Herbal Medicine for Flu Prevention, Relief & Recovery


Cactus, Passionflower, Ignatia, Vervain, Mistletoe, Foxtail Amaranth, Horseradish, Oats, Plantain, Peruvian Balsam and Echinacea with Bach Flowers Olive and Chestnut Bud

4 oz – 113 ml

Usual Dosage:
20 drops thrice a day

Please note: These are just the usual herbs used for this condition. I do not have bottles sitting on shelves with this recipe. I prepare each treatment from scratch for each individual for that time, using only what is best suited to that individual's unique requirement and using seasonal and freshly made herbal extracts where I can. I also often split the treatment into 2 or 3 for specific times of day where that can make a difference.


The general idea is that the Flu is a virus you catch that causes symptoms like cold, cough, and infections or weakness of the respiratory system. In reality, it has been known for more than a 100 years that the Flu virus’s main effect is on the nervous system. The attack on the nervous system triggers off crises response in the body. A weak body cannot keep up the crises response for long and succumbs to infection – usually but not always restricted to the lungs and ENT canal.

The Flu has been known to leave people with nervous weakness, lessened motor control, secondary infections among other such symptoms. The aim of this herbal treatment is to tone up a body to deal with the virus in a robust fashion, as well as fully recover from ALL the effects of the virus – to return to full and normal function.

The current general idea of natural prevention and treatment of the Flu involves supplementing the body’s immune system reserves with Vitamin C and the action of herbs that raise immunity. While that could prove very useful in recovering from the respiratory symptoms, it is not enough to really prevent or support full healing from the Flu. For that we need two more important things:

  • Nervous support – both with physical nutrients and the finer energies of plants to cushion the nerves from hyper-electricity, and
  • Support for the hormonal glands to maintain temperature balance.

For nervous support, we have found the teamwork of Cactus Grandifolia and Passionflower very sufficient, supportive and rejuvenating. Cactus, better known as medicine for heart is that indeed because it supports the nerves around the heart in stabilizing. Passionflower is a general nervous tonic with nutrition for tired and exhausted nerves.

For those with chronic nervous complaints – from before they ever got the flu – Ignatia, Vervain and Veratrum Album or Nux Vomica in a highly diluted dose does the job.

For temperature management nothing supports the body like good old Mistletoe with Foxtail Amaranth, Horseradish and Oats (Avena Sativa). Those last two there provide essential support to the nerves of the digestive tract that are affected just as often as the nerves of the respiratory system are under a Flu attack.

Lastly, we support the respiratory system itself in maintaining calm and hygiene with Balsam of Peru and Plantain. This team of old stalwarts smell like a forest, immediately relax the lungs, support the thinning and expulsion of mucus and aid a good night’s sleep. Coughs are significantly lessened, as is the pain that comes of a lot of violent coughing and the extra work the lungs are doing.

To keep with the tradition of supporting immunity, Echinacea is added.

This is all carried in Colloidal Silver which is a powerful natural antibiotic with no side-effects. Just in the case there’s an infection that needs putting down, Colloidal Silver will do the job.

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Weight 250 g