Herbal Medicine for Recovery from Adrenal Exhaustion & Rehabilitation from Adrenal Abuse


Poke Root, Passionflower, Mango Leaf, Wheatgrass, Black Willow, Agnus Castus and Kidney Bean with Bach Flowers Sweet Chestnut, Wild Oat, Walnut and Aspen

4 oz – 113 ml

Usual Dosage:
20 drops thrice a day

Please note: These are just the usual herbs used for this condition. I do not have bottles sitting on shelves with this recipe. I prepare each treatment from scratch for each individual for that time, using only what is best suited to that individual's unique requirement and using seasonal and freshly made herbal extracts where I can. I also often split the treatment into 2 or 3 for specific times of day where that can make a difference.


Adrenal and nervous exhaustion can be caused by anything from having way too much caffeine and sugar in your diet to being in situations of insecurity and fear again and again. Either way, this herbal treatment works as first-aid and supports true rehabilitation from adrenal and nervous energy patterns developed over time.

I developed this recipe for those who have gotten used to being in that tower, that state of unresponsiveness, sensory lull, numbness to everything, that a person reaches after being severely abused again and again.

Long after the abuse is over, the body and soul having experienced the feeling of being too hurt to respond to anymore and having found it a wonderful respite at the time, try to get back to that state when life becomes too hard again. The only known path to that place though is through being highly adrenalized so we seek out those substances and experiences that harshly and directly work us up and into the tower of numbness with the feeling of invincibility.

At some point we realize being in this tower and the methods we use to reach there are not conducive to long lasting relationships, wholesome sexuality and health. At this point, most people look to superfoods and supplements to keep the body supplied with the nutrients it seems to be unable to get from every day food, even if it is a healthy full diet.

Even this is not enough though. Here is where herbs can help. Herbs taken faithfully thrice a day can heal all the processes that have gotten eroded and weakened by the abuse it takes to reach the peaceful numbness.

You combine herbs with the awareness that you need to keep calm and find ways to peace that do not need you worked up, ways that you can accept in your reality.

You keep away from substances that hurt your gut and over-excite your senses. This doesn’t mean boring food or a boring life. It means giving your self time to rediscover flavors and sounds, by getting back to the basics again. You already know what that means – it is all you’ve been purposely putting off for some other time when you’re not feeling so desperate.

You have more need than others of water – just plain, clean water.

I tweak this recipe to suit individual need. These are the botanicals I use most often for recovery from adrenal exhaustion and to rehabilitate the body from long term adrenal abuse:
Poke Root, Passionflower, Mango Leaf, Wheatgrass, Black Willow, Vitex Chasteberry, Kidney Bean

The Bach Flowers added most often are:
Sweet Chestnut, Wild Oat, Walnut, Aspen

Usual Dosage for Adults:
20 drops thrice a day

Poke Root – Phytolacca Dioica

Why Poke Root  is in the Herbal Treatment for Recovery from Adrenal Exhaustion & Rehabilitation from Adrenal AbusePoke Root or Phytolacca has the gift of stabilizing nervous electricity. When the body has been treated to nervous surges and the depletion that follows, there is a huge loss of minerals and over time the body can even stop absorbing and circulating minerals efficiently. Poke root’s ability to rehabilitate nervous and adrenal imbalance helps the body take advantage of nutrition and begin to use it properly again. Associated famously with recovery from sexual fluid loss, Poke root also has the physical nutrients required in emergencies.

Passionflower – Passiflora Incarnata

Why Passionflower  is in the Herbal Treatment for Recovery from Adrenal Exhaustion & Rehabilitation from Adrenal Abuse
Passionflower is a powerhouse of connectivity. It gets a tired and burnt out system to connect up without sudden overwhelming surges so that feeling of being lost and clueless and ‘spinning in air’ goes. It soothes burning nerves and this helps the tired out areas of the body finally relax. It does all this without causing any lessening of mental thought processing, so you don’t feel like you’re on a trip. That’s a big thing for someone coming out of adrenal exhaustion – you don’t want to feel out-of-control but you do want to be a whole lot calmer.
Passionflower aids clarity and vision (literally) in the moment. Over the days and weeks it helps you become clearer about things, more decisive as a result and helps a whole lot of tangles unravel. So its more than just something to keep calm – it is a life healer.

Mango Leaf – Mangifera Indica

Why Mango Leaf  is in the Herbal Treatment for Recovery from Adrenal Exhaustion & Rehabilitation from Adrenal Abuse
Mango leaves are underrated. Their fragrance is a fresh clean balmy healing in its own right. I was surprised when I found out how effective mango leaves are in treating the worst sorts of digestive tract problems. It does so by refreshing nerve endings in the gut and the whole tract. Once the nerve endings there feel refreshed, everything gets sorted out quick. Hyper-acidity, ulcers – wounds in the inner lining, all these are sorted out by refreshing and energizing the nerve endings in the gut.
One of the problems that is both caused by and causes adrenal exhaustion is imbalance in the nerve endings of the gut. The stomach has more nerve endings than even the brain – so you can imagine how much what happens in our guts affects our state of being. Treating the digestive tract to help it calm and get back to normal is a big part of going from hyper to peaceful overall.

Wheatgrass – Triticum aestivum

Why Wheatgrass  is in the Herbal Treatment for Recovery from Adrenal Exhaustion & Rehabilitation from Adrenal Abuse
Wheatgrass is a gentle nourisher of depleted cells. It is like baby food for the body. Taking wheatgrass regularly slowly gets rid of the constant feeling of still being hungry for something. It helps you be more and more grounded as a result and able to deal with situations with a feeling of being fed and prepared instead of feeling too weak to deal with things. Like the Mango leaves I nearly always pair it with, it soothes the digestive tract because it is food the body can use very quick – it doesn’t have to break it down and process it much.
Wheatgrass heals the Liver which is the organ that releases stress hormones into circulation. When the liver is stressed and in war-mode, it keeps releasing the stress hormones. When it is feeling happy and on top of things, the body (and mind) are relaxed. It does a lot of other important things too when it is healthy, throwing out poisons for example. Wheatgrass helps all this happen, so overall you’re looking at feeling so much better in a very real way.

Black Willow – Salix Nigra

Why Black Willow  is in the Herbal Treatment for Recovery from Adrenal Exhaustion & Rehabilitation from Adrenal Abuse
The Black Willow has an amazing ability. It breathes slow, very slow and very stable. When we take Black Willow extract, it supports the lungs in recovering normal function. A healthy pair of lungs contracts well, expelling all air and with it the possibility of asthma, and then it expands fully taking in oxygen and putting it into the blood for life the whole body over. I cannot overstate how important this is for everything in our lives. And Black Willow repairs everything that helps the lungs get back to doing their basic job well. The result is healing on so many levels.
There is a bit of a catch though. Black Willow can help a person feel energized quick enough to go take on tasks they ought not to until they’re fully rehabilitated. The aim is to get the lungs and body into the habit of feeling that well all the time, instead of just for a while every time you take the medicine. So it is important to focus on rest and getting to breathing deep and full on a regular basis instead of taking on new projects and over-extending your self too quick.

Vitex Chasteberry Agnus Castus

Why Agnus Castus is in the Herbal Treatment for Recovery from Adrenal Exhaustion & Rehabilitation from Adrenal Abuse
Agnus Castus is sweet comfort and nourishment for weak and toxic glands. Agnus Castus reminds me of a Vicar’s daughter from a period movie. No matter what terrible things are happening in the world, Agnes dresses in lovely white to attend Sunday service in a sublimely flower-filled church with lovely painted glass windows from where sunshine comes in like a path for angels. That just happens to be how Agnus Castus the herb gets the body to forget the drama of conflict and just be a good child now and sing along with the choir. The glands calm down, everything calms down, feels a lot better and gets nourished.

Kidney Bean – Phaseolus Vulgaris

Why Kidney Bean  is in the Herbal Treatment for Recovery from Adrenal Exhaustion & Rehabilitation from Adrenal Abuse
Kidney beans are great nutrition directly for the kidney and the adrenal glands – our ground zero with this tonic. They simply feed and heal tired adrenals. You could eat them regularly to benefit, the extract though is better as medicine because that way you get the properties in the raw organic bean without having to break down and digest the bean itself. There’s one word which describes what kidney beans can help us develop – GRIT. Grit means the ability to stay calm in the face of a challenge, see clearly what has to be done, and then do it without holding back. You’d be amazed at how much of this comes from having sound adrenals and kidneys.

The Bach Flowers we add most often are:

Sweet Chestnut

How Bach Flower Sweet Chestnut supports natural healing
Now we humans seem to have all sorts of connections connecting up our bodies – veins, arteries, muscles, nerves. Quintessentially however, every part of us is connected directly and immediately to our core – which is an area that is in the center of our bodies, in the deep abdomen. The Sweet Chestnut has manifested its physical appearance to closely match this basic structure of all living beings. Its core runs right from the base of the flower to the tip. This is a good influence on anyone at any time. However for someone who is in a state of total adrenal exhaustion, shock, emotionally and psychologically numb, splintered into pieces and unable to connect back, Sweet Chestnut is first-aid. It immediately influences the shocked person to start connecting up again.

Wild Oat

How Bach Flower Wild Oat supports natural healing
The Wild Oat flower has the heart of an explorer and the body of a builder. Two somewhat opposite things unless it can find a situation it can both build and explore in. For those who get exhausted by monotony but crave a settled life, who love the thrill of new experiences, and love equally a job well-done and established to perfection, the Wild Oat flower can give sympathetic company. It can be a reminder that despite all appearances, there can and will be a situation that is both wild and secure.


How Bach Flower Walnut supports natural healing
The Walnut flower might be small, but it is well padded and sturdy. It inspires those with the tendency to forget priorities with the focus to stick with what they’re doing till they’ve finished it, to focus on quality and substance, to be content with what matters instead of being overly concerned about the opinions and ideas of others.


How Bach Flower Aspen supports natural healing
Aspen flower is a beautiful energy that is secure in itself and holds its own bliss and faith even when those around might not. For those who are sensitive to gloom and foreboding energies in the surroundings and others around, perhaps holding on to those even after things have changed because of being in the habit of wanting that everyone moves together towards happiness, Aspen inspires the person or animal to experience their core well-being of spirit rather than what is being suggested by the experiences of others around. Very often, Aspen will inspire a person to make positive changes in their environment. If it is not possible for them to do that alone, Aspen will inspire them to find a way to hold their own well-being without being pulled down by others.

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