Herbal Treatment Program for Spreading Warts & Melanoma


This herbal treatment program consists of a tonic and an ointment. Both are made for the individual taking their special needs in mind.

Tonic to stop the spread of warts and melanoma growth
4 oz – 113 ml – 20 drops thrice a day

Ointment/Gel to break down, dry up and remove warts and melanomas
4 oz – 113 ml – Apply twice a day.

Case Study – Spreading Warts & Malignant Melanoma in Pregnancy – Gentle Treatment that Works

Please note: These are just the usual herbs used for this condition. I do not have bottles sitting on shelves with this recipe. I prepare each treatment from scratch for each individual for that time, using only what is best suited to that individual's unique requirement and using seasonal and freshly made herbal extracts where I can. I also often split the treatment into 2 or 3 for specific times of day where that can make a difference.


I know spreading warts are supposed to be a dreaded virus called HPV. That information hasn’t really helped me in any way in practical healing. In my own experience I have found both spreading warts and malignant melanomas (cancerous) are a result of long term poisoning, the body’s inability to flush the toxins out quickly, and a drop in immunity.

My approach to firmly and once and for all getting rid of spreading warts and melanomas has proved to be effective. It consists of a program anyone can keep up with however busy they are. This is it:

1) 2 little additions to diet:
-A pinch of Epsom Salt (Magnesium Sulphate) every morning with water. This keeps digestion going and supports the clean-up of the intestines where a whole lot of poisons end up stuck if digestion isn’t robust over a long time. Epsom Salt is available at local chemist or online. You can start on it immediately and continue till all warts are gone.
– A spoonful of organic cold pressed coconut or olive or any other fatty oil before or with lunch and supper. This will make sure anything stuck in the lining of the digestive system gets out. We cannot clean up properly if there’s old stuff blocking the pores in the walls of the digestive tract.

2) An internal herbal tonic. 4 oz – 113ml

3) An external ointment. 4 oz – 113ml

Tonic – Herbal Treatment for Spreading Warts & Melanoma

This tonic aims to revitalize the body, make the lower digestive system relax, and boost blood circulation. It has the effect of causing lightening of dark warts and then dissolution into the blood stream for elimination. It prevents any new warts from developing almost as soon as it starts it work. It usually has the following ingredients:

The Spreading Warts & Melanoma Dissolve Tonic usually contains:
Thuja, Bloodroot, Wheatgrass, Mistletoe, Pulsatilla, Tiger Lily, Quebracha

Thuja goes through the body stimulating and boosting all those processes from glandular function to circulation to clean up the skin.

Bloodroot or Sanguinaria Canadensis is famous for stimulating the heat processes of the body so if one of the causes of the warts or melanoma is some cells having a weak cold inefficient metabolism, this will stop that. If the person has a history of cardiac weakness or erratic heart beat, again, Bloodroot will help.

There is often erratic insufficient oxygenation in a person with skin elimination issues and bloodroot has an energizing warming effect on the lungs that ends up releasing more oxygen into the blood, resulting in skin finally waking up and cleaning up.

Wheatgrass rehabilitates the liver. The job of processing out toxins is done by the liver. Weak liver = weak detoxifying – one of the reasons gunk is stuck up here and there on the skin. Wheatgrass gets the liver working properly and everything gets cleaner very quick.

Mistletoe is in this treatment for its ability to balance blood circulation by supporting the body in balancing temperature. When you open a tap and cold water comes out, it comes out with stable pressure. Turn the hot water tap and in a few seconds you’ll find the flow of the water disturbed, gurgling, jumping, erratic. That’s what happens with our blood when we have temperature differences of blood. These differences of temperature should be a lot less dramatic, but stress, shock, hormonal balance and weakness in the glands which regulate heat and cold response all contribute. The result is a lot of substances that should have been passed getting stuck about here and there, and needing to be throw out via the skin’s pores causing warts and eruptions and so on. Mistletoe brings calm into this scenario. It works slowly but surely.

Pulsatilla relaxes the muscles of the abdomen. When the abdomen is tense and clenched up, circulation centers around here and isn’t strong enough to go out and clean up the skin all over the body. It also compromises digestion of course and makes cleaning up the skin just that much harder. Taking a little Pulsatilla over a few weeks will help release tension in the abdomen and digestive system and make it easy for the body to dissolve and pass out things that should be out.

Tiger Lily rehabilitates nerve endings in the abdomen – important because tense abdominal nerves result in inefficient management of the toxins that make warts and so on. The nerve endings of the abdomen get tired through strenous experiences like long labor before giving birth, getting back to work too soon after the strain and never fully recovering as a result. Surgery, strain caused by suddenly putting on a lot of weight around the middle, all could be addressed by taking a little of the tincture of Tiger Lily every day.

Quebracha Aspidosperma
When we breathe erratically, it causes erratic blood supply and that ends up resulting in toxins stunk here and there around the body. Extended situations of stress and tension have the body getting into the habit of restricting blood supply and nerve function as the person quite literally ‘holds their breath’. To be able to breathe freely again, the nerves around the lungs need to be rehabilitated. Quebracha is amazing in it’s ability to make a person who’s felt choked and without oxygen to be able to breathe and feel like he or she has had a nice deep breath again. It is especially helpful for those who have had to tolerate small closed spaces for far too long.
In doing this it helps the body dissolve the warts and pass them out.

Herbal Ointment for Spreading Warts & Melanoma

This works from the surface to clear out the warts, raise local immunity and wake up cell intelligence. This ointment has ingredients that will work on the warts and melanoma without harming the surrounding skin. Made for hyper sensitive skin, it can be used without a problem and with benefit on both the warts and the skin around. It has to be used this way to prevent any spread.

Herbs I usually use to break down warts from the skin’s surface are:
Comfrey, Equisetum, Wild Feverfew, Thuja, Papaya Leaf, Wheatgrass, Black Cohosh, Yarrow, Golden Seal, Witch Hazel in Colloidal Silver

Comfrey or Symphytum puts the cells of the skin into self-healing mode by supplying micro-nutrients that make up new cells to replace the old tired or dead cells. Most warts and melanomas form in sites where there is some sort of little skin crater that didn’t fill up as fast as it should have with healthy new cells.

Equisetum or Horsetail also works by supplying micro-nutrients. It has those little things that are needed to make new cells forming resistant to break down under pressure or stress caused by uneven erratic blood pressure.

Wild Feverfew is used in a tiny but a powerful dose. It has the intelligence to awaken cells it comes in contact with to resist patterns that are not natural. This is vital to stop the spread of the warts or melanomas.

Thuja does the actual hard work of drying up the warts and making them crumble off by making it impossible for anything not actually connected properly to the tissue beneath to survive in the area. It supports local blood circulation and keeps the whole place clean so there’s no further infection possible.

Papaya Leaf like Thuja works to remove cells that are not a natural growth. It sensitizes healthy cells into cutting off supplies to cells around that aren’t natural. It does this while supplying anti-oxidants and revitalizing the cells.

Wheatgrass has both nutrition and energy for cells to radically throw out toxins and change their energy patterns from sluggish to robust. It supports resolution of scar tissue and wound healing. It penetrates deep into tissue resolving deep wounds.

Black Cohosh or Cimicifuga is a micro-energizer of weak and tired tissue, and supporter of local elimination of waste through the healing process. It keeps the whole process cleaner and smoother when the wart is peeling or crumbling off.

Yarrow is a wonderful wound healer and helps through the more dramatic phases keeping the area soothed and cushioned. If the warts or melanoma are malignant and deep, yarrow will support the healing of lymphatic tissue.

Golden Seal cleans up the lymphatic tissue. However deep the wart goes, Golden Seal carried in with Colloidal Silver will carry it in and make it impossible for the wart to keep living. As the treatment progresses, the spread of infection in the lymphatic system that causing the appearance of new warts and making existing ones bigger will stop.

Witch Hazel is an important part of this treatment because of it’s soothing, cleaning and pore-tightening effect. We don’t want the area catching any fresh infection while it’s just healing and vulnerable. Witch hazel with its gentle stimulation of all the healing processes keeps everything nice and tidy. When the wart has gone, Witch Hazel plays a big role in the normalization of the skin cells – which now have to learn to function the right way again. This prevents new warts from forming in the area.

Colloidal Silver is silver in such small particles it goes right into the skin. It makes infection impossible, lessens any inflammation immediately, boosts local immunity and makes the area more responsive to the herbs in the ointment.

Case Study – Spreading Warts & Malignant Melanoma in Pregnancy – Gentle Treatment that Works

Case Study - Spreading Warts & Malignant Melanoma in Pregnancy - Gentle Treatment  that Works

M, 34 was pregnant when she found a little wart she had on her face spreading and growing. It was accompanied by many more warts all over her body. Warts are a common occurrence through pregnancy with the naturally lessened immunity. M had multiple chemical sensitivities, hyper-sensitive skin and nervous issues resulting from long term chemical exposure. She was unable to use soap or shampoo because of the extreme dryness of her skin. She had gestational diabetes and was recovering from a mild form of toxemia – a sort of kidney failure common in pregnant women.

After 4 months of trying various over-the-counter treatments, most of which resulted in severe allergies, M started on the Herbal Treatment Program for Spreading Warts & Melanoma.

At 4 weeks into the program the warts got crumbling, flaky and began to crumble or peel off. As the biggest wart crumbled it was obvious it was layered and seemed to go deep down into the lymphatic layer beneath the skin. Tests revealed it was indeed a malignant melanoma and not just a wart. As M was then very pregnant, and the wart was indeed responding to herbal treatment, she and her family decided to put off conventional treatments for skin cancer for a few weeks. By week 12 of the herbal treatment, the wart had both flaked off from the top and dissolved from beneath the skin. The majority of other warts surrounding the main one and on other parts of her body had also dissolved, while a few peeled off.

There were no side-effects and the ointment worked so well M continued to use it for other skin problems.

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