Epilepsy Recovery & Seizure Prevention in Dogs


This herbal treatment helps to reconnect nerve messages, calms the electrical energy and gives resilience and balance to the nervous system of the dog.

There will be no side effects or reactions between the herbs and other treatments.

There are two parts to this herbal treatment for epilepsy.

Epilepsy Herbal Treatment to be given daily for six months:
Mugwort, Hypericum, Pine Bark, Elecampane, Tansy, Sage and Chamomile along with the Bach Flowers Rock Rose, Walnut and Chestnut Bud

Epileptic Episode Recovery Herbal Treatment to be given after an episode:
Skullcap and Vervain with the Bach Flowers Rock Rose and Cherry Plum

Please note: These are just the usual herbs used for this condition. I do not have bottles sitting on shelves with this recipe. I prepare each treatment from scratch for each individual for that time, using only what is best suited to that individual's unique requirement and using seasonal and freshly made herbal extracts where I can. I also often split the treatment into 2 or 3 for specific times of day where that can make a difference.


4 oz – 100 ml x 2 tonics

This treatment contains herbal extracts of:
Mugwort, Hypericum, Pine Bark, Elecampane, Tansy, Sage and Chamomile for nervous system balance and Skullcap and Vervain for recovery from epileptic seizures

Bach Flowers are at least (or perhaps more) important as the physical herbs themselves, because they address the underlying factors which allowed the health defect to develop in the first place.

This treatment contains the Bach flower remedies:
Rock Rose, Walnut, Chestnut Bud and Cherry Plum

Usual Dosage:
Epilepsy Tonic: For tiny and small dogs: 5-10 drops twice a day
For medium and large dogs: 10-20 drops twice a day
Epileptic Seizure Recovery Tonic: 5 drops twice daily just after a seizure and for 4-5 days after

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Weight 140 g