Legacy Energy Fields of Plants

These are legacy energy patterns of plants. They are the pure spirit, if you will, of the manifestation of the plant without the physical properties. They address severe breakdown in the body’s ability to manage energy, and address the problems underlying chronic conditions. They train the body to return to healing itself, rather than depending on the physical substances of medicine to heal itself. They train the body to use what’s available to make the nutrition that’s needed for healing and health.

We have been scammed by stories of how we need all kinds of micro-nutrients from outside of us to keep healthy. In fact, traditionally, the diet of humans has been restricted to what grew locally, and food with ingredients that would make up not more of 10% what we consider “required nutrition” these days.

Our bodies MAKE our own medicine when required. This medicine WORKS because it is bespoke – made for us. This heals us and our families and our gene pool, like nothing else, because it’s made for us.

Pure energy fields retrain the body to make our own nutrition and support our energy fields in finding balance again, so we can be holistically well.

I use pure energy fields regularly in my custom made herbal treatments for people and pets.

A majority of those on physical herbal treatments request pure energy fields after a year or two, and some long before.

For those who are drawn by instinct to a particular energy field, I sell individual energy fields as well.

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Here are some of my articles with details on how the energy fields of plants work:

Mistletoe or Viscum Album

The beautiful, the stunning, AMAZING Mistletoe!

How the energy field of Mistletoe rehabilitates the body from long term hormonal war, stimulates re-calibration of hormonal and energetic processes, eases hormonal anxiety and helps one recover from exhausting hormonal episodes like the “travails of teenage”.

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