Troublemaker Herbs to Change Life Mood

Dear Ed,

Of late I’ve come across more and more people struggling with letting go of what I call “life mood” to be able to move ahead.

An example of this is in how when we want to lose weight (for example) we know what we must do, but we don’t or give up at some point because of a lack of something. That something is the ability to change our life mood or consciousness.

A life mood is a consciousness or state of soul we are in long term. Sometimes weeks or months, sometimes years, sometimes lifetimes.

It’s become so much a part of us, that to change it we feel we have to lose ourselves or die.

Granddad drew a big circle on the ground with a stick. “This is you,” he said. Then he drew a small circle in the corner of the big one. “This is you now.” Then he marked a point inside the big circle but way outside the little one. This is what you want to be.

“Granddad…” I tried to shrug him off.

I just hated being told I wasn’t alright the way I was. I just rebelled. I simply hated being told I had to change.

Granddad usually never did that.

“Hey,” Granddad said, “Don’t shoot the messenger.”

The next few days it kind of cankered in me – what Granddad had conveyed.

It’s like this Ed – On one hand you feel you have to be faithful to your own soul to stay in a life mood. Like if you let go of your mood, you let go of the memories and all the things that happened to put you in that mood.

On the other hand, the whole point of memories is to help you heal so you can move forward. The reason you’re holding on to a life mood is so you don’t forget the life lessons to be learned from whatever put you in that mood.

I knew this guy who was such a horrible miser. The whole neighborhood would hear him and his wife’s arguments over buying things. For example, he didn’t want to buy a washing machine because all his bachelor days he’d hand-washed his clothes and he couldn’t see why he and his wife couldn’t continue hand-washing their clothes.

They were very well to do, but inside this guy’s head was a constant memory of poverty so strong that he always behaved like he was going to go bankrupt if he spent more than a very little on anything.

It’s sad but that cost him everything. Friendships, relationships and even his health. For all his miserliness he used to overeat all the time. He was just miserable all the time.

It’s an extreme case, Ed.

The last time I was out traveling to the post office. Yeah, since the lockdown started going to the post office has been like taking a day trip to another city and back. I wear my best clothes and take pictures on the way because who knows how many months it’ll be before we get to go out of our cell blocks again!

But the taxi driver was telling me about how he’d spent most of his savings on the down payment for the car and then the lockdown of 2020 started and there was no new money coming in, so he ended up spending all his savings just surviving.

He said something especially interesting. He said, “It happens in life that a time comes when whatever you hold on to, whether that’s money, or land, or anything, it goes. If it wasn’t the lockdown it would be something else.”

I find I don’t like fatalistic thinking. Like, “There’s nothing we can do about what happens to us.”

But the fact is, Ed, we have a life going on inside of us, that goes on its path irrespective of anything that happens on the outside.

Some people are morose and morbid at the best of times. Some are cheerful at the worst of times. And either way it works for them.

We’ve all got our own emotional groove and rhythm, haven’t we?

Why I’m writing this though is because it’s all alright until we have a life crisis and we need to expand beyond or change ourselves to heal, to reach our goals.

That’s when we need to change our life mood.

I used to be a happy go lucky, flippity “always look on the bright side of life” sort, until I became a mother. Suddenly I realized I had to look on the dark side of life too, or I wouldn’t be able to protect my child in this world. It was a significant and drastic change of my life mood. But I became whatever I had to to keep my child safe, well, cared for.

It’s an example of when life causes you to change your gait, your frequency.

Sometimes it’s an obvious change, such as becoming a mother or father that brings on the change of life mood, other times all we might have is this sense of inner struggle.

Why I’m saying all this Ed, is because the no. 1 reason why a life mood doesn’t change is because we don’t want it to. And realizing that we’ve reached a soul struggle stage and that it’s because we need to change our life mood, that makes doors and windows open in our consciousness.

If our soul wants to go on a path, we have to go, it’s our higher self leading us.

In my life, plants and nature have been my help and support as I changed. Angels, Ed, is who they are, come in little bottles.

As a teacher you know very well the quantum difference between classroom teaching and distance education.

You know how important it is, not just to get information, but catch the spark of passion for a subject, receive through soul transfer the experience of a subject, things far beyond words, things coming down a long line of human inheritance.

All the things we can think and say they’re all one level. But herbs and flowers, they are real teachers. When we come in physical contact with them, we are coming in touch with the spark of life, of consciousness and that’s like someone holding our hand and teaching us to skate, rather than us reading the instructions off a mobile screen.

Herbs to change Life Mood

I’m going to leave the usual nervines out of this list – Spikenard, Vervain, St.John’s Wort, Scullcap, Valerian, Mugwort, Yarrow. These are supporters of the nervous system no matter what frequency you’re in.

I’m going to list only the real troublemakers here. The ones who are so emphatic in their own frequency that they make us get emphatic about our frequency.

It’s like those old soldier folk dances where one guy stomps his feet boots and all and goes statue in a position. And then his opponent stomps his feet and takes up his position. Like, “This is me. Now show me you.”

1) Fenugreek

Trigonella foenum-graecum
names : fenugreek, klabet, kelabet 

However you look at it, you can’t have this troublemaker as tea, or however, without some significant change to body chemistry, hormonal level and eventually life mood change.

It’s the super housekeeper herb. To make tea you soak a spoonful of seeds in hot water and then simmer for say two minutes. Or you can have half a tspoon of the seed powder with water on an empty stomach.
It affects people differently, but it detoxifies for sure while also supporting the nervous system – which is rare in the detoxifying world.

The thing about Fenugreek is it’s so emphatic about its own self, its own life mood, that it causes us to re-calibrate ours. I only wish it had a more romantic, cute name.

2) Violets

Who would believe the little violet is a troublemaker! But Ed, the violet is an emphatic energy field like few others.

I read a customer review on an Amazon page selling essential oil of violet leaves, “It’s a lovely fragrance. Get it if you want to smell like your Grandmother and her sisters.

If you smelled it though, Ed, you would be reminded of something timeless. I’m not going to ruin it by trying to explain it.

I use the herbal tincture of Violet as emergency rescue for all things female hormones and in men, drastic sudden change of life/location/relationship… whatever.

If something shakes your very gut and churns you inside or it did and you’re still not recovered, this flower is like the sphinx with a complete nose and no weathering damage and no tourists.

The violet is quiet simple steady sweetness.

It reminds me of a poster I saw in a railway station. Someone had hung it up in the 60s or 70s and no one had taken it down or changed the decor. It was a picture of majestic mountains rising over a valley and it said. “Beauty is as old as time and as new as this moment.

3) Lilies – all lilies

Picture Source

God forgive me, but when I was a teen, I thought that you got lilies on your coffin if you’d died a virgin.

I errr sort of had that as an aspiration till hormones were triggered in me by the sighting of an attractive gentleman that caused my life view to change significantly in the direction of the devil.

Anyway, I then forgot about them for some years. Till I saw red ones. Believe it or not I first saw red lilies only in my twenties. I was amazed at the energy they exuded and it made me look again at all lilies and feel the energy field.
I’m a total fan now.

The thing about the Lily though is, it’s an angel of death.

It’s about being free from all inner conflict and constraints, to be and to do what your soul wants to be and do.

It seems to be the very struggle of life, isn’t it Ed? To choose soul or to be held back by whatever – there’s always something – always something.

I think – just my opinion – that humanity could afford to choose soul soul soul soul…. What have we to fear when our soul is immortal?

I recently Ed, came across stunning proof that past lives and reincarnation are true. I sort of believed it if before but not really. I needed solid proof, like photographs and someone actually remembering something solid. I really didn’t pursue the matter, but it kind of fell into my lap. And I was and am still so very amazed by how real it is, that we manifest our soul in different bodies to do what we couldn’t before – love our loved ones, take care of them, make things of beauty and joy…. Sometimes just to be in the same world as someone we said we’d be there for.

It’s so amazing how our soul goes on.

(I hate to admit it but that irritating over-played song by Celine Dion, looking way too skinny, singing on a sinking ship, “My heart will go on and on”, is right. I really do hate the visuals of that song though.

I like the song, it’s Celine Dion’s bones. In school, we’d have got a letter to our parents telling them to feed us right, if we’d had collar bones sticking out like that. I had sticking out collar bones and got that letter and all. I didn’t deliver it home though. The rare sin I committed in the days of my youth. Interestingly, the nun who warned me was skinnier than me, but she was much shorter like 4 feet something, so she probably thought she was ok but at my glorious height of 5 feet 2 and a half inches, I needed more nutrition.)
(P.s. She was right actually.)

Anyway I think I’ve really gotten off track here. I better get back to the topic.

Which was lilies.They’re great experienced as fragrances and aromatherapy because as physical medicine if you don’t take a very very very diluted dose, they’re poisonous.

That’s what they say though. I never heard of “death by lilies” yet. There’s an idea for all the suicidal people. Someone’s got to do it sometime.

Imagine sinking into this. Mmmmmm

(Dammit Ed, I thought writing articles to you would keep me out of trouble. That the thought of your sober serious eyes as you heard my heartfelt words would keep me from straying from the subject. I know what you’ll wonder. All I’ve had this morning is raw cacao powder in milk. I swear it.)

Right so it’s something about lilies. I can’t even talk about them without tripping. So I will just go on to the next troublemaker. Because we haven’t had trouble enough yet for the day.

4) The Rose

I know, who would think the Rose is a troublemaker. (But ask any guy who knows a girl named Rose. Hahahahaha)

But the Rose is specific to the condition where our body (and soul) just wants to keep fighting something or the other.

The Rose is itself a fighter but it knows how to keep balanced.

Those who are dealing with constant allergies like – they quit gluten, and then nuts and then sugar and then rice and the list goes on and on, that’s the body just finding one thing after another to fight.

Sure, our modern food is filled with poisons but there are ways to adapt with feeling deprived. The reason we’re not able to find any comfort zone is because our soul is picking fights with everything instead of keeping the fight where it belongs.

It’s a rare person that knows how to not take their workplace fighter mood back home. In our times, who can not take the workplace fights from the living room to the bedroom.

On the other hand, we cannot compromise on the outflow of our passion either.

Somehow the rose balances it all.

Rosehips or the fruit of the Rose is a one stop medicine for all conditions where there’s lack of vitality in the body.

But for the purposes of supporting life mood, hormonal, consciousness balance, rose petal tincture, tea, and even essential oil of rose rubbed on the wrists will do.


It’s a strange thing Ed. Over the years I’ve recommended so much of this sort of thing to so many people. And many just maybe do it a bit. But those who actually take a medicine or use an essential oil.or whatever, consistently, they see amazing results.

You take the simplest little thing. Say add a spoonful of organic vinegar and a spoonful of flaxseed powder with a meal at least once a day. Ok, just that.

If someone did just that consistently, over a few months there would be a significant change in their body, not just weight balance but a lot lot lot more. A digestive rehabilitation to start with. Clearer eyesight. Healthier liver. I could go on and on.

I’m just saying.


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