Prevent & Treat Dog Flu – H3N2 Naturally

The unfortunate news is that a ‘deadly’ strain of dog flu has been noticed spreading its tentacles into the canine community in Florida.

The good news is there’s no cause to lose sleep over it.

Just like any of the million viruses out that that “could” be fatal, the dog flu virus – lovingly named H3N2 by the scientists who make their bread and butter off of stalking it, can be dealt with by a healthy canine immune system.

If your dog however, has not been out walking, playing and soaking up the sun, or is getting on in years, or is pregnant, or is a young one not yet established in our world of deadly viruses, a little timely immune support is in order – especially if you live in and around Florida.

Here are the little things you can do to keep your dog propped up:

1) Give them some sun ASAP.

Sunlight is a LIFE trigger. It triggers off all the processes that keep living beings ticking. Let there be light.

2) Raw Bones

If you aren’t already giving your dogs raw bones, it’s never too late to start. Bones stimulate dogs, you want that.

3) Support your dog’s immunity with herbs.

This is what the ancients would call “going the extra mile” for your dog. Herbs used to be something dogs would go out and forage for on their own when they needed them. As the modern dog really doesn’t have that many options anymore, we’ve got to make sure they get what they need.

Dog-humans who care for their dogs holistically swear by garlic and turmeric. Both of them are great immunity boosters and will have your dog feeling all warmed up and energetic.

Support your dog's immunity with herbal treatments.The easiest way to give your dog garlic and turmeric is to make a tea out of it – 2 cloves of a good organic garlic with about half an inch of turmeric root, simmered for five minutes will do. You could add other herbs like Thyme, Fenugreek seeds, Nettle… whatever’s available. You add the tea to your dog’s feed or get them to drink it out of a bowl and you’re done.

If your dog is demonstrating the signs of doggie flu, coughing, sneezing, running a higher than normal temperature, throwing up, sitting around moping or giving you that, “Shouldn’t you be giving up your job to take care of my needs?” look, get them on some radically powerful immune support herbal treatment.

Our much used herbal treatment for dog flu has got Thyme, Garlic, Yarrow, Nettle, Fenugreek, Red Clover, Skullcap, Mistletoe and Violet Leaves and Bach Flowers Crab Apple, Olive, Red Chestnut, Walnut and Rescue Remedy in it.

There’s pretty much no area of your dog’s body that won’t be woken up from slumber and soothed as well, on this herbal treatment.

But the best bit is how easy it is to give even a fussy dog.

Need help choosing the right herbs for you?

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