Testing Positive – The Energetic Viewpoint, Herbs for Emergencies and Lung Support

Originally a letter, published as an article because it has valuable information.

Dear Ed,

Like everyone else I’ve been trying to understand the current “news” for what it is aside from the obvious hype.

Ed, as soon as facebook started advertising a certain now well known “virus”, by making a section on the “Home” screen of the facebook app, I knew we had a huge media drama coming on. Ed, if there’s one thing I know for sure, it’s that facebook doesn’t care for my health or yours or even their own.

However, because of certain experiences I’ve had of those with similar symptoms I decided to look into the matter.

You see Ed, those symptoms are so common that they’re almost a regular thing for most people and now you’re public enemy no. 1 if you dare cough or sneeze while shopping or in public.

So I’m writing to explain three things.

1) What “testing positive” means on an energetic/ polarity level – how the common cold has always been an ‘overheating’ or “testing positive” problem

2) Why the virus symptoms mimic radiation assault and how to build up resistance to and recover from radiation shock

3) Herbal support – What to do about all those symptoms

1) What “testing positive” means on an energetic/ polarity level – how the common cold has always been an ‘overheating’ or “testing positive” problem

Ed, on the 11th of March 2018 I took these screenshots of a news item I knew would be of significance in the future. It spoke of a Disease X.

People working in the alternative health industry have long been aware of diseases created specifically to cause pandemics. Some of them have real effects on bodies, some of them are just hype, but all have media hype as a necessary constituent.

That’s why I noticed that article. I also noticed the logo of the World Health Organization to the side. It had just one of the two serpents that is part of the caduceus. The Caduceus – a traditional and universally accepted symbol of healing and medicine has two snakes representing the male and female polarity of the body.

The Caduceus, 1808

But the logo of the WHO, has just one – it is the serpent to the right, or the male polarity, ie. POSITIVE polarity.

This imbalanced picture is apparently what represents the organization that dictates what’s good and what’s bad for the helpless imprisoned living in the lands ruled by this organization.

No Ed, I don’t really care about the WHO enough to really be bothered to cast it as an evil organization.

I just don’t think getting rid of the female serpent was a classy – or coincidental move. By my standards that’s criminal.

So after I saw that article Ed, from 2018 to now I’ve been twiddling my fingers, knowing that when all other media stories failed to strike terror into the hearts of humans and make us vulnerable to suggestion, they’d bring out “Disease X.”

How interesting are the dates though Ed! Both “Disease X” and the “pandemic” were announced on the 11th of March, just 2 years apart.

When the “disease” arrived Ed, the symptoms were all those I associate with positive polarity imbalance, and of course the headlines kept going “So and so TESTED POSITIVE.” “Tested Positive” was the key phrase for weeks.

Now Ed, that’s nothing new to me.

I have been preparing herbal medicine for recovery from radiation since 2009 – for people and pets in many countries of the world.

I know what works and what doesn’t.

Which brings us to:

2) Why the virus symptoms mimic radiation assault and how to build up resistance to and recover from radiation shock

Ed, all things that overheat the body in an imbalanced way push it into positive polarity. This results in the body swinging to the other extreme to try and balance the temperature. That’s how we catch a cold.

Then we get balanced and go on.

This is where radiation comes in. Radiation – causes heating up of the body and extended radiation causes the heating to the point where the energy field of the body breaks down. If it isn’t allowed to rest and recuperate, it might never build up again and the body is now left to function without its inherited intelligence.

The body with its organs is now running by habit, in inertia. If something happens that requires something different, if something happens that throws a spanner in the works, it gets stuck not knowing what to do. A little infection might become deadly as the body doesn’t have the information that comes from the energy field to recognize that that’s an infection, and fight it.

We’ve heard of this before Ed. It’s called HIV. A “virus” that makes the body unable to defend itself from infections. Yes Ed, the “TESTING POSITIVE” thing has been done before.

Anyway Ed, radiation breaks down the energy field. How and why we’re being exposed to it – I won’t go into that here, because to be honest there’s little we can do about it right now. The atmosphere is quite literally a grid of radiation lines. Even those green green fields are covered.

So I’ll focus on recovery from and building resistance to radiation.

Ed, have you ever picked the petals of a rose? You’d have noticed, that once you pick the first petal, the something that holds all the petals in place gets affected and soon all the petals come away one by one.

You just have to pluck out the first petal to make them all come loose.

That’s how radiation affects the body, it makes the body lose that “holding in” or “pulling in” or contracting ability – otherwise called the negative or female polarity. It’s the opposite of the male or positive polarity which is the out-flowing of energy.

A body needs both these to be a body.

Therefore the first thing to do recover from radiation is to reinforce electrical balance.

Any kind of earthing or grounding does that. Feet on the earth, hands on the earth. All that.

The herbs – which ARE earth – I use for recovery from radiation are described in detail here:

Positive and Negative Polarity – Holistic Recovery with Herbs from Radiotherapy and Radiation Damage

You have to see the article Ed. It didn’t get very popular when I published it – but it’s so very important now with the whole “TESTING POSITIVE” thing happening. And the pictures of the flowers are so beautiful. If you were ill you’d start feeling better just looking at them.

(Ed, I personally believe that looking at pictures of flowers should be considered a therapy in its own right.)

Here’s a picture of Gelsemium or Yellow Jasmine that  brings down body temperature, treats trauma.

3) What to do about all those other troubling symptoms

You know Ed, this is just not the time to get the flu. Sad but true. Normally I’d just let Gabriel get any infection he so chooses to get and let his body develop immunity to it. But just this once, for some weeks now, I’ve been careful not to let any infection get out of hand.

It’s really simple.

1) You just add some immunity boosting foods into your diet, and

2) you have a little bottle with some high-action herbal tinctures ready for the first sign of an infection.

My way of adding immunity boosting foods to our diet is lime juice sprinkled over food; herbal tea – usually rosehips, nettle and whatever herb I find growing around that calls my soul ; and herb infused vinegar or just vinegar – real vinegar ie. over my food.

Now for the high action herbal tinctures to keep at hand to fight the first signs of infection.

Garlic – Infection fighter
Echinacea – Immunity Trigger-er
Golden Seal – Infection fighter, antibiotic
Usnea – Antiobiotic
Elderflower/ Elderberry – Immunity support
Rosehips – VITAMIN C
Gelsemium – Brings fevers down

You put 20 drops of each into a 50ml bottle, fill the rest with spring water, colloidal silver water or everclear and that’s it. At the first sign of an infection – you take 5 drops every few hours. You’ll be clear pretty soon. You don’t need all of them really. But this is such a time you might not have time to see what works and what doesn’t.

You don’t need to take them for more than 3-4 days at a time.

Gargling with warm water that has sea salt or rock salt can do wonders if you get down to it.

Now, if you have the tendency to lung problems, or you haven’t been in good shape physically or emotionally in a while, or you’re at a time in life where you’re at risk, (I doubt you are Ed – but as I’m going to publish this on my website, I’m including this) – I’d add another mix for lung strength and recovery from old shock or trauma.

Radiation or any “virus” is essentially a shock to the body and the lungs. I have described my most important herbs to recover from lung trauma here:

Rehabilitating the Lungs from Shock and Trauma

If you have a history of allergies (you don’t look like it Ed, I’m including this for my website), you might want to check out:
The Me vs. Me War – Herbs for Autoimmune Disorders, Histamine Intolerance & Chronic Allergies

Conclusion- The More Immediate Threat

The more immediate threat is the assault on the system from the trauma inducing media drama surrounding this or any other illness for that matter.

There’s just no point losing our cool whatever the situation. Que sera sera. What will be will be.

Here is my article – Herbs for Battle – For Strength, Clarity & Support in Stressful Emergencies. I’ve used them in some difficult days of my life to keep perspective and wait out the storms. They really seriously work.

You might be interested in:

Lantana – Lungs-Liver-Sexual Blocks, Radiation Flu Recovery

Need help choosing the right herbs for you?

I have helped hundreds of people over the years, to become independent of prescription drugs and artificial stimulants to manage chronic conditions and recover from debilitating conditions.
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