How to Find and Hold our Natural Frequency; Frequency Stabilizer Herbs, Emotional Fog & Alternate Identities

The importance of one central frequency; How different parts of us start carrying different frequencies; How to find our base natural frequency, How to unite our system into our base frequency; How to maintain our base frequency; Emotional Fog; Frequency Stabilizing Herbs; Alter identities and methods to Remind ourselves of our base frequency incl. urine and sexual fluids

Dear Ed,

In recent times I’ve been contacted more and more by people asking me which herbs to use for a certain medical diagnosis but actually describing what I would simply call metabolic imbalance or an unstable frequency.

Every thing of our body works fine when we have one stable frequency at which all our cells are vibrating.

It’s like every cell is a radio and they all need to be tuned in to one radio station – our heart which sets the frequency for the body – and they’ll all be hearing the same central command and everything will work smooth in the body.

What we have though these days, is various parts of the body falling out of tune with our natural frequency.

Our frequency is impacted by everything that happens to us, that we experience. From the food we eat, to the emotional ups and downs we experience.

We’re built to weather all extremes. Our bodies can vibrate at very high and very low frequencies without a problem.

The problem arises when some parts of us are not able to keep up with the others. This is usually because they’re bogged down doing extra work – such as digesting complex unnatural food, dealing with poisons and so on.

Over time, if the situation continues, there are various parts of us simply unable to keep up and settle into their independent frequency that’s not exactly in tune with the rest of the body.

Long term liver overload for example – caused by eating factory made sauces, mayonnaise, fats, and other “amalgamated” foods and medicines – has the liver in a different frequency from the rest of the body as it becomes tired and sluggish. This is one major cause of skin problems, weight problems, hair loss and so on.

Too much fake sugar (sucrose/ glucose/ factory sugar) makes the pancreas get tired and fall into its own frequency causing diabetes and other such conditions.

ALL autoimmune problems are caused by various parts of us going into different frequencies starting the Me versus Me syndrome.

So you see, Ed, if we can stabilize our frequency, unite our body up into one frequency , we’re dealing one fell swoop to so many different problems, possibly ALL of them.

There was this guy I met in a train, Ed.

I know how that sounds these days. Like it was a borderline romantic encounter. But it was not. So this guy was in his twenties and he had very long legs. I mean, his body proportions were different from others around him. He had a resemblance to the family he was traveling with, in his face, but his body was different.

I couldn’t contain my curiosity and broke my rule of never speaking to anyone while traveling. These were days before I had a child and I used to take such risks once in a while.

So I asked the guy’s mother who was sitting somewhat closer to me, about him. I said,
“His legs are so long. Different from the other brothers….”
She (blushing), “Yes….”
On my still looking curious, she half whispered to me, “When he was a baby we took him to a mountain place, my relative’s village for six months. In those few months his bones began to grow long. When we returned it continued.”
“But,” she said, “He’s different from the others in other ways as well. He always has behaved like he’s from that mountain place, not like where we live. He never gets involved in fights and arguments with others, doesn’t make many friends… he’s different altogether. He’s a different…. frequency.”

I liked that Ed, that she used that word “frequency”. Because it shows that people everywhere, just common people understand that.

The interesting thing for me was that in babyhood the boy got into a frequency in the mountains, perhaps one that suited his soul and in his late twenties was still carrying it and it had caused his body to develop differently from his family and surrounding others. I really liked that. We all ought to carry and hold our own soul frequency in our lives and we’ll be healthy and achieve our goals that way.

That incident set me off subconsciously looking into how to find our own frequency and hold it. Here are some of my findings.

1) How to find natural frequency after long term disruption.

It really is simple, Ed. We find our natural frequency in rest, whether that’s deep sleep rest or waking rest. Those who succeed in the battles of their lives have this in common. They know how to get their rest despite the situation.

Some people never find rest, no matter how good or bad things are going. This is usually because of unreleased trauma.

I have been writing for about 14 years now about the importance of releasing suppressed trauma and I get people emailing me saying, “How long do I have to do this? I keep finding more and more buried trauma.”

You just have to keep doing it because when you face your trauma, you’re loving your self, respecting your self. It’s like you’re your own child. Would you ignore a pain or hurt your child was carrying, while trying to get around surviving? You would want to look at the wound, right? However bad it was? You’d want to do whatever you could to heal it.

If your child had a million wounds, you would look at the million of them, and do whatever you could to soothe each. You wouldn’t say, “Sorry that’s too many wounds.”

We need to treat ourselves like our own child. It could be a long process but it gets more and more rewarding as we begin to actually see through the emotional fog of our lives.

Emotional fog keeps our nervous frequency unstable.

Emotional clarity helps us maintain a stable nervous frequency that in turn supports the body in every aspect of healing.

I asked my Granddad about it once.

Me – Why do I always feel emotionally confused and restless?
Granddad – You believe a whole lot of lies and from time to time you get tired of carrying them.
Me – I’ve been told so many lies…. But why do they trouble me emotionally?
Granddad – Because you’ve really BELIEVED them and been emotionally manipulated by them.
Me – But I’ve believed everything… all kinds of things.
Granddad – Alright. So you’ve been a fool.
Me – I don’t see how it’s going to help me, you saying I’ve been a fool.
Granddad – You seem really incensed that I’ve called you a fool. It’s as if you didn’t know it before.
Me – Well, if you must know, I don’t consider myself a fool. I’ve thought things out a lot and if I’ve believed lies it’s only because there were people and books I trusted.
Granddad – You were a fool to trust them.
Me – Yes but I was a CHILD!!. Kids don’t even DREAM that there’s a reason not to trust anyone.
Granddad – Were you a fool or a child? Make up your mind.
Granddad – So you became a fool only later – as a teenager perhaps?
Me. I was still a child then and you know it.
Granddad – So when did you stop being a child?
Me – Never. Now that you ask.
Granddad – So you have a child’s emotions then?
Me – I suppose.
Granddad – That means you like candy and fluffy soft things?
Me – Yes.
Granddad – So the majority of the lies you believed came dressed as candy and fluffy soft things?
Me – Yes.
Granddad – So if you cleared the candy and fluffy soft things out, a large part of the lies would go?
Me. I suppose. You’re talking about things that comforted me, aren’t you? Like romantic ideas about life?
Granddad – I’m talking about those, but not the ones that came from your heart. Those that others gave you.
Me – My own romantic ideas are true?
Granddad – They surely are.
Me – But romantic ideas given to me by others are not.
Granddad – Mostly not. Either they love you really, or not. Selling you comforting dreams is giving you candy and a fluffy toy.
Me – Makes me think…. Those people who gave me fluffy toys but never really actually equipped me with anything true to deal with my problems.
Granddad – When you get used to the candy and fluffy toys way of thinking you get emotionally fogged. You begin to see candy and fluffy toys as a way of addressing problems, instead of actually solving them. It is a poisonous way of life and it will accumulate poisons in the body as well.
Me – Oh my God! You’re so right.

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So you see, one of the main causes of Emotional Fog in our lives is the candy and fluffy toy mindset we could have developed through our lives, learning to comfort ourselves instead of facing problems directly and actually solving them.

Our nervous frequency is sensitive to our subconscious mind and our primal energy field. These are not fooled by fake and surface comfort. They keep our psyche and body down and pull us back down every time we trip for a day or two or more on a candy/ fluff idea.

So to find our natural frequency we need to face our truths, honor the dreams from our soul – not the ones sold to us by others that distracted us from reality.

2) Uniting the body into one frequency

This would happen automatically when we find our reality, but the reason it’s a topic here is because Ed, I learned some things that can greatly help. Herbs Ie. My angels as always.

What happens when we’ve been living in parts – ie. our base body frequency different from our tripping frequency (you heard it first from me, Ed, “tripping frequency”) is, we have mood swings and hormonal swings that can be devastating.

Treating the body for these tends to also help support us in coming off the tripping frequency and staying at a normal frequency for longer and longer periods at a time.

When I was growing up, there was a member of the foster family who was helplessly dependent on tripping. He’d had great dreams for his future but blown it all doing something – I never found out what – it must’ve been some sort of crime. The sort that even if you escaped from its legal consequences, dogs you down. It had him down for good anyhow. Every single day he would only spark up after having something to help him keep tripping.

A person who wants to escape reality can do so by programming their self to trip after having a cup of tea, if that’s all they can get. This person however did it with different sorts of alcohol and then additives to it.

I watched, Ed, over three decades how the guy destroyed his body and life. Then I saw his son do the exact same thing.

People would talk about them. “What’s wrong with him? He’s so talented, so popular…. Why can’t he stop drinking (etc)?” I used to wonder too.

Anyway why I’m telling you about this, Ed, is because I was exposed to that environment in which people escaped reality and I thought it was the way to go too. Those who couldn’t afford to drink, tripped on other things… Mine was a Mother Teresa complex. So long as I was helping someone else, I’d ignore my own problems and get enough of a rush to keep me going.

Unlike the guy and his son (both dead now) I got a lot of help from herbs.

Herbs really rescue people, Ed, every day for real. It’s why I do what I do, because herbs are living beings, aspects of God, and they truly help people. Those who escape reality by using a herb, that herb gently navigates them back to reality. It’s one reason why people “move on” from marijuana or cannabis. They start having “bad trips”. Ie. the herb begins to reveal their reality instead of taking them away from it.

Datura is one bad ass angel that way. I know people terrified at the name of Datura. That herb will fish out the nastiest stinkiest parts of a person’s consciousness with great enthusiasm and make a full-on modern art gut and intestine display.

But again, I digress.

What has helped me so much is herbs that help maintain hormonal calm so that I slowly normalized from the extreme highs and lows I used to go through when I was on my Mother Teresa complex drug.

The same herbs work for both men and women, because it’s simply about normalizing frequency. Male bodies use the flower’s suggestion in a male way, and female bodies in a female way.

These frequency normalizing herbs are:

Pulsatilla, Cactus Grandiflora, Borage, Damiana, Passionflower, Yerba Mate, Poppy, Dandelion and St. John’s Wort.
(There are others, but really, it’s a very rare person for who one of these wouldn’t work.)

The amazing Wind Anemone or Pulsatilla. Such a gift of God, Ed. They call it a “female” herb because it’s most famous for helping “crying weepy menopausal women”. But it’s so much more. Its ability to hold frequency stable is a wonder that has to be experienced.

There are spices right in people’s houses and available in supermarkets that also help normalize hormonal swings. Fennel, Fenugreek, Cinnamon, Khus or Poppy Seed, Star of Anise… All these are hormonal swing balancers.

They don’t work as well when taken in food where they’re drowned out by other things, but gentle teas where you can feel them individually are very helpful.

Special Honorable MentionMonotropa Uniflora or Ghostpipes – One Stop Treatment for Anxiety, helps hormonal levels swinging because of anxiety to stabilize.

Monotropa uniflora, Indian-pipe

When you take a herbal treatment, or a tea, you are demonstrating your soul, your love and care for yourself. That in itself is strengthening and empowering.

If you have you on your side, you’ll feel so much more confident in facing your problems, rather than escaping.

3) How to hold frequency stable

Our frequency stays stable, Ed, if we maintain a stable sense of identity.

I read a book recently. It’s called “Landon’s Cry”. In it a boy develops what they call an “alter” or alternative identity called “Wolf” in order to deal with the abuse he’s put through. He was a naturally timid boy. But Wolf was an aggressive, fighting back sort. He dealt with his trauma by being Landon sometimes and Wolf other times.
It’s a survival mechanism we all have, to get us through extreme situations.

As an adult, Landon sort of reunited his two “alters”.

A lot of people, in our times, Ed, have to develop alternate personalities to get through life, but unlike Landon, we’re not aware of it and every time we shift personalities, our base frequency shifts suddenly too.

This is why some people who seem so sorted and successful sometimes suddenly present with life threatening conditions that could only have developed over a long time of unstable disrupting frequency shifts.


These shifts between alternate identities, take a huge toll on the body and psyche because whatever work was being done in one frequency – say digestion, processing nutrition, processing out poisons and such, all get stalled when the alternate identity with its frequency takes over. So all those poisons are still there hanging about the body, causing all manner of problems, the food got only half digested and processed, and all those thoughts we were thinking, hang midway instead of leading us on to action.

On so many levels we are held back by these frequency shifts.

Children like me who were dis-identified, ie. given a false identity through fostering/ adoption never can settle down till we find out our true natural identities and accept ourselves. This is simply because our bodies and souls’ natural frequency is the one associated with our natural birth identity.

We don’t have identity options, Ed. What our body responds to, our actual birth identity is our natural frequency for this life.

Accepting it and living with it, greatly helps normalize hormonal levels and frequency. The healing is powerful and tangible. People will tear up their lives to find their true identity because their soul knows it’s the only way.

It’s not only those who need to find their birth identity that need to come into their own, and there are many practices and methods for this.

One practice is affirmations. Reminding your self through the day, in words, who you are. Who you really are.

You set reminders for every few hours, or even every waking hour if you want.

And when the reminder comes up, you ask yourself, “Who am I?” And you answer that. Say it out loud. Go to the bathroom and whisper it if you’re in company. See if you believe yourself. Let yourself say whatever you feel is true about you.

Initially you’ll say surface stuff like – This is my name, I live here. I support this sports team.

Initially you might not like your answers.

Slowly you’ll start getting deeper and closer to your soul identity. Just keep saying your true identity out loud to yourself.

Another way to keep your frequency stable – especially for those with extreme hormonal fluctuations and energy swings – is the infamous urine therapy.

Wow, Ed, I typed #urinetherapy into the twitter app the other day and got the shock of my life. Such virulent tweets against the practice!

Having grown up partially wild and with my Granddad who grew up nearly all wild in the Hebrides islands and then spent his married life in a jungle in India, seeing animals taking back their own urine and sexual fluids is a normal thing. When animals sense even their environment disturbed, such as by the cutting down of trees, the arrival of a new predator in the area, or a really major atmospheric disturbance coming on, they will stimulate themselves and drink back their urine/ sexual fluids to keep their frequency stable.

The water of our bodies carries our energy patterns – both our primal one and the one we’re in in the moment. When we come in touch with our own water, our body recognizes our primal energy pattern and immediately vibrates to it. This immediately stabilizes our frequency.

Perspiring, and peeing are our first physiological responses to being pverwhelmed, simply because our own fluid coming in contact with our skin has an immediate frequency balancing effect. People often find themselves more focused after they have broken into a sweat.

When a person’s urine or sexual fluids are full of pharma drugs and false salts from processed food, they are STILL carrying a person’s home frequency and taken in a small amount – say a few drops – powerful in reminding the body of its own frequency.

What’s really powerful though, is if a person gets off drugs, eats food cooked at home, with as few processed bits as possible. Ie. without using factory made flavoring, sauces; And then “loops” their urine. Through the day, drink back maybe a cup or more. This brings the body’s frequency down from the tripping frequencies and keeps it stable. No matter which frequency your body goes through through the day the calm constant reminder of your base frequency keeps stabilizing the body and psyche.

It’s not easy emotionally. Especially, if you’re used to being in different frequencies long term.  But there are so many benefits – I wrote a book about it recently. First Water – The use of Urine and Sexual Fluids as Medicine.

Another get around for those on drugs etc, is to do a fast for about 12-24 hours, and collect urine taken at the end of the fast. The urine without the drugs and salts. Put that in a bottle and take drops/ swigs of it, a few times a day till you can do the fast again. You’ll find yourself slowly gravitating towards only eating the things that don’t make your urine unpalatable.

It’s possibly the greatest aid to weight loss ever as a natural appetite suppressant, diabetes ( a major frequency disruption), sexual energy balance, and so much more.

When combined with herbal medicine, it becomes such a powerful aid in a person’s life, it’s beyond amazing.

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