Holy Basil or Tulsi – Hold your Frequency, Lung Cell Rehab

About how Holy Basil helps rehabilitate failing or weak lungs, exhumes the body of stale air, helps us hold our frequency and strengthens our energy body. 

Dear Ed,

I saw a beautiful little wild Holy Basil plant today – Ocimum Gratissimum. It’s not the Sweet Basil used for cooking, or the usual Holy Basil used in Ayurvedic herbal medicines.

This is a wild strain of basil – and there are many.

I first came in touch with the “other” basils when I was living in the Himalaya mountains.

I began to grow them, harvest them and use them round the year as tea.

There was a brand called “Organic India” which came out with Tulsi Tea. I was really excited about it because it would save me a lot of work and I was running low on space to grow plants. I bought a big money saver pack of tea bags. I was disappointed however as the tea was zero energy and not even anywhere close to actual Holy Basil dried leaves.

I wondered then – How difficult can it be to pluck the leaves, dry the leaves, crush them, and put them into tea bags and sell them! Why is it the energy field of the tea is unrecognizable as Holy Basil?

Years later I found out that the drying and storing process of the tea companies, as well the bigger dry herb seller companies, involves irradiating the leaves to kill off any mold or fungus.

Well Ed, it must be a concern – I know because I do a lot to keep the herbs I’m drying free of mold.

For me however, it beats the point because it means the precious energy field of Holy Basil is lost.

Most of the capsules and powders of Holy Basil available on the market are similarly energetically dead.

What a pity!

This is one amazing herb.

In these days when people are going about breathing in their own carbon dioxide because of masks, and not getting enough fresh air because of staying indoors, and then having to get admitted in hospitals to treat failing lungs (you know the fancy names they have for various respiratory problems these days); but these are the days to remember the beautiful Holy Basil.

This plant clarifies and purifies the airs of the body. Not just in the blood, but as you keep taking the tea or the extract, the very tissues of the body.

It’s a gentle exhuming clean-up of the body that few other herbs can do without causing some kind of disruption to the system or a change in the body temperature, or an excess of anything.

Holy Basil gently stimulates the lymphatic system into sweating out stale odors.

Why is it not a famous bad body odor antidote – I don’t know!

All problems of the body that result from or come with stale air (and odors) trapped in the body are helped by Holy Basil.

The lungs which filter our air are naturally the first affected by stale air as we breathe it in.

Stale air for the lungs means less exercise, less stimulation. Stale air has less of the stuff lungs take out of the air and put into blood – oxygen and vital energy.

Without that, the lungs began to go limp and fall into a state of weakness because of lack of exercise.

See Ed, those cells of the lungs that do the taking of oxygen from air and putting it into blood – they’re not long lived. Their lifespan is 3 weeks – 12 weeks. In a healthy person it’s closer to 12 weeks. In a not-so-healthy person, lesser.

But in these few weeks, those cells grow up into adulthood, do their big contribution to the work effort and die.

This means, if we go even a few weeks without good air, it’s life impacting for them as their lifespan is so small. All of them that are in their childhood and developing stages, they all grow weak and puny and don’t do a good job. Worse, they reproduce making punier weaker offspring.

This means that very quickly… just a matter of weeks the lung can go from robust and healthy to under-performing and weak and vulnerable now – to infection and lung poisoning.

Holy Basil has just the right everything – to wake up weak and sluggish lung cells.

If ever there was a plant that seemed to be made specifically for the lungs, it’s Holy Basil. It is just such a fantastic all round agent of lung rehabilitation and strengthener.

Not only on a physical level, but on a spiritual, energetic level as well.

Holy Basil has an energy field that is resistant to change. It doesn’t mean it’s pig-headed or has walls of resistance or doesn’t evolve. It just means it’s so secure in it’s own frequency that it just isn’t likely to get unduly influenced or worked up by others’ energy pattern suggestions around.

It goes on its path without being someone else.

It’s my No. 1 aid for those who perform on the stage (they also benefit from the lung support), for those who have to travel and find adjustment to different energy fields in different places difficult or tumultuous, and for all those whose situations in life have changed suddenly or are changing rapidly.

In any situation where you need to hold your own frequency, rather than getting pulled into the stream of consciousness of others, Holy Basil is a wonderful support.

The consequences of holding your own frequency, and making that your habit, wow I cannot begin to say how important that is and how it helps health and healing in every way.

We exist as an independent person and body only so long as our system carries its own unique frequency.

The day we stop carrying our unique frequency, we die.

Our unique energy frequency pattern, is our light. When it’s going strong, we glow, we shine. When it’s growing dim, our own body reads it as a crisis and our energy flow moves into crisis mode instead of the usual. This makes large parts of our bodies go without the energy they need to keep doing their thing, and soon we have a widespread physical crisis.

Holy Basil makes our light glow brighter; helps us hold your own frequency and move by it.

It’s so important in this day and time.

Note: I have never come across anyone of any age or any state of vital energy having a bad reaction to Holy Basil. It’s always been good good good.





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