The War on Dogs – 2021

Dear Ed,

Last year I posted an article about how our pet dogs are being warred on. At the time, I thought that was the worst of it. I even thought maybe there were far more important topics for me to focus on.

This year I’m doubling down on it. There’s a covert war on dogs being waged full swing this very second. Every dog lover I’ve come across in a year now is feeling the heat.

It’s become expensive to buy dogs the raw meat they need to keep healthy. There’s a whole other war going on on that front, because without enough meat, the vast majority of humanity and our best friends, dogs, would be weakened in a matter of weeks.

There’s a huge propaganda push, pushing the phrase “plant based” – a phrase being used deceptively, advising human of gene pools who are meat eaters traditionally to change their diets.

It might work out for some people but the average person suffers immense energy confusion and might spend decades after going from one nutritional problem to another because of the change.

But coming back to our dogs, they are not vegetarians and their lifespan is drastically lessened by what is an unnatural diet for them.

Dogs have also been pushed into depression, various problems caused by poor circulation, lack of exercise and sunlight and fresh air caused by lockdowns.

And worse, looming in the air is – I’ll come out and say it, Ed, the mass culling of dogs as they get accused of becoming carriers of you-know-what.

The news articles are being released surreptitiously here and there to slowly build the public perception of dogs being an unnecessary risk; to push various “jabs” at them, as if the existing ones aren’t bad enough.

I’ve been anticipating this a long while Ed. Coming from my background where my ancestors on both sides witnessed the wiping out of tribes, I know how it goes.

The first protection of people is their dogs, not their guns. Only a human who has been so lucky as to have experienced the love of a dog however small or big, weak or strong, knows what I’m talking about.

Not only do they protect us physically, but they protect our hearts, support us with their love medicine and keep us grounded and sharp in reality.

To make war on a tribe, first they poison the dogs.

Do you know, Ed, that back in the early years of World War 2, in Europe, when people didn’t know that mass murders were being done, people were mystified when it was announced that all the pets of the Jews were to be executed. They found it “bizarre”.

But it was an early sign of things to come and unfortunately almost no one realized it. I read about it in this description of a book by a Holocaust survivor whose German Shepherd was executed. I haven’t read the book but here’s the cover photo.

Another book I came across, speaks of something I didn’t know of before, about the huge numbers of suicides that happened through the world wars. Times were so bad and life so difficult, that there were families taking poison together regularly.

In the labor camps of the Nazis there were huge barricades made of electrified wires. Every day, people would go throw themselves on those wires and electrocute themselves.

It was found later that of those who survived those hard times, the majority had loved ones to survive for. Those who had lost all their family and all the love in their lives could see no point continuing.

One woman’s sister was with her in a horrific death camp. When the woman’s two children were killed, she wanted to kill herself too, but her sister told her every day, “Your husband is still alive and waiting for you. You must survive for him.” The sister kept repeating this to her every day and both of them survived too and lived long full lives ahead.

I don’t have a sister or brother, but I’ve felt the silent love and encouragement in the dogs I have been blessed to have in my life. In my very difficult times they grounded me and kept me going.

At this time, the heart of humanity needs all our loved ones. We must protect them as they have protected us all along. We must stand up for them and their right to live. They are not disposable. They are not unnecessary.

I have made medicines for dogs around the world, many of who live in tiny apartments in highly populated areas where there are tall buildings as far as the eye can see.

Dog at the window – Source

The humans go to work in the morning and till they come back in the evening, the dog lives between the four walls just waiting for life to start again the second his or her loved one walks in the door.

I initially used to get upset reading about it. But one day I realized how strong the love is between us and dogs. The lions and tigers and bears and snakes, rabbits and birds and even trees didn’t leave their natural habitat come into our indoors modern lifestyle just to be with us. But dogs came.

They are happy to eat whatever we can give them, never hold any grudge against us for the mistakes we make that affect them; they’re so happy just to live to love us one more day.

“Organic Alarm System” – Source

This great treasure in our lives is at risk. We must protect our dogs. Take them walking, give them natural food and make them happy so they can be healthy and long with us.

Most of all, we must not buy into lies that result in finger pointing at, targeting, medical torture and forcing of unhealthy fake food and treatments of our dogs. Already it’s all gotten too bad. 

My article from last year has more details on how our dogs are being attacked:
The War on Dogs, our Traditional Security System 

Hot dog. hahahahahhaa  He’s a working military dog. Source


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