Energy Field of Mistletoe for Recovery from Hormonal Exhaustion

How the energy field of Mistletoe rehabilitates the body from long term hormonal war, stimulates re-calibration of hormonal and energetic processes, eases hormonal anxiety and helps one recover from exhausting hormonal episodes like the “travails of teenage”.

Ed, much has been written about Mistletoe or Viscum Album’s medicinal properties on a physical level. It’s one of my favorite herbs for hormonal balance. If I had to choose ONE herb for hormonal balance it’s Mistletoe. I’ve written about that in various articles over and over.

But today, I want to write about the energy properties of Mistletoe. This, Ed, is not something well known and seems to have been pushed into the realm of “witches” and “magick”, when it should be as commonplace knowledge as how to buy a train ticket.

When I was little, Ed, the family in whose house I lived, were great believers in the medical system, in pills and and injections and so. Luckily for me I grew up in the 80s when doctor involvement in people’s lives was still considered something for those who were really ill, and not just everyone with a body as is today.

But I ended up being on antibiotics for tonsils and mumps almost every month between the age of three and ten. This stopped suddenly when I was ten, when those who used to take me to the doctor moved away.

As a teenager, a classmate at school whose mother was a doctor, recommended Clindamycin – an over the counter drug delivered as a topical gel to treat acne. Back then, I didn’t know the difference between a pharmaceutical drug and a cosmetic gel. I had no suspicion the horrific side-effects were those of the gel. It’s hard to imagine that something you put on your skin can go through the body causing gut bleeding, bleeding gums, and tar in the digestive system. For years, I used the gel without even noticing it much.

Believe it or not, Ed, when I was in high school I was the only girl in my class that was ONLY on one sort of pharma medication. My classmates were all on various medications, some ostensibly for things like hair fall, and many on medicine for depression. It was the cool thing to have pills to take after lunch – the culture almost.

When I went to Australia to do my graduation, I stopped using the Clindamycin gel, and was hit by an array of horrific symptoms from horrific acne – as if I’d just hit puberty and my body basically behaved like a junkie in withdrawal.

On an instinct, I got out my suitcase and found the flyer that had come with the last tube of Clindamycin gel I’d used, and there, were listed as “possible side effects” all the extreme symptoms I was experiencing. I rued the day I’d started using the gel for just a few little pimples.

Ed, these pharmaceutical medicines I’d taken regularly long term had caused serious hormonal imbalance.

Not all hormonal imbalance is of the male-female hormones imbalance. That’s just one of the manifestations of hormonal imbalance.

A more core imbalance is something like a miasm or rather a systemic inability to manage the hormones because the working of the hormone glands of the body have been interfered with externally.

There’s no part of our lives or personalities that is not affected by hormones gone out of balance.

It’s hormonal war, really. The body begins to aggressively produce more and more of the hormones and situations you DON’T want, because it doesn’t like some chemical stopping it from doing its natural work.

Resistance to hormonal interference is a serious full-system problem.

These days pharma has gone beyond mucking with the hormone levels, to assaulting our DNA outright.

In healthy individuals this brings up resistance that manifests very much like a hormonal imbalance but is in fact an emphatic assertion of genetic fidelity.

This shows up in different ways for different people.

One of the clearest ways to know if a body is in very serious hormonal war, is if the person suddenly changes their method of socialization. Ie. we suddenly decide we want to spend more time alone than with others, suddenly we’re not such a fan of our “usual” friends.

This shake-up is because our hormone balance – something that’s a critical base for how we interact with others – is changing or has changed drastically and we want time off to return to balance, or want to have a whole other “social scene” because we’ve asserted our hormonal patterns and don’t find the old social scene appropriate anymore.

It’s incredibly rare for someone to go through hormonal reset and continue to have the same social activity as before.

So this is how we naturally deal with a core hormonal upheaval.

However, there are cases such as mine, where I was unable to reset and re-calibrate my hormones naturally. There were other circumstances that prevented it.

Not eating enough fat is one such circumstance, and other problems such as the severe heart problems I had can take precedence over the base hormonal imbalance.

By the time I was 20, I had a whole set of strange conditions like vein wall weakness – my veins were so fragile, if you tapped my inner wrist over the vein, it would rupture and pool blood under the skin immediately. All the inner linings of my body were hyper-sensitive, my skin was hyper-sensitive and normal life was impossible.

One day, Ed, sitting in a park, I prayed for help. I was so fragile physically that I feared death.

Granddad had already treated me for severe heart trouble and I felt too ashamed now to tell him I had more trouble… and I didn’t want to tell him about what I know had caused it – the pharma gel.

Enter Mistletoe, the heroine of this story.

The beautiful, the stunning, AMAZING Mistletoe!

This was the first time in my life I took the energy field of a herb rather the physical parts of it. The physical parts were the teas and tinctures. I simply couldn’t afford those. But I made my own energy field capture purely by instinct – getting the energy pattern from pressed dried mistletoe leaves from a Christmas card.

Granddad had taught me, “The medicine you need is always available some way or another near you, which you can afford. If you can’t afford it, it’s not the right time yet; look for it elsewhere.”

I could afford the pack of five Christmas cards with pressed dried Mistletoe leaves, it was about five dollars. One card would’ve done, but they came as a pack of five.

Long story short, Ed, my life was never the same again.

Vintage Chalkboard Art – Mistletoe

It was like my exhausted hormonal system found second wind. After years of battling and resisting external interference, it was like an evening breeze blowing across the battlefield, bringing the scents of the sea and a feeling of, “I can now rest.”

There is this sort of anxiety, Ed, that teenagers seem to go through the most, but which actually is in people of all ages. Hormonal anxiety. When you sense your body is not able to maintain its hormonal balance but you don’t know what exactly the problem is, or how to solve it, or IF it can be solved at all.

A lot of people are told, “Oh this is just a passing phase,” but you know it isn’t or you’re too troubled to accept that it’s just a phase.

This hormonal anxiety is beautifully treated by the energy field of Mistletoe.

The energy field of Mistletoe behaves like blotting paper, perhaps a paper kitchen towel is a better example for our times. It simply sucks up the excess imbalanced energy of all kinds of the body.

This makes the body have to re-produce energy and hormones on DEMAND and NEED rather than have stores of unused energy around.

This is of great help for a body that’s been over-producing the wrong sort of hormones, because it makes the body re-think, “Do I really need those hormones? That much?” It makes the body re-think its energy and hormone management habits.

That’s all we need for healing really, for the body and soul to re-think in the present, rather than go by old patterns established in times of stress and attack.

Mistletoe sprouting off a tree branch – Pacific Southwest Forest Service

When I told Granddad about how Mistletoe helped me, he said it was a medicine for the travails of teenage no matter at which age they struck.

The “travails of teenage” as everyone who’s been through it, knows is not all about the growing and changing body, but also about growing up in general, letting go of the illusions of the world we had as children, and developing a personality to now interact with the world directly instead of through our parents or with our friends as a group.

This sort of situation recurs in life when we fall in love (I mean really in love, where our hormonal system changes permanently and stays changed), pregnancy and childbirth, soul impacting experiences (they change our hormonal system), go through bouts of resisting or fighting off serious hormonal interference such as heavy duty nervous system drugs (vaccination, psychiatric drugs and so on).

To find our ground and balance through and after all these situations, the energy field of Mistletoe is a beautiful counselor that brings grounding by scooping up excesses and prompting us to re-calibrate according to the new us.

When the trees are bare in winter, Mistletoe is still green and verdant. That says a lot doesn’t it?

In all cases of severe hormonal imbalance, such as shows up in the body’s inability to balance temperature (Raynaud’s Syndrome or dark joints of the hands for example), cancers and inflammation of the joints (osteosarcoma) I use the physical properties of Mistletoe.

But after two or three rounds of that, I move onto the energy field of Mistletoe, because, always the physical properties are for emergency support and rehabilitation from the crisis itself.

For rehabilitation of the body’s own working, you have to move onto energy management repair, or the body will start ignoring the herbs.

This is what happens when you take a herb for years and years. The body accepts the physical substances for a few weeks or months, and then on its own moves on to only working with the energy of the herb. We are then wasting our money and giving our body extra work dealing with the now unnecessary physical substances, when all we need is the energy field.

You don’t want to give the body more work than it already has. So you progressively lessen the quantity of the physical substance of the herb and then go onto the energy field for a year or two. Most of the time you don’t need any energy field that long – unless you’re still in the situation that’s causing the problem (such as repeated radiation, or continuous poisoning of some sort).

You develop its energy pattern in your body and instinctively move to that pattern when you need to.

It’s like muscle memory; How we learn to cycle and never forget it no matter how many years pass without us riding a cycle; How we learn to swim and never forget it.

In our times where we’re constantly bombarded by hormonal interference and gene modifying assaults, internalizing the energy pattern of Mistletoe can be not just recovery from hormonal wars, but also protection and guidance through every day life.

You know you’ve internalized the energy pattern of Mistletoe when you can face hormonal upheaval and soul change, without having meltdowns and breakouts and… you get the picture.

For a rudimentary energy field of Mistletoe at home,

you put a little bit of any part of the Mistletoe plant into hot water, and hold a spoon over the pan. As the steam rises, the water carries the energy field or consciousness of the herb up leaving behind the physical components, when you see the steam over the spoon you can see drops of water on it – one is enough. You now put the spoon into a glass of cold water nearby. Or you put the drop into a bottle of spring water or any water that’s reasonable stabilized and won’t start stinking if stored long term.

You have the basic energy field of Mistletoe now. There are still traces of oils and such, but they’re negligible.

If you want a stronger more emphatic energy field capture, you can dilute this water, by taking a drop out of it, putting it into another bottle, leaving it for a day, and then taking a drop out of it, and putting that into a new bottle, and so on. You lose all the physical substances as you go on that way.

Now you can get dilutions like this at homeopathy stores, however, doing it yourself somehow works a whole lot better. Water carries consciousness you know.

I have been blessed to have inherited legacy energy fields from my ancestors. My Granddad passed them on to me before he left. I have some of them, the ones I use the most, available for purchase. They are available on the Legacy Energy Fields page (choose Mistletoe in the drop down box or click here to add Mistletoe to your shopping cart immediately).


Beautiful fertile Mistletoe is hated by some, called a “parasite”. But there’s a difference between welcome guests and parasites. This guest comes bearing gifts of amazing healing. Picture Source

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