How to Heal the Astral Body for Lasting Holistic Healing

About the energy field, the astral body and the physical body, some examples of the astral body and three easily remembered and done ways to strengthen and heal it. 

Dear Ed,

This week I saw a rather horrific video on Youtube. It showed ancient temple sculptures in Angkor Wat of Cambodia. There are some unique sculptures there, and there was this freeze showing the progression of this group of human looking figures. On the top they were shown have a great time on earth, being carried around in palanquins, obviously rich and ordering others around. But just beneath the same were shown being tortured in hell! Oh my God, Ed, I consider myself rather immune to that sort of thing but even I was chilled. They showed prisoners on beds of nails and things like that.

But the person who was shooting this video said something interesting. He said, “One would ask, “If a person leaves behind their body to die on earth, then why are they showing these tortures that are physical tortures of the body being done in hell?” It’s because there was the knowledge in ancient times that we have an astral body that continues to be our body after we leave our physical body.”

I was deeply encouraged, Ed, to hear that. It made me realize that knowledge of the existence of the astral body is now become more mainstream than it was say fifteen years ago when the average person I came across thought the astral body was a figment of imagination.

When I started making my traditional field of medicine publicly in 2009, I wore out my fingers and was so exhausted trying to explain the existence of the astral body. I stopped trying after a while because I realized that this sort of thing has to be experienced by a person or they’ll never get it.

I remember this woman who told me that on a trip to Asia she’d visited this famous temple where everyone walked around the temple. She said she had the weirdest experience, where she felt like she was leaving her body and throwing herself down prostrate in front on the floor every few feet. I consider that a good example of experiencing the astral body.

The astral body tends to have a life of its own, whether we support it or not.

I myself have felt it and seen it, my own and others’. In our family tradition more attention is given to the astral body because for one, it’s what’s eternal of us and secondly when you take care of it, you’re taking care of your physical body and your life in general better than when you just take care of the physical body. This is because the physical body is a manifestation and result of the workings of the astral body.

Let me explain it all just in short just to be clear.

Energy field – Astral Body – Physical Body

We have a light body or energy field. It’s just a ball of light. It’s got a center. That center corresponds to the center of gravity of our bodies.

If we put ourselves into a circle the center of the center is the center of our energy field.

Da Vinci’s famous drawing of angry Italian man.

But this ball of light, shown as a circle in the drawing, manifests an astral body. This could be any sort of astral body – it could be just the ball of light. You can see this in th next picture, which is photoshopped to invert the colors.

Here you can see the astral body as the light body that more or else corresponds to the physical form of the man. Now this is a drawing and not a photograph but Da Vindi beautifully took the astral body into consideration showing its presence.

In modern photography we can see the astral body or even the energy field as the light around or extending beyond the physical boundary of the body.

I present my own picture as a baby of 9 months.

I’ve been told it’s not just me who can see the light behind me.

And another even more stark photograph from the 1800s too! Those manual old cameras were fantastic for capturing light.

That’s Augusta Homer Saint-Gaudens, the wife of Augustus Saint-Gaudens, one of the greatest sculptors of all time. But really, I always wonder how someone named Augustus met someone named Augusta, got married immediately and lived happily married ever after…. Anyway, back to the topic. Look at that astral body light throw off! I know you could consider it some sort of photographic affect but I have SEEN this many times in real life, with my normal eyes. 

Many women know they’re going to get pregnant before they do because they see a ball of light around. Or it could be a whole human astral body. Or some other form of living being. Sometimes our loved ones see our astral bodies in dreams or meditation, sometimes we ourselves see our own astral bodies.

Our astral body is the body of ours that is our true body because it holds the memories we consider important to us as we go on our journey of soul through eternity. It IS the soul.

When my son was little, very often, when he wasn’t awake yet, I in the kitchen, would feel him behind me checking out what I was cooking. I’d turn around and see no one. But I’d know he was close to waking up, because astrally he was already checking out what was for breakfast.

And then we have the physical body which is the part of the astral body that’s visible in this realm.

It’s like a flame. The top part of a flame is visible usually but the bottom bit is often not, even though it is the hottest part of the flame.

You can see the barely visible part of the flame right at the bottom near the wick.

Our physical body is what’s visible of our entire energy field – the result of the interaction between our energy field and our environment.

Now that that’s sorted out, something very important:

True lasting healing is when we heal our Astral Body

Healing the physical body is simple and all over the world people have simple home remedies to take care of the majority of purely physical problems we have. After a heavy Thanksgiving meal, all the kids would be given a spoonful of castor oil to help them digest the unusually heavy meal. In many parts of the world, turmeric boiled in milk is a common household remedy for when a person has had a physical injury. I don’t need to give any more examples, you know what I’m talking about.

When there’s an obvious physical cause of a problem it’s simple enough to rectify.

However, the vast majority of the health problems we face in our times is ASTRAL BODY INJURY OR ILLNESS.

When our symptoms do not respond to the physical treatment of the body we know the problem is not a physical one, but caused by a problem in the astral body.

My family traditionally barely bothered about physical treatments at all. The physical body heals itself without any extra thought or attention from us.

It’s the astral body and the energy field that we use herbs for the most, because those are what manifest and run the physical body.

You heal the astral body and lasting holistic healing follows.

How to Heal the Astral Body for Lasting Holistic Healing

Three simple things:
1) Feed it.
2) Feel it.
3) Comfort it.

1) Feed it.

When I got my first Bible at the age of seven, I went off with it into the garden, and then randomly opened it. The first thing I saw was, “Man shall not live by bread alone.” I was just stunned. What!! I read on, “But by every word that comes from the mouth of God.” I was deeply mystified. I had images forming in my head of God having to constantly be speaking – yada yada yada – so that all of creation could eat and live. I asked God to show me what that meant because I felt it was something important to me.

I learned later that the “word that comes from the mouth of God” – was more than just the spiritual awareness of truth and reality that feed our spirit, but also the very vibration of that, that can be felt physically that gives rise to all of creation.

I fasted a lot in my teenage years (I don’t recommend it unless one feels personally spiritually called to do). Fasting is one way to come in touch with the astral body, because your focus moves off your physical body for a while. You get out of the way of thinking, where you reckon everything happening with your body is because of the food you’re eating and the exercise you’re doing and so on.

You realize that your energy body and your astral body have a life that is beyond the physical which hogs our attention. And we realize that our physical body is so much more the result of our spirit and soul and inner experiences than just which face cream we’re using and which supplements we’re taking and what sort of diet we’re on. These all are great but there’s only so far they can go.

Now the thing to know about the astral body is it needs to be fed too. Only its nutrition is vibrational.

Until the rise of modern medicine, the health of the astral body was of immediate concern to a physician. A good physician could tell from the energy of the astral in the body how well or how unwell a person was.

Herbs were predominantly used back then for their vibrational and energetic effects.

It was common knowledge that meeting the loved one the dying person was missing cold rejuvenate them, as could their parents holding them, vibrant energy environments such as the sea and the mountains and so on. There are so many instances in OUR times of babies born dead or dying, coming back to health when held close in the arms of their mother or father with skin to skin contact. Kangaroo care it’s called.

Proud Australian Mommy (Kidding)  Picture Source

If we want to heal our astral bodies – we need to nourish and feed it with the vibrations it needs for life.

What sort of vibration feeds our astral body?

My Granddad John Waltham lived so very very very long. His diet was of crazy concern to me because he didn’t seem to have any particular diet really. He told me this. He said, “Eat for pleasure.” He only ate for pleasure.

It has taken me years to understand how that works.

Real food – all real food, and all the naturally existing matter of this universe has astral body too and vibration. If something doesn’t have vibration – genetically modified food for example – it feeds only the physical body – clogs it up actually – but not the astral body. We could eat and eat and eat, but our astral body is starved and starved and starved.

I remember a time I’d eat at Mcdonalds and then go home and find I’m still hungry. I ate more than before the next time, and then more and more and went home close to throwing up, but still feeling hungry.

I realized then that even though I did have pleasure in a sense at the restaurant – this sort of feeling of being insulated from real life for that time, sitting with all those other people in this neutral environment – and then the particular effect of the food itself, it was short-lived and didn’t feed my hunger.

We need to find out what gives us holistic pleasure and satisfaction. The kind that doesn’t have an energy crash coming behind it.

Traditional home cooked food nearly always fits the bill, but ultimately each person has to find out what really satisfies them and makes them feel like, “I don’t need to eat anything more now, I’m satisfied.”

That’s the food side of things.

We also need the vibrations that feed our soul. As Granddad taught me, pleasure feeds the astral body. So doing the things that give us holistic pleasure feed our astral body.

In fact one sure way to heal and heal drastically from ANYTHING is to start doing something that you LOVED doing that you stopped around the time you fell ill.

2) Feel it.

In the ancient book the “Emerald Tablets of Thoth” there is a method of healing that is recommended by almost every field of ancient medicine but not popularized in our times because it isn’t very dramatic and ca’t be sold for money.

The method is to lie down and hold awareness of the lower body for half an hour, and then the upper body for half an hour. It basically is a version of “occupy your body”.

Over the years I’ve been making medicine for people over the internet, I’ve seen that a sure sign of healing is when they tell me they feel things in their body that are not physically represented there but they know they’re there and they actively seek treatments for it.

For example one woman had had an accident when she was was teenager and a shard of glass had punctured her back. In her forties, she said it had left the shock of that in her body and asked for a medicine for shock to apply on the area. It worked almost immediately – and it was just herbs for shock recovery applied at the right place. That’s just one example.

Our astral body is sensitive to life -physical and emotional and vibrational. We retain the memory of these events even across lifetimes. Past life regression is one way many people will tell you they healed astral body wounds.

So in short, become aware of your body and listen to, feel what you’re feeling in your astral body.

My favorite method to do this, that I’ve described before, is to lie down and get brave and feel the pain wherever it is in the body. Then counting backwards from 10 to 1, go towards the center or concentration of the pain. Keep doing it until you’ve found you’ve reached the very epicenter of the pain. When you do you’ll feel – 9 times of 10 – without any further effort, a rush of emotion or feeling. Let it rise into your awareness. Most of the time it’s something your mind doesn’t want to acknowledge – that’s why it’s suppressed in the first place. You mind find yourself saying the weirdest things.

Learn to accept your version of your life story and events. You see for better or worse, everything will pass away -your teachers, your belief system even but the experience of your astral body, that’s eternal. You’ll be taking it when you leave this physical body. You might as well get with the program and realize that’s the version of truth ruling your life whether your mind likes it or not.

Some of us struggle with this forever. I’ve spent most of life trying to suppress my astral body’s truth. It’s a losing battle, trust me. The astral body is an uncompromising primal truth holder and the sooner we learn to accept it and live by it the better.

Why go through years and years of finding evidence to back our astral body’s truth, when we can accept it and get on with life? I went the evidence route and it was difficult and took a long time. These days I’ve learned to trust my body and not waste time.

3) Comfort it.

Comfort is basically love. Have around you the things and people you love. The photos of your loved ones can be a great strength and healing. I don’t have to explain that I’m sure.

Just comfort yourself in every way you can. Real comfort. Gentleness, softness…

Real comfort won’t make you weak, it’ll make you strong for when you have to be strong.

Ed, I’ve come across so very many people and animals – all of who only needed just some comfort to turn the corner back to health.

When I make a treatment for a person or animal, I start by choosing herbs for comforting and soothing because once that’s done their body knows what to do next, and will too.

You’d wonder, “Why is comfort an issue? Why can’t we all feel comforted enough anyway?”

Comfort is when your soul feels like you didn’t change as a person because of what happened to you. It didn’t lessen you, it didn’t brand you. When we comfort ourselves or someone else, we’re telling them soul to soul, “You’re still you. I still love you. What happened hasn’t changed you from being you. You’re alright inside, you’re still you.”

Our astral body is our soul. Our core being, our beauty, our handsomeness, our unique soul characteristics are not affected by what happens to our bodies or in our outer lives. The whole world accusing us of being something we are not, our physical body being massively worn down, ill, whatever, cannot change our eternal soul reality.

Comfort is when we remind ourselves of this.


Now I’ve told you all the warm fuzzy (and real) stuff, I end this with a book cover showing an astral body entity taking over the body of a girl and making her write things. Hahahahaha Apparently she did astral projection of herself out of her body to some other place experimenting, and this other hangabout decided to take the opportunity of the semi- unoccupied body to make a statement. Of course I’m too busy reading things that feed my astral body 😉 to make time for these uhhm “scientific” topics. But it looks like a fun book.

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