4 in One – Herbal Treaments for Emergencies


This treatment comes in four bottles of one ounce or about 30 ml each.

Each bottle has an emergency treatment for one of the following:

General Emergencies – Fever, Sleep Deprivation, Heat Stroke
Shock & Nervous Support – Mental, Emotional, Nervous support; Heart Rate and Body Temperature Balancing
Wound First Aid – to be used as a splash to disinfect and promote repair
Pain Killer – All round pain killer herbs

I will customize the treatment for your or your family or pets’ specific needs. Let me know what you need through the order form.

Dosage: As required. Usually 3-4 drops in a cup of water or directly in the mouth, taken every 10-20 minutes until calm has been established.

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Please note: These are just the usual herbs used for this condition. I do not have bottles sitting on shelves with this recipe. I prepare each treatment from scratch for each individual for that time, using only what is best suited to that individual's unique requirement and using seasonal and freshly made herbal extracts where I can. I also often split the treatment into 2 or 3 for specific times of day where that can make a difference.


I use Colloidal Silver water as a base because it’s a powerful immunity booster and infection killer on its own and is especially useful as first aid in cases of dehydration, wounds and burns.

Herbal Treatment for General Emergencies

Fevers – Belladonna
Blood Loss, Heat – Gelseminium
Sleep Loss – Colchicum
Vitality Support – Rosehips
Immunity Support, Infection fighting – Echinacea

Herbal Treatment for Shock & Nervous Support

Mugwort – Nervous system calmer
Valerian – Don’t worry it simply cannot sedate you in that dose, in fact it will energize you in a very basic way).
Cactus – Heart frequency balancing
Arnica – Nervous pain reliever
Yerba Mate – Lung shock relief – 10 drop

Herbal Treatment for Wounds -First Aid Splash

Calendula – Wound Healing
Arnica – Trauma Recovery, restore blood circulation
Comfrey – Promote bone and tissue healing
Elecampane – Tissue repair, vital support
Witch Hazel – Astringent, stops bleeding

You can also add all these into an oil or ointment to put on wounds. I prefer the splash with colloidal silver water and then to let the wound dry out as that seems to be more than enough to get the natural healing going.

Herbal Treatment – First Aid for Pain
Tooth aches, head aches, gland aches, gut aches, butt aches, even heart aches (the physical part of the pain anyhow).

White Willow – Pain reliever
Comfrey – Soother
Cactus – Heart & Nervous Frequency Balancer
Lady’s Slipper or Cypripedium – Nerve Endings Pain Relief
Mimosa Pudica (Touch me not) – Nervous Support
Mistletoe – Temperature Regulation
Arnica – Body aches, aches from bruising, deep emotional pain

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