Energy Field of Turmeric – Clarity in Atmospheric Trauma, Spatial Sensitivity

How to choose a herb or plant for its energy field; How I found out about Turmeric’s ability to support energetic sensitivity, clarity of intuition and instinct despite atmospheric trauma and chaos; Correcting shifted center of gravity back, Spatial sensitivity 

Dear Ed,
So much has been written about turmeric at this point that I feel loathe to add to it all. However, I must, because I have not seen this information anywhere else.

On one hand, people write about the physical effects of herbs like they’re just a bunch of chemicals, and on the other hand I’ve see written things like, “Use this in spells to break off an engagement.”

But this is why I need to write about turmeric. Because this is a living being with spirit and dynamic intelligence, we are talking about. Not a dead chemical whether physical or otherwise.

When I was a teenager, I was told that using turmeric on my face everyday would get rid of facial hair so I’d never need to do the horrific painful things other girls did.

I can’t say if it worked or not, because to be honest I had very little facial hair to start with – I just was paranoid because my classmates were paranoid about facial hair.

But I did experience several benefits from it and gave it up simply because I didn’t fancy having flaming yellow all the time. No matter how I washed it off, the yellow tinge would stay for days.

About that time though, there was a local scandal in the neighborhood. And I was to come across the energy field effects of turmeric.

Now, Ed, these days, turmeric powder bought in the supermarket is mostly energy field destroyed. But in those days you got good quality turmeric powder most places. Days before harvested crops were irradiated to prevent bacteria and fungi from growing on them.

Now you have to get the fresh or dried root, or get your powder from a source you know won’t adulterate the powder and will use the a proper herb.

You know you have the energy field of turmeric when you feel vital heat in your palm as you draw it near the turmeric. Don’t touch it directly. Put your hand parallel to it about 2 -3 inches away and if you feel a tingling or heat, that’s the energy field of turmeric. Never touch herbs, fruit, flowers in supermarkets – it numbs out your energy recognition of them and focuses on the physical.

If you need a herb or a botanical you’ll feel desire in your heart and body for them. If you don’t feel that desire, no matter what its benefits, it’s not likely to benefit you.

If you do feel that desire, then look at the herb and bring your awareness to your palm – right if your right handed, left if you’re left handed. Your ancestral recognition of the botanical should give you an indication of the energy field of the plant in a change of temperature in your palm. If you don’t feel anything, chances are the botanical’s energy field is broken, or it didn’t have one to start with (genetically modified beyond recognition) or you don’t need it.

Sometimes though, a plant will manifest an energy field in a previously lifeless bunch of cells, in response to your desire and need for it. It’s just… amazing grace.

So if you really desire or feel you need a botanical, buy a little of as best quality of the herb (never mind if it’s a tiny quantity) and take it home and let it sit on a counter around you. In a few hours, it will respond to you, if it wishes.

Remember these are great healers. These are living beings of spirit and consciousness and CHOICE.

Most people already know they’re being worked on by a herb at this point.

Already their energy field is changing, already they feel the difference.

You now take the physical or energy form of the herb as a reminder to your body of this beautiful spiritual encounter you have had with the herb. You don’t need to be mental about the whole thing, your subconscious knows how to talk to the herb.

You can just trust the herb.

And now coming back to turmeric; And the scandal in the neighborhood that made me realize how its energy field works.

This stuff can be rather unbelievable, but I’m writing it because I’ve reached a stage in my life where I personally value the truth so much, and I’ve gotten so fed up of bullshit information about herbs written by those who just regurgitate what someone else said; that I’m on a mission now.

To the last day I’m alive in this realm I’m going to write and talk about the spiritual consciousness and being of herbs that have loved me and looked after me.

I grew up without my parents physical presence, but it didn’t matter because our family’s “familiar spirits” 😉 as Granddad called them, the herbs and trees brought me up, showed me the right path, developed my character.

So it’s all a deeply personal matter to me.

One person laughed at me, Ed. They sent an anonymous message from my website, “You need to get laid.”

I think those who don’t experience the living being of plants cannot get laid satisfactorily because they are sensually dead or numbed. If you can’t recognize life energy, what do you touch and are touched by, but corpse flesh?

Uhhm let’s get back to turmeric and the scandal.

One evening when I was 13 or 14, I was playing badminton out on the street with a neighbor, when the shuttlecock (the feathery thing used as a ball in badminton) went off the road and right into the half finished house being constructed there.

Exhibit A – A Badminton Shuttlecock
Exhibit B – “Games and Sports” series of trading cards was issued by Goodwin & Company in 1889 to promote Old Judge Cigarettes. The scene was just like this but in a different time and place and there was no woman looking on.

So the shuttlecock went into a two story building, a three bedroom house, each bedroom with its own bathroom. All it was at that point was walls made of prefabricated concrete bricks, no electricity, no windows, just holes in the walls – into which our shuttlecock had flown.

It was about 6.30 pm, just past sunset, and the neighbor – a much older than myself,maybe 17 year old boy, was afraid of the dark and came back from the building after just peeping in, saying it was too dark to see anything in there.

I knew if we waited for someone to go find a flashlight, we’d lose the last fifteen minutes of daylight to play in, so I ran into the building myself.

I can see a whole lot better in the dark than most people. Just do. So I ran in, and that’s when the energy field of turmeric that in those days I put on my face every night before I slept (ostensibly to keep facial hair away) kicked in.

I felt it like a physical force in the darkness inside this building where for some reason daylight seemed to not enter very much. Darkness can really increase our energy field sensitivity.

I could see the stairs going up to the first floor and as that’s where the shuttlecock had gone in, I went near and went up. I could see reasonably clearly and didn’t have a problem.

On the landing on the first floor, I had several options of directions in which to go. But suddenly Ed, I had a clarity of vision, an energy sensitivity accompanied by strength at the same time.

In the dark, I went towards one particular closed door and pushed it open. Inside was hanging the body of a woman, the young wife of one of the construction workers, who had hung herself (maybe – now I’ve watched Agatha Christie’s “Poirot” episodes on youtube, I question it – maybe it was murder made to look like suicide.)

Behind me, two other kids had creeped up (the boys supposed to be brave and all) – both screamed, hugged each other and ran out. I ran out behind them.

A while later, the police came and questioned me – because I’d found the body and Ed, they wanted to know how I’d known to go to that exact room – which had a tiny entrance – and was the bathroom of one of the upper bedrooms, instead of any other. However, at the time – 1994 or 1995 – it was still in the consciousness of people that you can feel instinctively when something is wrong in the atmosphere of a house, you didn’t need dogs, parrots, pendulums and tarot cards yet for that sort of thing.

But the story doesn’t end there.

The husband of the woman who’d hung herself was obviously shocked when he returned about 8 pm.

About 11 pm, the police knocked on our door. They said they were looking for him but he wasn’t around.

I looked over at the small windowless box of a house that had been built as a temporary structure to house the construction worker who stayed there overnight (the others stayed elsewhere, this one was supposed to watch over the place and the materials in the night.)

I said, “But he’s inside his house.”

They were like, “But we knocked and there’s no one in there.”

I said, “But he is in there! Where else would he be?”

The police decided to check if I was right. Would you believe it, Ed, they didn’t have anything to break the door with, so someone in the neighborhood brought them a hammer. But me being so smart, I told them they didn’t need to break the door. It was a tin door with a metal lock. If you shook those hard enough the lock would rattle open.

Don’t ask me how I knew all this. I don’t know myself. All those detective books – Nancy Drew, Hardy Boys… 😉

While I was telling the police guy how to rattle the door open, it opened and I was stunned by the sudden light of a bulb shining out into the night. Inside was hanging the dead body of the husband.

Well, Ed, what can I say… it was a tragedy and all that.

But I learned that day, the energy effects of the herb called turmeric. The only herb I was in regular contact with in those days.

Its energy field gives you clarity when everyone else is overwhelmed by energetic assault and atmospheric trauma.

Clarity and shielding in the midst of atmospheric trauma – that’s turmeric in one line.

It helps you focus on what’s important for you in the moment, and Ed, it makes a person energetically sensitive at the same time, with clarity.

We all are energetically sensitive, but only some of us are able to have clarity enough to know what we’re sensing. This clarity depends on energy field strength. Turmeric has that strength and therefore supports that clarity so we can know what we’re dealing with.

What I went through that day, Ed, could have destroyed me. I was just a kid, a very sensitive and emotional one. The sights were gory to say the least. And there was the psychological thing of, “It was me both times who discovered the dead body.”

But I was so calm and collected and clear about everything. I didn’t lose my head. I went back to school the next day, and life went on.

It’s only now after so many years and many more such instances when turmeric helped me keep strong and clear in the face of atmospheric trauma that I even realize how very traumatic that evening could’ve been for me. I don’t know Ed, if you’ve ever seen someone’s dead body when they’ve committed suicide (or been murdered). It isn’t pretty. It’s very impacting. Very stark. The images don’t go out of your head easy. When you close your eyes to sleep, the images come back.

But I was shielded Ed. And I never forget the agent of that love. Turmeric.

We are in our times exposed like never before to atmospheric trauma and so turmeric is a herb for our times.

Turmeric Root

A little infusion of a little piece of the root in tea, in a curry, in a soup, is all you need. It’s not about the physical properties, but the energy of the living being.

The physical properties are amazing too. It’s an anti-inflammatory and “golden oil” which is turmeric extracted into oil is a favorite with those who have arthritis or rheumatism that’s an inflammation of the knees.

Turmeric boiled in milk is a traditional remedy for recovery from shock, physical injury, deep tissue burns and such.

There’s always an element of a person who is picking up sensory and spiritual messages but being too tired or too confused or overwhelmed to process and interpret those signals, where turmeric arrives to help.

Ed, these herbs, they’re living beings. They arrive in a person’s life out of love, on their own. It’s no accident to see or hear about them on the internet. There’s no “random” mentions of them.

Just saying. 😉

I read this book recently where the author says at the end of every chapter. “A word is enough for the wise.”

I thought it had a nice sense of dramatic foreboding in it. LOL I thought I might use it too.

So yeah. Turmeric. A word is enough for the wise.


In its higher energy field – lesser physicality dilutions,

and moving towards its dark field, turmeric goes beyond supporting courage and clarity in in the midst of atmospheric trauma, to actually waking up a burning desire to find truth, see truth, answer one’s questions. It awakens and revives intuition and instinct.

There was this boy who fell into a puddle in a field where wild turmeric grew.

Story from Granddad’s time. The field had dried up in the summer – fully. The roots of the turmeric had gotten exposed and dried. Then the rains had come, wet the field and made big puddles of golden water. And this boy slipped and fell in.

He got out soon enough and went about playing.

In the evening he went home and told his mother things she didn’t know he’d seen and heard in his young life. The things children pick up…. The mother had been a stolen child and because of what her child said – and asked her – she asked questions too and found out about her true identity. Finding out one’s birth identity is such a freeing experience – I don’t know if those who haven’t been through it could ever understand.

It’s like living your whole life in a cage. And then one day you are free for the first time.

Granddad collected the energy field of turmeric from that field – which is the one I have and use (legacy energy fields).

The energy field of turmeric helps those with identity crises of any sort face and hold their truth.

There was this pilot, Granddad’s friend, who Granddad said, had a new serious problem every few months while being a most trusted fighter pilot all at the same time somehow.

But one day this pilot told Granddad that when he was flying way up, and these were the days when the pilot didn’t depend totally on instruments, but needed to keep his sense of gravity, of what was “down” and what was “up”; he had sometimes begun to lose his center of gravity and bearing, even experiencing vertigo.

Granddad gave him the energy field of turmeric. He didn’t have the problem the next time Granddad met him. He told Granddad that he’d had some serious life changes that could be understood as “finding his bearing” again.

He told Granddad that he’d recovered his “spatial sensitivity” that he’d had as a child and lost along the way. Spatial sensitivity, is the ability to judge the space around in relation to you. To – for example – have an idea of how far the wall is from you, so you don’t bump into it. It’s also sensitivity to your environment emotionally and energetically, so you know what’s happening around you. You can imagine how invaluable that is.

So Granddad found that the energy field of turmeric can help those whose center of gravity has shifted for whatever reason. Pregnancy, giving birth, any sort of shock or dislodging of the center of the body can cause this to happen, as can serious vampirical sexual energy draining.

If your belly button isn’t exactly on the central line dividing your body into right and left, you’ve had some gravity center movement. You could use some help if that’s been a long term thing.

And now I leave you with a picture of the wild turmeric I saw the other day, that inspired this post.

Sometimes the truth is complicated and has many furls and many petals, but there’s always a central core that makes all that beauty and blooming possible. To find that center and stay there…


I wrote about Turmeric as anger management therapy in my article: 7 Angels of Thwarted Passion – Herbs to Change Inherited Energy Patterns . The article with several useful additions is now available as an ebook and paperback .

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