wound healing also promote nerve ending healingComfrey for example, a herb used traditionally for overall skin health, heals the little wounds we can’t see in the mirror but are there as a result of long term weathering. It also soothes the nerve endings, feeds them literally feeds them.

Calendula, another wound healer and anti-infection agent, is a powerful nerve ending healer as well in the way it cakes the nerve endings which could be in shock, with a sort of temperature shield in the moment.

Myrrh, another wound healer, is like a blanket for the nerve endings. I don’t think I could put it better – a blanket. You know what means for nerves that have experienced a blow out.

But these are first-aid.

As someone who’s been through hell emotionally I can tell you that a time comes when you begin to see the effect of long term trauma on the skin. Long term sleep deprivation, long term nutrition deficiency, long term assault on the hormonal balance of the body, long term stress in general.

Rehabilitation of the skin from long term trauma starts with internal treatment.

There’s precious little an external treatment will do, if our liver is underperforming, our lungs, our heart and so on. A holistic treatment aimed at strengthening the body, addressing specific organ weakness is absolutely necessary.

Internal nutrition for rehabilitation from skin trauma would ideally include:

Bamboo or Horsetail (Equisetum) or Pearl Millet powder – All of these are powerhouses of silica – a substance very required for skin cell health.

Good fat and saturated oils – I have found it practically impossible to rehabilitate a nervous system – or the hormones for that matter – on a low fat diet. The body uses the fat content in our food as an indication of “it is well”. Without that indication, and the practical help of the fat in cushioning the nerves, most other treatments aren’t going to go too far.

It’s a scam all around – the low fat craze – it promotes nervous instability such as humanity has never seen before, metabolic imbalance and obesity.

You can eat all kinds of “nutrition” but if we’re not getting fat, the body believes itself to be in malnutrition and will start retaining whatever little fat it can, and even water as water retention is an important part of the body’s response to crisis.

Long term low fat diets result in an atrophied digestive system that is without nerve ending cushioning, making us hyper-reactive and prone to allergies, not to mention the various emotional and psychological conditions like panic disorder, anxiety and so on.

When our bodies believe we’re starving, it’s a serious crisis and this shows up in every area of our lives.

So good fat is just THAT important.

Good yeast and Probiotic is also important as part of a diet to heal the skin. When we have any sort of emotional blow-out, the drastic temperature changes our skin cells experience as we process high voltage electricity through the nervous system and tissues, yeast cells which are sensitive to electric impulses, die off.

The yeast cell population has to be replenished. They do the micro-cleaning up work whether in the digestive system or the skin. If our skin’s natural yeast population is repeatedly attacked through high voltage nervous electricity (you can see the effect most clearly on the face of someone who has experienced a nervous breakdown, someone who is on drugs that drastically change nervous frequency in a short period of time), the yeast cells are chronically low and this results in the build up of toxins that should have been eliminated, hanging about just beneath the skin or often surfacing as well.

Eruptions, pimples, warts, moles and such, contrary to popular “science” are not caused by infection agents or “viruses” (the latest excuse for everything – I believe they’re going to discover the virus that causes marital problems soon and “mandate” that masks be worn in bed and in the shower as well).

Rather, skin eruptions and collections of toxins are the body’s inability to smoothly clean out toxins and are indicative of a struggling yeast population.

Natural probiotics such as natural yoghurt, cheese, fermented food are required as part of the diet in the long term to rehabilitate the yeast population in the body. Alcoholic drinks and breads that contain real yeast are also traditional medicine for the same. In fact, traditional diet all over the world includes natural yeast on a regular if not daily basis.

Electrical and Energetic Assault on the Body

Many long term and “spreading” skin conditions such as warts and moles are also caused by electrical assault on the energy field of the body, that cause a general cell breakdown in the way cells reproduce – causing some cells to make truncated new cells – or cells which are barely alive so the body doesn’t throw them out at once, but which are no use because they aren’t fully functional. They get stored here and there about the body. Tumors and warts are expressions of general electrical and energetic assault on the body.

To deal with these effectively a drastic approach aimed at increasing the overall vitality of the body through emotional healing is required.

It’s the truth Ed, that few speak of – the connection between immunity and emotional well being. The effect of general electrical and radiation type assault on the body is emotional and nervous depression and the corresponding fall in immunity. To get back to normal, the happiness of the person must come back.

The will to live, hope in the future, all these boost immunity like few other things will do.

However, we can be helped big-time by herbs like Rosehips, Ashwagandha or Winter Cherry and Pine Bark, which have nutrition that makes the electrical system – i.e. the nervous system stable and strong. Most of the class of herbs called “adaptogens” strengthen the energy field.

Topical Treatment of the Skin with Herbs

The same herbs we take internally for nervous system recovery from break downs and nerve healing, applied topically in creams, and gels and so on deliver those micro-nutrients to damaged skin cells.

It’s important not to cause over-stimulation of the skin cells which are already injured through long term high electric voltage. Herbs and medicines that promote healing through raising the heat locally – Turmeric, Golden Seal for example should be avoided or used in very small doses.

Oils are a great form of delivery because they cushion the tired nerve endings. But if the skin is already very oily (a great sign that the body is already dealing with the problem – excess skin oiliness is the body healing nerve ending blow out) or the skin is prone to perspiration (another great sign – the body’s response with sweat is an indication of its replenishing yeast population and balancing out hormones) , aloe vera gel and ointments such as calamine lotion and beeswax are good carriers of the herbs.

Whatever you do, resist a violent approach to the skin. Just a little of a herb is enough.

To make your own treatment, get the herbs themselves and extract them into oil by slow heating them in a double boiler or put the oil in a glass bottle, put the herbs in, and sit it on a towel at the bottom of a pot, fill the pot up with water and heat the water up every time it goes cold, or keep it on the lowest heat possible, so you keep the oil warm. You’ll know by instinct, or by the color of the oil when the herb’s been extracted into the oil.

The other method of treatment – the easier option – is to buy the herbal tinctures, aloe vera gel, calamine lotion – or any other cream or ointment of your choice that doesn’t have strong attacking agents in it. Unscented is good.

You then put a few drops of the tincture in with the gel or cream, mix well, and that’s it. Don’t go overboard with the drops, all you need is a 3-4 drops for about 100 ml or 4 oz of a cream or gel. Any more and you’re overwhelming the skin cells.

Herbal nervines for rehabilitation of skin cells from long term trauma Continue reading

Coffeebush for Anxiety caused by Deep Gut Tension; Freedom First!

How I first heard about Coffeebush or Leucaena leucocephala; Anxiety caused by deep gut and digestive tract lining dramas; A sign that your recent radical decision is right; Freedom First! 

Dear Ed,

Plants flower and fruit not so much by the season as by their instinct. Just as fertility in humans is influenced almost completely by spiritual conditions – so it is with plants.

Therefore whether in season or out of season, when a plant flowers, it’s a message and it’s timely. Even more so when it comes into our awareness.

One of the plants, classified in many places as an invasive weed for its fertility and virile growth – (almost 10 feet a year!) – in flower right now is the Coffeebush, or Leucaena called “Ipil Ipil” in some Asian countries where it spread to from Mexico, “White leadtree” in other places.

There was this 10 year old child I came across in 2009 when I first started making energy medicine over the internet. The child was of Asian descent living in Canada. He’d developed this itch and then an infected spot on his left foot – an infection caught they supposed, by swimming somewhere. It was about 2 inches long and an inch wide, and was white with infection. Nothing they did could get rid of the infection and the child couldn’t wear shoes anymore as a result. The patch was just where sandals or slipper straps would be, so this child had to go bare feet to school or not at all.

He ended up dropping out of school for that year. Two surgeries were done, the results of which were a big wound, now black because it got infected worse.

I need hardly tell you how this all must have troubled a child of ten and his parents.

The parents gave up on physical anti-infection agents, and looked to holistic healing. Ed, if anyone takes the trouble to look to holistic healing, nine times out of ten it’s because the approach of treating a problem only from the physical aspect, failed.

On a business trip to New Mexico, the father took his child along, to give him a break from the boring life now always at home. There they came across this street performer who got to talking with them and with who they had coffee.

He told them his grandmother had had a spot like that on her FACE for thirty years and that it mysteriously disappeared when a cloth dipped in a holy well in a church had been brought and kept in the house. One thing led to another and the child and his Dad found themselves in this little old church with a natural spring that had healing properties.

Before they even got a cloth dipped in the water, as they sat in the back of the church, the child began to feel better. He started saying he wanted to play football not study, study, study, all the time. That he’d felt choked in his chest every morning when he went to school and that he felt angry with his parents and grandparents for always telling him to study and never appreciating his skills on the field.

On the average day, the Dad would’ve brushed all this off, but in that place, in that atmosphere, his heart listened and he promised his son that whenever he got well, he’d support him in playing football.

The wound dried up in about a week, making it possible for the child to wear shoes again. The scar was still there a few months later, but it simply wasn’t an issue anymore.

Why I mention this here, is because the photograph of the church showed this tree – Coffeebush or Leucaena (that means “white topped”) growing all around – old trees.

This tree is a potent consciousness, and atmosphere carrier of FREEDOM as a PRIORITY.

We are so conditioned in our times to accept limitations to our freedom of being, our freedom of spirit, freedom to express emotion, freedom in general.

Freedom has become something of a luxury, with Safety replacing it. A safety not based on instinct, but based on fear and hearsay and anxiety.

For me, this tree is a reminder that Freedom comes first, if we must live at all.

This tree in its young days is very easily uprooted by storms and rain. Yet it doesn’t mind because it just goes on growing and growing. Freedom first.

It is a potent anti-anxiety medicine – a member of the Mimosa family. It strengthens nerves and improves immunity for that reason.

It does what Granddad used to call “curdle the stomach.”

Often we have stuff lining the inner linings of our digestive tract that gunk up the place and prevent us from being able to digest things properly, absorb nutrition from the food we’re eating, and heal wounds inside such as ulcers.

ANY sort of digestive tract inner lining drama, the tea of the leaves Coffeebush will heal by gently stimulating the cells, like vinegar breaks down grease but a lot more gently.

A good majority of anxiety and related conditions, can be relieved by

relieving tension in the walls of the deep gut Continue reading

Holistic Lucid Dreaming; Datura & Brugmansia; Dissolving Conscious Brain resistance to the Subconscious

How to start lucid dreaming spontaneously without the energy drain and hormonal imbalance; Dissolving the conscious brain’s resistance to the subconscious brain; How upward facing Datura and downward facing Brugmansia help resolve identity crises to remove energy blocks.

Ed, lucid dreaming, or being aware in one’s sleep, with that, “I am dreaming this,” awareness, is something people seek out when they feel they’re unable to come to grips with something in their waking state, when they sense that there’s something happening in their dream state that they’d like to become mentally aware of. For example, a whole lot of people feel attacked or drained in the dream state and want to learn lucid dreaming to defend themselves.

And then there are many who sense the power of working with the subconscious brain and want to consciously use it.

I, who have a very active brain in my waking moments nearly always was thankful for a nice deep long thoughtless sleep, a break from the constant mental activity.

As a teenager and later I kept a dream diary after reading a book about dream interpretation. But it didn’t make the big impact in my life I thought it would and it did take up a lot of time every morning as soon as I woke up, to record the whole dream, so I eventually stopped.

However, the fact is, you cannot go very long experimenting with herbs without falling into lucid dreaming at some point or the other. And so it happened to me without me actually seeking it out consciously.

A person on an internet group asked about this yesterday and it was interesting – the responses. One guy said that putting Tiger Balm on his forehead aided lucid dreaming. I haven’t tried it so I don’t know about that. I do understand that stimulating the cells of an area, as Tiger Balm does could, over the forehead cause the brain to be active even as the body sleeps.

That thing there – keeping the brain active even as the body sleeps – so it registers in the conscious mind is one way to have lucid dreams.

On the other hand, having tried several herbs to do that, I can say with surety that it results in brain fatigue and fog in a few days. It also can mess with the body’s hormonal levels.

The sleeping brain does a whole lot of hormonal balance and glandular housekeeping and clean up work in the body. I treated several cases of swollen and enlarged pineal glands a few years ago caused by not allowing the conscious brain to rest enough. As I myself had an enlarged pineal gland in the late 2000s I know intimately the trouble it could cause.

There was this man, George, who’d been told he’d need surgery because his pineal gland was so enlarged. He contacted me in a panic because the last thing he wanted was brain surgery! He was only twenty two! Six months of herbs to support deep sleep (Spikenard, Snakeroot – Rauvolfia Serpentina for example) and focusing on getting deep sleep (turn the lights off or down at 6 pm, use a dimmer software on the computer) fixed the problem.

What was most interesting though, was how, after those six months, George emailed me from Chile! (He was from Michigan originally.) He told me that he had found a clarity about his path in life that he’d never experienced before – not even when lucid dreaming – through the months of deep sleep, and that he was now SPONTANEOUSLY having lucid dreams.

Unlike before, when he’d had a lot of crazy dreams he couldn’t understand, and dream trauma, he now was lucid for particular dreams only and able to follow up on them in waking reality. Needless to say his hormones were balanced like never before and his overall health had progressed from his being barely functional to being able to do mountain climbing.

That was what I’d experienced as well, and I believe now that the key to holistic lucid dreaming, is in first treating sleep trauma. This is done by:
1) Supporting the conscious brain in resting;
2) Repairing brain damage caused by repeat sleep trauma over the years and
3) Dissolving resistance to the subconscious brain help a huge deal

While I’ve mentioned the herbs for the these in this article: Traumatized Dream States and Sleep Trauma & Recovery with Herbs, I believe that it’s the third point –

dissolving resistance of the conscious brain to the subconscious brain – that’s what begins to make a person able to spontaneously have lucid dreams that are of true spiritual significance, which can truly heal the body and change our lives Continue reading

The 4 Axes of Holistic Intelligence, Herbs for Balance


Description of the 4 axes of holistic intelligence with herbs that help them; Conversation with Granddad about Intelligence, Identity, Sexual Identity, Waking and Sleeping Sexual Intelligence

Ed, I’ve been watching episodes of a 1989 British produced television series called “Poirot”. It’s based on the books of Agatha Christie, the main character of which is Hercule Poirot, a Belgian detective living in London. He has phenomenal intelligence and acute sensitivity.

This is him:

And these are his friends Captain Hastings and Inspector Japp (I LOVE him.)

They go around London and the countryside wearing these suits and driving vintage cars.

But would you believe it… Hercule Poirot’s beverage of choice was a tisane! That’s herbal tea!

I was so excited to find out about it, because the fact is that herbs can give a person such a huge boost in the brain department, and if you take the right ones for you, and you take them regularly, it could be so life changing in the way it opens up options you never thought possible when your brain was functioning on low battery.

I’m also excited to find yet again, in an old book (converted into a tv series in this case) the depiction of how dependent HOLISTIC intelligence is on sensory health or sensitivity. That’s the difference between robots and humans isn’t it? Robots’ raw material to work with is what they’re told and what they’re programmed to read and record.

But human’s raw material comes from so many levels of consciousness and the entire universe literally. The human brain is so amazing, beyond what modern science gives it credit for. But it does not work alone and holistic intelligence is about the brain being connected to the rest of the body – all of which is one big sensory organ.

I’ve experienced the rescuing power of herbs on several occasions in my life.

Once when I was pregnant and in very warm weather, I was debilitated by the heat all day long and could only work in the evenings when the weather got cooler. My brain simply wouldn’t work when it was hot.

I realized my liver was really stressed dealing with the pregnancy hormones AND the heat.

I took some powder of Gotu Kola or Centella Asiatica leaves one morning – mostly thinking of my liver. That afternoon I realized I’d been working all morning without being so affected by the heat. It meant so much to me just then, to be able to work and work well too.

It meant such a lot to work with clear head and not have that fuzzy tired brain feeling.

I know a lot of people take coffee to deal with that, and a little is alright, but not too much. Coffee these days isn’t what it used to be. Most of the brands available on the supermarket have additives that irritate the liver and kidneys and send the body into an adrenalized state. This causes bone loss. I experienced this the one time I had coffee every morning for about six weeks, with lots of milk and two spooonfuls of sugar. It was such pleasure, but at the end I had a rotten wisdom tooth and had for the second (and last) time in my life to go to a dentist and have it removed. I resent the loss of my tooth truly.

Some years later I almost lost another when again I’d fallen to the temptation of coffee.

I know some people who can drink a lot without a problem, but I am not one of them.

So I need herbs that’ll boost my brain’s energy and holistic intelligence without causing me to lose my teeth or bone calcium, or affect any of my internal organs.

(Oh no, Ed, all this talk of coffee has begun to affect me… I’m feeling the old urge… anyway… I hope writing about other herbs will distract me soon.)

So here’s the thing, if you can, you find out what causes your brain to lose energy and get the right herb that works with that particular axis.

Now here are the :

Four Axes of Holistic Intelligence

1) Diamond
Brain – Liver – Kidney – Pancreas

2) Line
Brain – Heart – Stomach – Sexual Organs

3) Circle
Brain – Feet – Brain

4) Square
North – South – East – West of the body

1) Diamond
Brain – Liver – Kidneys – Pancreas

When this axis of holistic intelligence is troubled, it shows most easily to see, in skin problems.

The frequency of the nervous system is unstable because the pancreas which manages sugar in the body isn’t working so sometimes the brain is all awake and sometimes half dead. You know how important sugar is to the brain.

The liver and kidneys essentially filter out the impurities and if they’re stressed, those impurities hand about, clouding everything and even the brain.

Sleep deprivation often shows up first in this axis being troubled because we need to have the body calm and in a sleeping or resting frequency for this axis to do its work well.

All kinds of metabolic problems result from this axis being disturbed. So the body is too hot, too cold and so on.

That’s usually enough information to know if this axis of the body is disturbed.

The herbs that help this axis balance and recover are Gotu Kola, Mistletoe, Chrysanthemum, Wheatgrass and Walnut (Juglans Regia).

2) Line
Brain – Heart – Stomach – Sexual Organs

Holistic intelligence depends immensely on the understanding or comprehension of the information we’re getting from our environment.

Our understanding of information can be so colored by our sexual energy, state of the digestive system, and feelings, I need hardly elaborate on it. Even our dreams are affected by what’s happening in our stomach, heart and reproductive system.

When this axis of holistic intelligence is disturbed, we feel creatively stunted, unable to learn new things or arts, and unable to appreciate things we once did, enough to actually work with them.

This is demonstrated in the case of writer’s block, a talented artist suddenly not able to create the magic he once did or not feeling inspired, bouts of fatigue just as something important has to be done. The talent is still there, the skill is still there – it’s just that the coming together and the delivery of it all is missing.

The herbs that heal disturbances of this axis are Spikenard, Willow (both white and black, i.e. Salix Nigra and Salix Alba – which is interestingly is the source of natural aspirin and a powerful pain killer), Black Ginger, Vetiver (essential oil), Ergot of Corn or Ustilago Maydis (NOTE – extremely diluted dose only), Mandrake or Podophyllum (extremely diluted dose).

3) Curve
Brain – Bum – Feet

One time, I was in a public place with Granddad and giving him my interpretation of each person’s energy field based on looking at their bums as they passed by. It’s one of the special gifts God gave me, fine honed by chasing after various baby bums in my childhood and teenage years. I could tell exactly what the brat was up to from the bum. I’d know in which direction the brat was going to go next and be there before the brat because the bum had telecast it to me. I passed out with honors in dog and puppy bums.

Anyway, so there I was giving Granddad a most entertaining time, when he says to me, “That side of the psyche you’re coming in touch with there is a mysterious one – the very one that Freud was obsessed with.”
Me – Freud? The one who said that babies feel sexual about their parents?
Granddad – Ah, yes. He was talking about the sleeping sexual intelligence.
Me – You mean there’s waking sexual intelligence and sleeping sexual intelligence?
Granddad – Yes. the waking you know of. But the sleeping one is what controls the waking one and that’s why Freud and others were obsessed with it.
Me – I see!
Granddad – The waking sexual intelligence gets triggered by sensory information in the moment. The sleeping sexual intelligence is triggered by?
Me – I don’t know… genes? Weather?
Granddad – IDENTITY.
Me – What! Really!
Granddad – Oh yes, really. Now Cara, remember this. Intelligence at its very core depends on Identity and its very core, is Sexual Identity.
Me – I get that. I can understand that it’s our sense of identity that makes us able to interpret signals from nature based on what’s important to us and what isn’t. If it weren’t for our identity we’d never know which information mattered and which didn’t and we’d become repositories of junk. Like the Govt. libraries full of useless books no one wants to read.

(I was really pissed off by Govt. libraries in those days. I don’t want to start venting about it here, but just let me say Ed, that they’d bound the books in cardboard and the books didn’t have the names on the sides now and had to be taken out and opened to see which book it was. How could anyone do such a stupid thing I don’t know. Naturally they were covered with dust.)

Granddad – Exactly, now consider that the core of identity is sexual identity.
Me – Sexual identity? Like gender?
Granddad – Go beyond gender.
Me – Beyond gender? What’s beyond gender?
Granddad – You CAN do this my love.
Me – Okay. Beyond gender is…. love?
Granddad – That’s true but “love” is too general a word. Focus in.
Me – Ok…. Granddad! Love is a person.
Granddad – Now that’s sexual identity.
Me – I don’t get this at all.
Granddad – It’s because your sexual identity hasn’t become assertive yet that you don’t understand it. Now this is where Freud and others reached. They deduced that sexual identity was influenced by primal desires in early childhood. That when these were repressed or not addressed, the person looked to whoever was available to fill that need, often getting frustrated and angry with them when they did not fill that need.
Me – I see… and it could become a sort of psychosis later, and a obstacle in their lives.
Granddad – Yes.
Me – So sexual identity is what?
Granddad – It’s the reason for being born.

Me – Granddad, I’m a little confused.
Granddad – A little my love?
Me – This is no time to joke, Granddad.
Granddad – What are you confused about?
Me – When you said that beyond gender is the reason for being born, and I said the reason for being born is love… I got lost there.
Granddad – Love, as you put it, is your way of saying Pleasure. It is to experience pleasure that anyone is born. To experience pleasure a particular way. What else is this body and this world made for but pleasure?
Me – So to find sexual identity, a person should find what gives them pleasure? Their particular way?
Granddad – There you have it, Cara. You did it.
Me – Phew.

Granddad – Now do you remember the thing I told you to remember?
Me – Intelligence depends on Identity and Identity depends on Sexual Identity.
Granddad – No. The CORE of Intelligence is Identity and the CORE of Identity is Sexual Identity.
Me – Ok, and Sexual Identity is the reason for which we’re born, the particular pleasure we wish to experience.

Granddad – See Cara, if you give a man a fish, he will eat it and go hungry the next day, but if you teach him to fish, he won’t go hungry again.
Me – Ok….
Granddad – The waking sexual intelligence is the fish, the sleeping sexual intelligence is what MAKES the fish. A man or woman can get turned on and be creative and make love on the rush of the waking sexual intelligence triggered by the senses. But it is an incomplete process and the energy released to the brain will be drained away and dissipated if sleeping sexual intelligence is blocked and doesn’t manage the process.
Me – Granddad, what blocks the sleeping sexual intelligence?
Granddad – Confusion about identity, the core of which is?
Me – Sexual Identity which is pleasure – our own particular pleasure.
Granddad – Yes.

Now, after all these years I understand what Granddad was talking about. He also told me somewhere in that conversation that the pleasure axis of the body was the brain – bum – feet connection and these on a primal level show our “pleasure quotient” or our ability to experience pleasure.

It doesn’t matter WHAT we do in life, our spirit considers it a failure, if we don’t experience basic primal pleasure. Our core identity depends on this and a failure here results in stress in so many ways, and manifests as an intrinsic brain stress preventing us from being able to move this way or that.

There are two simple ways to know if the pleasure axis in us is challenged:
1) Feeling stuck.
2) Craving sweet more than is normal – and only you know what’s normal for you.

I have tried long and hard to figure out how this axis gets disturbed in the first place and have concluded that essentially it’s a childhood thing. If in childhood for some reason we are not able to experience pleasure in our own way, or are stopped, or taught an attitude of self repression, or we grow up in such a repressed atmosphere of bondage that we simply don’t feel free to exercise our ability to enjoy life in our own unique way, we have a problem here.

People with hidden or false birth identity, those who are forced to be someone who they are not, fit into personality brackets they don’t belong in, all find themselves challenged in this area. Extreme asceticism, asexuality, extreme austerity as well as the opposite, obsessive compulsive disorder all can be a manifestation of trouble here.

Strange as it may seem, this is one of the easiest things to heal. You just find out what gives you the MOST holistic pleasure till you can say, “I’d be born and do it all all over again, just for this,” and you pursue that pleasure. Everything else falls into place.

Herbs that help this axis are Cannabis (all types), Artimisia(all of them – Vulgaris, Abrotanum etc.), Ashwangandha (Don’t take too much, for this condition, you need small doses taken over a long period), Nutmeg (add some scrapings or powder into your food in the evening), Basil (Would you believe it!), Golden Seal (highly diluted dose), St. John’s Wort, Evening Primrose, Ignatia Amara (highly diluted dose)

Note: Garlic is counter-active here. It causes the release of waking sexual energy so that you’ll have to fall back into your sleeping sexual energy to replenish yourself. It’s a way to heal too, but you don’t want to push yourself before you feel up to it.

4) Square
North – South – East – West of the body Continue reading

Frailty and Fragility Support – Butterfly Bush – Buddleja


This beautiful flower’s fragrance is most stunning in the night. It’s spicy and sweet and refreshing.

When a flower sends out its fragrance at night, you know that it helps in the regenerative functions of the brain and nervous system. That means it helps repair damage to the brain and nerves that we go through during the day, helps recovery from stress.

This flower does send its fragrance out in the day as well but it is most concentrated in the late evenings and night.

The tea made from its leaves and flowers is a wonderful calming relaxing cuppa without any of the extra tartness or extra heaviness that can be irritating in other herbs. It is just right.

The tincture is absorbed into the body without any sudden drastic reactions, almost like the gut accepts baby food.

This is my remedy of choice, for the hyper-sensitive, for the fragile, for those in need of the gentlest help in the most sensitive of nerve endings. For babies, for those recovering from surgery, for the frail aged, for new mothers.

It works as a painkiller and mild sedative in nerve ending pain.

Wherever in the body there is frailty and fragility that’s the cause of a problem – whether in the nerve endings or the inner linings of the blood vessels or organs, or intestines (think Crohn’s and IBS!) this is the angel sent by God to help uphold and strengthen the weakest littlest parts of us.

Emotionally or physically our system is one and frailty and fragility are part of everyone’s life experience at some time or the other.

This is the frailty and fragility and hyper-sensitivity expert.

I use it along with or instead of Cypripedium or Lady’s Slipper depending on the particular needs of the person.

This plant has a lot in common with Lantana in its ability to support the liver in recovery from vibrational damage.

What is vibrational damage? Damage caused by radiation, EMF and so on are examples of vibrational damage.

While the whole body is affected by vibrational damage, the liver bears a lot of the brunt for a long time after because it has the extra work of processing out all those cell waste products that got stopped from being processed out during the vibrational assault, as the body redirected its energy to maintain itself instead of doing housekeeping tasks.

Too much vibrational damage clogs up the liver with so much extra work and stress because of it.

Taking powerful detoxifying herbs can help sometimes, but when your liver is tired, those can tire it out even more. Liver supportive herbs like Milk Thistle, Dandelion, Chicory, and especially this one – Buddleja or Butterfly Bush can help regenerate those tired and frail parts of the liver and help things come back to normal.

This is a grounding herb whose benefits for the voice I discovered quite by accident. Sometimes stress, sleep deprivation and the like can cause the nerve endings in the throat to go out of whack.

I always know the state of my throat because several times a day I have to call out my son’s name. He’s an “explorer” you see. Someone has to keep an eye when child explorers roam free inside a house. So all the time, I hear myself calling out his name and it’s a good indication of the state of my throat as the same name comes out in different pitches and different volumes and different tones through the day.

On a day when my voice was especially stressed, I was at the park with him, when I found myself standing a huge Buddleja bush feeling incredible pain relief in my throat just enveloped in its beautiful scent.

I came home and had some of the tea and found my voice changed almost instantly after that, sounding and feeling so much better.

I mention this here because

there are mighty few herbs that will make such drastic difference to a VOICE that quickly Continue reading

Traumatized Dream States and Sleep Trauma – Recovery with Herbs

When we’re sleeping, we’re vulnerable in many ways but protected too in many ways.

How we’re vulnerable, is because our conscious mind which remembers the boundaries we’ve set for our lives is then resting, so experiences we would not allow ourselves to have while “awake” get through and a lot of them are nasty.

How we’re protected is, while our conscious mind is resting, the deception and delusion about reality we hold while awake is put aside for the moment, and our subconscious mind which is vastly wiser than our conscious mind could ever be, being the repository of inherited racial and genetic memory, can deal with problems the conscious mind cannot.

Sometimes however this is not that pleasant in the moment, or pleasant to the conscious mind.

A classic example of this is sexual dreams that the person with their conscious mind does not want to entertain.

Now, many times the ’causes’ of disturbing dreams are external to the person. There are cases of direct dream invasion where dreams are telecast to a person, the topics of which have very little to do with their own personality or life or interests. Some people groups are especially targeted and there have been various reports in the past few centuries of dream invasions done as part of psychological experiments and the like.

However, all said and done, between the conscious mind and the subconscious mind, it is the subconscious mind that is the higher intellect and which is capable of dealing with any experience the person is having.

A big part of sleep trauma or dream state trauma is the conscious mind resisting the subconscious mind.

One example of this is when the subconscious mind behaves “like someone” the conscious mind does not believe itself to be. Our sense of identity is therefore threatened and the ensuing conflict results in trauma that lingers after we have woken up.

My Granddad used to say, “Every crisis is an identity crisis.”

That applies to dream state trauma a lot.

Just as life constantly engages us, giving us choices, provoking the assertion of our identity, so in the dream state.

However in the dream state, we might find ourselves trying something we might never in waking life, because in the waking state we might be scared or have constraints.

In the dream state, things can be so much more vivid as our child brain perceives a situation in ways our conscious mind has numbed out.

No matter what the causes of disturbing dreams they are always an opportunity to see the truth about something our spirit wants to see. Continue reading