Herbs to Undo & Recover from Fearfulness, Organ specific Sound Vibrations, Fear vs. Pleasure

The energetic pattern of Fear in the body; Sound vibrations to release particular organ tension and pain; Herbs to undo fear pause in the body; Undoing the Habit of Fear with Pleasure

Ed, I went deep into Taoist Yoga at one time, and it really helped me through some hard times. I don’t do it much anymore because you have to move on from method into freedom or you get stuck. You train your body to manage energy a certain way and this is good for temporary healing but in the long term the body has to be manifested second by second by the heart, and not according to a mental pattern however helpful it was at one time.

This is true of any spiritual or energy practice. You must never get trapped in the method. The method is an aid to build awareness, not a comfy cage to sit in forever.

One thing I learned from the days I did Tao Yoga, that stayed with me over the years was that fear affects the internal organs causing them to behave just as our bodies in general when we are in fear.

“Fear” is more than just “afraid”. Granddad once said to me, “You’re afraid when you know what you’re afraid of. You fear when you don’t know what you fear.

Fear therefore is a spiritual reaction to something our minds can’t fully grasp or comprehend or describe. Basically it is a reaction to the unknown.

Now the body for all its intelligence depends on some kind of routine, some sort of expectation and accordingly manages things.

But fear throws this system of expectation into freeze, because how can we prepare for what we do not know is coming?

I find that in situations where someone who is not generally fearful, suddenly finds themselves facing cold creeping fear, the situation resolves itself because soon enough that hidden thing comes out into the open and the person deals with it.

But it’s the condition where a person perhaps due to repeat trauma faces fear again and again, so much so it becomes a part of life and the organs are often, if not most of the time, in a sort of partial paralysis or magnetized trembling, that gets my attention.

I have suffered this condition myself in the long term and I know how it feels and how debilitating it can be. Fearfulness is a condition that demands serious rehabilitation, just like someone who has been through a very serious accident and had their limbs and body broken needs rehabilitation to get back to normal life.

The attitude of sweeping away emotional conditions like fearfulness under the carpet is what results in various physical problems that an be very difficult to deal with. That’s why we must take fear very seriously every time we find it in ourselves and our loved ones. Fearfulness should NOT be accepted as a part of life, or our organs will begin to under-perform.

Our bodies understand fear as only one thing – PAUSE.
The energy pattern of fear is simply – PAUSE.

Now there are so many ways to deal with fearfulness, but I’ve got my time-tested top three ways.

The first is for those who are in a situation where they’re often not aware that they are in fear.

I was in this situation before – the time I was learning Tao Yoga. I didn’t have the ability in those days, being so overwhelmed by so much happening, so much confusion, to sit back and say, “OK, I’m in fear right now.

For those in such a situation, the body calls sub-conscious attention to the fear with pain signalling. Wherever in the body an organ has paused in such a way as to cause a serious disruption in normal routine, the nerves there send the pain signals to the brain.

This is our natural messaging system to let us know that everything’s not as it seems on the surface – our spirit has sensed something and we are in fear.

Depending on where the fear is, there’s an old Tao Yoga method that works by vibration to release tension in the internal organs. These are the noises you make depending on where the pain is.

You breathe in deeply, feel the pain and then breathe out you either say, or whisper or just feel the air go out with these sounds.

Heart – Haawwwwwwwww
Kidneys – Chhhoooooooo
Liver – Sshhhhhhhhhh
Lungs – Sssssssssssss
Spleen – Whoooooooooo

I added the following out of long personal experience.

Brain or Head – Eeeeeeeeee
Deep Abdomen – Waaahhhhhh
Ovaries – Eyyyyyyyy
Testicles – Rrrrrrrrrr
Uterus -Lllllllllll
Yoni – Mmmmmm
Penis – Kaaaaaahhhhhh
Rectum/ Tailbone/ Anus – Foooooooo

And here is a picture for sharing or saving or printing:


Ed, I have tried the above (other than the ones only men can try) and they work. They really work in the worst of situations.

The next thing is of course;

Herbs to deal with Fear in the Moment, End the Fear Pause

Nervines like Mugwort, Scullcapare powerful. However most nervine herbs tend to be on the sedative side when taken in a dose strong enough to have immediate effect. And herbal tinctures come in alcohol so if you have too much – you can imagine how that goes.

I kind of almost knocked myself out one time I was supposed to be alert on a very hard day of my life. I was in a very tense meeting and everyone was really tense and there I was almost nodding off because I’d emptied all my emergency nervine herbs into my water bottle and was sipping it every ten minutes. Every time I opened the bottle cover, the smell of the alcohol came at me and I was now tense someone else was going to smell that and think I came for the meeting drunk!

However Fear, I have found usually “attacks” simply by causing a general pause of the energy working of the body, and therefore it can be addressed just as effectively using energies that help the body break out of the freeze.

There are three herbs I find do that wonderfully – and all of them are to be diluted – one drop of the tincture to about 100 ml or 4 ounces of water and that taken 5-10 drops as required.

These are Arnica , Snakeroot or Rauvolfia Serpentina and believe it or not – Turpentine or Pure Spirit of Pine Gum or Resin.

Arnica is the energy pattern of facing the pain and keeping calm. I wrote about Arnica just a few days ago: Vibrational War & Arnica for Energy Body Pain .

Snakeroot or Rauvolfia Serpentina is a vibration that calms parts of the nervous system in a magnetic freeze from trauma. It particularly helps those nerves that attach to muscle and skin and bone. So the whole body feels repaired on a deep level as these nerve endings relax. Remember to keep the dose diluted – Snakeroot is a powerful sedative.

Turpentine or Pure Turpentine Gum Spirits or Distilled Pine Resin is the liquid got by heating up resin from Pine trees. It’s used in ship building to insulate the wood from water and moisture damage.

Pine Resin – Picture Source

It’s a disinfectant if ever there was. Medicinally, I’m sure it’s classified as something terrible by the powers that be. But it used to be a tradition in the USA, and several Caribbean islands to have turpentine with sugar once a twice a year to attract and kill bad yeasts like candida.

Pine Resin being distilled to produce Turpentine, Carolina Naval Stores, Harris Lake, NC – Picture Source- Bob

I tried it turpentine or pure spirits of gum out of sheer desperation when I had a sinus inflammation that had gone on for many months, that wouldn’t resolve using the usual herbs. I took for about four days, every night, a few drops of it in a t-spoonful of olive oil and later flaxseed or linseed oil. And whoa – it was a bit of a gentle laxative but it pretty much cleared my system of all the fungus I’d inhaled in a place with way too much moisture in the walls.

Let him who has an ear hear – turpentine fumigates the body from internal fungus and yeasts whose populations have boomeranged because of lack of oxygen.

I made a dilution of it in water and was amazed to see how it carried the consciousness of the Pine tree resin. Resin is the substance the pine tree releases to heal its wounds. It makes awesome natural chewing gum to tone facial muscles and bone and keep the teeth healthy by exercising them.

But more than that it carries the energy pattern of fearlessness in facing a wound. It’s like, “Yeah ok there’s some work to be done here. What’s new about that?”

A lot of us simply don’t realize we’ve been fighters and winners in the long term. We have this idea of ourselves in our minds that we’re poor helpless little babes in the wood and get terrified by every little thing that seems to thereaten us; when in reality we’re tough, smart, alert, intuitive and wise veterans. Pine resin has that energy signature. “Whatever’s coming, we’ll deal with it. We’ve dealt with s*** before. We’ll do it again.”

These three separate or together have one simple effect, they help the body’s energy simply move again. That’s all.

Breaking out of the Habit of Fearfulness with Pleasure

If I had to put it in one sentence – the suspension of pleasure processes is the one long term effect of fearfulness.

Most people do not realize how fear – that is often hidden from the active mind – is the reason they have stopped enjoying things they used to before. It’s something lurking in the back of the mind that robs every moment of pleasure.

This is because even when the body is functioning enough to survive, it will stop going into pleasure mode because of fear paralyzing it. All the energy goes just fighting the fear paralysis to do basic survival needs. There’s no energy left over to pursue and find pleasure and joy.

The way to undo this is of course start consciously pursuing pleasure and joy.

It’s not that easy when you’ve been a clenched up body of restrained fear for a long time.

In come herbs that specifically help this situation.

Spikenard is Absolute Queen of this domain.

Spikenard is available in two varieties commonly- Valeriana Jatamansi and Nardostachys Jatamansi. There are some other members of the Valerian family such as American Nard, and they’re all famous as sedatives. They’ve been defamed in the media and books and movies – I believe because they could end the sleeping pills industry and several other pharma products that treat the conditions that result from long term sleep deprivation.

Nardostachys Jatamansi or Himalayan Spikenard Root

I am most familiar with Nardostachys Jatamansi as that’s what I found growing native in the Himalaya mountains at the time Spikenard came into my life. However I have found other forms of Valerian Root that are grown organically and not pressed to remove the essential oil before being sold for herbal teas and the like, give or take a little this way and that, also having a similar effect.

This beautiful plant family carries the consciousness of pleasure. Someone called it “post-coital bliss”. They have the energy pattern of someone who has made love to their heart’s content and is now sleeping peacefully.

This is a powerful antidote to the fear consciousness or energy pattern, because it’s in the aftermath of pleasure that the body makes plans for healing, thriving, living.

The trauma hormones increasingly found used as stimulants in various processed food and snacks, and used by mass media to spread the consciousness of terror; their effect can be held at bay taking the help of plants that are in the consciousness of bliss.

Again, you don’t need much of it. Some people use the essential oil of Spikenard for all their needs.

My favorite dose is an infusion of the dried roots – just an inch in length and cm or two in width – to two cups of water, boiled down to one. You strain out the herb and have the tea – if you want to i.e. remember it’s a sedative in that dose.

You then take a few drops of that, put it into a dropper bottle which you then fill up with spring water or Everclear (alcohol preservative) or the alcohol of your choice.

Now you have the energy pattern of Spikenard without too much of sedative effect. You can add whichever other herbs you want to, to this and you have an amazing fear buster herbal medicine that won’t sedate you, that won’t make you feel warm and fuzzy when you should be razor sharp but will still hold you to reality – You’re going to be alright. You are loved.

Spikenard as Herbal Medicine

Do not try to control Spikenard – Energy Releasing Deep Healer



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