Ashuri – Puppy’s Recovery from Trauma with herbs and herbal energy medicine

Ashuri - Rescue pup recovery from trauma, growth retardation

Ashuri was the runt of the litter, a pup given away for free by a breeder who thought he might as well give her away as a freebie, part of a sale of another much healthier pup, Lama.

On being asked about her the breeder confessed she wasn’t likely to survive more than a week or two as she’d been in severe trauma as a result of cruelty shown her by children in the house she was born in.

She’d not slept in more than 24 hours, wouldn’t sleep for more than a few minutes at a time, and had to be transported using a little cage in which she paced up and down like a wild animal. In addition to it all she’d been vaccinated at the age of 2 DAYS and had never been able to walk straight, and was constantly trembling.

On being introduced to her new friend Lama (a labrador pup named so for his wonderfully peaceful temperament) she turned away and began to sniff around like she was foraging for food even though she was not able to actually eat anything.
She refused to make eye contact with anyone, went into panic and shook with terror when lifted up nipping at whatever she could to try and defend herself.

She was left on her own in a safe area that included a cardboard box she could walk into and given milk to drink during those early days and nothing else at all as her digestive system couldn’t process it. She did not put on weight, though her limbs seemed to grow a little. She couldn’t be handled without causing her very severe trauma so her patchy coat covered with scratch caused wounds was left untreated.

At 3 weeks, Ashuri began on her herbal treatment for recovery from trauma. For those with severe emotional trauma, people or animals, I recommend both actual herbal medicine to support the nervous system in healing, and energy medicine made from herbs and flowers to support the release of the trauma and resolution.

Bach flower remedies go a long way in relieving emotional stress, and are part of every herbal treatment I make, but when there’s severe trauma that’s behind physical symptoms like growth retardation, not being able to sleep for more than 24 hours at a time etc., energy medicine is a big help.

Ashuri was first given just the energy medicine for 3 days, dropped into her milk bowl twice a day. It made a big difference as you can see in the picture. She went to sleep for 2 hours after her first dose, as opposed to 15 minutes at a time before. Her coat began to fill up, she made a friend, Lama.

Then the herbal treatment for nervous rehabilitation in dogs, with the puppy adjustment herbal treatment began to be added just a few drops at a time into her water bowl just before she had a drink and at time when she began to tremble and shake.

Labradors and labrador mixed pups inherit the tendency to develop epilepsy so a lot of gentleness and care has to be put into their early development to minimize the effect of any shock caused by vaccination to their system, and to support the brain in development by making sure they get good sleep.

The herbal medicine had immediate ‘rescue’ effects on Ashuri. She would relax in a few minutes, stretch out and actually nap. A week after starting on the herbs, she was now 4 and a half weeks old, she her her first semi-solid meal of oats porridge and was able to digest it. Her coat was now mostly healed – without any topical medicine being used, and she’d begun to put on weight.

She was on the herbal medicine for 4 months (the usual 12 week course was stretched out by giving her smaller doses), and the energy medicine for 6 months (that’s the duration of one course). At 6 months of age, she had grown into a beautiful, healthy, friendly, loving, even sharing dog. It was hard to believe this was the pup who’d been in such bad shape.

She’d gone a step further than most dogs in being good natured. Unlike most dogs she didn’t mind other dogs, her friend Lama ie., taking a nip or two out of her bowl when she was eating! For all that, she was the protective and alert one around the home – her friend Lama being more inclined to spiritual pursuits like resting on the couch staring out the window at the clouds.

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