Herbal Medicine for Painful Periods & Heavy Bleeding


Fig, Aconite, Yellow Jasmine, Blue Cohosh, Black Cohosh, Cinchona, Witch Hazel, Pasque Flower, Yarrow, Jambul with Bach Flowers Aspen, Mimulus, Vine and Honeysuckle

4 oz – 113 ml

Usual Dosage:
20 drops thrice a day


This herbal treatment evolved through treating various sorts of problems surrounding menstruation and is really a heal-all. It works primarily by releasing tension in the uterus which is a muscle. Most problems with periods both long term and short term are triggered off by and worsened by a tense, taut uterus, so relaxing it is our first aim.
Heavy bleeding or chronic uterine hemorrhage is caused by a wide array of lifestyle factors from poisoning to stress, weakness and deficient nutrition. This tonic addresses nearly all of them – we cannot ofcourse supply proper sleep, water and good-fat food.
If there is need for something more than these herbs, I will add it to the tonic when we make it for a person. I will also remove any herbs not suited to the person.

While I modify the recipe for each person, the ingredients in my Herbal Treatment for Painful Periods with Heavy Bleeding usually are,:
Fig, Aconite, Yellow Jasmine, Blue Cohosh, Black Cohosh, Cinchona, Witch Hazel, Pasque Flower, Yarrow, Jambul

The Bach Flowers added most often are:
Aspen, Mimulus, Vine, Honeysuckle,

Usual Dosage for Adults:
20 drops thrice a day

Fig – Ficus Carica

Why Fig  is in the Herbal Treatment for Painful Periods with Heavy BleedingThe fig has nutrition seldom found in such an easily bio-available form. It has nutrients that lend immediate vital energy and strength to bear the contractions of the muscular system, in this case the uterus.
Once the uterine lining which has thickened through the month has come out, the uterus wall needs to do a sort of clotting to stop the bleeding. If it doesn’t do this clotting, fresh red blood instead of the usual darker colored uterine wall blood comes out.
The fig extract has high concentrations of the nutrition – including Vitamin K which is necessary for clotting – to support this uterine wall repair system at the end of the period, so the bleeding can stop.

Aconite – Aconitum Napellus

Why Aconite  is in the Herbal Treatment for Painful Periods with Heavy BleedingThe uterus is very reactive to the nervous system and if the nervous system is on edge, the uterus tends to bleed more than normal. Aconite used to be the first thing doctors, in the days when people mattered to doctors, used to give women in need of nervous stability and calm.
It brings a high strung nervous system down to frequencies that are not so demanding on the woman’s energy and releases this energy for the body to use through the menstrual process.
Aconite also supports tone in the blood vessels so blood doesn’t stay static anywhere and if there is inflammation anywhere, Aconite supports resolution so the body can get back to restfulness.
Even though I use it in very tiny doses, it still does all this and works as a pain-killer for menstrual cramps.

Yellow Jasmine – Gelsemium Sempervirens

Why Yellow Jasmine  is in the Herbal Treatment for Painful Periods with Heavy BleedingThe Yellow Jasmine is another much used remedy for nervous calm through any crisis involving the female reproductive system. Most women experience tension in all the organs around the time of menstruation, a side-effect of nervous strain and the hormonal changes that bring on a period. Some times this tension is so great is stops the period from even starting, sometimes it delays it, keeping the woman in significant PMS for days, other times it causes spasmodic heavy bleeding.
Yellow Jasmine can prevent all this if it is taken along with some other herbs in this tonic around the time the period is expected to start. It reduces the tension in the internal organs and nervous system so what has to happen can happen.
There is an aspect of past trauma involved with heavy bleeding month after month, and keeping relaxed at the beginning of the period can help it all go so much better.

Blue Cohosh – Caulophyllum Thalictroides

Why Blue Cohosh  is in the Herbal Treatment for Painful Periods with Heavy BleedingBlue Cohosh is a powerful reliever of uterine pain, especially when that pain is the result of stress in the uterine walls. You see, the muscles of our bodies, of which the uterus is one, are affected by our nerves all the time, and sometimes – let’s say something makes a muscle stretch out one way, the nervous impulse to make it shrink back or stretch the other way doesn’t come because the body doesn’t get time to recover from the stress – so the muscle stays that way for a long while. Imagine the effect of this going on and on year after year.
Blue Cohosh helps the muscles of the reproductive system and beyond, to get back into shape. It has the micro-nutrients required to support stable calm blood supply to the uterus making it efficient. When there’s robust but stable blood circulation, the uterus won’t need to contract so much to get the job of shedding the inner lining (which is what a period is for) done.
It relieves that ache in the thighs.

Black Cohosh – Cimicifuga Racemosa

Why Black Cohosh  is in the Herbal Treatment for Painful Periods with Heavy BleedingBlack Cohosh relieves the ache and cramps surrounding a period, not just in the center of the body but everywhere. A lot of period related stress is caused by acidic environments in pockets here and there – Black Cohosh helps the release of these. So it is a bit of a cleanser. When you take it in combination with some other herbs in this tonic, you’ll find the next period so much easier because the body was left cleaner after the period during which you took Black Cohosh.
For those who experience arthritic symptoms like joint pain and weakness around their period, Black Cohosh will help a huge deal.

Cinchona – Cinchona Officinalis

Why Cinchona  is in the Herbal Treatment for Painful Periods with Heavy BleedingThis is the source of the famous medicine ‘Quinine’ that cures malarial fever. Whenever there is a problem caused by lack of energy in the nervous system, Cinchona helps stimulate a wake-up. It doesn’t do this like an energy drink, rather, it causes a sort of restart of the nervous system. It is like when your computer or phone gets too hot and stops working efficiently and you shut it down and start it up again. Unless there’s something terribly wrong, everything will work faster and better now and you have a better chance of finishing what you were doing.
When you take Cinchona regularly, it helps the system clear out the remnants of unfinished jobs in the nervous system. This is important during a period because the uterus takes up a lot of the energy the body usually uses for other things. Then those other things get held up and cause whole-body stress, in turn making the period difficult. This cycle can be broken by gently reminding the body to keep refreshed while the period is happening.
It is also a mild antiseptic – that’s good to have a bit of.

Witch Hazel – Hamamelis Virginiana

Why Witch Hazel  is in the Herbal Treatment for Painful Periods with Heavy BleedingWitch Hazel repairs wounds and relieves soreness. When the uterine lining has to stop bleeding, Witch Hazel provides an astringent effect supporting the end of the period and recovery of the uterus from its exertion.
Witch Hazel taken regularly supports the absorption of nutrients from food, and so energizes the whole process of blood cell creation, a process that a woman’s body has to be efficient in through the month and especially around the end of a menstrual period.

Pasque Flower – Anemone Pulsatilla

Why Pasque Flower  is in the Herbal Treatment for Painful Periods with Heavy Bleeding,
The Pasque Flower relaxes tension in the uterus and abdomen wonderfully. The digestive system works better almost immediately, the head aches are relieved, blood circulation easier, everything better.
It also has the nutrients required to keep the reproductive system well supplied, and this relieves the anxiety some women experience that is caused by the body being under-nourished either through the month, or being under-nourished in the years the reproductive system was developing, ie. childhood and teenage.

Yarrow – Achillea Millefolium

Why Yarrow  is in the Herbal Treatment for Painful Periods with Heavy BleedingYarrow, like Witch Hazel, helps wounds heal and helps lessen the bleeding. It has the nutrients required to stop uterine bleeding should for whatever reason, the bleeding go from normal period bleeding into hemorrhage. It also helps recovery from the strain of menstruation. Some women find the days after the period more difficult than the period itself, experiencing weakness and headaches. Yarrow helps this too and is a sort of tonic for all the internal linings.

Jambul – Syzygium Jambolanum

Why Jambul  is in the Herbal Treatment for Painful Periods with Heavy BleedingThis plant has iron to support the whole menstrual process, and also something that directly contributes to an easier period. It prevents the conversion of starch into too much sugar. When the period is happening, the body needs energy to go to the uterus and abdominal areas. If the body is converting all carbs into sugar, most of that energy will go to the brain and adrenal processes, if it is slightly more conservative in doing that, there’s more energy that can be used to support the reproductive system instead. This keeps the system from getting overly mentally stimulated and then drained, while supporting a quicker more efficient period and a healthy body throughout.

The Bach Flowers we add most often are:


How Bach Flower Aspen supports natural healing
Aspen flower is a beautiful energy that is secure in itself and holds its own bliss and faith even when those around might not. For those who are sensitive to gloom and foreboding energies in the surroundings and others around, perhaps holding on to those even after things have changed because of being in the habit of wanting that everyone moves together towards happiness, Aspen inspires the person or animal to experience their core well-being of spirit rather than what is being suggested by the experiences of others around. Very often, Aspen will inspire a person to make positive changes in their environment. If it is not possible for them to do that alone, Aspen will inspire them to find a way to hold their own well-being without being pulled down by others.


How Bach Flower Mimulus supports natural healing
The Mimulus is extremely sensitive. This sensitivity helps it move flexibly with the wind allowing its seeds to carried about in all directions. It is fearless in this sensitivity. For those who have begun to fear the unpredictable winds that life brings, this flower offers inspiration, to encourage us to use the winds of our lives to develop flexibility, grounded-ness, and a strong spine.


How Bach Flower Vine supports natural healing
The Vine flower looks very much like our body’s nerve networks. Sensitive, fine and perfect. For people who feel somewhere deep down they aren’t as perfect as they ought to be, and are going crazy, almost killing themselves, trying to make everything and everyone around as perfect as possible too, this flower with its calm assurance inspires relief and rest.


How Bach Flower Honeysuckle supports natural healingSunshiny afternoons and honeysuckle go together. The scent of the honeysuckle affects the psyche in pleasant soft ways. A comforter, a bringer of peace, a reminder of the loveliness in the world for those who believe their share of good times are all over. This flower will make you want to dream again and a little by little inspires you to look forward too

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