And the No. 1 biggest constant drainer of life energy is….

Lizards and the lizard phase of our development; The Effect of trauma while transitioning from receptive and reflective stage to expressive stage; Neutral is different from Balanced; Chameleons changing color video 

Dear Ed,

The answer is, “Being neutral.”

Granddad taught this to me and I remembered it recently when I saw this photo I took last year of this cute little garden lizard gazing solemnly at me thinking I didn’t know he was there.

Lizards have been getting bad press lately because apparently someone’s seen “the elites” morph into lizards and eat babies at special royal parties.

I’ve long stopped being dismissive of anything outlandish and horrible. But I haven’t seen such a thing myself and I’ve seen some outlandish unbelievable horrific things myself, so well. Who knows…

I remember that scene in the Twilight movies where this guy Jacob who turns into a wolf, tells this man who’s a decent common sense police officer of decades, who thinks he’s seen it all, “Nothing is what you think it is.”

But aside from that, in my personal life, lizards have been nothing but sweet to me. I don’t like them inside the house but outside is fine. On many lonely days, I’ve been joined by a lizard keeping me company for a while.

Granddad used to say that they, like the snake are a “pre” form of human. That is, just how we’re all initially little sperms, with a head and a tail,just like a snake, so at one point in our development, inside our mothers, we’re like little lizards minus the long tails.

Ancient cave art in Australia depicts a “Lizard Man”. While some say there was such a creature, I also think that given how a lot of Aboriginal art was made to represent dream scenarios, it could represent the spiritual or energetic phase in every life form’s development, that the lizard maintains even after birth. That is, the primal state of sensory “watching” and reflecting back of frequencies from the environment most close. Picture Source

Our lizard stage is when our auditory or hearing senses sharpen, our eyes begin to see things and we move on from the pure vibration sensing serpent stage to rudimentary but vivid sensory experience.

Granddad said this is when we learn things, things we’ll use for life that later loss of memory won’t wipe out. The language we hear our mother speak, the smells, tastes… A whole little pre-life.

When natural lizards (the ones who don’t eat babies) come into our consciousness, they naturally interact with that primal being of ours from when we were inside our mothers living the good life. No bills, no news, no taxes, no need to dress up…

There are many of us however that have trauma from that time in our lives and from birth trauma where we did not make the transition smoothly, and that has caused symptoms that we find very hard to heal through the usual ways.

In 1992, I was in the 7th grade in a boarding school in the mountains. We used to be visited by wild horses often. On misty mornings they’d come quite close to our playground, sometimes just 10-12 feet away from us.

One time it was misty even at noon and I was sitting on this wooden hedge near there when a whole family of them came up behind me so quietly and gently.

They had a newly born little one with them. So newborn he or she was still glistening with birth fluid.

I had the great and exceptional honor of this little one stop, look at me and communicate with my heart for a while before moving on with the family. They all stopped and looked at me waiting for the foal to move on.

In that moment I experienced the difference between an energy field of a newborn and an energy field that’s a little older (me at 11 years old).

The difference between the new born and I, was, I was trying to be neutral.

The new born had made the transition smoothly from being inside and reflecting Mommy and the family to being outside and beginning to be his own person. 

You see, Ed, I was the only girl in my class that year, that was trouble enough. But to add to my misery I also was the best student. The boys in my class were dedicated to having fun, while I was dedicated to doing well in my studies. As a child growing up in a family not my birth family, I had to prove that money spent on me was not wasted so I really had to perform well. 

But this had me at odds with my classmates and I stuck out like a sore thumb. And I couldn’t stop being a good student – because that was a priority – but outside of that, I did all I could to just melt into the background. Naturally, it didn’t work out, but how I tried. 

And I distinctly remember the energy effort it took. I took years to recover.

Lizards on the other hand are the experts at blending in with the surroundings. Chameleons, a sort of lizard change their color to suit the surroundings. They literally pick up on color frequency around them and change their own frequency to reflect that. 

That’s a nice way of staying neutral but it does take energy to do that. 

In our fetal stage of life, it’s a way we develop and grow, growing up with our parents’ frequencies guiding our development. 

However, as we begin to be ready to be born and through the natural birth process, our energy field changes to start expressing our individuality, our individual experience of life. 

We have to grow past the lizard stage when we’re reflecting back our parents frequencies, and start expressing our own soul frequency.

Granddad told me that the most common energy draining pattern, stems simply from trauma in childhood where the person’s individuality was suppressed just as he or she began to express it.

We have several stages of self expression, where we transition:

Birth – Trauma here causes basic personality suppression which might result in anything from severe social disorders to anxiety disorder and multiple personalities where the person tries various things to fit in and to hide his or her own true personality

Walking, Talking – Trauma in these years causes conditions where the person is disinterested in life and doesn’t really know what he or she really likes or wants. We learn to walk and talk and run based on what attracts us. That’s what stimulates a child into growing. If we’re suppressed in those years of our lives, we find ourselves confused about what we really like and want. You can imagine the impact on our lives.

Interaction with others outside the family – Trauma in the years we develop interaction outside our safe zone results in various energy draining habits such as avoidance of facing challenges and problems. 

Pre-puberty development of sexual energy – Trauma in these years results in failure to gage people correctly later on in life. This results in becoming deceived, misled, tricked about people’s intentions towards us.

Puberty – Trauma around puberty results in us suppressing our sexual energy expression, causing various hormonal imbalances among other things. Every suppression results in an opposite force of expression so the body and psyche (and life) swing back and forth. 

Post puberty development of sexual energy – Trauma in these years results in us directing energy more backwards than forwards. For example things that happened to us hog our attention and energy more than plans for the future. Our energy is spent more on things of our past, attempting to find security in them, attempting to preserve old environments, than evolving and thriving and facing new things. There’s a constant feeling of not having enough energy to do something different and new. 

This is just the tip of the pyramid Ed. 

The cumulative effect of repeat trauma while transitioning is the energy habit of trying to be neutral.

Neutral is different from balanced. 

Neutral is when you don’t allow your energy to flow freely. Balanced is when you allow your energy to flow freely.

Whoever you are when you’re free, that’s who you are. That’s the base ground for healing, growth.

I’m finding out day by day, that so many lockjam situations in life are because of me trying to be neutral, imposing a mental idea of what I consider “balanced”.

The effect of the energy release caused by stopping trying to be neutral is so tangible and real. Serious real healing. 

And now here is a video I saw in the middle of writing this. The color frequency reflection experts!

Wouldn’t it be awesome, Ed, if we could change our frequency like that too? We could have so much fun with the modern race baiters. They’d find out in no time, that turning our skin black doesn’t make us sing or dance better, turning our skin brown doesn’t make us get college degrees automatically, turning our skin white doesn’t change the amount of money in our bank account. 😀 








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