Double Energy Field – Energy Rehabilitation

Signs of a Double Energy Field, Sexual Energy Drains, The Double Mind and Belief System, Loves me Loves me not; Painting by Ilya Repin

Dear Ed,

There’s a disorder I call a double energy field. I have seen it all my life. It is responsible for so many conditions I cannot list them all. Two things are surely indicative of it, though, manic mood swings and depression; and problems holding energy to the completion of a project or aim ie. short circuiting or losing mojo half way through to a goal. Continue reading

Bougainvillea Cheer to Refresh your Spirit

Bougainvillea’s breakthrough energy and how it helped me when I was blocked in every way.

Dear Ed,

Yesterday I saw these beautiful white bougainvillea flowers blooming and was reminded all over again how powerful the energy of these flowers are. They grow all over the world, flower exuberantly without asking much in the way of care, and leave people with nothing but good feelings.

When I was little, my first school, had bougainvillea flowers growing all over the long front wall. They cheered me everyday. I often used to crawl under the foliage and near the woody trunk of the shrubs and feel completely safe and hidden there from everything else happening around. Continue reading

Spin Breaker Herbs – Holistic Relief from Emotional and Energy Blocks

Dear Ed,

I wrote to you about herbs that demagnetize the body, so the body can regenerate itself instead of being stuck in the same patterns over and over.

Similar to those herbs, Ed, but working on a slightly different level, are what I call “Spin Breaker Herbs”.

There’s the magnetic field, Ed, formed by us as we do our daily routine in the physical place, our physical body, occupies. Demagnetizing the body with fresh air, changing the metabolism of the body, and demagnetizing influences such as herbs, all help. Continue reading

Manic Anxiety Disorder – The Serpent Point, and Mistletoe

Dear Ed,
There’s a difference between anxiety that’s connected to a particular situation in life, and long term manic anxiety. In the case of the latter, it is not exactly caused by one or a group of conditions, but a state of consciousness or mindset that affects the whole system, feeding on life energy, and using whatever worrying situation is available to sustain that field of extreme anxiety.

A lot of people don’t even know this is happening to them, Ed, because this is one deceptive energy field. It can often disguise itself as an over caring nature, general depression because of an unhealthy lifestyle or sleep deprivation. You get the picture… It can go unnoticed beneath all these conditions. Continue reading

Our energy does not come from food. Food and Vibration

How I increased my sensitivity to vibration; Food and Vibration; How we’re programed to manage energy levels based on our perception of whether we’ve eaten enough or not; Vibrationally dead versus Vibrationally alive food

Dear Ed,

When I got my first Bible, when I was seven, I opened it randomly and the first thing I read was:

Man shall not live by bread alone, but by every word that comes from the mouth of the Lord.

I understood that as, “Reading this bible (word of God) is as important as eating food.” Continue reading

My Travails with Truth, Lies and Energy Flow

Dear Ed,

I was brought up in an environment where everyone lied routinely. As a child I demonstrated what they considered then, a character problem in me, and for which I was much reviled and character assassinated.

You see Ed, I could not lie effectively. Now that sounds like I’m showing off. But I assure you it was quite the opposite then. For example, one adult member of the foster family says to me, “When grandfather dies, I’m going to inherit this and this and this. Don’t mention this to anyone.”
There’s a knock on the door. Another member enters. “Oh hello,” looks at me, “What were you talking about?”
Me – “About how when grandfather dies, she’s going to inherit his….”
Stony stares.
Inheritor 1, “My God what a liar she is!!! What a horrible story she just made up!!! Why is she such a liar.”
Family member who just entered – not wanting a conflict with inheritor 1, “Oh my God! For such a small child… what a horrible thing to make up. What a LIAR she is!!!” Continue reading

No Operating System! Reload Original Life Energy Pattern after Trauma Wipe-out

Dear Ed,
Recently, my phone gave me a lot of trouble. It’s an old phone and it was just one problem after another. In exasperation, I did reset after reset with the same problems coming up over and over. I then replaced the battery.
When it still didn’t work, I went crazy and deleted everything I could find to delete.
And then when I tried to start the phone, it said, “No operating system!”

I had deleted the operating system of the phone, which meant it couldn’t even start now! Continue reading

5 Causes of Long Term Energy Draining

Holding my hand in his sleep.

Converting energy; How the body’s energy cycle changes frequencies; Five causes of long term energy draining; Pictures of Morning Glory

Dear Ed,

Granddad taught me that the basic vital energy in our bodies, that’s stored, that is, not being used in active processes, is sexual energy.

If someone is low on sexual energy, it means that the majority of their energy is not stored, it’s active and being used and not available for sexual processes – which include skin, bone, teeth, hair, hormonal glands and reproductive system processes and maintenance. Yes, all that comes under sexual energy processes.

So it’s just one simple thing – If you’re low on sexual energy, need energy to flow to the above mentioned areas, you have to stop converting energy so much out of storage to the other processes of the body.

We convert energy out from storage or sexual state when we NEED it – such as to digest food, “burn calories”, think, express things and so on.

If we are low on sexual energy, it means that, way more energy than is necessary is going to other processes.

If way more energy than is necessary is going towards our waking processes, it means we’re over-reacting to things, getting over stimulated, over doing something for sure.

When I first began to understand this, Ed, I was really irritated. I felt I wasn’t able to be as active as I wanted to be, wasn’t investing as much focused attention as I should in what I wanted to do.

It seemed ridiculous to me to think I was overdoing something, when I felt I was under-doing everything, putting off things and just under-functioning in everything.

12 years later, I look back and see that in fact, I was,converting energy out unnecessarily.

When I was heavily pregnant, and through giving birth and after, when the demands of a newborn took over my life, all of a sudden I stopped the things I’d been doing before that took up my energy unnecessarily and to my shock and surprise I actually had more energy to do critical tasks I really wanted to but had been too “brain fogged” or fatigued to do before.

A few days after Gabriel was born, when I was able to sit at my computer again, my brain working for twenty minutes before I crashed out again, I installed a website database, something I’d found way too technical and complicated for me before. I couldn’t believe it!

This was even though my sleep cycle was shattered by the baby and his schedule. I had a lot of mental and emotional stress too, so it wasn’t like the physical demands of a newborn were the only thing I had to deal with. I wouldn’t be exaggerating if I said, it was a near hell situation. And yet, my energy situation was way way better than before.

As Gabriel is a special needs child, I have had to continue more or less functioning on very little sleep, and several other aspects of my situation wouldn’t be considered easy or ideal, more like “extremely demanding and high stress”.

Yet, energetically I’m so much more efficient now than I was before I got pregnant. I’m definitely a lot more intelligent – energy flow to my brain has more than doubled. Hahahahhahah you’d probably wonder – “If this is how she is on double energy, how bad was it before!” Yeah, it was pretty bad.

I seemed to be actually awake and aware only a few hours a day and sometimes I felt I woke up really, only on the weekend on my “have fun” day, long enough to eat all my favorite snacks, watch my favorite shows on tv, post some crazy emotional/ wannabe romantic stuff on my then fb account (I used to be real popular when I was talking useless crap – there would be 60 likes and 200 comments on a dumb post like, “I’m getting fed up of being a virgin.” Now my social media accounts get blocked at 2 followers. 🙁 ) .

I used to clean the house and do laundry once in weeks. ALL the clothes I owned would be hanging out to dry at one go. I would have coffee for breakfast and instead of feeling awake I’d go back to sleep.

The times I went out in the day, my eyes would scrunch up and squint and water,because – sunlight was too bright for me.

But now, with all the demands on me, I do more in one day than I did in a month then.

Then I used to have a lot of different supplements and health foods and herbal medicine just to keep me alive.

Now, I have no supplements and only my own herbal medicine – that’s diluted herbal energies in Epsom salts, a few drops, twice or thrice a day. Every few weeks I stop for a few weeks and I do fine. I start back just because I need to be in touch with the energy of my own work, I need to feel myself the energy of what I’m sending out to others. That’s it.

What I’m trying to say, is that whatever we eat or not, whatever our lifestyle, no matter what sort of stress we face, whatever level of medicinal supplements we’re on, we can be energy efficient. We’re designed to do well in varying situations which include high stress situations, situations where we have less nutrition, situations where we’re not supported as much as we’d like by others.

If we can just keep our basic energy cycle going, we can be energy efficient.

When we’re converting out energy in the right proportions for our waking activities, we have enough left in storage for all the sexual and reproductive energy processes.

To understand this further, I must remind you:

We never actually “lose” or “gain”energy. It’s a law of physics called the Law of Conservation of Energy.

Our energy cycle is like this:

Stored Energy or Sexual Energy or Sleeping Energy -> Converted to waking energy -> Used for digesting food, moving, expressing ourselves, learning, thinking etc. -> Just like light air moves up from the earth’s surface, then on being cooled up high in the atmosphere, condenses into water droplets, becomes heavy and falls to the earth as dew or rain; so our energy comes back down from the high frequencies of waking processes to the low frequencies, resting frequencies and then back down into sexual energy or stored as it comes into sleep frequency.

If we don’t have enough sexual energy or energy in general it’s usually because the rate at which we’re converting energy upwards into higher waking frequencies is more than the rate at which we’re converting downwards into resting and sleeping frequencies, to continue the cycle of energy in our bodies.

Stimulation converts energy upwards into waking frequencies, resting or de-stimulation converts energy downwards into sexual and stored energy.

So for the majority of us, “more” stored or sexual energy is available simply by reducing upward stimulation as much as possible.

When we stop being over-stimulated, automatically our base body frequency will fall down from being hyper, our converted energy will condense back faster into stored and sexual energy – of which we’ll already have a good stock of.

The entire modern “world” system, Ed, is aimed at converting energy out from humans, animals, plants, the earth herself; indiscriminately. Medicines are stimulating, stimulating, stimulating, the education systems, mass media programming… everything is about stimulation.

It’s keeping whole populations drained, dependent on artificial energy supplementation for basic needs.

When I realized what was happening with my body, Ed, I felt really helpless. I couldn’t understand how to proceed with de-stimulating my self as I was already doing whatever I could to be more calm and rested.

But as my soul kept searching, I began to see how my energy was being over-stimulated or “drained” in huge ways right under my nose.

While I became wise to emotional energy manipulation and vampirism early on, it took me a while to understand that reactive emotions, such as one might experience in dramatic confrontations or incidents that evoke emotion, are not really responsible for any permanent lasting effect on the energy management of the body.

What really effects our bodies and lives is the long term attitudes and habits and thought patterns we have, that irritate and aggravate and trouble us in our subconscious constantly. Little by little they break us.

They keep us in emotional STATES of being of restraint, bondage, confusion, depression, pain; when our mind has moved far on; we just don’t know why we’re still being held back. (I write to you about this a lot: Since when has your life been sc*ewed? Emotional Reaction Vs. Emotional State; How to Holistically Stabilize Energy Levels; Energy Flow from Consciousness to Body.)

I have truly paid the price, Ed, to learn what I’m telling you. The effect of the following on a person’s body and life are so so so very huge.

Serious long term regular energy draining ie. over-stimulation and then prevention of return to rest, is caused by:

1) Not knowing the truth about one’s identity

When you believe you’re someone that your body doesn’t agree with, you have to constantly fight your own system to keep playing the role your mind believes is real.

This is such a serious issue, and knowing one’s own identity such a critical human right, that worldwide there are laws that adopted children should be told their birth parents’ identities when they are of age. In reality that is not enough. Children should never be lied to about their identity. Period. I write this because of my own personal experience. I only found out about my birth identity when I was 23. The years I had before, I never lived really. You can’t start to live; your energy doesn’t even begin to flow out till you know your birth identity. You live paused, waiting and waiting and not knowing what for. It’s a sort of hell there’s no name for.

Now mine is an extreme case, Ed, but I have seen that matters of identity trouble many people who even know the truth about themselves so to speak.

However you look at it, until we actually know and face the truth about the basic important things of us as a person, we expend huge amounts of energy playing a role that our body and subconscious doesn’t recognize or accept.

2) Overstimulating Food

You wouldn’t believe, Ed, unless you tried it, how much our modern diets are overstimulating our bodies causing hyper energy conversion. Food that’s just simply nourishing and nothing else but that, is just not in fashion. Our ancestors ate boiled potatoes and meat, or bread and milk or milk, and simple things like that the majority of their lives. The things they ate at festivals on Sundays, we can now eat them everyday if we want. They’re all available in the supermarket, we don’t even need to cook them.

Special foods with their many layered spices and such were made for special occasions. The body can enjoy those and benefit too. But on a daily basis they’re overstimulating.

I learned serious lessons about how sensitive the human gut is when I was breastfeeding Gabriel. If I had pepper in my food, he’d be up half the night having to be burped. If I had extra garlic in my food, he’d get overheated and sometimes get heat rashes.

We are all always sensitive to what we eat, but as we grow we begin to live with those side effects of the over stimulating food and become insensitive the report of the nerves in the digestive system. This causes so many problems on so many levels. Our moods, attitudes, consciousness even is affected by the experience of the nerves in our digestive system.

We can rehabilitate these nerves by stopping over stimulating them.

I was in this natural remedies group on Facebook where people were advocating these drastic detox protocols that involved acidic irritants such as lemon and vinegar in huge amounts. If it irritates your skin don’t subject the internal linings of the body to it. Dilute it to where it doesn’t assault the nerve endings.

In general if we could just stop bombarding the body with heavy and complex foods, we’ll immediately see the difference.

Foods that are overheated, are energetically stimulated themselves and pass that on to the body. For example, oil that is heated beyond a certain temperature, and anything cooked in it is stimulating and will stimulate the body. Changing to roasting or grilling vegetables, seasoning, meat etc and then pouring oil over them – the way you would on a salad, just before eating, immediately lessens the toll on the body while providing the same nutrition.

Mixing different oils and fats, similarly overstimulates the body as the liver has to work overtime to digest those. Ie. if you’re cooking a meat, cook it in its own fat if possible. That’s how it used to be done traditionally.

Keep the stimulating herbs and spices for special days and special dishes.

Just keep everything simple. These are just my own observations, everyone’s got to find what works for them.

The fact though that’s universal is that the change in moods and energy levels when food is not over stimulating is amazing. Especially for women and children whose systems are even more vulnerable than men’s bodies, to the excessive heat generated by over stimulating foods.

3) Sexual Shame

It appears to me, Ed, that despite most people today believing that one should celebrate rather than feel ashamed for their natural innate sexuality, in reality I have never seen so much sexual shame around. You see Ed, overcoming sexual shame is not about saying, “This is OK, that is OK,” it’s about no longer consulting anyone else on what’s ok and what’s not. The proliferation of sexuality shaming is so pervasive in the mass consciousness, that the moment someone wonders IF they’re dressed OK (where OK = other’s approval or acceptance), the sexual shaming in the mass consciousness hits them right in the gut.

It’s beyond sexuality; it’s about us feeling we need permission or approval of others to be who we are. And that we have to change ourselves if we don’t match other’s ideas of what’s right or wrong.

I’ve been watching old episodes of those “Big Boss/ Big Brother” type shows and I’ve been seeing how the contestants all go around in circles trying to prove they’re the most correct according to the mass consciousness.

Someone said, “You can’t stoop low enough to please the devil.”

Sexual shame, especially if it is locked away deep inside, while our mind believes we are free of it, is a horrible poison.

There was this woman, a farmer in Scotland. She’d taken over the farm after her parents passed on. She was what could be called a success story in every way. But one evening she said this very sadly to my Granddad who used to visit there often. She said to him, “You see the logs in the fire there? How they’re burning? I live in the fire, but I never burn.”

You see Ed, somewhere deep down she was closed to actual passion. She couldn’t burn. She told Granddad over some more drinks (Granddad’s method of healing people over 18. 😉 ), that when she was little someone had called her a “little wh***”, because she’d been dancing around the house with her hair loose and draped in a bed-sheet which flowed behind her. She’d gotten so hurt, she’d spent her whole life trying to prove she wasn’t a wh***. She was 58 then, and had lost hope of ever experiencing passion. But Granddad said that she changed her life around and did find passion and that she was one of those people who’d blast her way through rock to find happiness, if she had to, she had life force like that in her blood. Granddad said she’d found “magnificent” love.

Isn’t that something, Ed? I remember the way he said it, “A magnificent love.”

Something about the way Granddad said that, made me realize that sexual shame takes it toll in restricting what could have been a magnificent life to something not even tolerable really.

4) Spiritual Discomfort Continue reading

Guarana – Energy Block Release, Recovery from Premature Aging

How I came across Guarana; How similar physical nutrition can carry widely differing energy effects; Energy of Watermelon; Why I don’t bother reading “Nutritional Information”; Blindness caused by loss of vital energy; Premature Aging, Pushing against boundaries; Releasing life energy blocks by pursuing desire

Dear Ed,

There’s this tree called “Guarana” – Paullinia Guarana” whose fruit when ripe, pops open revealing seed and flesh that altogether looks like an eyeball. It’s supposed to have more caffeine than coffee and is used worldwide in energy drinks.

At university, at the church I attended every now and then; there was this teenager in the youth group. He had a beautiful set of drums but told me the drums were now homeless because his mother had told him to get rid of them ASAP. I felt real bad for him and said he could move them to my large living room and play them anytime he wanted. My bedroom and workroom were one level down so I was sure I wouldn’t be disturbed.

So he moved the homeless drums in, and OH MY GOD. He and two other teens arrived at six in the evening and began to play them in turns. I thought they’d get tired by nine or ten. I went to bed about eleven and woke up about five thirty in the morning. The walls were vibrating and shaking, it felt like the carpet was vibrating!

I go up to the living room and find them still on the drums in turns, the two who weren’t playing, climbing onto the sofa and jumping off it over and over.

I asked the youth group leader who was chaperoning them (unofficially) at my place, if they were on drugs. He said, “No, Guarana energy drink.”

Many years later I bought Guarana seed powder by instinct. Coffee had been causing me tooth enamel loss and it said on the internet that Guarana could be a good replacement for coffee.

When it arrived though, the energy field got my attention immediately. This wasn’t another botanical natural stimulant.

It’s like this, Ed. It’s the truth about plants, and anything for that matter. You can have two or three or four or five or hundreds of a fruit (for example) that have physically similar ingredients, but energetically they could be totally different. Even absolute opposites.

You take watermelon, for example. When I was a kid, the family doctor said that watermelon was a waste of money because it was nutritionally near zero. That other than helping keep cool in the summer, it’s benefits were near nothing.

Decades later when I was in labor giving birth to Gabriel, I had gone 33 hours into labor and was exhausted beyond exhausted. The contractions were coming every 7 – 10 minutes. Every bout of contractions was like a speeding train going through me. Nothing would stay in my stomach.

And yet I needed something so very urgently, because my vital energy levels were gutted. There was in the fridge, a small bowl with maybe 3 tablespoons of crushed watermelon from the day before.

In the 5 minutes I had between contractions, I simply swallowed that whole.

I experienced then first hand, why the supposedly near zero nutrition watermelon is still being grown and sold. Why, when the Israelites had escaped Egypt and were in the desert, many of them were willing to go back and be slaves and worked to death, just to have the watermelons of Egypt again (from the Bible).

Those 2-3 tbsps of crushed watermelon surged my skeletal system with fresh vital energy in a way I can only describe as near electric. It was like I got plugged in. I felt it to my fingertips. Normally because we have residual vital energy we cannot feel so dramatically the effect of foods on us. But when I was at zero vital energy after 33 hours of labor – each minute of which was an ordeal way beyond what normal life presents – then it was so clear and so dramatic, the energy effect of watermelon.

It has the shortest energy cycle of any fruit I’ve had, which means it will give you vital energy the quickest, as it’s pure water carried and the body has very little work to do to get that energy. And you need very little of it for that because energy effects are the same whether you have a pinch of something, or a spoon or a bowlful or more. It’s just about coming in contact with the energy field of the plant.

So, coming back to Guarana,

they say it’s pretty much the same as coffee, but twice as concentrated with caffeine.

Ed, a wise thing I do lately is ignore “nutritional information” about plants and herbs. It might be factual but it’s almost NEVER got any bearing on the reality of how a plant actually affects us on a living being to living being interaction.

That “nutritional information” is like giving us a breakdown of a family member’s physical attributes and expecting us to know how our interaction will go because of those. Continue reading

And the No. 1 biggest constant drainer of life energy is….

Lizards and the lizard phase of our development; The Effect of trauma while transitioning from receptive and reflective stage to expressive stage; Neutral is different from Balanced; Chameleons changing color video 

Dear Ed,

The answer is, “Being neutral.”

Granddad taught this to me and I remembered it recently when I saw this photo I took last year of this cute little garden lizard gazing solemnly at me thinking I didn’t know he was there.

Lizards have been getting bad press lately because apparently someone’s seen “the elites” morph into lizards and eat babies at special royal parties. Continue reading