Trauma and the Kidneys, Emergency Support

Signs of Kidney Distress – before you go and have kidney failure; Trauma and the Kidneys; Aconite for Kidney Distress Nervous Support; Alfalfa for Fluid Retention and vital energy support; Natural Salt and Sea Weed for kidney distress with sexual energy loss

Dear Ed,

I recently made a treatment for a dog with severe kidney weakness, to the point of failure. The medical options for dogs with kidney failure or weakness, simply manage to prolong the suffering of everyone involved and don’t heal and restore life or quality of life. My herbal treatment for kidney rehabilitation is one of the most popular treatments on this website because it works like few things else.

Now I’ve known something for years, Ed. That PTSD and trauma have an almost immediate effect on the kidneys. Think children wetting the bed in terror because of a bad dream. It’s such a primal thing and so common across living beings in our world.

For this reason, the 90% of any treatment I make for anyone with weak kidneys involves support for trauma recovery. The remaining 10% is substances to increase kidney physical organ health.

These days you have to have kidney pain or pain urinating, or a UTI (urinary tract infection) and so on, to get diagnosed with a kidney problem. However, you don’t need to wait till things go that far.

Signs that the kidneys aren’t working well are water retention (fluid fat), swellings that don’t go away, especially around the joints, and obvious water related issues like a chronically dry throat.

If it’s related to water, the kidneys need support. If you feel weak after peeing, the kidneys need support.

If the kidneys need support, you need help coping with emotions of fear, terror, dread, apprehension, anxiety, and the state of being constantly over-adrenalized – worked up.

Greyhound dogs for example, in the greyhound racing industry, who are given electrolytes to boost their athletic performance are as a rule diagnosed with kidney weakness sooner or later. It isn’t just because of the electrolytes. Adrenal abuse leads to overworked kidneys and the resulting long term damage.

Greyhound Running
Greyhound running

By now you’re getting an idea of the general state of a person or animal who needs kidney support – before the kidneys fail altogether. It’s a nervous, dreading, tense, anxious, and nearly always on the alert, person or animal who needs to perform on a regular or every day basis.

It’s not normal. We’re made for bliss and happiness. We’re not supposed to go through such things every single day of our lives. We’re not supposed to live  with stress like that.

I experienced severe kidney weakness after a traumatic time in my life when I was living with thugs around who were predating on my child. After I caught someone trying to force kiss him, I was always on the alert, even in my sleep. Parents tend to know when someone’s after their child and it’s natural for us to be hyper alert at that time. But for me that time dragged on to months and at the end I had severe kidney pain and weakness. The condition was increased by other factors as well which I will not list here.

It was so bad that it looked like I was headed for kidney failure. If you look online for help you’ll find rather vague information so I had to go back to my own memory of Granddad’s stories and try things and work it out for myself.

I’m happy to say I had a turnaround in all of four weeks and a chronic feet swelling because of which I couldn’t walk without specialized shoes (those are called Dr.Scholl’s shoes by the way and helped me walk when I couldn’t otherwise because my feet were so swollen); but the swelling subsided for good in a month of treatment with herbs and I could walk barefeet and in normal shoes and slippers again. Thank God!

My full treatment for Kidney rehabilitation involves several herbs for not just kidney health, but recovery from adrenal abuse as well.

What I would like to share with you here though is how to prevent the kidneys from getting to that point where you need kidney rehabilitation.

Kidney Distress – Emergency Support Herbs

I introduce you to one of my dearest friends ever – Aconite.

Aconite for Kidney Distress and Emergency Nervous Support

This beautiful flower, white or yellow, flowers in the winter, because it feels spring before spring is visible. Do you know what that means, Ed?

Winter Aconite – Picture Source

Traditionally the highly diluted form of Aconite has been used as an emergency remedy to treat terror, fear, and the state of general nervous debility such as an aged person who feels unable to protect himself or herself and their loved ones and hears there is a war or disaster coming.

I can tell you Ed, it works. I’ve used it to prevent epileptic attacks in dogs just before fireworks went off that usually brought on the attacks for sure. I’ve used it in so many situations where it was required for the person to keep their head despite being bombarded by nothing but bad news and threats.

I recently used it in a topical cream for someone who has breakouts and “dead skin” whenever anxiety and apprehension set set in. You just put in a few drops of the tincture into the cream container and mix it in.

See, this living being we call Aconite, sees the spring in the dead of winter. You know how cold February can be. You know how the cold seems like it’s going to be forever. Yet right around is spring. And Aconite KNOWS this and stirs in the ground in the dead of winter, and what’s more, comes OUT and BLOOMS!!! If that isn’t faith, if that isn’t prescience, if that isn’t prophecy, what is.

Picture Source

And the best bit is, till today Aconite has never been proven wrong. Every time there was a winter, a spring DID follow and Aconite was like, “I told you so.”

The tinctures and dilutions of Aconite are available online and in most herbal or homeopathic stores. They can be taken as emergency support or regularly as rehabilitation from long term trauma, adrenalization and so on.

I cannot stop myself from putting in here one of the cutest baby bums in modern history – the Aconite flower fairy from “Fairies of the Flowers and Trees” by Cicely M. Barker, 1950.

And here’s the poem that goes with it.

Alfalfa for Emergency Kidney Support

You can get serious emergency kidney support from Alfalfa. Alfalfa seed tea taken twice or thrice a day – one tspoon of seeds in 2 cups of water, boiled and left to infuse – will work in a few weeks to bring down swellings, stop trauma conditions like acute hair loss, skin chafing and dryness to the point of peeling or sloughing off and so on. All the effects of kidney distress in the body, Alfalfa will help stop and help recovery from.

If you can’t make tea everyday, get a bottle of apple cider vinegar, pour 30% of it out into another container and fill it up with crushed seeds of Alfalfa (note – you must crush the seeds or the seeds will swell up with the vinegar and then you’ll have to squeeze them to get the extract out. That’s good if you have the time, but if not crush the seeds before.

I prefer to sprout the seeds and then put them in the bottle. You can get alfalfa sprouts at most supermarkets and put them into the bottle. After about five weeks you have a vinegar to toss on your food with every meal or have with water anytime you need it. It’s emergency support for weakness due to dehydration and general low energy. Add in the commonly available herb Parsley for brain and vital energy support.

This is the only way I can give my son Alfalfa regularly. See the little sperms at the bottom? Those are Alfalfa sprouts sitting in the vinegar about 4 weeks now. One tablespoon of this, vinegar and sprouts and all is easy kidney support with any meal.

Natural Salt and Sea Weed

I recently remembered Granddad telling me about the connection between sexual energy, kidney health and Iodine. Granddad, who grew up on a remote island of the Hebrides, was of the generation who collected their own salt from the sea shore, who ate sea weed from the rocks often as part of their diet.

In his time, salt was considered something pure and sacred and vital as such for our basic well-being;, and those who bought packaged salt from the general store would stop going to that store if the salt they bought wasn’t good. You see, unlike our generation they could tell.

One of the first signs of a bad salt, was problems with urination, typically an increase in bed-wetting among children. In adults they could see an effect in dropping sexual energy levels.

Granddad said that false salt or chemical salt (sodium) often attacked the kidneys causing a loss of vital energy that almost immediately drained a person of sexual energy. Over a long time it meant the person lived without expressing healthy sexual energy levels and metabolic and hormonal imbalance would set in.

All this was known back then before the age of factory salt and Govt. advertisement of adding chemical iodine to salt.

Please just take my word for it, my Granddad would never say anything if it wasn’t true and he was really sure of it. You won’t die if you have table or factory salt. But it is an attack on your kidneys and sexual energy levels in the long run. Shift to using rock salt or sea salt in your cooking. NOTHING bad will happen to you for using natural salt that millions of generations of humans and animals have used without losing their teeth or whatever.

I have used natural salt for about a decade now and we’re doing just fine. The days we eat stuff from outside, we can tell the difference in the body because of the false salt. There’s a drop in energy.

Iodine is a MEDICINE, not a supplement. Used in very tiny doses, highly diluted, it stimulates healing from long term iodine abuse in the body. That means fluctuating sexual energy levels, hormone imbalance, fluid retention, hair loss, thyroid imbalance and so on. These dilutions are available in homeopathic shops.

Natural Sea Weed, is an excellent source of natural iodine to help the rehabilitation process. Bladderwrack for example – Fucus Vesicula.

Bladderwrack Sea Weed

You need just a little of it, a few drops of the tincture, every morning (keep clear of it in the evenings because it’s stimulating and you don’t need that in the evenings if you want to sleep on time).

I think by you you’ve gotten an idea of the wider effects of kidney weakness and how it has this wide radius of effects in the body from nervousness to hormonal imbalance and general loss of quality of life.

It’s not hard at all to heal and rehabilitate the kidneys.

I’d like to conclude by sharing the sound vibration that’s used traditionally in moments of distress involving the kidneys. It’s “Chooooooo”. You breathe in as deep as you can, then release your breath to “choooooooo”.

Herbs to Undo & Recover from Fearfulness, Organ specific Sound Vibrations, Fear vs. Pleasure

We are born for bliss and pleasure.

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