Trauma Miasma and Infectious Diseases

What is a Miasma? How does Trauma spread? What makes us susceptible to catching trauma? What stops the spread of miasmas? How can we protect ourselves from miasmas?

Dear Ed,

I wish I weren’t an expert on trauma miasmas. I wish I hadn’t found out the way I did, the truth about trauma hormones being used to induce particular types of illness patterns in people.

But I did, Ed and I do know more about it than anyone else I know. We’re being exposed to trauma miasmas on such a huge level everyday that it would be positively criminal not to publish information on it at this time. Continue reading

Releasing Soul Memory Held in Water – Excerpt from “Soul Memory”

Unnoticed Amnesia; Energy Blocks caused by Emotional Energy Misappropriation; Memory not as a series of events but state of soul; Simple exercise to release memory held in water in our bodies; Link to Book describing the elements of Soul Memory and how to release memory

Dear Ed,

In my experience with illness of the recurring and chronic kind, the sort that frustrates people, the sort that doesn’t resolve in one round of treatment (for example), I have in 9 times out of 10, found that the cause is an issue with memory. The 1 out of 10 times, it is caused by a poison being taken long term as part of lifestyle, and the problem resolves when the person stops taking the poison. Continue reading

No Operating System! Reload Original Life Energy Pattern after Trauma Wipe-out

Dear Ed,
Recently, my phone gave me a lot of trouble. It’s an old phone and it was just one problem after another. In exasperation, I did reset after reset with the same problems coming up over and over. I then replaced the battery.
When it still didn’t work, I went crazy and deleted everything I could find to delete.
And then when I tried to start the phone, it said, “No operating system!”

I had deleted the operating system of the phone, which meant it couldn’t even start now! Continue reading

4 Causes of Chronic Scar Tissue Formation, Holistic Treatment of Recurring Scars

Dear Ed,

Scar tissue externally or internally isn’t just a cosmetic problem. I’ve come across situations where internal scar tissue such as on the womb or digestive organs can be life threatening as it comes in the way of normal function.

Scar tissue on muscles and ligaments can become the reason for weakness and atrophy downstream from there and change the person’s life as they slowly lose the ability to do things they need to.

A lot of the time, people don’t know that internal scars are the cause of chronic pain in an area as they keep that area inflexible and sucking up energy from the surroundings in this permanent state of tearing and repair, tearing and repair.

As I treat energy fields, many times I treat what I perceive as energy field scar tissue – that which the person FEELS as scar tissue but which doesn’t show physically on any organs as such. The medical establishment acknowledges this by different names, one of which is “Adhesions” for which they say the cause is unknown.

Similarly, people experience scar tissue externally but which cannot be seen on the skin. They can feel the area as a dead zone that sometimes gets inflamed and then goes back to dead.

One of my earliest experiences treating anything, was treating energy field scar tissue in a woman who’d had a car accident as a teenager, with shards of glass puncturing her. Physically her body had healed completely. But she could still feel hardened areas inside her. She contacted me for energy medicine for other things and was surprised that I brought up the internal scar tissue.

It’s really simple, Ed. If there are parts of the body where blood circulation simply doesn’t appear to be sufficient despite a moderate amount of movement and an alright diet, there’s a keloid or scar tissue block somewhere .

Scar tissue that stays on longer than is natural, and after the wound/ affected area is healed is being re-formed over and over because of one of the following causes:

4 causes of r-forming keloids or scar tissue

1) Repeat trauma to the area

If the trauma keeps happening, whether that’s injury or energy field trauma that’s manifesting in scar tissue, so long as the trauma repeats, the scar tissue keeps forming.

The trauma has to be stopped. The treatment has to focus on stopping the trauma and/or changing the way we deal with it.

2) Repetitive Stress

The cause here is not trauma, but habit. A habit that the system is not willing to accept as normal has to be ended.

3) The effect of the shock that caused the wound has still not been processed out by the body. Continue reading

Trauma and the Kidneys, Emergency Support

Signs of Kidney Distress – before you go and have kidney failure; Trauma and the Kidneys; Aconite for Kidney Distress Nervous Support; Alfalfa for Fluid Retention and vital energy support; Natural Salt and Sea Weed for kidney distress with sexual energy loss Continue reading

The Amazing Life Energy of Plumeria or Frangipani


Photos of a Plumeria or Frangipani tree blooming SIX MONTHS after being uprooted; stalk of Plumeria I picked up in March, leafing without earth, water, direct sunlight in July.

Dear Ed,

I am not very familiar with the use of Plumeria or Frangipani as a typical herbal medicine as it was not one of those my family or Granddad had familiarity with.

However, I have recently had a most amazing experience.

There was a row of Frangipani trees along a walkway I used to take Gabriel walking on.

One day on some project to cut across the path, they uprooted one and let it lie across the path instead of clearing it away.

For months they just let it lie there.

But I had regularly the stunning experience of watching this tree with its roots exposed, with just these little bits of earth sticking to the roots, bloom!!! It bloomed from January to June! Six months! They cleared it away when it was still blooming.

However that was not all.

One day in March, hanging about somewhere near there I found a tripod branch tossed to the side. I can’t be sure it was from the same tree or another. I was attracted to it because of its energy field and brought it home.

Gabriel played with it a few days later and broke off one of its branches. I found it just it time and wedged it in on a shelf and forgot about it.

FOUR WEEKS LATER what do I see but it’s putting out baby leaves!!

No earth, no water, no sun even, no roots Ed!!

Now I regularly bring in pieces of wood I like, and this is how Plumeria or Frangipani usually dries in a few weeks.

And yet Ed, month after month this year, this plant puts out new leaves.

Now its July, the Plumeria or Frangipani stalk is still putting out new leaves!

You can see it doesn’t know which way the sunlight comes because it doesn’t get any. The part of the leaf which usually faces Up is facing Down.

And Ed the branch which broke off, that I kept close by, it’s leafing out along with the other two tips.

How amazing is this wonderful plant!

I’ve put it with Monotropa – (The Ghost plant which grows without actual roots) and the others up there in my estimation for energies that help one find sustenance to complete and fulfill their life purpose, in the absence of nutrients coming the usual way. I wrote about them in my article: Herbal Energies to Cope with Isolation and Recover from Isolation Trauma

Spiritual sustenance where the physical is not available. What an amazing thing!

I think it’s essence would be invaluable for emergency use in times of shock or trauma due to displacement, loss of life support, loss of limbs and so on .

Our Body’s Thermometer & Strychnos for the Stricken – Ignatia


Strychnos Ignatii also called Ignatia Amara, Ignatius Bean or Ignatia is first aid for when the thermometer system of our body fails and this article lists my top 6 situations in which Ignatia is a powerful medicine that few other herbs can match in those situations.

Ed, one time I was going to have a heat stroke when I was in the last few months of being pregnant with Gabriel. I was so beyond hot, and no amount of water I drank was hydrating me enough. My internal organs, already extra warm because of being pregnant, were each radiating heat of its own.

I tried all the usual remedies like Gelsemium (Yellow Jasmine) and Glonoinum (dilution of nitro-glycerine – usually works immediately), but their effect was very short lived.

I realized that for whatever reason, my body was now generating its own heat like crazy, as if it thought I was too cold!

I’d come across this strange behavior of the body before. When the thermometers of the body go awry and tell the body it’s cold or it’s hot when that’s not true.

An example of that came into my awareness recently. I was in the bathroom with my phone when it slipped suddenly into water. Only one half of it went into the water as it was shallow container. I got it out immediately. It brought up a message, “Battery temperature is low, phone will shut down.”

I did all the things that have to be done to protect it from water damage.

Unfortunately Ed, this was not the first time I’ve dropped my phone in water, so I actually know the drill. I turned it off, dried it with tissue paper, opened it, dried it inside, put it in a bag of rice (to absorb any moisture remaining inside).

It turned on as usual with all its functions working.

A strange problem however now presented itself. It would not go to sleep or stay shut down. It kept turning the display on, and kept starting up on its own every time I shut it down. This was draining the battery a lot faster than usual of course.

I tried a few things and concluded that it was still reading the battery temperature wrong and that’s why it kept turning itself on – in an attempt to heat itself up.

Sorry Ed, I’m no phone expert, so I don’t know if phones are that “intelligent”. But that’s what I felt. So I applied my understanding of the human body to the phone.

Only half the phone had fallen into the water. Half the battery had registered a fall in temperature, while half hadn’t.

My commonsense said that if I united the battery in feeling one temperature uniformly, maybe it would solve the problem.

So I got out the blow-dryer, and gave the phone some gentle heating for about 20 minutes with breaks in-between whenever I got tired of holding the blow dryer up.

It solved the problem!!

I realized I just had to write an article about when our bodies’ thermometers malfunction.

The medical system, Ed, considers the hypothalamus and pituitary glands in the brain as the primary temperature readers of the body.

However actual experience points to the lungs as being where temperature gaging really starts. Perhaps it is because the lungs work with air – putting oxygen into blood – that is – working with air on one side and liquid or blood on the other.

It’s such an amazing miracle of a process if you look at it Ed. They take oxygen from the air and infuse it into blood – from air to water. It’s just amazing.

Those cells in our lungs that do this magic, they are incredibly temperature sensitive and the nerve endings that go up from them tell the brain what the temperature is – because they have information coming to them both ways – from outside with the air, from inside with the blood.

And therefore, Ed, the first thing to do when when our thermometer system is challenged is release nervous tension around the lungs.

For this I find Ignatia or St. Ignatius Bean or Stychnos Ignatii one of the best medicines.

As inviting as it looks, and so very much like passionfruit, it’s a fruit that pretty much causes paralysis of the nerves of the body that attach onto muscle. The heart, the lungs, the uterus, the stomach, are all muscle.

You give the body one tiny tiny drop of Ignatia and suddenly the nerve endings on those muscles relax. You definitely don’t want too much because that’s poison.

They call it the herbal “prozac”.

Because of my extensive experience with herbal medicine for heart conditions, I’ve ended up using Ignatia a lot and found it to be more than just a medicine for cardiac emergencies.

In one line Ed, remember Ignatia’s first name is “Strychnos” and think of “Stricken.” Any time the body – or soul – is stricken, reach for Strychnos.

Think of a person keeling over from being given a blow to the head. Imagine the person going into a sort of unconsciousness and in shock not able to hold onto anything and stop his or her fall.

That’s the sort of situation Ignatia heals.

Notice I said “unconsciousness“.

Ignatia is just the medicine for when trauma is so sudden, so extreme that the person cannot face it, but stays in a sort of numb disconnection from some parts of reality while focusing on others.

Numb Disconnection

Yes, I know everyone’s been there to some extent, but Ignatia is needed if we’re not able to come out of that in a day or two or maybe a week.

Those who have gone years numb, need Ignatia even more, and regularly for a long while, maybe months.

Now, it so happens Ed, that the body works as one and not as separate units. So the body reflects the soul.

How we know we’re gone numb to some harsh reality we should have faced is – our thermometer system malfunctions.

Perhaps it’s something to do with the fact that the cells of the lungs, our thermometer, have to be so very awake in the present to do their job of taking oxygen from air and putting into our blood. They’re very sensitive and that’s why changes in our breathing rhythm are one of our first indications of stress, and one of the first indications of us really calming down.

Those who are long term breathing challenged are invariably long term temperature challenged and that’s the beginning of hormonal imbalance – whether that’s the thyroid malfunctioning, or the pleasure hormones or the sexual hormones or even the sugar regulating hormones going imbalanced.

All of the conditions called hormonal imbalance, can be helped in a big way by treating our thermometer cells in the lungs for nervous tension and PTSD.

Unfortunately it’s not as simple as blow drying my phone was, but it isn’t all that complicated as well.

My most favorite herb for hormonal imbalance is Mistletoe or Viscum Album. It helps all the temperature balancing parts of the body heal and get back to full function.

However, when there is direct evidence of critical thermometer malfunction, such as me perspiring way beyond normal, releasing so much heat, Ignatia – Strychnos Ignatia will immediately relax those nerves on the lungs and heart and restore sense to our panicked thermometer system.

The feeling of calm helps us face the suppressed realities we’ve gone numb to avoid.

Ignatia also just happens to work amazing for radiation induced muscle cramping.

When the energy field of the body is attacked as happens with radiation exposure, the nerve endings on muscles get cramped or go limp. Ignatia helps them relax and come out of shock and get back to being themselves.

Ignatia has a powerful healing effect on all problems of the throat and the region. Continue reading

Sea Salt and Bio-rhythm Recovery after Shock, Trauma


How the Sea keeps the bio-rhythm of the Earth and therefore us, how Salt carries this vibration and helps us recover from rhythm disruption caused by trauma, shock, vaccination, radiation; How salt aids recovery of BALANCE of minerals in our bodies. 

Dear Ed,

As a lover of the sea you don’t need to be reminded of the healing power of salt. But I’m writing this, as I’ve been mostly a mountain and high altitude dweller and for me, meeting the sea has been an amazing experience.

Very often while working with those recovering from trauma, and in my own experience, I’ve found that one thing that stops herbs from working properly, and hinders healing, is the natural rhythm of the body being thrown out of course.

In extreme situations that shows up in heart beat arrhythmia – where the heart doesn’t beat rhythmically, and the result is a distorted energy patterns in the body causing widespread confusion and distress.

I found this especially troubles new born babies born through traumatic unnatural birth, those exposed to high levels of radiation and those vaccinated or given drugs that interrupt the frequency of the central nervous system.

A person who has experienced a rhythm interruption needs no further description from me about how it feels.

A bio-rhythm interruption isn’t always caused through physical means like vaccination or poison, or radiation exposure. It can also be caused by emotional and spiritual shock. Failure to recover natural bio-rhythm can result in anything from death, to long term unexplained fatigue, lessened immunity, sluggish organ function and the resulting illnesses.

I learned a principle of healing from my Granddad. He taught me healing by example. For example, if one is feeling weak, coming in touch with a strong vibrant energy, makes us begin to feel stronger by the sheer power of example.

This is the basis on which I base my treatments. I look at which herb and plant friends would help a person by the example of their being, and then I have them come in touch with them thrice a day and the person’s energy field changes as they come in touch with the robust, vibrant, spiritually steadfast herbs.

In looking for an example of a vibration that matches the human body to stimulate by example, a body fallen out of natural rhythm, I found a bit of a problem. Herbs have their own rhythm and if we were to take on their rhythm, we’d be herbs and not humans.

You’ll agree Ed, that that’s not something we want to be, as beautiful as herbs and flowers are.

While we need herbs and plant energies to heal and correct our energy patterns, we could be helped specifically by something from nature that brings us back to our OWN bio-rhythms.

Here’s where salt comes in. Sea salt to be specific. Let me have this explained in the words of Francis Ellingwood Abbot – read out in Dover, NH, IN 1857 – “Voices of the Sea“, now made available by the US National Library of Medicine.

You see Ed, the Sea – the one big body of water keeps rhythm for or earth and all its living beings. And its gift to us, is salt. Continue reading

Herbs for Fear Induced Cramps & Spasms – Asthma, Bronchitis, Abdominal Cramps


Letter to Ed describing my very crazy but true story about how I almost died from fear induced asthma when I was fifteen – I went from healthy to dying in 3 weeks. My experience with fear in childbirth and the greatest line up of herbs ever to relieve lung, uterine and abdominal cramps + two breathtakingly beautiful tropical herbs.

Ed, first of all I have to confess I’m writing this to you just to show off the pictures I took of a particular herb taking over the hillside. I feel like my home team is winning when herbs spread over other vegetation. It isn’t that I don’t like other vegetation, but when a particular herbs spreads virulently, it MEANS something, it’s a message from nature for the times. The plant is being energized by the earth to grow and spread because there is need for it.

Just like that, Ed, when it’s time comes to an end, every herbal invasion disappears too. Without sprays or pesticides or anything.

The consciousness of the Earth has kept everything in balance in all the wild places all these eons without US aid money to use sprays and pesticides to restrict invasive weeds to save the planet. But that’s another topic.

Back to the topic:

When I was fifteen, due to an unfortunate smelting incident… no I guess I can’t use that phrase here. I’ll have to tell you the whole sordid story. Or most of it.

So in church I fell into the company of some young women doctors. I thought I was safe from the pandemics that violate the innocence of maidens by hanging out with very grown up doctors who often discussed the dead bodies they had done autopsies of, while having tea in a restaurant.

It so happened, the doctors were in their late twenties and early thirties and still unmarried. Their real interest was in landing husbands – but they’d graduated from “cheap stunts” like losing weight and makeovers. Now it was all about the pursuit of intellectual companionship with physical compatibility and found through spiritual enterprise.

As the days went by, I began to realize that I who was just hanging about because of a morbid interest in finding out which diseases were killing the most people in REAL life, had been included in the ‘gang’ for one simple reason. My potential as a seer of visions.

I saw things others didn’t (unfortunately not dead people). Inherited ability obviously. But my great abilities only worked when I actually cared about someone. It couldn’t be turned on and off at will.

And everyone knew that.

So here I was in this gang, and every time we went out for tea after church meetings, I’d be told how much the doctors wanted to get married.

I couldn’t really understand it then. Hormones hadn’t hit me yet. The thing I did understand was that they were really really worried because they did want to have children and in the medical system, once you get past 26 or so, you get considered an “older mother” and your pregnancies get considered “high risk”. They being in the medical system, and one of them in obstetrics; this hit them in the face every day.

Long story short, one Saturday evening they arrived at my place and got permission for me to spend the night at one of their houses. There, we sat in a circle on the bedroom floor and were supposed to pray for “the salvation of sinners” and such things, when I was asked to pray and ask God to show me clues about their future husbands.

Be patient, Ed, this is all leading to an actual respectable article about herbs for lung spasms.

I don’t know if something had been slipped me in the tea, or what, but all of a sudden I began seeing things, like I never had before. These were like movie scenes. I saw each of their “future husbands” ie. I just saw these men and described them. And wow Ed they were so thrilled and happy. And they asked me to “try” again and again.

Needless to say, the “future husbands” were all handsome and distinguished looking and doing respectable things in the visions, like sitting at tables with books on the shelf behind them, and standing near windows that looked out on extensive lawns.

About 11pm I was hit by drowsiness so strong I was almost falling over. Now I realize I was most certainly drugged in some way or another. Just then, one of the doctors says to me, “We’ve been praying for our husbands all along, let’s pray to see yours now.”

I knew Ed, that I should not have done that. I wasn’t even curious to be honest. Hormones hadn’t hit me yet. But I was so sleepy and I wanted the whole thing finished with, or the next morning it would all continue.

So I closed my eyes and asked God to show me my future husband. And then it all happened so fast.

I saw someone- looked like a man – wearing a flannel checked shirt and jeans and either riding a horse or a very fast bike. I went with horse – it was more appealing. And almost falling asleep, I groggily watched this man moving very fast, and then in one horrific second I saw him crash against something and hurt his leg. I cannot remember now because of the trauma I experienced, but he might’ve flown off whatever he was riding on to the ground.

For one horrific set of about 20 seconds I was awake and then I just curled up and fell asleep.

The next day Ed, I went home feeling very unwell. For many days I had a high fever that came and went with no explanation. And then, very quickly, for the first time in my life I developed asthma.

In just a few days it went from just difficulty breathing to full blown asthma.

It used to rain so beautiful in those days – summer rain. And I loved the smell of the rain on the warm earth. But that year, the second I opened the window and the smell of the rain came in, it felt like a million needles poking my lungs. I doubled over in pain, shut the window and crawled to my bed.

The doctor gave me the standard asthma drugs Salbutamol and Ventorlin. They didn’t work more than a day for relief. I’d stopped going to school. I could barely breathe. The doctor put me on steroids and I heard him advise that I be “kept comfortable” and others “be informed” – that I could be expected to pull on about a week more at the most.

All of this happened in about 3 weeks, Ed.

I mention this because we’re seeing similar things happen now. Where someone healthy 3 weeks ago is expected to DIE of lung problems so quickly. Continue reading

Ceanothus – New Jersey Tea – Recovery From Shock

Ceanothus Americana - New Jersey Tea or Red Root
Ceanothus Americana – New Jersey Tea or Red Root

Today I came across on a gardening show, the stunning ethereal Ceanothus.

Why it is called New Jersey Tea is because during the war of the American Revolution ie. the war which resulted in the USA forming as a country independent from Britain, American dependence on tea, which was at the time mostly imported through the British commercial networks, had to be stopped.

The leaves of this wild shrub were used instead of Camellia Sinensis – which is the usual tea plant.

Now if you have your teas right, you know it’s actually rather difficult to find something to replace the usual tea leaf. There’s something about Camellia Sinensis that’s just right. It doesn’t push you over the top in any way. It’s uplifting and calming and holding together in a very balanced way.

To find a replacement for such a balanced herb was no mean achievement, especially back then when tea was so much more than one choice of beverage among several others.

Ceanothus IS in fact a perfect replacement because like Camellia Sinensis, it ‘holds together’ the system. And not just in subtle ways but in very powerful direct ways.

In severe hemorrhage such as after childbirth, huge cuts with heavy bleeding, hemophilia and any other condition where the body needs urgent clot forming support, Ceanothus is a powerful medicine for first aid.

All sorts of reactions to stress or shock, where the person (or pet for that matter) experiences hemorrhage, diarhhea, or incontinence are helped immensely both for first aid and for later recovery from such episodes.

The loss of mental concentration and focus because of a shock is helped by taking Ceanothus.

Conditions that involve nervous trembling or twitching benefit from Ceanothus taken regularly as it supports building up the damaged parts of the nervous system, that were damaged due to bad recovery or lack of recovery from shock caused by sudden energy loss.

Radiation or other damage to the inner linings of the body whether in the ENT canal, the throat, the digestive lining or the bowels can be dealt with with the simple addition of a few drops of Ceanothus tincture.

To summarize it, imagine the body as a water body. Recovery from any shock to the water body, destabilizing the water and liquid movements, pooling and function, can be helped in a big way by Ceanothus.

I could go on and on writing about how Ceanothus can help every single organ in the body. It even is good for the teeth!

But I will end this post with – Ceanothus is powerful first aid for recovery from shock that has had a physical impact and physical symptoms. It is also a pain killer and helps long term recovery from the lingering effects of shock and trauma to the system.