Herbal Medicine for a High White Blood Cell Count


4 oz – 113 ml

This treatment usually contains herbal extracts of:
Echinacea, Red Clover, Yarrow, Comfrey, Rosehips with my super antioxidant group of Pomegranate, Fig, Grape Seed, Quis Qualis and Papaya Leaf.

Bach Flowers are at least (or perhaps more) important as the physical herbs themselves, because they address the underlying factors which allowed the health defect to develop in the first place.

This treatment contains the Bach flower remedies:
Scleranthus, Pine, Cerrato

Usual Dosage:
5-10 drops thrice a day

Please note: These are just the usual herbs used for this condition. I do not have bottles sitting on shelves with this recipe. I prepare each treatment from scratch for each individual for that time, using only what is best suited to that individual's unique requirement and using seasonal and freshly made herbal extracts where I can. I also often split the treatment into 2 or 3 for specific times of day where that can make a difference.


There are two sound ways to address the issue of an imbalance in WBC production.

The first approach is to provide the herbs which raise WBC levels – Echinacea for example, or lessen WBC production by raising RBC production (white and red blood cells usually limit each others’ populations) with the herbs Red Clover and Yarrow for example.

These two herbs can be used together in appropriate proportions to jog a relatively healthy person into getting back into balance.

I however, very rarely get to make medicine for ‘relatively healthy’ people and usually come in at a ‘when everything else has failed’ stage.

At this point, the vitality of the person is very low and very often that is itself a cause of the immunity crisis. When the body reaches a low point energy-wise it often resorts to either over-production of WBCs or being unable to manufacture enough over a while and giving up trying to keep up with things.

I’ve found that treating the person with my super anti-oxidant mix of Pomegranate, Grape Seed, Quis Qualis Indica, Fig and Papaya leaf, along with one or two other herbs like Comfrey to help with troubling symptoms like muscle soreness, changes the situation very quickly for the better.

The aim however is not to immediately get the person to the point where the WBC production gets back to normal immediately (causing other drastic effects in the body that have to be then dealt with), but to raise the overall vitality of the body gently with a little bit of suggestion twice a day that it uses some of this energy to balance things out with the blood cells.

Pomegranate specifically supports all areas of blood cell life in the body. Its effect hangs around the body days after it was taken going places deep in the system other botanicals rarely reach.

Grape Seed, (the actual seed of the organic black grape) has the effect of
tightening up blood cells and blood vessels. This prevents leaking and coagulation of blood vessels. This is important because a big part of imbalance in blood cell production of any sort is aggravated by and accompanied by leaking. So taking care of leaking vessels is a coming at the problem from another direction and it usually works.

Quis Qualis Indica – is a flower that’s a lymphatic balancer. It is invaluable because it soothes the lymphatic system while also stimulating it. Whether WBCs are high or low, it’s because of stress in lymphatic system and this flower relieves that.

Fig is a powerful nutrient for the muscles (including the heart) which keep blood circulation going. It has the ability to support detoxification from places gunk is stuck up in the body where blood is scarce and clean-up difficult as a result. Old tissue, fat that’s hard to break down, they tend to have toxins in them stuck there for a long time. Fig has a grounded strengthening effect on the vibration of the muscular system which is the force that’s going to ultimately get those toxins to a place they can be pulled into the blood stream and moved out.

Papaya leaf balances blood platelet levels. All sorts of immunity crises have an effect on blood platelet production, and blood platelet levels have an effect on everything else. A body with the right level of blood platelets is going to have the right level of other blood cells as well. Papaya leaf is also an excellent decongestant of the circulatory system – and cells stuck here and there not able to get where they have to be are a major cause of imbalanced production.

I often also add Mistletoe for it’s temperature balancing support.

A 6-8 week course of this should be accompanied by a little effort put towards emotional awareness as immunity crises nearly always involve some sort of reluctance to continue on with life, tiredness of routine (tired to death!), frustration with unchanging circumstances and so on.

Everyone is different, but we all do have the power to heal ourselves emotionally no matter what the situation on the outside is. People have lived in prison in isolation for years and come out just as healthy and strong as those on the outside (if not more). It’s a matter of deciding to and taking tiny steps towards the goal.

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