How to take your Epsom Salt carried Herbal Treatment

Your treatment is highly concentrated herbal extracts in vinegar and colloidal silver, carried in Epsom Salt or Magnesium Sulphate. If you haven’t already read it, please visit the following page to read about how Epsom Salt carries herbal extracts and energies safely across distances and through airport radiation etc.
What each Herbal Treatment is composed of

There are various ways you can take it.

  1. A pinch (not more) directly on the tongue, or in a cup of water, twice or thrice a day.
    The small plastic container can be carried safely and conveniently in your bag as you go to work, travel and so on. Just don’t expose it to hard sunlight.
  2. Dilute the salt to release the extracts into water and take in drops.
    -Put 1/12th of the salt, or approximately half a t-spoon in the small dropper bottle provided (I simply provide it for convenience – go ahead and use whatever you find convenient).
    -Fill the bottle with clean water – no tea, or fruit juice as these go bad.
    -If you find it difficult to put the powder into the bottle, put the powder into a cup, pour in about 30 ml of water. -You can do this by filling the dropper bottle with water, and pouring that into the cup.
    -Mix the salt into the water.
    -Now pour the solution into the dropper bottle.The best water to use is the water you drink everyday because the body will accept the medicine best when it comes with the water you are used to.
    -You now take 5-15 drops of this twice a day.
    -You keep the plastic container of salt in a dark dry place and refill the dropper bottle you use everyday, as it gets finished.The treatment lasts between 8 and 12 weeks.

    This second form of using the medicine is an ancient method to build up an energy field.
    Every time you refill the bottle, essentially you are amplifying the energy field of the previous dose in the bottle and adding fresh physical substance at the same time. In a few weeks, you have a powerful amplified energy field.

    For example, this was practiced in our family with almost everything in the kitchen. Every day, fresh milk would be added into the vessel containing the previous day’s curd.
    Whatever stew had been cooked in the pot, the previous day, would be added into the next day’s stew.
    The spoon which had been used to mix the previous days soup or stew would be used to mix the next day’s soup, as cracks in it would be carrying little bits of the previous day’s stew.

    Over time the energy field of the family would get amplified and in case you have not tasted such food, let me tell you, it tastes and feels simply amazing. The simplest recipes become life giving and life changing and so very satisfying.

    This is worth all the effort I take to make highly concentrated extracts to use this method, and the effort you put into diluting the treatment into the water.

    What I send you is essentially an energy field starter and you can amplify it and build it up, by refilling the little bottle with fresh water regularly.

    In the future, whenever you take another treatment, you add a few drops of this to that other treatment and take it on from there.

    You’ve got to experience this in your life to understand what a powerful process it is. You carry on the energies of all your herbal  healers, you pass them on to your children.

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