Super Antioxidant Blend for Cancer Recovery & Prevention


Pomegranate, Grape Seed, Fig, Papaya Leaf, Quis Qualis Indica

4 oz – 113 ml

Usual Dosage:
20 drops thrice a day

Please note: These are just the usual herbs used for this condition. I do not have bottles sitting on shelves with this recipe. I prepare each treatment from scratch for each individual for that time, using only what is best suited to that individual's unique requirement and using seasonal and freshly made herbal extracts where I can. I also often split the treatment into 2 or 3 for specific times of day where that can make a difference.


This powerful tonic, a tradition in our family is now a part of every cancer herbal treatment I make.

The ingredients are well-received by all genetic types, and of such high natural vitality that they cannot but radically boost immunity, balance cell activity and help clear out the waste products of cell metabolism. It is the failure of doing these housekeeping tasks that breeds cancer.

We have taken care to get only wild pollinated, really organic, tight to the skin, red to the core, raw material and you’ll feel the difference in every single drop. All these are extracted into organic Apple Cider Vinegar with its living culture. Apple cider vinegar with mother is a treatment in its own right, conditioning and calming the gut and supporting detoxifixation. One of the main aims of this treatment is to provide vital nutrients and cider vinegar extracts from the herbs minerals that are not extracted into alcohol, so it is a perfect fit.

Now for the ingredients:

Grape Seed
Papaya Leaf
Quis Qualis Indica


Pomegranate extract for cancer recovery and prevention.If there were a contest between fruits on which was the most powerful healer, Pomegranate would win. We use the pomegranate’s young leaves, fruit, seed and peel, each of which is important and indispensable.
The beautiful pomegranate does many wonderful things for the body, but the quality it is in this blend for the most, is its ability to repair and support stem cells. Stem cells are basic cells in our bodies that give birth to all the other different cells we need. A stem-cell is like a ball of dough. That dough can take any shape you want it to – elephant, stick or circle. It can be baked into a cookie or biscuit, fried, cooked…anything.
In supporting stem cells, the Pomegranate also helps create new cells with proper DNA instead of the truncated DNA that results in cancer cells.
Something every person or animal with cancer needs urgently is support to make healthy new cells according to the right pattern instead of according to the cancerous cells’ patterns. One you have the right kind of cells increasing, they’ll naturally kick out the cancer cells.

Grape Seed

Grape seed extract for cancer recovery and prevention.The seed of the wild Grape is a storehouse of life intelligence. It radically boosts cell intelligence in the body, helping every thing begin to run more efficiently. It actually recognizes cancer cells and has components which trigger off the”it’s time to die” process called ‘aPOPtosis’ – the easiest, least dramatic way of all for cancer cells to die.
A person or animal with cancer is usually carrying tiredness and the sluggishness that comes with long term fatigue in their cells. Grape seed extract has quick vital nutrition to get things moving.
It is electrifying – the the effect it has on frayed nerve endings – it is enlivening without causing the ‘burn’ you find some other anti-oxidants causing fine sensitive nerve endings.
Safe, gentle, but real powerful change – that’s why grape seed is part of this herbal treatment.


Fig extract for cancer recovery and prevention.The Fig is one of nature’s most wonderful foods. Rejuvenation for the tired traveller through the ages; filled with natural sweetness, minerals found from deep deep in the Earth, and nutrients made in those lovely big leaves that are second in nurturing power only to mother’s milk, it is just food like nothing else.
A person or animal with cancer has usually not been able to take care of their basic nutritional needs well enough, and it gets harder every day as the body has to now deal with an illness as well.
The Fig in just a few drops will deliver vital nutrients, as well as eclectic ones, rarely found in other herbs whose roots don’t go down as deep as the fig’s. There are types of tumors that don’t respond to anything but fig extract.

Papaya Leaf

Papaya extract for cancer recovery and prevention.The leaves of the Papaya have long been used as a remedy for malaria and dengue fever when all else has failed. Modern medicine researchers recently found out it pretty much ‘killing’ cancer cells.
Long before this news came out however, we found that the extract of young light green Papaya leaf has the ability to go through the body like a bull-dozer breaking down any build-up that wasn’t actually connected up to the body’s natural systems. It is like a strong wind that will blow away anything that isn’t actually part of a building.
The majority of people or animals with cancer have debris in the body, tumors – cancerous or not, that need to be actually broken down and eliminated. This Papaya leaf extract helps do just that.

Quis Qualis Indica

Quis Qualis extract for cancer recovery and prevention.A little on the exotic side compared to the rest of the herbs we use – the ‘Rangoon creeper’ has been called ‘Quis Qualis’ because of its lovely captivating scent. ‘Quis Qualis’ actually means “Where is it? What is it?”
Modern researchers have found out that it is a powerful antioxidant that breaks down tumors.
But why it is part of this herbal treatment is because unlike the four previous ingredients, it flowers in the evening. This means it works most during the ‘rebound’ times of the body, which are the evening and night times. It is during this time – 3pm tp 7pm- that our bodies’ lymphatic systems do most of their work, cleaning out the waste matter of the day. Even when cancer isn’t a lymphatic type, it is still a failure of the lymphatic system, so it is critically important to support it at the right time.
It also very importantly promotes rest and recovery from all the day-time processes and this is also indescribably important for healing and rejuvenation. Quis Qualis also works like a nervine and is first-aid for over-heated nerves and trembling due to shock or stress.

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