What each Herbal Treatment is composed of

Every herbal treatment I make has 5 components:

1) Herbal extracts for basic vitality

There is simply no point giving the body the job of breaking down and using a herb to heal if it doesn’t have the energy to do that. So our first job is to provide very basic nutrients from a source with high-vitality so that the body can work with all the others. My favorite super-antioxidants can be found described on the Super Antioxidant Blend page.
I also use herbs that have nutrients specific to the condition and the systems of the body that are depleted.
Often the person or animal is lacking only in one or a few vital minerals. I use water-based extraction methods that retain the minerals in herbs for such situations.

2) Herbal extracts in trigger doses

These are herbs that are extremely potent and need only be introduced in small doses to the body regularly enough for their effect to be seen. Some of these are classified as ‘poisons’ because their action in large doses causes more trouble than help.
The difference between a medicine and poison is dosage – said a wise someone. I always start off with the smallest quantities of a herb and only raise it in the next course if the person seems to have not had the effect you’d expect from that herb. But that’s rare.
In general, When you’ve got good quality naturally grown high vitality herbs, you only need a very little.

3) Energy Fields of Botanicals

I use Legacy Energy Fields I have inherited from my ancestors, as well as those proven by me. This is perhaps the most powerful and effective part of my herbal medicine as the energy fields of plants address the energetic causes of the condition and help the body balance so that the effect of the physical herbs may last.

These are not chosen by the condition, but for the individual the treatment is made for.

Read on to see how these are delivered through airport radiation scanners and such, safe to the person or pet they’re made for.

Examples of how the energy field of plants work versus the physical herbal extract:

Energy Field of Mistletoe for Recovery from Hormonal Exhaustion

Energy Field of Vervain for Electrical Grounding, Rehabilitation of Sensory Earth Energy Receptors

4) Magnesium Sulphate or Pure Epsom Salt

Due to damage caused by radiation going through airport sensors a lot of the strength of herbal energies are lost. Packing herbal treatments into Epsom Salt has been a traditional practice of my family from the days when treatments had to be preserved energetically intact across long ship voyages that sometimes took months. These can be preserved almost indefinitely.

To use them, all one has to do is dilute the salt in water.

Salt hydrates are an ancient method of secret water storage. Magnesium sulphate is a salt (also called Epsom Salt) that has 7 water molecules attached to each molecule of magnesium sulphate. These 7 water molecules carry the energy field pattern of whichever substances were in contact with the water the last time the molecule formed. This makes it an excellent carrier of energy field patterns.

Because it is bound together with Magnesium sulphate the energy field of the water is not affected by the radiation and high temperatures most packages sent by mail around the world are subject to.

Molecular Structure of Magnesium Suphate or Epsom Salt.  Detailed information about how it works to store water in a dried state is at this page at chemistryland.com.

Although Epsom Salt has its own wonderful healing properties, the amount taken through taking herbal medicine packed in it, is tiny and works simply to provide a small part of the need for Magnesium – which food in our times is severely deficient in, and provide physical insurance against anxiety and panic attacks, heart weakness and so on. It has become a critical part of my medicine and is now and inalienable part of every treatment I make.

How to take your Epsom Salt carried Herbal Treatment

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